About Us

ElProCus is about getting your fundamentals right

Since June 2012, ElProCus has been teaching people all about practical electronics. Not bland technical crap created to fill up a company. Valuable information that enhances your Technical knowledge drives enthusiasm for more and builds your career.

ElProCus started as a simple one-person blog. Today, ElProCus is visited by more than 1 Million+ happy readers every month — and it was all done with useful content, simple language, and solid research about reader preferences. Every article we’ve released was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our audience. Today we’re a well-known company that’s growing fast.

Our mission has never changed: We’ll help you with rich, audience-focused content that helps you reach your career goals.

Your free technical education:

We knew a long time back, rich technical content would become so important for continuous education and knowledge enhancement in a smart way to land a desired job. But now the Internet has empowered prospective job seekers to the point that blogs have become the smartest way to learn online.

Today, Elprocus brings you 10-15 articles a week right from basic to advanced topics in electronics. And we’re not too humble to say it’s the most popular technical blog on the planet.

Blogging principles that set us apart

1. Well-researched and highly reliable content. I am focused to get blog posts written that add value and make it worth your time. There’s way too much mediocrity all over especially in the electronics field due to lack of practical exposure, there is absolutely no need for yet another mediocre blog. I strive for getting authentic content, always.


2. Quality matters most. I understand that you have career challenges and you need answers. When I decide on a topic, my goal is to make it so good you don’t need to read much else on the subject. I’ll make sure the writing passes through stringent quality tests with interesting points made by smart people and clear steps on what to do next.

3. Smart people only. My focus group is smart people. No cheesy stuff, no “how to land a job overnight” nor “10 simple ways to become an authority in electronics” type of posts.

Improve your knowledge just 1% a day and you’re more than 300% better at the end of each year.