Simple Mini Projects for ECE and EEE Students

The list of simple mini projects for ECE and EEE is presented below. These projects are very helpful for BE and B. Tech students from various branches, like ECE, EEE, EIE, and so on. Previously, we have already listed some ECE projects and EEE projects which are collected from various sources for the ease of engineering students. Now we are providing the list of some simple mini projects for ECE and EEE 2nd year students. These projects are intended for hobbyists, enthusiasts. So, we hope that these project ideas are more helpful for engineering students.

Simple Mini Projects for ECE and EEE Engineering Students

The following projects are simple mini projects which are commonly used for ECE and EEE engineering students

Simple Mini Projects
Simple Mini Projects

Implementation of Laser Music System

This laser music system project mainly uses lasers, photocells, IR sensors, and an Arduino microcontroller. This project combines a light sensor system and laser with an IR sensing distance system. This IR sensing distance system senses the user’s hand position when it crosses one or many of the laser beams.

Laser Music System
Laser Music System

These beams are made observable by a small amount of smoke in a dark room, provide visual guidance to the user to decrease the trouble of using a non-contact instrument as well as enhancing an attractive optical effect for the user. This project uses sharp distance sensors to map the position of the user’s hand to a variable like pitch. The user should move their hand to various heights to attain the desired pitch.

Design and Implementation of an LCD Screen Digital Stop Watch with Microcontroller

The digital stopwatch with an LCD display is used to measure the time required for a particular event. This watch is quite different compared with other clocks in many ways  This watch needs much more accuracy than the normal clocks.

Digital Stop Watch Simple Mini Project
Digital Stop Watch Simple Mini Project

This project uses an ATmega8535 microcontroller to control the stopwatch, by which perfect accuracy can be ensured. Here, PonyProg and AVR studio were used to compile the C and loading the. Hex file into the microcontroller. The stopwatch comprises two different timing modes such as lap timing and splits timing.


Incoming Call Indication for Mobile

This incoming call indication for mobile is used to escape from the annoyance of mobile rings when you are at home. In this project, when a call comes to the mobile phone, the transmitter inside of the mobile becomes triggered an LED will blink instantaneously. The frequency of this transmitter is around 900MHz.

Incoming Call Indication
Incoming Call Indication

The L1 coil picks up these oscillations by induction and feeds it to the base of the transistor. This makes the transistor activated and the o/p of the transistor connects to the IC 555 which gets activated and blinks the LED connected to its o/p pin. Thus, when the LED blinks, we can conclude that there is an incoming call close to the circuit.

Low-Cost Fire Alarm System

This fire alarm system project is used to detect a fire and generate an alarm to alert the people in the buildings, offices, and where it is installed. This project uses a BC177 transistor to sense the heat produced due to the fire.

Low Cost Fire Alarm Simple Mini Project
Low Cost Fire Alarm Simple Mini Project

A preset level can be kept for the BC177 transistor. When the temperature increases above the set preset level, the leakage current of the transistor also increases, to make the other transistors in the circuit. A relay is used to switch the bell load as its o/p.

Automatic Plant Watering System

This is one of the most useful projects in the field of agriculture or in homes. The main concept of this project is to water the plants automatically without any human interference. This project is also used in the field of agriculture to watering the crops.

Automatic Plant Watering System
Automatic Plant Watering System

We know that many people in the home, farmers in the agriculture field do not pour the water to the plants, crops when they go on vacation, or often forget to water the plants. As a result, this project is the best solution for these types of problems.

Electricity Generation from Speed Breakers

Day by day, the population is increasing in the entire world and the energy sources are reducing. Therefore, to overcome this problem this project is very useful to generate electricity by utilizing the conventional sources. When a vehicle passes over a speed breaker lots of energy is generated. We can tap the generated energy and produce power by using the speed breaker on the road.

Electricity Generation from Speed Breakers
Electricity Generation from Speed Breakers

The kinetic energy of the vehicles on the roads can be converted into mechanical energy through the mechanism of rack and pinion. Then, this mechanical energy will be converted to electrical energy using a generator that will be stored in the battery. The energy will save during the day time and that can be used in the night time for lighting the street lights. By using this project we can conserve a lot of electrical energy which can be used in the fulfillment of the future

8051 Microcontroller based Digital Voltmeter

This 8051 microcontrollers based digital voltmeter is used to measure up to 5 volts. This project is designed using AT89S51 microcontroller and ADC0804 is nothing but ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion). The output is displayed by using two seven-segment displays.

Digital Voltmeter
Digital Voltmeter

The software of this voltmeter is developed in assembly language. Before choosing this digital voltmeter project one should know the concepts of interfacing 7-segment display to the 8051 microcontrollers and interfacing ADC to 8051 microcontroller. Because these topics will give you a basic idea.

Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Control using PWM Technique

There are various methods to control the induction motor. The stator frequency control is one of the simple methods to control the motor. The microcontroller-based three-phase induction motor speed control system can be used in many industries like cement, textile, chemical to operate the motor according to the speed.

Induction Motor
Induction Motor

The speed of the induction motor can be controlled by the use of feedback from the motor in terms of rotation per minute (rpm). The inductive magnetic sensor can be interfaced with the microcontroller and the rpm of the motor can be sensed and give to the microcontroller in the form of digital as feedback from the motor.

Simple Mini Projects for ECE Students

Simple mini projects for ECE students include the following.

Simple Mini Projects using 555 Timer

Simple mini projects using 555 timers include the following.

Intruder Alarm using IC 555

The simple circuit like an intruder alarm can be built with IC 555. This circuit generates an alarm once it detects any intruder.

IC 555 based Police Lights

This circuit is used to simulate the lights of the police vehicle. There are two LED lights like red and blue. When the red LED starts blinking, then the blue LED will start flashing immediately. This flashing can be performed continuously.

Sensor Circuit for Reverse Parking

The circuit for reverse parking of vehicles can be designed with IC 555. This circuit helps the vehicle driver while parking the vehicle very securely by specifying the space with the help of three LEDs.

DC Motor Speed Controlling using PWM

This circuit is designed with IC 555 which is used to control the speed of a DC motor by generating PWM. Here PWM can be generated through 555 IC.

555 Timer-based Audio Amplifier with Low Power

The circuit-like low-power audio amplifier using 555 IC is used to generate 200mA of output current to operate a mini loudspeaker.

Mosquito Repellent Circuit using 555 IC

This mosquito repellent circuit is designed with 555 IC. The main function of this circuit is to generate an ultrasound using a buzzer. This buzzer can be operated through an oscillator circuit. Here, a stable multivibrator based on 555 timers is used as an oscillator circuit.

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The list of Simple Mini Projects using IC includes the following.

LED Lamp based Dimmer Circuit

This circuit is designed with LM358 and LED. In the beginning, this circuit will blink slowly, after that blinks brightly and at last again it blinks slowly.

Circuit for LED Flashing

This circuit is designed with a 7555 timer IC. This circuit is used to blink an LED for every 5 sec.

ICL7107 based Digital Voltmeter

This circuit is used to design an A/D converter which works as a digital voltmeter. Here, ICL7107 is used for A/D converter and it includes a 7 segment decoder, a CLK, a reference, and display drivers.

Discotheque using LED Strobe

A LED strobe light is used in discotheque using simple components. In this circuit, 4017 IC plays a key role.

Alarm Circuit for Water Level

This water level alarm circuit is designed with 555 IC. This circuit generates an alarm once it detects the water level in the tank.

Simple Arduino Based Mini Projects

The list of mini projects for ECE using Arduino includes the following.

Controlling of Robot with TV Remote

The robot is controlled through a TV remote/AC remote. Here, an Arduino can be used for controlling the robot.

Arduino based Medicine Reminder

This circuit is designed to remind the medicine with the help of an Arduino.

Controlling of DC Motor using L298N & Arduino

This circuit is used to control a DC motor with motor driver L298N and Arduino. By using this circuit, two motors can be controlled at a time.

Arduino & Hand Gesture Controlled Robot

This hand gesture controlled robot can be designed with Arduino. This project is designed with RF Tx & Rx, MPU6050. This robot can be controlled through hand gestures.

Arduino based Robot for Obstacle Avoidance

This project is used to design a robot using Arduino for obstacle avoidance. This circuit uses an ultrasonic sensor for detecting obstacles.

Arduino based Heartbeat Sensor

This heart rate monitoring circuit can be designed with Arduino and a sensor. This circuit is used to monitor heart rate. The result of this project can be observed on an LCD.

SCR Based Mini Projects

The SCR based mini projects list includes the following.

Battery Charger Circuit Using SCR

This circuit can be used to design a battery charger with an SCR. This silicon controlled rectifier is used in rectifiers like a half-wave, full-wave, power control, inverter circuits, etc

Controlling of AC Heater with SCR

This circuit is used to design an AC heater that can be operated through SCR to ON/ OFF.

SCR based Emergency Lamp

This emergency lamp can be designed with a 6Volts battery using SCR. Here SCR plays a key role in controlling the lamp by switched ON when a power failure occurs.

Rain Alarm using SCR

The rain alarm circuit is designed with SCR. This circuit is used to turn ON AC load such as a lamp otherwise a shade or an automatic folding cover.

Fence Charger Circuit using SCR

The circuit-like fence charger is designed with an SCR. These circuits use a high voltage generator phase where SCR becomes very essential. The applications of SCR includes where high arcing voltages are required.

Digital Communication Simple Mini Projects

The lists of digital communication projects include the following.

Sending an SMS using PIC16F628A & SIM900A

By using this project, SMS sending can be done with the help of a module- SIMCOM SIM900A & PIC 16F628A.

Ground Loops Elimination using Isolation of Signal

This project is used to isolate the signals for eliminating ground loops within electronic systems.

Passport Details based on RF

This project is used to verify the details of the passport by using an RFID reader. Once it reads the data then it passes to the microcontroller so that data can be verified. So finally the data can be displayed on LCD.

Simple Mini Projects for EEE Students

Simple mini projects for EEE students include the following.

Simple Mini Projects using Sensors

The list of Simple Mini Projects using Sensors is discussed below.

IR Sensor-based Traffic Signal Density Measurement

This project uses IR sensors for measuring the density of traffic. The arrangement of these sensors can be done on every road to sense the traffic. These sensors are connected to the microcontroller to control the traffic based on the sensors.

Vehicle Movement Detection based Street Lights

This circuit is designed to switch ON the street lights by detecting the movements of vehicles & remains off after a preset time. This circuit uses a PIR sensor & the LDR to control the street lights.

Security Alarm using PIR Sensor

This circuit is used to design a security system using the PIR sensor. This sensor is employed instead of Tx & Rx to conserve the energy. This simple project is used to protect the valuable things in museums.

Security System of Industries using Sensors

This circuit designs a security system for industrial control with the help of sensors. The main components used in this circuit are microcontroller, GSM & sensors like light, proximity, smoke, and gas. In this project, the GSM range is very high and it receives & sends messages from any distant place.

Controlling of Speed & Direction of DC Motor using IR

The main concept of this project is to control the speed as well as the direction of a DC motor with the help of an IR sensor. The required speed and direction of this motor can be achieved with the combination of H-Bridge & PWM. The PWM signals can be generated from the microcontroller to monitor the data from the IR sensor continuously.

Monitoring System for Weather using GSM & Sensors

This circuit is used to design a weather detecting and monitoring system by using LCD, sensors like light, temperature, humidity, etc. Once it detects the weather then it displays on LCD. This system uses a GSM module to send the data to a remote system through an SMS. By using this system, the weather can be monitored.

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Motor based Simple Mini Projects

The list of motor-based mini electrical projects includes the following.

3 Phase Induction Motor Modeling with SIMULINK

This project is used to design a simulation model of 3-phase induction motor with MATLAB as well as SIMULINK. The inputs given to this motor are load torque & power source whereas the outputs acquired are electromagnetic torque & speed.

Microcontroller based Soft Starter of 3-Phase Induction Motor

To start the induction motor is a complicated task because they need huge current & initially of torque. This can be achieved by using a different technique. This project is used to activate an induction motor through firing & triggering of SCR.

Speed Control of BLDC Motor with Microcontroller

This project is used to control the BLDC motor using microcontroller. This control can be done using a closed-loop control method.

DC Motor PWM Speed Controlling using PC

This project is used to control the speed of a DC motor with PWM using a PC. This project uses an Arduino, wireless module for communication between the motor & the PC.

DC Fan Temperature Control using Microcontroller

This project is used to design a DC fan for controlling through microcontroller. The main function of this circuit is, once the temperature is higher as compared with a threshold value then it turns ON the fan which is connected to the motor. This project is applicable in home applications especially in CPU to decrease the heat through turning ON the fan automatically.

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This is all about simple mini projects for ECE and EEE 2nd year students. These projects are very helpful for the hobbyists, enthusiasts. We hope that these projects will give you a better understanding of the simple mini projects for ECE and eee. Furthermore, any queries regarding the mini electrical and electronic project ideas you may give your feedback or new project ideas also by commenting in the comment section below.

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