Electronics and Electrical Quiz

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  1. have not used most of this for some time did not use a calculator or ref material just took quizz off the cuff did not do to bad .thanks for the challenge.

  2. its really more helpful thankyou!…but from where shoud i get my result

  3. harshavardhanreddy says:

    its gud for beeter studies

  4. It’s a very very useful Quiz.
    It’s good to recall our basics

  5. ANUSHA .M. says:

    It was interesting and was helping me to get back my basics again.. thank you..

  6. emmanuel dusabe says:

    how can we get the ansuers of these questions

    1. Hi Emmanuel Dusabe
      Please submit your details like name, email ID and Phone number and submit the details, so you will get the score
      And please visit our website once http://www.edgefxkits.com/

      For furthermore details please contact to Mr. Satish on +91 8885507011 or you can email us on info@edgefxkits.in

  7. so use full….need more questions like this…
    helps a lot in learning basics

  8. providing answer for quiz will be helpfull

  9. Useful questions to revise the basic concepts
    Need more questions
    Thank you

  10. please view answer for each question its very useful

  11. R.AKSHAY KUMAR says:

    Quiz was good. But I want to know which questions I got wrong answers. Further waiting to attend more quiz like this

  12. Mujibur Rahiman.k says:

    Its seems to be good,because it tests our learning and understanding capacity. Also its a good technique to recall our technical knowledge..

  13. Its very useful bits. Thank u sir

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