MATLAB Projects for Engineering Students

MATLAB projects for engineering students are broadly employed in signal processing, image, research, academic and industrial enterprises. This was first implemented by researchers and engineers in control engineering. Further, it is rapidly spread into many other domains. At present, these projects are applicable in different fields like education for teaching subjects like numerical analysis, linear algebra, and in the research field for image processing. In the year 2004, there are 1 million users around for MATLAB in the fields like academia & industry. These users belong to different fields like science, economics, and engineering. This article discusses a list of MATLAB based projects.

What is MATLAB?

The term MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory. It is one kind of 4th generation programming language. This language supports manipulations of the matrix, data plotting, functions implementation of algorithms, creation of user interface, programs interfacing which are written in different languages like C, CPP, FORTRAN, Java, etc. This language merges a desktop background which can be adjusted for design processes & iterative analysis using a programming language to express matrix and array mathematics straight. MATLAB programming language is used in designing of MATLAB projects like analyzing the data, algorithms development, and models creation, etc.


MATLAB Projects for Engineering Students

The list of MATLAB projects for engineering students is discussed below.

Fingerprint Recognition using MATLAB Project

Fingerprint recognition is one kind of biometric technology used to verify the fingerprints of two humans. These are mainly used for identifying the person’s uniqueness & consistency. In a digital computer, images can be manipulated through the DIP (Digital image processing) process and it can be obtained through developing an algorithm based on a computer to process these images. It is a technology extensively used in digital image operations namely feature extraction, recognition of pattern, morphology & segmentation.

Character Recognition Using MATLAB

Generally, character recognition can also be called as recognition of optical character otherwise OCR. This is used to translate electronic or mechanical images drawn by hand, written by hand type otherwise printed text which is edited through the machine. This kind of recognition is used for several input tasks of documents and it is a cost-effective as well as available method.

Skin Cancer Detection Project using MATLAB

We know that cancer is a very dangerous disease for humans and the main reason to cause this disease is due to the genetic instability of several molecular changes. There are different kinds of human cancer diseases but skin cancer occurs most frequently. To analyze this kind of cancer, there are different techniques are used like extraction of a feature as well as segmentation. Here, skin cancer can be detected using MATLAB.

Speech Recognition using MATLAB

In communication methods, speech is a very important communication between computer as well as human depending on GUI (graphic user interface) and TUI (text user interface). In almost every security project, speech recognition plays in a key role wherever you want to tell your secret code to the computer.

To enhance this, here is a method for enhancing technological advancement where computers & humans communicate through the voice user interface. While developing this method, cross-correlation was executed in MATLAB to evaluate many signals & notice the most exact one from all of them. Here, cross-correlation is mainly used to find the similarity among the recorded signal & the testing signal. Therefore this technique is used where machines can distinguish between signals to work upon them.

Hand Gesture Recognition using MATLAB

At present, the technology used in electronic gadgets is wearable technology due to myriad applications. The proposed system is used to design a project namely a hands gesture recognition system using MATLAB. This project uses EMG/ Electromyography to evaluate & record the electrical movement which is generated from the skeletal muscles.

The main intension of this project is to identify the hand gestures through the electromyography signals. These signals are obtained from EMG electrodes and amplified by using an instrumentation amplifier. Further, these signals can be refined through MATLAB & 2nd order active LPF for signal processing.

Fake Currency Detection

Day by day, fake currency notes are increasing due to the possibility of printing counterfeit banknotes with the help of a computer along with a laser printer. So identifying fake notes efficiently from actual notes with automatic machines is very important.

To overcome this problem, the proposed system is very helpful to recognize the fake currency in less time & fast speed. By using this system the verification process of notes can be done using image processing techniques.

This process includes different elements like image processing, edge detection, segmentation of the image, and comparing both images. The image processing can be done using MATLAB to check the parameters of currency. So the final result will tell whether currency note is genuine or forged.

Drowsy Driver Detection using MATLAB

The detection of the drowsy driver is a significant factor that can cause the number of vehicle accidents. There are different types of technologies for detecting drowsiness like EEG, eye blink sensors, etc. Similarly, this project utilizes a web camera to detect Drowsiness. In this project, a web camera is interfaced with the computer, so that it detects the driver’s eye movements when he is tired then it captures the images of a driver while he is sleeping. These images can be acquired as well as processed through MATLAB.

Attendance Marking System using MATLAB

The proposed system is used to design an attendance marking system through MATLAB by detecting a face. In this project, it uses facial recognition by performing two fundamental tasks of recognition & confirmation of person. Usually, the attendance process in schools and colleges can be done by professors & stores the data in registers.

To overcome this, the proposed system is used to take attendance automatically. This system uses two techniques like LBP (Local Binary Pattern) & HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients) for recognizing the faces of individual students and compares with stored data in a database to mark the attendance. Once the students’ faces are recognized then it marks as present and automatically the data can be transferred directly to an excel sheet.

Hybrid Vehicle Design using MATLAB

This proposed system is used to design a hybrid vehicle using MATLAB. At present, air pollution is increasing in every city because automobiles usage is increased because; automobiles burn gasoline for converting the energy from chemical to kinetic. To reduce pollution, electrical vehicles are designed to reduce the 100% emission. But the usage of electrical vehicles is less as compared with gasoline vehicles because it stores less energy in the batteries.

Day by day, the development in technology is increased, so hybrid vehicles are designed by combining gasoline and electric vehicles. Once the fuel in the car is burnt through an engine the battery can be charged using a generator & the stored energy can be utilized to make the vehicle run.

High-Speed Railways Automation using MATLAB

This project is used to design a control system that controls automatically and used for the rail-road transport system by giving a PID feedback controller so that the desired speed can be achieved. By using this project, rail accidents can be reduced by using fuzzy control simulation to notice the train speed & minimal parking fault. This fuzzy control simulation plays a key role in studying the process & operation of high-speed trains and reduces the problems regarding the automation of trains.

Matlab Based Projects for MTech

The list of Mtech projects based on MATLAB includes the following.

  • Smartphone-based TV Channel Detector in Real-Time
  • Identification of Sound Source for Scene Analysis
  • Voice Activity Detection with Bipolar Pulse Active Features
  • Implementation of GPU for an Audio Fingerprints Comparison Search Algorithm
  • Enhancing Audio Output Quality in Stereo FM Broadcast Receivers using DSP Algorithms & System Architectures
  • Music Tracking using a Weightless Neural Network in Real-Time
  • The constancy of Color for Several Light Source
  • Transform of Low Distortion used for Watermarking in Reversible
  • Generation of Accelerated Hypothesis used for Multi-structure Data
  • Recovery of Active Curve for Patterns in Region Boundary
  • The list of VLSI projects using MATLAB includes the following.
  • PLL Design & Implementation using MATLAB & VLSI
  • FIR Filter Design & Implementation using VHDL on FPGA and Analysis through MATLAB
  • FIR Filter with 7-tap Folded Pipeline Design & Implementation using FPGA & MATLAB
  • CDMA Modem Design using MATLAB
  • UART Design & Implementation using VLSI
  • Digital Signal Processing Projects using MATLAB

The list of DSP projects using MATLAB includes the following.

Automatic Indicator System for Car Parking

This project is designed with DSP & image processing for discovering a parking area for car efficiently in huge parking spots.

Encryption of Image using Artificial Neural Network

This project is used to implement an algorithm which is used for encryption & decryption of an image with MATLAB & ANN.

MATLAB based Diameter Measurement of the Object

This project is used for measuring the object size within an image. It is used in implementing projects based on computer vision.

Counting & Classification of Vehicle Automatically

This project uses image processing for counting & classifies the no. of vehicles.

Hearing Aid System

This project is used to design the digital hearing aid system to cancel the unnecessary sound with a filter & gives clear sound to the disabled person who wears it.

Electrical Engineering Projects using MATLAB

The list of electrical MATLAB projects includes the following.

  • Controlling of Equipment using MATLAB
  • MATLAB & GUI based Data Logging for Sensor using MS EXCEL
  • Animations of Light through MATLAB & Arduino
  • MATLAB based Circuit Design Calculator
  • Conversion System of Wind Energy for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator through Coordinated Control Strategies.
  • Partially Shaded Analytical Modeling of PV Systems
  • Dynamic Efficiency Influence in the DC Microgrid Power Balance
  • Wind Electric Generator with Seven Phase for Grid Synchronization through d-q PLL
  • Control Strategy of an Inverter Connected through a Grid under Unbalanced Conditions of Network
  • Dynamic Modeling & Simulation of Electric Submersible Pumping Systems with Deep Geothermal

The list of IoT Projects using MATLAB includes the following.

  • IoT Analytics System Development using MATLAB
  • Air Quality Data Analyzation & Visualization using MATLAB
  • Condition Monitoring System Design using IoT System
  • Random Numbers Recovering in an IoT Operating System
  • Delivery of Optimized Endpoint through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Designing of Low Power System for Emerging Pervasive Platform
  • Software Architecture for Controlling Multi-Bot
  • Designing of Feed Forward & SPS Feedback Systems for Improved Performance
  • Anomalies Detection Model in IoT with Decision Tree & Inverse Weight Clustering

MATLAB Mini Projects

The list of MATLAB mini-projects is listed below.

  • TAPI based Controlling of Device
  • Telephone Activated Switches
  • Frequency Counter
  • Voting Machine
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Fighting Robot
  • PCO Meter
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • TENS Unit
  • Packet Analyzer
  • JPEG2000
  • Speed Sensor
  • Telephone Router
  • Magic lights
  • Vehicle Over Speed Control System
  • Lamp for Highway Alert
  • Indicators used for Energy Consumption
  • Path-finding System using GSM
  • Integrated Circuit Tester
  • Petrol Reader Systems using GSM
  • Magic lights
  • Mobile Car Robot  Motion Control using Sensor
  • Float and  Boost Charger
  • IR Remote Control
  • Motor Control Wirelessly
  • Cell Phone Controlled Robot
  • Power Controller based on Cordless
  • Security System based on Card
  • Honeypots
  • RFID based Electronic Passport
  • Petrol Reader System using GSM
  • Multiresonant Plasma Films Harmonic Generation
  • Reporting System of Air Quality in Real-Time
  • Fix‐point Aspects Analysis intended for Wireless Infrastructure Systems
  • Status Logger of a Gas Turbine Automatically
  • Detection of Slippage using Piezoresistive Tactile Sensors
  • Design of Vapour Absorption System using Solar Power
  • Gripping Claw of Robotic with Automatic
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • HAN (Human Area Networking)
  • CCU Simulator
  • Traffic Light Controlling
  • VPS (Variable Power Supply)
  • Electric Bike
  • Visitors Counter in Bi-directional
  • Electronic Number Lock

MATLAB Projects for ECE

The list of MATLAB projects for ECE students is listed below.

  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for Sewerage Monitoring using Zigbee
  • Detection of Smart Alcohol System Intended for CAR
  • GSM & Ultrasonic based Path Planning for Blind Peoples
  • Multi-channel Token Display Controlled Centrally
  • Robotics for Detecting Bombs by Embedded Controller
  • Burner Automation using Micro Controller
  • Barcode Decoder using Microcontroller
  • DTMF Decoder based Home Automation
  • Sonar Security System using Micro Controller
  • Cellular Voting Machine using Microcontroller
  • Monitoring and Controlling of Greenhouse Environment
  • Anti-Theft Alarm system for Vehicles
  • Detection of Over Speed
  • Anti-Lock Braking & Traction Control
  • Process Controller Dissolving using Micro Controller
  • Color Detecting System Designed for Textile Industries
  • Electricity Generation from Wind Power
  • Power Theft Identifier using Micro Controller
  • Remote Operated Vehicle with Infinite Range
  • Robotic Arm Operated with Remote
  • Distribution of Ration Products System using Automation
  • Smart Fire Extinguisher Motor Vehicle Operated by Voice
  • GSM based Wireless Load Controller
  • Optical Odometry based Navigation of Robot
  • RFID based Blind Navigation System
  • Alarm System for Earthquake in Early Warning using GSM
  • Accident Detection System using GSM
  • IR Remote Control for Multi-Channel
  • Control & Safety Monitoring using RTOS
  • Mapping and Path Finding System
  • BPF (Band Pass Filter)
  • Function Generator using Frequency Counter
  • Microwave BPF (Bandpass Filter)
  • Automatic Train Crash Avoidance System
  • Security Controller Appliances based on Power line
  • Smoke and Vehicle Speed Detection System
  • Incorporated Circuit Tester
  • Visualization System in Multidimensional
  • Energy Utilization Indicators
  • Vehicle Control System from Over Speed
  • Speech Communication for Dumb Signs system
  • Robot for Obstacle Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Digital devises Control System based on Touch Screen GLCD
  • 2-Axis Solar Tracking System using Microcontroller
  • Mobile Car Robot Motion Control using Sensor
  • Measurement System for Distance using Ultrasonic

MATLAB Image Processing Projects

The list of MATLAB projects for Image Processing is listed below.

  • Designing of Hybrid Medium Filter Matlab code for 3D SPIHT
  • Detection of Target
  • Image Processing Application like Automated Inspection System Development
  • Detection of Breast Cancer by Image Improvement Algorithm
  • Face identification with Gabor Features using Matlab code
  • Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) based on Lifting
  • Image Compression for EZW (Embedded Zero Wavelet)
  • Matlab Code for Haze Removal
  • Image Fusion using Principal Component Analysis
  • Classification and Counting of Automatic Vehicle
  • Image Filtering based on Linear & Morphological
  • Image Compression based on DCT and DWT
  • Extraction of Brain Tumor using MRI Images
  • Detection of Sleepy Driver using MATLAB
  • Image Fusion using Curvelet & Wavelet
  • Matlab code for Face Recognition using fisher faces
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Detection & Tracking of Moving Object using Scale-invariant Feature Transform
  • Matlab Code for 3D DWT (3 Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform)
  • Subtraction of Background using MATLAB
  • Matlab code for Wavelet-Based Image Fusion
  • Matlab Code for Image Restoration
  • Matlab Code for Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm
  • Matlab code for Neuro-Fuzzy Based Image Fusion
  • Matlab Code for Iris Segmentation
  • Background estimation based on Mode algorithm
  • Matlab code for Drowsy Driver Detection
  • Matlab Code for Integer Wavelet Transform
  • Matlab code for Embedded Zero Wavelet (EZW) Image Compression
  • Image Compression using Run Length Encoding
  • Matlab code for License Plate Recognition
  • How to Extract Text from Images Using Matlab
  • Region of Interest Based Image Compression
  • Matlab code for Iris recognition
  • Matlab code for Optical Character recognition
  • Image Retrieval based on Segmentation
  • Identification of License Plate
  • Image Restoration using MATLAB
  • Image Fusion based on Neuro-Fuzzy
  • Segmentation of IRIS
  • Mode algorithm based Estimation of Background
  • Energy Efficient Wavelet-based on Retrieval of Medical Image
  • Circles Detection in Images
  • Bilinear Interpolation based Image Zooming
  • Detection of Eye Ball
  • Recognition of Currency with Image Processing
  • Recognition of Optical Character
  • Cancer Detection using Blood Sample of a Human and Microscopic Images

Thus, the above-listed projects are MATLAB Projects for engineering students which include MATLAB projects using digital signal processing, IoT, EEE, Mini Projects, M.Tech projects, ECE & image processing projects. These projects have always huge demand in fields like engineering for electronics as well as electrical students in and level. These projects will help the students in selecting their project topic to do project work in the final year engineering. Here is a question for you, what are the main benefits of using MATLAB Projects.