Latest Raspberry PI Electronics Projects

The foundation of Raspberry Pi is an educational charity located in the UK. The main intention of that foundation is to develop the education system for children and adults, especially in the field of computer science-related subjects. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized and low-cost device. It plugs into a TV or computer monitor and uses a mouse and keyboard. This device allows all the students and aged people to learn how to write a program in a language like Python and Scratch. This Raspberry Pi is mainly used for browsing from the internet, playing HD video, word pressing, playing games and to make spreadsheets. The applications of Raspberry Pi mainly involved in digital projects, music machines, weather stations, IR cameras, and raspberry pi projects.

Raspberry Pi Boards
Raspberry Pi Boards

Latest Raspberry PI Projects

Raspberry Pi projects mainly involve in various home security systems. These security systems are used to collect and display the data. And these devices are also used in the educational tool for maths, geography, and music. The applications of Raspberry Pi includes different control systems around the office or home.

Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light

This project is intended for auto intensity controlling of solar LED street lights using solar power from PV cells interfaced to a Raspberry Pi. Day by day solar power awareness is increasing. The awareness of solar power is increasing, and a lot of people and establishments are choosing solar power. PV cells are used for charging batteries by changing the daylight into electricity. A charge controller circuit is employed to regulate the charging.

Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light Project Kit by
Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light Project Kit by

The street light intensity is needed to be kept high throughout peak hours. Because the traffic on the roads decreases gradually in late nights, the intensity can be decreased gradually till morning to conserve energy. Therefore, automatically the solar LED street lights to turn ON at the dusk and then turns OFF at the dawn and every day this process repeats daily

HID lamps are used in the urban street lights and these are based on the principle of gas discharge. Therefore, the light intensity isn’t controllable by any voltage reduction method because the discharge path is broken. LEDs are the longer term of lighting, attributed to their low energy consumption and long life. These lights are quick replacement standard lights world wide. White LEDs will replace the HID lamps whenever intensity control is feasible by PWM( Pulse Width Modulation

The intensity of light helps in saving energy throughout late nights, whereas traffic density on the streets is low. A Raspberry Pi board is engaged to supply totally different intensities at the various times of night victimization PWM technique, for energy-conserving for a star-based system, employing a charge controller for battery charging, overload, and deep discharge protection.


Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching

This project is used to operate industrial loads with a user PLC for consecutive operation with the Raspberry Pi board. This operation is usually used for the respective nature of work.

PLCs is employed in industrial applications for easy operations like serial switching of loads. The proposed system uses a Raspberry Pi and the development of this application needs the formation of the program via i/p key buttons. In industries, there are several tasks are administered which requires some recurrent operation in various orders

Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching Project Kit by
Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching Project Kit by

For instance, particular loads need to be turned ON/OFF at particular time intervals. So as to attain this, the Raspberry Pi is programmed in such a way that the different loads can be operated in 3 modes such as the set, auto & manual mode. In the set mode, through timers, the machinery works based on i/p time arranged by the user whenever as in auto mode it works on default time settings and eventually in the manual mode, it functions whereas individual key buttons are pushed depending on the user requirement. All the status and modes are displayed on a TV or PC.

Thus, tasks performed by costly PLCs will currently be achieved by employing a Raspberry Pi board creating the device price effective. In the future, this project is often increased by interfacing it with a GSM device wherever by sending an SMS to the system we will choose the mode and timing remotely.

Raspberry Pi based Motor Speed Control

The proposed system uses a Raspberry Pi to control the speed of a DC motor. The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across its terminals. Therefore, if the voltage across the motor terminals is different, then the speed of the motor can also be different.

Raspberry Pi based Motor Speed Control Project Kit by
Raspberry Pi based Motor Speed Control Project Kit by

In this project, a keyboard is interfaced to the board and it works as an input. Here, the keyboard is used to control the speed of the motor. PWM is produced at the o/p by the board according to the program. Depending on the duty cycle, the average current flowing or the average voltage given through the motor will change so, the motor speed will change. The pulse width modulation signals can be received by interfacing a motor driver to the board. A motor driver IC is interfaced to the board for receiving PWM signals and sending preferred o/p for speed control of a small DC motor.

Raspberry Pi based Auto Intensity Control

This project uses LEDs in the place of HID lamps in the street lights. A Raspberry Pi is used to control the light intensity by developing PWM signals which drive a MOSFET to turn the LEDs according to the required operation.

A bunch of LEDs is used to make a street light. The Raspberry Pi board comprises programmable instructions, that controls the light intensity based on the pulse width modulation signals produced. The light intensity can be kept high throughout peak hours. Hen the traffic on the roads decreases slowly, then light intensity also decreases till morning. Finally, it shutdowns at 6 am and again continues at 6 pm in the evening.

Raspberry Pi based Auto Intensity Control Project Kit by
Raspberry Pi based Auto Intensity Control Project Kit by

Wifi Based Smart Notice Board using Raspberry Pi

Wireless communication has helped in the development of technology in many ways. With the development of wireless communication technology, communication systems have seen a tremendous change in there design, size, accuracy and reliability. Wifi is one of the modes of wireless digital communication.

In this project, a Digital smart notice board is designed which uses wifi technology for communication. Here the authorized user can send the message to the notice board directly. At the notice board, this message is displayed. A server is used for sending notices. At the receiver end, the wifi module is embedded with Raspberry Pi, to which LCD display is attached. These texts can be altered or deleted by the user. Authorized students can access their academic details using voice commands.

A Raspberry Pi controlled Cloud-based Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System with Temperature and Humidity Sensing

Pollution is the growing cause of concern for our environment. With the rise in pollution levels, greenhouse effect and global warming are increasing at the dangerous speed. Air pollution has become the leading cause of many lung diseases. With the increase in globalization and population Air pollution and sound pollution levels in various metropolitan cities has reached a dangerous level. Today it became crucial to keep a watch on these pollution levels to come up with a solution to reduce it.

In this project, sound and air pollution monitoring system is designed using new technologies which are cost-effective and easy to use. Here, Air quality index of a region is calculated by measuring the 5 basic pollutant using gas sensors. The sound intensity level of the region is calculated using sound sensors. The data is collected and sent to the cloud-based monitoring module with the help of the Wifi module.

In the cloud, the data is analyzed and stored for references. When the index and sound intensity levels cross certain threshold values, the anomaly notification module alerts the user. For all these processing work Raspberry Pi is used.

Raspberry Pi and Computers based Face Detection and Recognition System

In places such as Airports, Offices, Malls, etc… security is a major concern. In this project, a Raspberry Pi-based security system is designed which uses Image processing algorithms for detection and recognition of faces. Here, a camera module is interfaced with the raspberry pi and connected to the computer.

The camera captures the image. This image is sent to the raspberry pi where it is analyzed, detect and recognize the human faces. For human face detection ” Boosted Cascade of Simple Features Algorithm” is used. For recognition of faces ” Local Binary Pattern Algorithm” is used.

Automated Energy Meter using Wifi enabled Raspberry Pi

Power consumption has increased worldwide. Today almost all of over day to day work depends on the devices which use power for their functioning. Energy meters are used in offices, industries, and households to measure the amount of power used by the user. In this project, a Raspberry Pi-based automated energy meter system is designed which can be easily used with the available conventional energy meters.

Here, a light sensor module interfaced with Raspberry Pi is used to detects the pulse given out by the meter. The energy consumed by the load is calculated by the Raspberry Pi using python code and the values are sent to the google spreadsheet via Drive API on a monthly basis. The wifi module is used for communication. This information can be accessed by the user using an android phone or on the webpage directly.

Raspberry Pi has its own operating system which makes its programming easy. Many hobbyists and people new to electronics prefer Raspberry Pi. This is all about the list of best raspberry pi project ideas which can be used in various categories like enclosure, artistic, educational and utility. We hope that by giving this information, we have been successful to offer you the best list. Furthermore, any queries regarding best raspberry pi based electronics projects give your suggestions in the comments section given below.