Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

In our daily life, electrical projects are very useful in many fields and they need more power when compared with other projects. The circuits of these projects designed with passive components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, and many more. But many diplomae and engineering students don’t know the idea about how they work and which projects may come under this category. For those students here we are providing some projects which will helpful for their project work. Many of the engineering graduates showing a lot of interest in this stream. Electrical and Electronics Engineering involves designing, controlling, and maintaining electrical equipment. Some of the project areas of the electrical field are power generation, power system equipment maintenance and handling, industrial control and robotics, power electronics, and energy systems. Therefore, this article gives a brief explanation of the top 20 innovative electrical projects for engineering students.

Top 20 Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Here we are providing the best electrical engineering projects for final year engineering students. These projects are potential topics to be used in the final year of electrical engineering projects. The following projects include major as well as mini projects for diploma and engineering students. These projects are innovative and new electrical projects to select as their project topic in their final year engineering.

GSM based Substation Monitoring and Control System

This project aims to acquire various substation parameters like current, voltage, temperature, power factor, etc., remotely via GSM communication. Thus, the remote operator can analyze these parameter values and take a corresponding control action. A user can remotely operate the substation equipment like circuit breakers, isolators, relays, buzzer alarms, and so on.

Substation Monitoring Electrical Projects
Substation Monitoring Electrical Projects

Various blocks of this circuit operation are shown above wherein a microcontroller accepts the inputs and correspondingly controls the outputs. The controller periodically sends the input parameters to a remote GSM mobile through the GSM networks. Similarly, this allows the control signals that are sent from the operators to control the substation equipment.

Zigbee Based Solar Powered Forest Fire Detection and Control System

The idea of implementing this project is to detect and prevent the forest fire remotely by using Zigbee communication. The entire transmitter circuit is located in the forest with different sensors like smoke and fire detectors, which are powered with a solar panel system. The embedded circuitry in the transmitter circuit collects processes the data and sends the data to a remote PC through the Zigbee communication module.

On the receiver side, a Zigbee-transceiver-based PC receives these signals and correspondingly alerts the fire engines and also actuates the fire protection equipment in the forest remotely.

Android Based Electrical Appliance Control

This is an advanced way of controlling the home appliances from a conventional manual switch pressing system. It uses an Android mobile with a user graphical interface application in it. The control circuit is attached to a number of devices to be controlled through a relay mechanism with a Bluetooth communication module.

Android Based Electrical Appliance Control
Android Based Electrical Appliance Control

First, this Android mobile has to pair with the receiver side Bluetooth modem; once it is paired with the modem, the user can send control signals to the corresponding appliance to control it. At the receiver side, the microcontroller manages all the actuators for different loads depending on the control signals from the user.

Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation with Maximum Power Point Tracking

This system considerably minimizes the number of panels required to generate the electric power so that it reduces the photovoltaic array system cost. As the sun is not constant in one place, and by fixing the solar array at one fixed place, maximum power generation is not possible. Therefore, this system locates the maximum-power-generating point with the MPPT controller.

Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation
Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation

This system uses a quadratic equation-based algorithm that calculates the quadratic function corresponding to the maximum PowerPoint. Program-based software executes algorithm and correspondingly controls the DC converter to adjust the output voltage.

PLC and SCADA Based Traffic Control System

This smart traffic control system uses Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and SCADA HMI for monitoring and controlling traffic signals. This system is quite useful in high-traffic-density areas, toll gates, and other high-end-parking areas.

This is centralized control of the traffic system where it collects several places traffic conditions remotely through communication medium and this information is monitored using SCDA HMI. Therefore, synchronizing the traffic at different junction roads is possible with this system. And, also depending on the traffic density at different junctions, it controls the traffic light through remote operation.

Minimizing Penalty by Engaging APFC Unit for Industries

This project improves the power factor by a set of capacitors connected in parallel with the inductive load. Due to the lagging load in industries, the power factor becomes abruptly low and results in bearing penalty imposed by the electric utility companies. So this proposed system improves the power factor by switching the capacitors based on the value of the power factor.

Minimizing Penalty by Engaging APFC Unit for Industries
Minimizing Penalty by Engaging APFC Unit for Industries

This circuit is implemented with Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) and Zero Current Switching (ZCS) sub-circuits. Thus the obtained voltage and current zero positions of these circuits are used for calculating the time difference between them, and correspondingly the power factor is calculated. Thus, depending on the value of the power factor, the capacitors are connected across the load.

Closed-Loop Control of Brushless DC Motor

The purpose of implementing this circuit is to run mechanical loads at desired speeds by designing a closed-loop system for brushless DC motor. The closed-loop operation uses a feedback system to compare the actual speed with the desired one.

Closed Loop Control of Brushless DC Motor Electrical Projects
Closed-Loop Control of Brushless DC Motor Electrical Projects

It allows a user to enter the desired speed from a matrix keypad. A control circuit receives this information, compares the actual speed sensed by the speed sensor, and correspondingly sends the PWM signals to the motor.

Automatic Room Light Controller using IR Sensors

This project employs a mechanism with which room lights switch on when a person enters the room and switch off as the person leaves the room. In addition, it also displays the number of persons entering or leaving by means of LCD. With this automatic operation, electrical energy can be saved.

Automatic Room Light Controller Electrical Projects
Automatic Room Light Controller Electrical Projects

In this system, two sets of IR LED and IR sensors are connected to the microcontroller to detect the persons exiting and entering the room. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that by receiving the signals entering from the IR sensor, it turns the lamp with a relay mechanism and also increments the counter. Similarly, for the exit sensor signal, it turns off the lamp and decrements the count which is also displayed in the display.

Home Automation System using Arduino Microcontroller

The home automation system is centralized control of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and lighting appliances. This system uses the Arduino development board with attached Bluetooth communication for remote control of home appliances.

Home Automation System using Arduino Microcontroller Electrical Projects
Home Automation System using Arduino Microcontroller Electrical Projects

At the transmitter end, a graphical user interface application allows the user to send on/off commands to the receiver where the loads are connected. An Arduino board operates loads through Opto-isolators cum TRAIC arrangements by receiving commands from the user cell phone.

Electronic Soft Start for a 3-Phase Induction Motor

This project is designed to reduce the starting current of a three-phase induction motor, thereby providing a smooth start. There are several conventional methods used for starting the induction motor. But, all these are more costly and have some loopholes as well, so this solid-state method control provides an efficient starting control.

 Electronic Soft Start for a 3-Phase Induction Motor
Electronic Soft Start for a 3-Phase Induction Motor

This uses six silicon-controlled rectifiers connected in twos across the three-phase induction motor (here a set of lamps are used to represent the coils of the three-phase induction motor). Thus, the control unit sends triggering signals to Thyristors at the start of the induction motor.

Protection of Load and Charge in Solar Power Management

In this proposed system, a solar panel is used to charge a battery. As a comparator, operational amplifiers are used to monitor the voltage, current of the panels continuously. The LEDs are used to specify the charge conditions of the battery. When the battery is fully charged green LED will blinks as well as when the battery is in undercharged condition or overloaded then the red LED will blink.

Protection of Load and Charge in Solar Power Management Electrical Project
Protection of Load and Charge in Solar Power Management Electrical Project

Furthermore, this project can be developed by using a GSM modem and a microcontroller. By using these the status of the system can be communicated to the control room through an SMS.

Controlling of Home Appliances using Time Delay Switch

This project is intended to control home appliances based on a particular time delay for every load by using a 555 timer to produce switching period intervals to drive a relay to turn ON/OFF for any load.

A relay which depends on time delay that stays on for a fixed time period of time once triggered. This circuit is built with a simple timer circuit that controls the actual relay. The time is adjusted from zero to a few seconds, but the time constant can be increased with 555 timers in monostable mode. The load capacity will be limited by the type of relay used. A lamp is used as a load in this project. The current handling capacity of the load is limited by the kind of relay used. The project is offered with a lamp as a load.

Protection of Over/Under Voltage

This project is intended to design an over or under voltage mechanism to protect the load. The variation in AC mains supply is common in homes, offices, and industries. In this condition, the sensitive loads can get easily damaged.

Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection
Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection

This project is used to trip the load in the time period of the i/p voltage dropping above or below in a fixed value. As a window comparator, two comparators are used to make one quad comparator. This IC sends an error o/p if the i/p voltage to them crosses the range beyond the voltage window. A relay is then functioned to cut off the load for security reasons.  A lamp is used as a load in this project. It is enhanced by integrating an alarm when the tripping takes place.

Arduino board based Speed Controlling of a DC Motor

This project is intended to control the speed of a DC motor using an Arduino board. The speed of the motor is related to the voltage applied across its terminals. Therefore, if the voltage across the DC motor terminal is changed, then the speed can also be changed.

DC Motor Speed Control using Arduino
DC Motor Speed Control using Arduino

This project uses the working principle of pulse width modulation (PWM). This project consists of two i/p buttons that are interfaced with the Arduino. These buttons are used to regulate the speed of the motor. PWM is generated at the o/p by the microcontroller according to the program

The code of this project is written in the Arduino language. The average current flowing and the voltage given through the DC motor will change based on the duty cycle, so the motor speed will change. A motor-driver IC is connected to the Arduino board for getting pulse width modulation signals and sending preferred o/p for DC motor speed control. In the future, the project can be designed by using IGBTs to get the speed control advanced capacity motors in industries.

Some Latest Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

There are different kinds of categories comes under electrical projects for engineering students like solar, motors, automation, motors, sensor, etc.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle using Switched Reluctance Motor

This is one kind of stepper motor that works through reluctance torque. This motor is very useful in hybrid electric vehicle applications due to its features. The main intension of this project is to reduce the speed ripple as well as the torque in the hybrid electric vehicles through a non-linear controller.

Controlling of AC Power using Microcontroller

The proposed system like microcontroller-based AC power control is used to design a PWM inverter with a single phase. The main features of this inverter are inexpensive, simple and its size is compatible.

Electric Traction System using BLDC Motor

This project is used to design a system namely an electrical traction system with a BLDC motor. This kind of motor is used in different applications like commercial, aerospace, residential, systems because it has several features.

Distributed Generation Active Power Control through Grid

Energy sources based on non-conventional sources are increased for distributed generation. The proposed system is used to implement a simple as well as an efficient control method. By using this technique required power can be obtained from distribution generation to grid.

Controller for PF Correction using Three-Phase Rectifier

This project is mainly used for PF correction in a 3-phase rectifier with the help of a boost converter. In this proposed system, an average control technique is used for the flow of current and the results can be checked in MATLAB.

Induction Motor Rotation in Bidirectional through a Remote Control Device

The proposed system is mainly used for controlling the direction & speed of an induction motor. The control of this motor can be done with the help of a remote. This project mainly uses a microcontroller unit as well as infrared sensors to obtain the signals from the remote. The direction of the motor can be changed with the help of a relay driver which is connected to the unit of the microcontroller.

Portable Tachometer using Hall Effect Sensor

This project is mainly used to design an accurate, contactless, and portable tachometer with the help of a linear Hall Effect sensor. The sensor used in this project mainly generates no. of pulses for each revolution. These revolutions are given like an input to the microcontroller. So that microcontroller can measure the pulses for every minute to give to the RPM display.

UPS System using Solar & Wind Power

The proposed system namely the UPS system powered through solar and wind. We know that generally, UPS uses the main supply for its charging but in this project, it uses solar power as well as wind power for its charging for conserving energy.

Switching Control of Industrial Automation

This project is designed with a feature like programmable switching control. By using this feature, industrial automation can be done continuously. This project plays a key role in implementing switching load through the program using a microcontroller. This project is used where continuous work involved. The operating of this project can be done in three methods like manual, set & auto mode.

In manual mode, the controlling of different loads can be done through the input given by the operator using switches otherwise remotely using GSM. In auto mode, the different loads are controlled at normal default timings whereas, in set mode, different loads can be controlled depending on the fixed timings by the user.

Starter for Induction Motor with Delay using Microcontroller

This project is used to implement a starter for an automatic induction motor with the help of a microcontroller. The working of this project is similar to the DOL starter. The microcontroller used in this project constantly checks the 3 phases of input supply\ used for single phasing conditions & overvoltage. So based on this, relays can be activated to make the motor run.

3 Phase Induction Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller & V/F Method

This project is used to design a system using a microcontroller & V/F technique to control the speed of the three-phase induction motor. By getting the speed of the feedback signal, the microcontroller will generate PWM signals. These signals can be given to the IGBT inverter bridge for driving the motor at the required speed.

Interleaved Boost Converter using Renewable Energy

Day by day, the consumption of renewable energy is increasing because of the reduction in non-renewable energy sources. The best source of renewable energy used at present is solar. The output of this can be increased using interleaved boost converters. As the name suggests, this converter includes no. of converters that are connected in parallel. The main advantages of these converters are reliability, efficiency, etc.

Buck Converter based Mobile Charger using Solar Power

This project is used to design a mobile charger powered by solar energy with the help of the buck converter. Here, buck converter plays a key role in modulating and synthesizing DC power which is received from PV cells to meet the requirements of loads.

Induction Motor Modeling & Fault Analysis

In this project, the induction motor is implemented through MATLAB or Simulink to analyze the motor performance as well as diagnosing the faults in the rotor effectively. This analysis can be used for single, double & 3-bar broken faults of rotor

AC-AC Converter Improvisation for Applications of Induction Heating

This project is based on MATLAB used to create the parallel resonant converter with single-switch used in induction heating applications for generating high-frequency currents. The results which are analyzed can be evaluated through existing topologies of half & full-bridge inverter.

Transformer Inrush Current Analysis & Calculation

This project is used to implement analytical formulas for calculating the inrush current of the transformer using MATLAB. By using this project, the effect of variation in switching angle, remnant flux, and impedances of the energizing circuit on the characteristics of inrush current is analyzed with the help of MATLAB.

Air Breakdown Voltage & Electric Field Measurement with Standard Sphere Gap Technique

The proposed system is used to implement a technique namely the standard sphere gap. This technique is used to measure the electric field in high voltage device & air breakdown voltages for high voltages measurement.

Inductance Capacitance & LCF Meter

This project is used to design a portable device for measuring capacitance, frequency & inductance. The designing of this device can be done using additional circuitry &PIC microcontroller for measuring & displaying parameters accurately.

Implementation of PAVR

The main intension of this project is to design a PAVR namely Programmable Automatic Voltage Regulator with a microcontroller. By using this project, the stabilization of o/p voltage can be attained through the variation of input voltage which ranges from 100 to 340 volts.

Novel Integral Switching Cycle Control Design & Simulation for Heating Load

To control solid-state power, there are two techniques are used namely phase control & integral cycle control switching. These two techniques have their own drawbacks. So a new technique is implemented like integral switching control

Fault Recognition System in UPS through GSM

This project is used to design a system for recognizing the faults within the UPS System with the help of GSM technology.
Switched Reluctance Motor Speed Control through GA & ANFIS

In direct drive applications, these motors are mainly used. However, these motors have some disadvantages such as acoustic noise, torque ripple is high, speed oscillations. To overcome this, this proposed system uses a technique with ANFIS & GA for Drive control.

3-Phase Multilevel Inverter Simulation

This project is used to design a 3-Phase Multilevel Inverter and its simulation can be done using reduced no. of switches. These inverters are used in different applications due to their features like easy control, low cost, flexibility, etc. Similarly, it has several benefits like it includes different power electronic components. Once switching losses increase, then the overall loss can be increased. This project targets on reducing the no. of switches in a multilevel inverter.

Analysis of Power System Stabilizer Stability

This project is used to describe the performance of PSS or Power System Stabilizer while studying different power systems. The PSS has different functional blocks which are developed within Simulink. The oscillation change in damping of power system stabilizer for the different conditions of the power system can be carried out & the variations in voltage & reactive power can be illustrated.

Induction Motor Sensor Fault Detection

The proposed system is used to detect the sensor fault in an induction motor through DQ transformation & fuzzy logic controller. By using this project, fault detection & speed in the current sensor can be determined. This system gives isolation for protecting the induction motor from the failures of speed in the current sensor.

Designing of Power System for Electric Car

This project is used to design a system for power generation & distribution for electric cars. This system illustrates changing a car from gas-powered to battery-powered. The battery used in the car can be charged through solar panels.

Adjustable Electronic Timer-based Star Delta Starter

This project is used to design a cost-effective star delta starter used for low power 3-phase induction motor to provide less voltage start. The proposed system can be designed with 555 IC in monostable mode to drive Gate Turn-Off (GTO) thyristors driver circuit so that 3-phase mains supply can be changed from star-to- delta.

PIC-based PF Correction

This project is used for PF correction using PIC microcontroller. In this project, the power factor can be measured for the load with the help of a microcontroller & crossing detector circuit with zero current & voltage. Based on the set limits of lagging & leading power factors, the PIC microcontroller makes the capacitors ON to enhance the power factor.

GSM based Wireless Reading System for Energy Meter

This project is used to design an AMR (Automatic Metering Reading) System used in energy meter for electricity bill generation without manual operation. The proposed system can be designed with an ARM controller to measure the consumption of electricity in a given time period. Further, the information regarding billing will send to the customers & companies through the GSM module.

RPM Display based Speed Control of BLDC Motor

The speed controlling of this motor can be done precisely with the help of a pre-programmed microcontroller using the hall position sensor. The programming of this microcontroller is can be done in such a way to evaluate the definite speed with the required speed. Based on this, PWM signals can be generated to the driver unit of the BLDC motor.

Electrical Load Control using Personal Computer

The proposed system uses a personal computer or PC for controlling different electrical loads in the home using a microcontroller. Here, the microcontroller used in this project mainly works like a control & data acquisition device so that abridge can be formed in between personal computer & electrical loads. Once the microcontroller gets command signals from the personal computer then the respective load can be controlled.

Auto Power Trip throughout Gas Leakage Wirelessly

This project is used to design a system to decrease the fire accidents which occurs due to the leakage of gas in the existence of electricity. A gas sensor is used in this system to check the leakage of gas. Once it notices the gas leaked then immediately gives a command to the microcontroller, and then it makes the tripping mechanism activate for turning off the power supply. In this project, the RF module is used to send the information to the alarm & tripping circuit remotely.

Home Automation System through Zigbee

The proposed system implements a home automation system for controlling the appliances at home through remote & Zigbee technology. There are different kinds of sensors are used in this project namely light-dependent resistor, gas detection & temperature sensors. The arrangement of these sensors can be done by connecting to the unit of the microcontroller so that the microcontroller monitors different weather parameters continuously. Once these parameters surpass their fixed limits then controlling of home appliances can be done automatically. By using ZigBee technology, monitoring & controlling through remote can be done easily.

Monitoring of PV Panels & Measurement System for Solar

The proposed system is used to monitor different parameters of PV cells & also generated solar energy can be measured. Solar energy can be monitored continuously with a set of sensors & a microcontroller unit & the user can be allowed for accessing the remote monitoring of different parameters.

Android Controlled Induction Motor

This project is mainly used for controlling the speed of an induction motor with a single-phase using an android based mobile. In this project, a Bluetooth module is connected to the control circuit so that control signals can be received from android mobile. Once the microcontroller gets these signals then it controls the speed of induction motor by changing the triggering pulses of the TRIAC.

Zigbee based 3-Phase Distribution Transformer

The proposed system is used to monitor & control the parameters of a 3-phase distribution transformer using Zigbee. The different parameters of the transformer can be monitoring through different sensors like the level of oil, oil temperature, current, voltage, etc. The data of these sensors can be transmitted to the inner controller with the Zigbee module.

DTMF based Controlling of DC Motor

This project is used to control the speed of a DC motor wirelessly using DTMF. Here DTMF gets the signals from the mobile so that DC motor speed can be controlled

Solar Charge Controller Design using Microcontroller

The proposed system is used to implement a solar charge controller to charge the battery using the energy which is generated from solar panels. This project is used to change the voltage for protecting the battery from over-voltage as well as it does not let the battery discharge.

GSM & RFID based Collection of Toll Tax

The proposed system is used to implement the toll tax collection system automatically by registering in advance through SMS. GSM modem & microcontroller unit will get the request from the owner of the vehicle to send the vehicle acknowledgment with the password to the mobile user.

Before reaching the vehicle to the toll plaza, microcontroller requests for a password, based on verification the amount will be deducted by the controller from RFID. Here RFID is connected attached to the vehicle. Once the amount receives then toll gate will be opened automatically.

Solar based Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

The following projects are solar-based which are most important in our daily life. The solar-based projects which are used in homes are solar cooker, refrigerator, water heater, etc. The list of solar projects includes the following.

  1. Solar Powered Auto Intensity Control of LED Street Light
  2. Monitoring and Measurement of PV Panels and Solar Energy
  3. Solar Inverter Design for Homes
  4. Auto Irrigation System Powered by Solar
  5. Solar Panel Tracking by Sun with Atmega8 Microcontroller
  6. Solar Battery Charger Implementation
  7. Solar Charger for iPod or iPhone
  8. Solar Cell-based Telemetry
  9. Air Conditioning (AC) Unit powered by Solar
  10. Solar Charge Controller using Arduino
  11. Solar Water Heating System using PIC Microcontroller
  12. Measurement System for Solar Energy
  13. MPPT for Low Power PV Solar Panels
  14. Dual Management System using Solar Panel
  15. Portable Inverter using Solar Power
  16. Home Lighting System using Solar Power
  17. Solar Powered Robot Controlled by Flashlight using Arduino
  18. MPPT Charge Controller based Solar Boost Converter
  19. Wireless Solar Charger
  20. Night Lamp Circuit Design using Solar Power
  21. Indicator for Battery Charging using Solar Power
  22. Monitoring System for Water Quality using Solar & WSN
  23. Fire Detection in Forest using Solar Powered WSN
  24. Wireless Power Transfer using Solar Energy
  25. Electric Bicycle using Solar Power

Automation based Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Automation projects mainly reduce the involvement of humans. So the list of automation project ideas for electrical engineering students is listed below.

  1. DTMF & AVR based Smart Homes
  2. Home Automation using Microcontroller & DTMF
  3. 8051 Microcontroller based Home Automation
  4. House Monitoring System Controlling by DTMF Signal
  5. GSM based Home Automation
  6. Offline Speech Identification based Home Automation
  7. Home Automation System using GSM
  8. Bluetooth & ARM9 based Home Automation System
  9. Home Automation Controlling by Voice
  10. Android-based Home Automation
  11. GSM & Arduino based Home Automation
  12. Ordering Menu in Restaurants
  13. Home Automation based GLCD & Touchscreen
  14. Home Automation System using IoT
  15. Multiple Device Control with RF
  16. Equipment Controller using PC
  17. Home automation project using Wi-Fi
  18. Wi-Fi Controlled Home Devices through Android, Arduino & ESP8266
  19. Home Automation System Wirelessly using WiFi
  20. Controlling of Programmable Switching for Automation in Industries
  21. Home Automation System using Renewable Energy
  22. Home Automation & Monitoring System based on Cloud

Motor based Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Electrical projects for engineering students based on motors are listed below.

  1. Low Voltage Motors Protection using Microcontroller & Zigbee Technology
  2. DC Motor Speed Control based on Voice
  3. Induction Motor Protection from Temperature & Phase
  4. Universal Motor Speed Control with Microcontroller
  5. Adjustable 4 Quadrant Speed Drive for Series Wound DC Motors
  6. Induction Motor Rotation in Bidirectional using a Remote Control Device
  7. Controlling of Four Quadrant DC Motor without using Microcontroller
  8. Microcontroller based Multiple Motors Speed Synchronization
  9. PLC & SCADA Based Control Panel Design for Three Phase Induction Motor Continuous Monitoring.
  10.  Microcontroller based Automatic Induction Motor Starter through Delay
  11. Starting & Protection of Induction Motor Based on PLC
  12. Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller & V/F Technique
  13. Designing of Brushless DC Motor used for Electric Traction System
  14. Android-based Speed Control of Induction Motor
  15. Switched Reluctance Motor Speed Control with GA & ANFIS
  16. DTMF based Wireless DC Motor Control
  17. Switched Reluctance Motor used for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  18. Speed Control of BLDC Motor through RPM Display
  19. Adjustable Electronic Timer-based Star Delta Starter used for Low power Induction Motor
  20. Fault Detection of Sensor in Induction Motor by using DQ Transformation & Fuzzy Logic Controller
  21. Adjustable Electronic Timer using Star Delta Starter for Low Power Induction Motor
  22. Zigbee Technology-based Low Voltage Protection for Motors with Microcontroller
  23. Delay based Automatic Induction Motor with Microcontroller

Power Electronics based Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

The list of power electronics projects for electrical engineering students is listed below.

  1. PIC Microcontroller based Buck-Boost Converter
  2. Thyristor based Static Switches
  3. Full-wave Rectification based Battery Charging
  4. Solar Charge Controller based on PIC
  5. Inductive Load based Full Wave Rectifier
  6. PIC Microcontroller based Solar System Inverter
  7. Sine Wave Inverter with Single Phase using Arduino
  8. PIC Microcontroller & SG3525 based Square Wave Generator
  9. Power Factor Controller using PIC Microcontroller
  10. Sine Wave Inverter with Three Phase using Arduino
  11. Controlling of Firing Angle in Thyrirstor with Analog Electronics
  12. Power Factor Meter based on PIC Microcontroller
  13. PIC Microcontroller based Firing Angle Control in Thyristor
  14. PIC Microcontroller & Thyristor based Static Transfer Switch
  15. PIC Microcontroller based Soft Starter of 3 Phase Induction Motor
  16. Variable PWM based on PIC Microcontroller
  17. Space Vector PWM for 3 Phase Motor Driver
  18. Thyristor & PIC Microcontroller based Controlling of AC Powe
  19. PIC Microcontroller & SG3525 based Transformerless Inverter
  20. Square Wave Inverter using PIC Microcontroller

Sensor-based Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Sensor-based electrical projects for engineering students are listed below.

  1. Red Signal Alert System for Trains Wirelessly
  2. Automatic Solar Grass Cutter
  3. Exam Hall Authentication based on Fingerprint
  4. Detection of Traffic Density & Signal Adjustment using IR
  5. Temperature Control System in Industry
  6. Touch Screen based Industrial Load Switcher
  7. Overload Alert System in Automatic Elevator with PIC Microcontroller
  8. Detection of Fire & Gas for Industrial and Home Safety
  9. Theft Detection of Prepaid Energy Meter
  10. Fan Speed Regulator for Temperature Controlled Fan
  11. Sensing of Vehicle Movement using Auto-Off Feature in Daytime
  12. Power Driven Car Wirelessly
  13. Speed Controlling in Single Phase Induction Motor
  14. Robotic Vehicle Sensed by Ultrasonic Obstacle
  15. Speed Controlling of Brushless DC Motor through RPM & PWM
  16. Speed Limit Violation Detecting on Highways
  17. Controlling of Auto Light Intensity using PIC
  18. LDR based Power Saver in Street Light Control System
  19. Controlling of Liquid Level through Ultrasonic Sensor
  20. PIR Sensor based Automatic Door Opening System
  21. Digital Sensor-based Temperature Control
  22. IR Sensor-based Contactless Tachometer

Thus, these are electrical projects for engineering students based on the solar, motor, automation, power electronics, etc. This article covers the top 20 innovative ideas in electrical engineering compare to different application areas and latest electrical engineering projects with abstracts. these projects will help engineering students while selecting their minor/major projects for their project work. If you want any technical help to implement these ideas in a practical approach or some more new project ideas in electrical engineering, you can leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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