Electronics and Electrical Quiz

Elprocus Quiz

1) What is the value of this resistor?
2) What is not true of resistor?
3) Which is true?
4) What type of transistors?
5) How much current (IR1) flowing through the circuit?
6) What is total power consumption of this circuit?
7) What is this device?
8) Will LED turn ON?
9) What is the total value of the capacitors?
10) What happens if we press the button?
11) To obtain higher value of resistance, resistors should connect in?
12) To obtain lower value of capacitance, capacitors should connect in?
13) Which is not true for inductance?
14) Which is true for capacitance?
15) This symbol represents?
16) BJT in electronics stands for?
17) Boolean algebra: X = 1, Y = 0, choose when TRUE
18) Choose which is TRUE for FET?
19) What this symbol represents?
20) Choose which is TRUE for Primary Voltage?






  1. Useful questions to revise the basic concepts
    Need more questions
    Thank you

  2. please view answer for each question its very useful

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