Latest Digital Electronic Projects in 2014

Nowadays digital electronics deals with the logic gates, flip-flops, CMOS – the foundation for modern computers and digital communications. Such types of different digital logic circuits can be built into a single integrated circuit to design microprocessors and other high-end computational systems. These processors are capable of performing millions of operations per second. A digital electronics system uses binary numbers 1s and 0s to represent information.

Digital Electronic Projects
Digital Electronic Projects

This article is intended to provide some latest projects on digital electronics for the electronic engineering students, who can widely implement them. Here is the list of such projects:

  1. Face Recognition Using Eigen Values
  2. Metro Railway Automization using VLSI
  3. Traffic Alert System for Blind Tums
  4. Device Switching Using Password
  5. Microcontroller Based Tachometer
  6. Design of Bus Status Identification
  7. Automatic Spray Painting Gun
  8. Object Counter for Industries
  9. Programmable Melody Generator
  10. Battery Powered Portable Light
  11. Auto Turn off Soldering Iron Circuit
  12. Digital Modern LED Voltmeter
  13. Digital Based Stepped Out Voltage
  14. Electronic Card Locking System
  15. Digital Clock Using Plasma Display
  16. Digital Taxi Fare Meter
  17. Auto Raging Digital Multimeter
  18. Digital Birth Date Teller as Party Game
  19. Digital Car Lock with Alarm
  20. Digital Score Display Board
  21. Digital Memory for Door Bell
  22. Long Range FM TX
  23. Drilling Machine Speed Controller
  24. Binary to Dot-Matrix Decoder
  25. Hire Meter for Automobiles
  26. Anti Bag Snatching Alarm
  27. Vehicle Immobilization System
  28. Paddle Controlled Washing Machine
  29. RF Control Electrical Appliances
  30. The MIDI Controller Glove
  31. Sun Tracking System for Solar Panels
  32. Advanced Elevator Control
  33. Rhythm Following Flash Lights
  34. Contact Less AC Main Voltage Detector
  35. Digital Voltage Scanner
  36. Object Counter for Industry Application
  37. Digitally Controlled Radio Receivers
  38. Virtual Whack-a Mole Circuit
  39. Digital Bank Token Number Display
  40. Digital Depth Measurement
  41. Pipe Length Measurement for HDPE plants
  42. Long Duration Timer with Accuracy
  43. Digital Length Measurement
  44. Automatic Transformer with Winding Controller System
  45. Single Key Security System
  46. Automated Movable Camera
  47. Data Acquiring System for Airports
  48. Three in One Tone Generator
  49. Digital Mains Failure/Resumption Alarm
  50. Twilight Lamp Blinker
  51. Advanced LED Temperature Indicator
  52. Speed Checker for Highways
  53. Burglar Alarm Using Passive IR Sensors
  54. Home Automation x10
  55. Propeller Displaying Message with Temperature Indicator
  56. Digitally Adjustable Dancing Lights
  57. Soldering Iron Tip Preserve
  58. Digital Soil Moisture Tester
  59. Cell phone-Based Remote Controller for Motors
  60. Solar Lamp with Changeable Power Supply and Solar Charger
  61. Simple Water Temperature Indicator
  62. Phase Failure Relay
  63. Fabric Tear Sensor
  64. Long Duration Timer with Accuracy
  65. Hire Meter for Automobiles
  66. Mobile Device Safety Measures Using Transient Authentication
  67. Hand Held Electronic Voting Machine & Data Retrieval System
  68. Fire Sensing Robot with Auto Dial-up Facility and No Extinguisher
  69. Autonomous Navigation Tool (A.N.T)- Gps Based Navigation
  70. Prepaid Electricity Billing Radio frequency 2 Way Automation Using Contact Less EMPCR Card & Reader with Voice Annunciation – IVRS
  71. Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System-Radio Frequency Based Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
  72. Walking Robot with Hyper Line Tracker Using Infra Red Sensors for Uneven Terrain
  73. Design and Implementation of Fire Fighting Robo Using Ultrasonic Technology
  74. Computerized Train Control System
  75. Attendance System Monitoring in Industry AIDC
  76. Printer Sharing Box
  77. Finger Print Authentication for Passport Checking
  78. Unbiased Digital Dice with LEDs
  79. Digital Programmable Syringe for Remedial Purpose
  80. Cats in Cars (compact anti-theft in cars)
  81. Digital Control of a Two Phase Motor

This is the list of titles related to the digital electronic projects that are used in digital communications as well as digital system implementation. Hope you have got the best list from this article, and therefore, for further help regarding the non microcontroller projects and suggestions you can write to us or comment in the comment section given below.

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  1. Hey , can you please suggest me a project using flip flops, MUX/demux or multivibrators as I have to make a project for my 2nd yr project

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Rashi
      flip-flop circuit mainly used in bounce elimination switch, data storage, data transfer, latch, registers, counters, frequency division, memory, etc.

  2. Ahmad Kurdy says:

    hi, I know about logic gates but I want to project of them which thing I want to learn or physical electronic to buy for the project?

  3. Hi! I want to create a voice controlled robot that can float in water using arduino…please help:)

  4. Muhammad Shakeel says:

    dear !!
    I want to make a car robot that can detect number and move away if there is any obstacle in front of it and one more thing it can also be line follow car
    I want to control it by android mobile and by voice control also as well

    please tell me what I have to do for it
    please send your suggestion in inbox

  5. Digital Length Measurement
    i want a presentation and how to make the project

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Asana,
      Can you please specify the topic for which you need the report.
      Please mail your query to and our technical team will guide you.

  6. hi,i need project ideas related to digital system designe in electonics and telecommunication branch

  7. Hi I am jothi be 2nd year breadboard using simple digital electronic miniproject

  8. Kartik chavda says:

    Hi,I am in diploma 1year. I want technical mini project which using gates ic/ MUX/ demux/ flip- flop.what is the best mini project can I do.?

  9. Hello
    Can you please tell me, what is impedance transforming amplifier. This is the title of the project which has been allotted to me. I am not understanding what is it? Please mail me anything related to the topic.
    Thank you

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Udit
      For any other technical queries or for customization of projects please email us on

  10. g.roshini says:

    hi sir,
    i’m 3yr ece student can i know few trending topics which are not yet existing ,for doing my mini project.

  11. Hlw sr i myself arpita pundhir
    I’m a student of ec 3rd year n wants your hlp abt my final year project which w’ll be based on digital electronics. So sir plz tell me about the hardware projects related to mentiond above.

  12. Vaishnavi says:

    I am Vaishnavi and I am ece 2nd year student
    I want a start a new project and which is based on the present going research project on electronics
    I want the suggestions and what books to be referred to my project please help me sir

  13. Vaishnavi says:

    I am Vaishnavi 2nd year ece
    I am interested in core
    And I wanna a start a small project and I am interested in the current running research projects
    I need ur suggestions

  14. how do i go about a project that can assist in fostering better lecturing and learning of large number of students in a hall using electronic and comunication means

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Henry,
      We can’t able to get your query exactly. Can you be specific with your query or Please email us on and our technical team will guide you.

  15. Hi , I’m laiba , doing my 1st year in electronics and communication engg. Can u plz suggest me some some projects based on the knowledge in electronics in 1st year . It wld be very helpful for me .

  16. Hi .. Please I want some suggestions about projects deals with sequential and combinational logic circuits

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Nahla,
      For any other technical queries or for customization of projects please email us on

  17. hy sir,,,,is it possible to implement a project which manages water flow in a home so that it can only flow to specific places at specified time,sme links relating to my project will be of an advantage,,reply via my email

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Zubedah,
      For any other technical queries or for customization of projects please email us on

  18. I am studing 1st year CSE …
    please suggest me some mini projects in digital using basic IC’s

  19. A.Ranjithkumar says:

    Hi I’m ranjith,I’m eee second year I want to do a project in digital electronics,so could you tell me some basic ideas about digital electronics.

  20. Hi,
    I am final year EEE student need some project details for my academic project in the field of digital electronics

  21. hiii im 2nd year ece student.i need some mini projects related to digital electronics.can u pls mail me some projects with full details.

  22. hii…iam a 2nd year ece student..we want to do a project for a competition in our college…can u pls help us with a project with full details …we prefer robotics more…can u pls mail us some projects with full report,cost and circuit diagram???

  23. Hi…… i am doing 2nd yr Be(cse) . i want to make Object Counter for Industries through logic gates plez help me…

  24. Hii..i m a final year ece student…tell me some projects related with wireless, embedded & matlab.

  25. Hii sir..
    I m a btech 3 yr student ece student…plz can u help me in making my project.i m more intrested in projects dat run on solar energy…

  26. hi….now i’m doing my second year ……
    i want some basic ideas about dong project in digital …

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Iniya,

      For any other technical queries or for customization of projects please email us on

  27. can u give me the block diagram of digital car renting meter with gsm gps tracking system on mobile
    we r working on this project

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Faizan,

      We regret to inform you that we will not be able to fulfill your requirement.
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  28. hi! please i need list of projects wchich can be programmed using matlab

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi John,

      Sorry, we do not deal with Matlab based projects, We deal with ECE/EEE project solutions.
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  29. abasiono adams says:

    pls i need project topics in electronics and communication engineering concerning matlab. thnx

    1. Team Elprocus says:

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      Sorry, we do not deal with Matlab based projects, We deal with ECE/EEE project solutions.
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  30. pravalika says:

    can u plzz suggest me latest embedded project as i m going to do my final year project.. i m little intrested in solar related projects…plz do send me email

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