Electrical Mini Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Electrical engineering is one of the main branches in engineering which deals with electronics and electricity. The main job of an electrical engineer is to make the distribution of energy to the devices using his knowledge and to solve the technical problems. For that purpose, engineering students have to get a good knowledge of electrical concepts by doing some electrical projects in the final year itself. So, it is very important to concentrate on some electrical mini project ideas to get succeed in engineering. And also, to teach students about the concepts & theories of electric engineering, it is not necessary to formulate complex circuits, but just practice some simple electrical projects.

Electrical Mini Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Have a look at some electrical project topics for engineering students.

Electrical Project Ideas
Electrical Project Ideas

Design of PM Generator for A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The aim of this project is to design a generator of 20 kW for a vertical axis wind turbine with a wind speed of 10 m/s. This generator has only a few moving parts which not only make it tougher but also reduce its cost of maintenance. However, the turbine takes upwind from every direction but its rotation speed ratio is lower than horizontal axis wind turbines.

Owing to the size of the generator it could be inferred that it would be expensive as the Neodymium magnets used in the generator are costly. After the simulation of various designs a very promising design has been finalized which fulfills all the specifications. The efficiency of this design is above 95% and it provides 20 kW power output. Furthermore, here, the usage of hard magnetic material would be relatively low.

This design has a single row of cables per slot which prevents the formation of heat pockets between cable rows. Although two or more cable rows per slot would make a smaller and efficient machine the only flaw with this design is the formation of heat pockets.

Chopper Based Speed Controlling of Electric Motor

The main concept of this project is to operate the DC motor with separately excited through a chopper based on IGBT. This controlling process can be done by changing the field flux as well as armature voltage. In this project, the motor speed can be obtained below or above the rated speed by altering the armature voltage. This armature voltage can be controlled through a chopper based on IGBT. According to the required speed, this chopper uses the signal from the controller & changeable voltage can be applied to the motor’s armature.


The main benefit of this project is that the speed of the motor will change consistently using armature voltage & changes inversely using field voltage by maintaining armature & field voltages stable. As compared with SCR based circuit, IGBT based chopper will give smooth control operation. So, this project is used to chop the frequency and speed control of the DC motor can be achieved.

 Low-Cost FM Booster

In this project, we are showcasing a nonexpensive circuit of an FM booster that can be brought into play to eavesdrop to FM programs from far-flung FM stations and that too clearly. The circuit consists of an ordinary emitter tuned RF preamplifier cabled in the region of VHF or UHF transistor (2SC2570). (Just C2570 is interpreted on the transistor body.)

Built-up the circuit on a top-quality PCB (if possible on- glass-epoxy). Fiddle with input or output trimmers for the highest frequency. The input coil comprises of 4 turns of 20SWG enameled with copper cable (to some extent space wound) approx 5mm diameter. It is wrapped at the initial turn from the ground lead end. The input coil is the same as the output coil but contains 3 turns.

Pre-study of New Electrical Coupling Between Train Cars

This is an initial study to determine the possibility to substitute distinct control signal wires over the electrical coupler between the train cars with a data bus system. Due to the high amount of contacts it contains, the coupler becomes large and heavy and so the manufacturers, who try to upgrade the existing fleet, face difficulty in transferring more signals as the coupler has no spare contacts to use.

Apart from the control signals the electrical coupler also has Ethernet and power signals. At times Bus systems are also used by some trains for control signals or/and signals containing large amounts of data. This report presents some common ways that manufacturers use for allocating electrical signals throughout the train. It also contains some design recommendations for a system that would gather existing signals to a bus system. The report also incorporates two design proposals for the above-mentioned system.

The study reveals that there are already systems in the market that transfer control signals over a bus but they are more focused on the under-construction trains. This is why a new bus system would only be appropriate for upgrading existing couplers so as to free some space in the electrical coupler unit.

Power Management through Energy Harvesting Concept

The aim of this project is to accumulate and optimize the usage of power. In general, the control of this project is laid on the temperature and light sensors. Once the components are installed, the process becomes automatic. As the title of the project suggests, in this project we intend to manage and study the power loads in different conditions.

It is noticed that if the load at a particular zone is increased then the control will trip. In order to overcome these problems, we have designed a circuit. The aim is to reduce the expenditure of supplied power to the load point.

Self-Powered Door Bell Watcher

This project aims at facilitating the homeowner to know who rang the bell in his/her absence. This self-powered device intends to allow people to monitor if someone has rung his/her door-be in his/her absence. The installation process of this simple device involves connecting the circuit to the two doorbell coil leads. When the door-bell is rung, an ac voltage of about 10-16 V is created at its ends and hence is rectified by Diode and charges Electrolytic Capacitor.

Though this device was initially proposed to be used when a person leaves the house for a couple of hours tests have shown that even if cheap capacitors are used, this device guarantees a minimum 15 days of memory.

Flashing Beacon

This project of flashing beacon has several usages. It can be utilized as a de-anxiety sign-on freeway or as a track director for parking spaces, malls, hospitals, hotels, etc. In this project, we present a flashing beacon that brings into play a renowned controller IC LM317T. The LM317T control device can supply over 1 amp. A little 12V, 10W tube-light with a top-quality reflector can be used as an excellent noticeable blinker.

A 12 to 15V, 1A DC supply is united to the input point of the IC. A 12V, 10W tube-light, and a blend of capacitors & resistors are fixed amid the output point and ADJ point of the IC. The IC is supplied with an aluminum heat-sink to scatter the warmth produced while supplying full current. As the IC has an integral switch-on current restrictor, it makes longer the life of the tube-light-light.

For the given values of capacitors & resistors, the tube-light sparks at approx four cycles/second. The amount of sparks lies in the charge & discharge span of the capacitors. Varied values of capacitors & resistors can be employed to boost or reduce the number of sparks.

Low-Cost Hearing Aid

Hearing aids available in the market are really very costly. In this project, we are developing an inexpensive hearing aid circuit that brings into play just 4 transistors and little reflexive parts.

After turning ON the power button, the condenser microphone senses the noise sign, which is improved by transistors. Later the improved voice sign goes through couple capacitors to the bottom of the third transistor. The voice signal is extra improved by forth PNP transistor to drive a stumpy impedance ear-phone. Forth & fifth capacitors employed are the power supplying decoupling capacitors.

This circuit can be effortlessly fixed on a small, generally used PCB or a Vero-board. It functions with a 3V DC supply. For this purpose, two small 1.5V batteries are used. Turning knob ‘OFF’ will deactivate the circuit & to boost the sensitivity of the microphone, place it inside a tube.

Anti-Bag-Snatching Alarm

In this project, we are developing a simple alarm circuit to stop snatching of your assets during travel. The snatch circuit enclosed in a bag or suitcase alerts you with a loud alarm, activating police siren, in case of snatching your bag or suitcase. This will magnetize the notice of other nearby and the thief can be trapped. While in standby mode, the circuit is locked. When the thief attempts to snatch the bag, the circuit activates the alarm. The circuit is intended around op-amp IC CA3140, which is arranged like a comparator.

Stress Meter

This stress meter scrutinizes your emotional level. If the stress level is high, it provides a visual signal via LED (light-emitting diode) together with a warning alarm. This is a small gear to be worn around the wrist like a watch. The gear is constructed on the theory that the skin’s resistance differs in accordance with your emotions. If stress is less resistance is offered by the skin, and when the body is relaxed high resistance is offered by the skin.

The skin’s low resistance is due to the boost in the supply of blood to the skin. This boosts the skin’s permeability & therefore electric current’s conduction. This is a sensitive circuit & can even sense little variations in mood & emotions. The touchpad detects the variation in the stress meter & sends the same data to the circuit.

Light Fence

The fundamental trouble with maximum ordinary light sensors is that they necessitate the t arrangement of the light rays to silent the circuit while in standby mode. This project explained here extremely sensitive that it can sense a person passing by few meters away in the daytime or beneath electric lamps with no proper light beam arrangement.

It needs practically no setup and can be merely positioned within the line of sight of roughly any source of light comprising sparkling daylight or glowing electric lamp. The alarm alert produced from the circuit is loud enough to identify the access of any unknown person in any protected region under surveillance. The circuit employs a volt comparator and a mono-stable regulator to provide the alert alarm on sensing a person around.

An electric engineering student must be keen enough on doing the mini electric projects. Indulge yourself in any of the constructive work or projects this can bring immense variation in the amount of knowledge you have. Electric engineering students endeavoring on a mini project and coming out with colors of success will be like an icing on the cake. You can actually be exceptional once as you initiate obtaining practical acquaintance by doing mini electrical projects. So do not wait for others, place, instructions, or time. Explore the alternatives accessible and investigate.

Electrical Mini Project Ideas for Diploma Students

The list of the simple electrical mini project ideas for diploma students includes the following. The following list covers final year projects for electrical engineering related to power.

Electrical Project Ideas for Diploma Students
Electrical Project Ideas for Diploma Students

Advanced WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) System

This project is used to transfer power wirelessly among two electrical circuits like transmitter and receiver. In the transmitter circuit, a transformer and HF inverter is used whereas in the receiver, a rectifier is used to change the high-frequency AC to DC to operate a DC load. The entire process can be done through an air-core transformer that means for every circuit, a separate winding is used.

Tester Circuit for Cable & Wire

This project is mainly used to implement a tester circuit that is used to test different cables and wires. This circuit uses a decade counter and a 555 timer IC.

Microcontroller based Celsius Scale Thermometer

The main function of this project is to measure the surrounding temperature over the Celsius scale. This circuit uses an LM35 temperature sensor to generate a voltage based on the temperature. The output of this sensor can be altered into digital with the help of ADC and it is given to the microcontroller to display on the LCD.

Noise Detector in Room

This project is used to design a noise detector for the room. This circuit detects the noise intensity & signal using a set of LEDs. There are three fixed threshold noise levels such as 50, 70 & 85dBs. Whenever the noise within the room goes beyond a particular threshold, then it can be indicated through. So this noise can be detected through a small microphone.

Designing of PM Generator

Nowadays, the generation of wind power is increasing due to the high usage of fossil fuels. There are different systems available that convert the energy from wind to electrical. A direct driven PM generator is designed particularly for vertical axis based wind turbines. This kind of generator has high torque capacity & maintains high efficiency for the whole operational system.

Circuit for Voltage Doubler

This circuit is used to convert the DC voltage from 12 volts to 24 volts. This circuit is applicable where 24 V DC is required such as lights, radios, UPS, etc

PC – SCADA based Controlling of Power Grid

This project is used to control the appliances with a PC remotely which are connected to the power grid. This project can be designed with a microcontroller, RF transmitter & RF receiver.

Changeover Switch through Automatic

In general, different methods are available to overcome the failures of power supplies like inverters, generators, batteries, etc. So this project is used to provide DC power for AC to DC converters, batteries, etc.

Three Phase Induction Motor Modelling with SIMULINK

This proposed system is used to describe the three-phase induction motor simulation model through Matlab SIMULINK. This project uses load torque and power source as inputs and generates outputs like electromagnetic torque and speed.

Indicator for Brake Failure

This mini project is used to give a warning before the vehicle brake fails. Once the brake of the vehicle is applied, then the Green color LED will start blinking & the piezo buzzer generates sound if the brake condition is good. Similarly, if there is any fault within the brake then RED LED will blink & it doesn’t generate a buzzer sound.

Light Control System Design in Efficient Way

This project is used to design a system for efficiently controlling light. This project can be built with an LDR & a PIR sensor. In this project, two main factors need to be considered like light intensity in the room whereas the second one is the presence of any person within the room.

Here LDR sensor is used to measure the light intensity whereas the PIR sensor is used to measure the presence of a human. According to these factors, only room lights will be turned ON & OFF.

Circuit for Touch Switch

This touch switch can be built with a NE555 timer to turn ON and OFF. This simple project is used to turn ON/OFF the device by touching the sensor. The sensor used in this project is the piezo sensor.

Microcontroller based Soft Starter of a 3 Phase Induction Motor

Generally, the induction motor uses more current as well as torque to start so it is very difficult to start the motor. To overcome this, the proposed system is implemented with SCR firing & triggering.

Ultrasonic RADAR

This project is used to design a RADAR to detect the object range. This range can be calculated using the ultrasonic sensor & Arduino board.

HVDC Generation using Marx Generator

This project is used to design a circuit to generate high voltage with the help of a MARX generator. The principle used in this project is the MARX principle to generate the pulse within the KV range. This range can be used to check the insulation of electronic devices like power carrying lines, transformers, etc. This circuit can be built with capacitors, 555 timers, diodes, MOSFET, etc.

Checking of Phase Sequence through Three Phase Supply

In a three-phase supply, checking phase sequence is extremely significant because, if there is any phase is reversed within three phases, then it will spoil the device. So this project is used to check the phase for the 3-phase supply.

Generation of High Voltage through Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier

This project is used to generate high DC voltage using Cockcroft –Walton multiplier. This kind of multiplier uses low i/p DC voltage to generate high i/p DC voltage.

Controlling of AC Power through IGBT/ MOSFET

The rating of electrical appliances can be determined through the power used by the appliances to function correctly. So this project is used to control the AC power which is used by the appliances with the help of MOSFET/IGBT.

Operation of Industrial Plants using SCADA

This project is used to design the data acquisition system in real-time for industrial data with the help of SCADA. The industrial data which is obtained can be displayed on the personal computer. Once the realtime conditions go beyond the threshold values then it alerts the user by generating an alarm.

Home Automation System through DTMF

This project is used to control the home appliances with DTMF technology. So home appliances can be controlled through AVR microcontroller.

Load Shedding through Programming

Load shedding is one kind of method where electrical utilities decrease the load once the electricity demand goes beyond the limit. This project illustrates the shedding process for automatic load with a microcontroller. This system sets the time for the load to turn ON/OFF the load.

WSN based on Zigbee for Monitoring Sewerage

This project is used to design a monitoring system for sewerage at less cost. This system detects blockages within the sewers. This project uses a WSN using Zigbee for collecting the data & transmits it to the control room.

Conversion of 1-Phase to 3-Phase Supply

This project is used to design a converter to convert the 1-phase supply to a 3- phase supply with the help of thyristors.

WSNs based Security System in Railway

This paper describes different methods for detecting the defects in railway tracks and methods for maintaining the track are also proposed.

Data Transmission through PLCC System

The proposed system can be designed with a PLCC system for transmitting data, Here, PLCC stands for Power Line Carrier Communication. This kind of communication can be used in wireless otherwise other home networking technologies because of these features like simple installation, high throughput, AC outlets availability, less cost, security & consistency. The main scope of this project is to implement a system for data communication through accessible power lines in the surrounding area using X10 modules.

Indicator of Power Failure & Fuse

This project is used to design an indicator circuit. This circuit is used to indicate when a power failure occurs. This simple circuit can be built with a LED & LDR. Once the power failure occurs, then the fuse will get damaged then the circuit which is connected to the speaker will start ringing.

GSM based Automation of Plant Boiler

This project is used to monitor & control the industrial boilers by using GSM technology. The boiler status can be checked by the user from any place where GSM is accessible. If the industrial boiler temperature increases to the threshold value, then a message will be sent to the operator. The control of this can be done with the help of a phone.

LED-based Auto Night Lamp

This circuit is used to turn ON the LEDs in the night time and turn OFF the LEDs in the day time. This circuit works as a night sensing device by using an LDR. This project is used to turn ON/OFF the street lights automatically.

Alarm for Anti Bag Snatching

This is used to design am alarm circuit when valuable things are snatched while traveling. This circuit is arranged within the travel bags, handbags, etc. When someone tries to steal your luggage then an alarm will be generated. So that passengers will get alerted. In the supply model, this circuit is protected through a plug as well as a socket arrangement. Once the thief tries to steal the bag, then the plug will detach from the socket unit to generate the alarm.

Transformer Overload Protection

This project is used to design a circuit to protect the transformer from overload. Once the overload condition occurs then the load will be detached using a relay because this overload can injure the transformer. So protecting the transformer from overload is mandatory.

SCR based Battery Charger Circuit

This project is used to design a circuit for designing a battery charger using SCR. By using this circuit, a battery can be charged automatically when it is under a threshold. When a battery gets full charge then the circuit will be disabled. The applications of SCR mainly include inverter circuits, power control circuits, and rectification circuits.

Circuit for Frequency Counter

The frequency counter circuit is used to measure the signal frequency. In this project, two timers, two counters & a timer IC are used to generate CLK signals.

Fridge Door Alarm

The fridge door alarm circuit is used to detect the light when it is arranged within the fridge.close to the lamp. Once the fridge door is opened for a certain time then it generates a buzzer sound. So until the fridge door is closed, this process will be repeated. This simple circuit is very useful while the fridge door is open for a long time.

Cellular Phone Calling Detector

Please refer to this link to know more about the mobile phone detector block diagram and its working.

Battery Powered Night Lamp Project

This project is used to design a simple circuit for a night lamp powered by a battery. This circuit uses a 3Watts of low cost LED board. This circuit uses a 78S40 IC, which works like a switching regulator system.

Bidirectional Photoelectric System

Generally, the photoelectric system is unidirectional so it detects only when a person enters into an area. So here is a system like the bidirectional photoelectric system used to detect person movements in bidirectional. It is used in shopping malls, rooms, etc. Furthermore, this project can be implemented to control the number of people. When the last person from the shopping mall leaves then the electrical device will turn OFF.

Mini Projects for EEE using Arduino

Please refer to this link to know about Arduino based projects

Mini Projects for EEE using Matlab

Please refer to this link to know about MATLAB based projects

Electrical Mini Projects with Circuit Diagrams

Please refer to this link for electrical mini projects with circuit diagrams

Latest Electrical Mini Project Ideas for EEE Students

We know that in our daily life electrical projects are used in many ways, and these projects require more power than electronic projects. These projects’ circuits use only passive components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors, etc. As a result, many people would like to get an idea about the working of these electrical mini project ideas and they are often unaware of the projects that come under this category. For those people who can’t make a distinction between electrical and electronics projects – we have already published a list of electrical projects for engineering students, and therefore, they can collect it from different sources for the ease of engineering projects.

Electrical Mini Project Ideas
Electrical Mini Project Ideas

Therefore, in this article, we are providing a list of the latest electrical mini project ideas projects for EEE Students. Many electrical engineering students search for electrical projects from the II & III year of their engineering. All these electrical mini project ideas would give a good knowledge for the beginners on how to do the projects in the third and final year of their engineering studies.

  1. Designing of ATM Terminal by Using Fingerprint Recognition
  2. Anti-rigging Voting System Development Using Finger Print
  3. WSN for Sewerage Monitoring Based on Zigbee
  4. Capacitive Start and Capacitive Run1 Phase Induction Motor Design and Control
  5. Distance Relaying Scheme Based on a Novel Fuzzy Neural Network
  6. A Unified Frame Work for Optimal Control Theory and Hybrid Control Model
  7. Vehicle Smoke Detecting and Speed Sensing System
  8. GSM Based UPS Battery Management for Industries
  9. Touch Screen GLCD Technology based Digital Devices Control System
  10. Power Conversion System from Three Phases to Single Phase
  11. Vision-Based Tanker Robot for Surveillance System
  12. Controlling and Indication of Mobile Car Robot Using Sensor
  13. GSM Technology Based Monitoring of Railway Security System
  14. Posture Activities and Allocations of Wearable Sensor Based on a Shoe
  15. Controlling of Electrical Device Switch by using a Mobile Phone
  16. Thermal Overload Protection and Temperature Monitoring of Transformer in Real-time
  17. Over Speed Alarm Indicators of Electrical Motor with Digital RPM Indicator
  18. Embedded System Based EB Theft Finder and Analyzer
  19. Remote Flying Robot Based GSM Unmanned Arial Photography
  20. Power Harvesting of Smart Sensor Networks in Monitoring Water Distribution System
  21. Voice Transmitter and Receiver Based on Laser Torch
  22. AC Lamp Dimmer Based on Android Smart Phone
  23. Stepper Motor and DC Motor Speed Controller Based on PC
  24. Distance Announcement Using Android Smart Phone and Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  25. Power Semi-Conductor Based Speed Control of Universal Motor
  26. Over Voltage Protection of Lead Acid Battery DC Charger
  27. Access Control of Electrical Equipments System Based on Integrated Chip
  28. Energy Meter Based Manipulating of Domestic Electricity Bill
  29. Electrical Devices Protection from Earth Fault through Circuit Breaker
  30. TRIAC Based Load Controlling and Dynamic Temperature Adjustable System
  31. LDR and RTC Based an Efficient Power Saver for Street Lights
  32. Transformer Conservation from Voltage and Over Heat in Industries
  33. Observation of Numerous Parameters in Motors for Fault Avoidance
  34. Speed Control System of Electric Motor in Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Directions
  35. A Domestic Electricity Meter Construction with Voice Announcement
  36. Novel Technique Based Three Phase to Five Phase Transformer Development
  37. Hybrid PWM Based Analysis of Cascaded Five-Level Multilevel Inverter
  38. Distributed Power Flow Controller-Based Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution Systems
  39. Interfacing Inverter Based Power Quality Enhancement of Distributed Network
  40. SHEPWM Technique Based Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel Inverter
  41. High-Performance PID controller Simulation for Speed Controlling of an Induction Motor with Mathematical Modeling
  42. Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based Wind Energy Conversion System
  43. A Two-Stage Bidirectional/IsolatedDC/DC Converter by Using Current Ripple Reduction technique
  44. Quasi Z- Source Topology based Single Phase AC-AC Converter
  45. Simulation and Modeling of an Asynchronous Generator with AC/DC/AC Converter fed RLC Series
  46. Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based Compensation of Swells and Sags Voltage during Single line to Ground and Three Phase Faults
  47. UPQC Custom Power Device Based Wind Farm to Weak Grid Connection

Innovative Projects for EEE Students

The list of innovative electrical mini project ideas for EEE students includes the following.

Innovative EEE Projects
Innovative EEE Projects
  1. Soil Moisture Sensor and GSM Technology Based Controlling of Intelligent Irrigation Water System
  2. Dual GSM Modem Based Phase Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates
  3. Remote Control and Monitoring of Digital Energy Meter by Using GSM Technology
  4. Designing and Construction of Earth Fault Relay for Single Phase Power System
  5. Power Quality Measuring and Development Method for Monitor Device
  6. Wireless Sensor Based Auto Control of Water Level Checking
  7. Password Enabled Industrial Devices Switching by Using Speech Recognition
  8. Industrial Automation with Door Controlling by Using Touch Screen
  9. Real-Time Monitoring for GB MMC Card-Based Data Logger and GSM Based SCADA
  10. Motor Speed Control and Monitoring System Based on Frequency Locked Loop
  11. Image and Password-Based Machinery Access Control System for Illiterates with Touch Screen
  12. Touch Screen Based Speed Controlling of AC Motor
  13. Intelligent Auto Controlling of Train Security System
  14. GSM Technology Based Power Grid Devices Controlling and Monitoring System
  15. Zigbee and GSM based Real-Time Home and Industrial Automation System
  16. ZIGBEE and GSM SMS Based an Online Monitoring and Fittings System of Temperature of Conductors
  17. Non-Contact Tachometer for Speed Measurement of Electrical Motor by Using Hall Effect Sensor
  18. RF Technology-Based Wireless Phase Motor Starter with Feedback Indicators
  19. Power Electronic Based Control Design of Fault Current Limiter
  20. Proportional Integral Controller-Based Thirteen level Inverter for PV System Connected by Grid
  21. Power Control and Energy Management of a Hybrid Active Wind Generator for Grid Integration and Distributed Power Generation
  22. Full Bridge Converters and Multi Boost Based Battery Power Management and Super Capacitors for Hybrid Vehicle Applications
  23. Two Parallel Single-phase Rectifiers Based Single Phase to Three Phase Drive System
  24. Speed Control of Induction Motor by Using Hybrid plus Fuzzy Controller

Thus, this is all about the list of the electrical mini project ideas which can be implemented by using microcontrollers and different technologies. We hope that our innovative projects for EEE students offer immense help and make them select suitable projects for their project work. Apart from these electrical and electronics projects for students, go through and choose the best mini/major electrical mini project ideas in the above list.

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