Latest List of VLSI Projects for Electronics Engineering Students

The term VLSI stands for “Very Large Scale Integration Technology” which involves designing integrated circuits (ICs) by combining thousands of transistors logically into a single chip by different logic circuits. These ICs eventually reduce the occupied circuit space when compared to the circuits with conventional ICs. Computational power and space utilization are the main challenges of the VLSI design. Implementing VLSI projects opens up a challenging and bright career for students as well as researchers. Some of the new trending areas of VLSI are Field Programmable Gate Array applications (FPGA), ASIC designs, and SOCs. A list of some of the VLSI projects is given below for those students who are earnestly seeking projects in this field. This article discusses an overview of VLSI projects based on FPGA, Xilinx, IEEE, Mini, Matlab, etc are listed below. These projects are very helpful for engineering students, students.

VLSI Projects for Engineering Students

VLSI Projects with abstracts for electronics engineering students are discussed below.

VLSI projects
VLSI projects

1). Transform of Discrete Wavelet-based on 3D Lifting

This project helps in providing highly precise images by using the coding of an image without losing its data. To attain this, this process implements a lifting filter depending on the transform of 3D discrete wavelet VLSI architecture.

2). Designing of SFQ Multiplier with 4-bit with Efficiently through High-Speed Hardware

This project is mainly used for implementing a modified booth encoder (MBE) with 4-bit SFQ based multiplier. This multiplier provides good performance when compared with the conventional booth encoder. This project is mainly used in the applications of critical delay.

3). Cryptography Processor used in Smart Cards with an Efficient Area

This project is used to implement three cryptography algorithms supported by both private & public keys used in smart card applications for providing extremely secured user verification & data communication.

4). A High-Speed or Low-Power Multiplier with Spurious Power Suppression Method

This proposed system filters outs the useless false signals of arithmetic units for avoiding unnecessary data transmission which does not influence the last computing results. This system uses an SPST method for multipliers to achieve low power and high-speed data transmission.


5). Compression & Decompression of a Lossless Data Algorithm

This project is mainly implemented for 2-stage hardware architecture depending on the PDLZW (Parallel Dictionary LZW) algorithm feature as well as the Adaptive Huffman type algorithm which is used for both the applications of lossless data compression & lossless decompression.

6). The Architecture of Turbo Decoder with Low-Complexity for Energy-Efficient WSNs

The proposed system is used to reduce the total energy consumption throughout data transmission of WSNs through the decomposing algorithm of LUT-Log-BCJR to basic ACS (Add Compare Select) operations.

7). VLSI Architecture for Removing Impulse Noise of an Image with Efficiently

This proposed system mainly used to enhance the image quality visually for avoiding the chances of being corrupted with impulse noise to implement an efficient VLSI architecture with the help of an edge-preserving filter.

8). The Architecture of an In-Memory-Processor used for Compression of Multimedia

This proposed system provides a low complexity architecture for a processor in memory to support multimedia applications namely image compression, video through applying enormous single-instruction, multiple data concepts & instruction word.

9). Timing Synchronization Technique with a Symbol Rate for Wireless OFDM Systems with Low Power

This proposed system mainly used to improve the act of wireless OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) system through decreasing the power of the entire baseband with the help of a clock generator with phase tunable & dynamic sample-timing controller.

10). Accumulator based Low Power & High-Speed Multiplier Implementation with SPST Adder & Verilog

This project is used to design a low power & high-speed MAC (multiplier and accumulator) through accepting the false suppression method of power on an MBE (modified booth encoder). By using this design, the power dissipation of entire switching can be avoided.

11). Robot Processor Design & Implementation by Enabling Anti-collision with RFID Technology

The proposed system is mainly used to implement a robot processor with anti-collision to avoid the physical collision of robots in the environment of multi-robot. This algorithm is mainly implemented using VHDL & RFID technology.

12). Designing of Logic Circuit with Power Efficient using Adiabatic Method

This system demonstrates the logic circuit design by efficiently with adiabatic method when compared through conventional CMOS design with the help of circuits using NAND & NOR gates. By using the adiabatic method, the dissipation of power within the network can be reduced as well as recycles the stored energy within the load capacitor.

3). Encryption System for Enhancing the Computing Speed of the System

The main intension of this project is to enhance data transmission security to improve the speed of computing by implementing the algorithm of AES using FPGA. So, this simulation, as well as mathematical design, can be carried out with the help of the VHDL code.

14). IP Block of AHM or Advanced High-Performance Bus

This project is mainly used to design an architecture of the Advanced Microcontroller Bus (AMB) by using AHBN (Advanced High-Performance Bus). This project can be designed with VHDL code by implementing the blocks like master & save.

15). DSM based Multimode RF Transceiver with a Multichannel

This system mainly used to design a multimode transmitter & receiver architecture and RF multichannel with Delta-Sigma modulator. This proposed system uses a VHDL language to implement two architectures.

16). The Concentrator of Knockout Switch using an Asynchronous Transfer Mode

By using this project, a knockout switch based on asynchronous transfer can be designed with the help of tools like VHS & VHDL. This knock out switch can be used in the networks of virtual circuit packet as well as applications of the datagram.

17). Asynchronous Circuits Behavioral Synthesis

This project is mainly used to provide the behavioral synthesis technique used for asynchronous circuits. Both the templates like the balsa & asynchronous implementations are the main elements within the design.

18). AMBA Design using Compliant Memory Controller of AHB

This project is used to design an MC (memory controller) depending on AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) for system memory controlling using main memory like SRAM & ROM.

19). Carry Tree Adder Implementation

Carry tree adder based on VLSI design are called as the best performance adders as contrasted through usual binary adders. The adders which are implemented by this project are spanning tree, kogge-stone, and sparse kogge-stone.

20). CORDIC Design based Rotation of Fixed Angle

The main concept of this proposed system is to turn vectors using fixed angles. These angles are necessary for games, robotics, image processing, etc. By using this project, vector rotation can be achieved by using specific angles by the design of CORDIC (coordinate rotation digital computer).

21). FIR Filter Design with Distributed Arithmetic of Lookup Table

This proposed system mainly enhances FIR filter performance by designing it using distributed arithmetic of a 3-dimensional lookup table in place of the multiplier. So this design can be implemented using softwares like FPGA & Xilinx.

22). Push-Pull Pulsed Latches with High Speed & Low Power Conditional

This project is used to execute energy-efficient & high-performance pulsed latches mainly used for VLSI systems by using new topology. Because this topology mainly depends on a final stage push-pull driven using two divide lanes through a conditional pulse generator.

23). Arithmetic Coder VLSI Architecture in SPIHT

This proposed system enhances the throughput of the method of arithmetic coding in set partitioning in hierarchical trees (SPIHT) image compression with the high-speed architecture depending on FPGA.

24). Noise Suppression of ECG Signal based on FPGA

This project is used to contain the noise within ECG signals through two median filters with 91 & 7 sample point sizes respectively. So this process can be attained through implementing the FPGA design based on VHDL code.

25). VLSI based High-Performance Image Scaling Processor with Low Cost

This project is used to implement an algorithm for image scaling processor based on VLSI with less memory and high performance. The proposed system design mainly contains combining of filter, reconfigurable dynamic methods & hardware sharing to decrease the cost.

26). Systolic Array Architecture Design & Implementation Efficiently

The main concept of this project is to design a hardware model used for the systolic array multiplier. This array can be mainly used to execute binary multiplication with the help of the VHDL platform. The proposed system design can be implemented using FPGA & Isim software.

27). QPSK Design & Synthesis using VHDL Code

QPSK is one of the main modulation methods. This method is used in the applications of satellite radio. This modulation technique can be implemented through reversible logic gates. The designing of the QPSK technique can be done with the help of the VHDL code.

28). DDR SDRAM Controller Design & Implementation with High Speed

The proposed system is used to design a DDR SDRAM controller for transferring the burst data depending on high speed to synchronize this data in between the circuitry of embedded system & DDR SDRAM. By using the VHDL language, the code can be developed.

29). 32 Â-bit RISC Processor Design & Implementation

The main concept of this project is to implement a 32 bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) with the help of a tool like XILINK VIRTEX4. In this project, 16 instruction sets are designed wherever every instruction can be executed in a single CLK cycle using the five-phase pipelining method.

30). Bus Bridge Implementation between AHB & OCP

The proposed system is used to design a bus bridge between two protocols namely common & standard. The communication protocols like AHB (Advanced High-performance Bus) & OCP (Open Core Protocol) are very popular which are used in the applications of SoC (System On-chip).

VLSI Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

The list of VLSI projects based on FPGA, MatLab, IEEE, and Mini Projects for engineering students is listed below.

VLSI Projects for M. Tech Students

The list of VLSI projects based on M. Tech Students includes the following.

  1. Area-Efficient & Highly Reliable RHBD based I0T Memory Cell Design used in Aerospace Applications
  2. Phase Detector with Multilevel Half-Rate used for CLK & Data Recovery Circuits
  3. Comparator with a Low Power & High Speed used for Precise Applications
  4. Gated Voltage Level Translator with a High-Performance & Integrated Multiplexer
  5. CNTFET based Ternary Adder with High-Performance
  6. Magnitude Comparator Design with Low Power
  7. Design of Threshold Logic Gate with Current-Mode for Delay Analysis
  8. Mixed-Logic Line Decoders Design with Low-Power & High-Performance
  9. Sleep Convention Logic Testability Design
  10. Voltage Level Shifter for Dual-Supply Applications with a High-Speed & Power-Efficient
  11. Low Power & Low Voltage Double-Tail Comparator Design & Analysis
  12. Flip-Flop Design based on Pulse-Triggered with Low-Power using a Signal Feed-Through Method
  13. Efficient Circuits Design based on Runtime Reconfigurable FETs
  14. Magnitude Comparator Design with Low Power
  15. Delay Analysis of Logic Gate Designs with Current-Mode Threshold

The FPGA based VLSI projects for engineering students and CMOS VLSI design mini-projects are listed below.

  1. SEU Hardened Circuits Design & Characterization for FPGA based on SRAM
  2. A Compact Memristor based CMOS hybrid LUT Design & Potential Application used in FPGA
  3. Ultrasonic Sensor based Implementation of FPGA for Distance Measurement
  4. Implementation of FPGA for Booth Multiplier with Spartan6 FPGA
  5. Discrete Wavelet Transform based on Lifting with Spartan3 FPGA
  6. ARM Controller in Robotics using FPGA
  7. FPGA based UART with Multichannel
  8. Suppression of ECG Signal Noise using FPGA
  9. UTMI based FPGA Implementation & USB 2.0 Protocol Layer
  10. Implementation of Median Filter with Spartan3 FPGA
  11. AES Algorithm based Implementation of FPGA
  12. Security Alert System based on PIC for Implementation of FPGA with Spartan 3an
  13. FPGA Implementation to Design the Controller for Remote Sensing Systems
  14. Image Processing Kit of FPGA using Image Filtering of Linear & Morphological
  15. Spartan3 FPGA based Medical Fusion Image Implementation

The list of VLSI mini projects using VHDL code includes the following.

  1. Comparator with High Speed using VLSI
  2. A multiplier of Floating-Point using VLSI
  3. VLSI based Conversion of Binary to Grey
  4. Digital Filter
  5. CLK Gating based on VLSI
  6. Vedic Multiplier
  7. CMOS FF using VLSI
  8. The architecture of Parallel Processor using VLSI
  9. VLSI based Full Adder
  10. Design of DRAM/Dynamic Random Access Memory based on VLSI
  11. SRAM Layout based on VLSI
  12. VLSI based Digital Signal Processor
  13. VLSI based Multiplexer
  14. Designing of MAC Unit based on VLSI
  15. VLSI based Differentiator
  16. VLSI based FFT or Fast Fourier Transform
  17. The architecture of Discrete Cosine Transform based on VLSI
  18. 16-bit Multiplier Design using VLSI19
  19. VLSI based Designing of FIFO Buffer
  20. High-Speed Accelerator based on VLSI

VLSI Projects using MATLAB & Xilinx

The list of VLSI projects based on MATLAB and VLSI Projects using Xilinx includes the following.

  1. CDMA Modem Design & Analysis with MATLAB
  2. FIR Filter Design using VHDL on FPGA & MATLAB based Analysis
  3. ModelSim & Matlab or Simulink based Simulation of System for Automotive Engineering
  4. Xilinx based Adders like Ripple Carry & Carry Skip
  5. Arithmetic Unit based on 32-bit Floating Point
  6. Floating Point-based ALU
  7. RISC Processor based on 32-bit
  8. Convolution Capabilities of Orthogonal Code
  9. Xilinx and Verilog based Vending Machine
  10. Xilinx based Parallel Prefix Adders with 256-bit
  11. Protocol for Mutual Authentication using Xilinx
  12. Access Structure with Single-Cycle for Logic Test using Xilinx
  13. UTMI & Protocol Layer based USB2.0 using Xilinx
  14. Configuration of Data Compression And Decompression using Xilinx FPGA
  15. Xilinx 4000 based BIST & Spartan Series based FPGAs
  16. IIR Filter based on MATLAB & VLSI
  17. FIR Filter using MATLAB

IEEE Projects

The list of IEEE VLSI Projects is listed below.

  1. VLSI based Wireless Home Automation System using Bluetooth
  2. Removing of Impulse Noise within Image by using an Efficient Architecture of VLSI
  3. The Architecture of a Processor-In-Memory for Multimedia Compression
  4. Monitoring of Temperature System using Cloud & IoT
  5. OFDM System Implementation with IFFT & FFT
  6. Hamming Code Design & Implementation with Verilog
  7. VHDL based Finger Print Recognition using Gabor Filter
  8. Arithmetic Functions Remapping with ROM Depending on Approximation Approaches
  9. Analysis of High Efficiency & Low-Density Performance of Parity-Check Code Decoder in Low-power Applications
  10. FFT Architectures with Feedforward of Pipelined Radix-2k
  11. Flip-Flops Design for VLSI Applications using CMOS Technology with High Performance
  12. FIR Filter Design with Lookup Table by Distributed Arithmetic
  13. VLSI based Low Cost & Enhanced Image Scaling Processor
  14. ASIC Implementation & Design of an Advance Turbo Encoder & Decoder with 3GPP LTE
  15. Push-Pull Pulsed Latches with Low Power & High-Speed Conditional
  16. Enhanced Scan in Low Power Scan Testing
  17. Arithmetic Coder VLSI Architecture for SPIHT
  18. Implementation of VHDL for UART
  19. VLSI based Voltage Regulator with Low Drop Out
  20. Flash ADC Design with Enhanced Comparator Scheme
  21. Low Power Multiplier Design with Compound Constant Delay Logic Style
  22. Double Tail Comparator with High Performance & Low Power
  23. Flash Storage System with High Performance depending on Write Buffer & Virtual Memory
  24. Low Power FF based on Sleepy Stack Approach
  25. LFSR Power Optimization for Low-power BIST Implemented in HDL
  26. Vending Machine Design & Implementation with Verilog HDL
  27. Accumulator Design based on the Generation of 3-Weight Pattern with LP-LSFR
  28. Reed-Solomon Decoder with High-Speed & Low-Complexity
  29. Faster Dadda Multiplier Design Technique
  30. Digital Demodulation based Receiver of FM Radio
  31. Generation of Test Pattern with BIST Schemes
  32. Implementation of VLSI Architecture with High-Speed Pipeline
  33. On-Chip Bus OCP Protocol Design using Bus Functionalities
  34. Phase Frequency Detector & Charge Pump Design used for High-Frequency Phase-Locked Loop
  35. Cache Memory & Cache Controller Design with VHDL
  36. ASTRAN based Implementation of Low Power 3-2 & 4-2 Adder Compressors
  37. Prepaid Electricity Billing System using an On-Chip Design
  38. Overlap Implementation using Logic cell & Its Power Analysis
  39. Carry Look Ahead Adder with Different Bit Performance Analysis using VHDL
  40. Data Link Layer Design with Wi-Fi MAC Protocols
  41. Implementation of FPGA for Mutual Authentication Protocol with Modular Arithmetic
  42. PWM Signal Generation using FPGA & Variable Duty Cycle

Real-Time Projects

The list of VLSI real-time projects mainly include VLSI mini projects using VHDL code and VLSI software projects for ECE engineering students.

  1. Pragmatic Integration of SRAM Row Cache in Heterogeneous 3-D DRAM Architecture Using TSV
  2. Built-in Self-Test Technique for Diagnosis of Delay Faults in Cluster-Based Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  3. ASIC Design of Complex Multiplier
  4. A Low-Cost VLSI Implementation for Efficient Removal of Impulse Noise
  5. FPGA Based Space Vector PWM Control IC For Three Phase Induction Motor Drive
  6. VLSI Implementation of Auto Correlator and CORDIC Algorithm for OFDM Based WLAN
  7. Automatic Road Extraction Using High-Resolution Satellite Images
  8. VHDL Design for Image Segmentation Using Gabor Filter for Disease Detection
  9. A Low Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
  10. Improvement of The Orthogonal Code Convolution Capabilities Using FPGA Implementation
  11. Design and Implementation of Floating Point ALU
  12. CORDIC Design for Fixed Angle of Rotation
  13. Product Reed-Solomon Codes for Implementing NAND Flash Controller on FPGA Chip
  14. Statistical SRAM Read Access Yield Improvement Using Negative Capacitance Circuits
  15. Power Management of MIMO Network Interfaces on Mobile Systems
  16. Design of Data Encryption Standard for Data Encryption
  17. Low Power and Area Efficient Carry Select Adder
  18. Synthesis and Implementation of UART Using VHDL Codes
  19. Improved Architectures for a Fused Floating-Point Add-Subtract Unit
  20. An FPGA Based 1-Bit All-Digital Transmitter Employing Delta-Sigma Modulation with RF Output for SDR
  21. Optimizing Chain Search Usage in The BCH Decoder for High Error Rate Transmission
  22. Digital Design of DS-CDMA Transmitter Using Verilog HDL and FPGA
  23. Design and Implementation of Efficient Systolic Array Architecture
  24. A VLSI-Based Robot Dynamics Learning Algorithm
  25. A Versatile Multimedia Functional Unit Design Using the Spurious Power Suppression Technique
  26. Design of Bus Bridge between AHB and OCP
  27. Behavioral Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits
  28. Speed Optimization of an FPGA Based Modified Viterbi Decoder
  29. Implementation of I2C Interface
  30. A High-Speed/Low-Power Multiplier Using an Advanced Spurious Power Suppression Technique
  31. Clamping Virtual Supply Voltage of Power Gated Circuits for Active Leakage Reduction and Gate Oxide Reliability
  32. FPGA Based Power Efficient Channelizer for Software Defined Radio
  33. VLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Digital Camera for Image Security and Authentication
  34. Operation Improvement of Indoor Robot
  35. Design and Implementation of an ON-Chip Permutation Network for Multiprocessor System-On-Chip
  36. A Symbol-Rate Timing Synchronization Method for Low Power Wireless OFDM Systems
  37. DMA Controller (Direct Memory Access ) Using VHDL/VLSI
  38. Reconfigurable FFT Using CORDIC Based Architecture for MIMI-OFDM Receivers
  39. Spurious Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications
  40. The efficiency of BCH Codes in Digital Image Watermarking
  41. Dual Data Rate SD-RAM Controller
  42. Implementing Gabor Filter for Fingerprint Recognition Using Verilog HDL
  43. Design of a Practical Nanometer Scale Redundant via Aware Standard Cell Library for Improved Redundant via 1 Insertion Rate
  44. A Lossless Data Compression and Decompression Algorithm and Its Hardware Architecture
  45. A Framework for Correction of Multi-Bit Soft Errors
  46. Viterbi-Based Efficient Test Data Compression
  47. Implementation of FFT/IFFT Blocks for OFDM
  48. Wavelet-Based Image Compression by VLSI Progressive Coding
  49. VLSI Implementation of Fully Pipelined Multiplier Less 2d DCT/IDCT Architecture for Jpeg
  50. FPGA-Based Fault Emulation of Synchronous Sequential Circuits

Thus, this is all about the list of VLSI projects for engineering, M.Tech students which are helpful in selecting their final year project topic. After spending your valuable time while going through this list, we believe that you have got a fairly good idea of selecting the project topic of your choice from the VLSI projects’ list, and hope that you have enough confidence to take up any topic from the list. For further details and help with these projects, you can write to us in the comments section given below. Here is a question for you, what is VHDL?

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