Zigbee Based Projects Ideas for ECE Engineering Students

Zigbee technology is an industry standard and Xbee is the name of the module. Wireless communication technology is widely used by Zigbee applications such as wireless sensor networks, Zigbee home automation systems, industrial automation, remote control systems, medical care equipments, agriculture automation. In all these communication technologies. Zigbee is a trending international standard for wireless communication technology.

Zigbee Based Projects
Zigbee Based Projects

Zigbee communication is a specification used to create a communication protocol that creates a network built from low-power digital radios. Zigbee technology is an IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It can communicate up to 100m when it is placed to communicate with other Zigbee module, but it can communicate over long distances when it is connected in mesh technology. Zigbee is used when we require low data rate application with long battery life and secure network. Zigbee Technology is low cost, low power, easy to install, low maintenance, and comes with multiple topologies. These specifications made Zigbee protocol available for usage in a wide range of applications.

Zigbee Pin Diagram
Zigbee Pin Diagram

Zigbee is a mesh network specification with low-power wireless local area networks (WLANs) that covers a large area. It is designed to provide high data input and output in applications which have a duty cycle as low and low power consumption. The devices that use ZigBee are powered by battery. Zigbee is often associated with machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things. IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio specification is used in unlicensed radio frequency bands, like 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz and 868 MHz.

Data Transfer Modes in Zigbee Technology

The data can be transferred in two modes: Beacon Mode and Non-beacon mode. In beacon mode, the data is sent periodically in the network. During the time period when the devices do not send information, they enter into a low-power sleep state to gain power consumption. But, the close timing and network synchronization have precise timing needs as the beacon period is of the order of low time. So, the beacon state reduces costs and eventually is a tradeoff between the design constraints and costs. With a non-beacon mode, the coordinators and the routers active in the network have to stay awake for most of the time to listen to the incoming data and hence need robust power supply. So, the end devices can sleep most of the time and wake up solely for sending data and receiving a trigger; while the core devices are in active mode, the non-beacon mode creates an asymmetric power distribution within the network area by creating a heterogeneous network.

Zigbee Based Projects for ECE Engineering Students

It is the most auspicious wireless communication technologies for engineering students’ projects. There are many reasons why it is so; some of them are high reliability, good data rate, easy usage, low cost, easy availability and infinite possibilities.

Smart Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System using Zigbee Technology

We can design a system for wireless relay control and monitoring circuit using Zigbee. It can be used for a home automation system. By using Zigbee we can turn relays on and off by sending commands wirelessly from a PC to a microcontroller. We can monitor total load at home. We use XBee Series 2 Zigbee RF module to communicate. Single Module  is connected to a microcontroller at home load, and another is connected to the PC,with which we can collect and display the data as well as relay monitoring and controlling.

Smart Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System
Smart Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System

Voice Control System for Smart Home using Zigbee Technology

By using Zigbee home automation, we can provide support systems for the elderly and the disabled and who live alone. It recognizes the voice commands and uses low-power RF ZigBee wireless communication modules which are relatively cheap. This system is intended to control all lights and electrical appliances in a home or office using voice commands.

Voice Control System for Smart Home
Voice Control System for Smart Home

Sensor Helmet for Coal Miners using Zigbee Technology

Coal mining can result in a number of adverse effects, mining operations can lead to leakage of methane and harmful gases that lead to suffocation, gas poisoning, roof collapse and gas explosions and water hazards.with using a Zigbee intelligent system that can be used to detect hazardous situations, it can send alert to protect the emergency situations.

Sensor Helmet for Coal Miners
Sensor Helmet for Coal Miners

Patient Monitoring System Using Zigbee

In a standalone application data  monitoring systems, the output can be in the form of display, buzzer, memory storage devices, etc. Devices are placed in order to collect  the data and, this data can be transmitted to centrally located PC servers for further analysis and storage via different communication medium like Zigbee, serial GSM technologies.  These can also be called as Medicare system.

Patient Monitoring System
Patient Monitoring System

PC to PC & Machine and Machine To Machine Communication Using Zigbee

We can establish a perfect wireless communication channel between computers and micro controllers using ZigBee protocol. This technology is useful for a cost-efficient communication protocol, which is available free of cost. Zigbee protocol is an open source application, so we can download and use it for simple applications. This protocol is enormously used in communication equipment.

PC to PC & Machine And Machine To Machine Communication
PC to PC & Machine And Machine To Machine Communication

Automatic Plant Irrigation System with Water Pump Control using Zigbee Technology

By using automatic plant irrigation system, we can save water, manpower and time. By using Zigbee technology, we can monitor water by taking readings from a remote location. We can implement such a system in parks, agricultural fields, and lawns by placing sensors in the soil that monitors the moisture level in the soil. If the water content is reduced, then the system will send the information about the moisture level to the microcontroller by using Zigbee modules.  Microcontroller will monitor the motor to turn on /off.

Automatic Plant Irrigation System with Water Pump Control
Automatic Plant Irrigation System with Water Pump Control

This is all about Zigbee based projects for final year engineering students.We hope that you might have got a better understanding of this concept. Furthermore, for any queries regarding this article or electronics projects, please give your valuable suggestions by commenting in the comment section below.

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