Image Processing Projects For Engineering Students

Nowadays, “Image processing” is normally used by a wide range of applications and in different types of electronics like computers, digital cameras, mobile phones etc. The image properties can be changed with the least investment such as contrast enhancement, borders detection, intensity measurement & apply different mathematical functions to enhance the imagery. Even though these methods can be very influential, the consumer frequently controls images with dump, but understanding the fundamental values behind the effortless image processing routine is rare. Though this may be suitable for some persons, it frequently leads to a picture that is extensively corrupted. In this article, we will discuss the basics of image processing and digital image processing projects using MATLAB, Python, etc.

What is Image Processing?

The method of image processing is used to do some processes on a picture like an image enhancement or to remove some functional data from the image. Image processing is one kind of signal processing, where the input is a picture, as well as the output, are features or characteristics allied with the image.

Digital Image Processing
Digital Image Processing

At the present time, the image processing technique is highly used across different industries, which is used to form core investigate region in engineering as well as in different disciplines too. Basically, the step by step image processing steps is discussed below.

  • Click the image using digital cameras;
  • Studying and operating the image;
  • The output of the image can be changed based on the analysis of the image.

Image processing can be done by using two methods namely analog image processing as well as digital-image-processing. The primary image processing (analog) technique is employed for photographs, printouts. Etc. Image analyst uses different basics of understanding while using some of the image techniques. The secondary image processing (Digital) technique will assist in digital image analysis by using a PC.

Image Processing Projects

The following image processing projects list is discussed below.

Image Processing Projects
Image Processing Projects

1) Raspberry Pi based Ball Tracing Robot

This project is used to build a Robot for ball tracing using Raspberry Pi. Here this robot utilizes a camera for capturing the images, as well as to perform image processing for tracking the ball. This project uses a raspberry pi camera module as a microcontroller for tracing the ball and allows the Python code for image analysis.

2) Surveillance Checking with Android Phone

This project is very useful for monitoring public places like offices, homes, using an Android app. By using this one can capture the images, monitor and record the live streaming videos.

The proposed system requires a power supply, a Raspberry Pi, Pi camera, and an android phone. And also an operating system based on the Linux for Raspberry Pi & configuring of camera files. The video can be recorded with the help of motion software where the motion is present in the room.

3) Forgery Detection of Medical Image

This project is used in the healthcare system for fake image recognition to confirm that the image is associated with the medical image or not.

 The working principle of this project is on a noise chart of an image, uses a multi-resolution failure filter, and gives the output to the classifiers like extreme learning and support vector.

The noise-map is formed in a boundary computing source, as the while the classification and filtering are completed in a core cloud-computing source. Similarly, this project works effortlessly. The requirement of bandwidth is also very reasonable for this project.

4) Identification of Human Act by Image Processing

This project is used to identify the human act by image processing in real time, and the main intention is to communicate the identified gestures using the camera system.

This system starts on recognizing the human act given in the database as it transmits the activate signs to the camera arrangement for recording & storing the video stream in the system.

The process of pattern matching is utilized to now actions from the recorded video outline straight. The image from the video is intern evaluates by the database and finally, the o/p will get.

Image Processing Projects using MATLAB

MATLAB or matrix laboratory is a high-level programming language that allows you to execute computationally demanding tasks quicker than with other programming languages like C, CPP, etc. But MATLAB is very to understand and useful for quick numerical matrix calculations.  The following image processing projects are based on the concept of MATLAB.

Image Processing projects with MATLAB
Image Processing projects with MATLAB

1) Currency Identification System

The identification of different countries currency is very difficult. The main intention of this project is to help citizens to resolve from this problem. But, currency identification systems are based on image analysis is completely not enough.

The process of this project makes automatic as well as strong, and this system uses as an example of Chinese renminbi (RMB) and Sweden SEK to demonstrate the techniques.

2) Intelligent Traffic Light Control using Image Processing

Day by day the traffic issue has become a major problem in India due to the rising number of motor vehicles. For this reason, one has to utilize the traffic signals which can do the real-time checking of compactness of traffic.

This project employs an arrangement of image processing for controlling the traffic in an easy way by capturing images of traffic at crossroads.

A step-by-step procedure for changing the duration of the traffic light depends on the traffic density of crossroads at a traffic signal.

3) Image Slider using MATLAB

Image slider project is used to control the wallpapers with the hand’s motion using MATLAB. This task can be completed by combining a number of functions.

This project uses a webcam to capture the image, and if the image has a consistent background then the result will be false. So we have to maintain the background consistent. The applications of this project mainly include home appliance control, home appliances, etc.

4) Automatic Vehicle Parking System

Nowadays, there are many cities worldwide facing a lot of problem for vehicle parking due to less availability of parking places, high land prices, etc. To overcome this issue here is a solution namely automatic car parking system.

The proposed system is used in public places like hotels, offices, theatres, homes, hospitals, stadiums, airports, etc. There are several advantages by using this system such as it occupies less space, takes less time for taking as well as delivering the car, safety, and security for the vehicle from thefts.

Image Processing Projects using Python

Python is a high-level programming language and its typical library is huge as well as comprehensive. The following digital image processing projects are based on the concept of Python.

Image processing Projects with Python
Image processing Projects with Python

1) Text Recognition in Images by Python

Text recognition of an image is a very useful step to get the recovery of multimedia content. The proposed system is used to detect the text in images automatically and remove horizontally associated text with difficult backgrounds.

This project is based on applications like a color decrease technique, a technique for edge recognition, as well as the localization of text areas and geometrical belongings. The text on the image contains very useful information for different types of documents.

The removal of text from an image is a difficult job. The text is detected and is extracted for the readers without any trouble. This project uses a quick text localization technique for all the achievable edges in the image.

2) Driver Sleepiness Detection using Python

A new approach towards automobile safety and security in an autonomous area is primarily expected on the automotive system. Nowadays, an automobile drowsy driving accident has been increased. To overcome this problem, here is a project solution namely driver alert system, which gives an alert by watching each driver’s eyes while driving a vehicle.

3) Face Detection using Python

The main objective of this project is to detect the face in real-time and also for tracking the face continuously. This is an easy example for detecting the face using python, and instead of face detection, we can also use any other object of our choice.

4) Erosion & Dilation of Images

There are several types of morphological operations are available for the image processing. But, the image processing can be done using the most common types of morphological operations based on the image shape such as Erosion & Dilation. Here, Erosion is used to reduce the feature of an image whereas dilation is used to increase the area and emphasize features of an object.

5) Cartooning of an Image using Python

In the past few years, image cartoonizer-software has been used for converting the normal image into a cartoon image. In this process, an edge detection and bilateral filter are required. The bilateral filter is used to reduce the color palette of an image. Afterward, we can apply edge detection to this image for generating a dark shaped image. Therefore, finally, some tricks can apply for this image to get a cartoon image.

Thus, this is all about digital image processing project topics, image processing using Matlab, and Python. There are several IEEE papers on image processing that are available in the market, and the applications of image processing involved in medical, enhancement and restoration, image transmission, processing of image color, the vision of a robot, etc. Here is a question for you, what are the steps involved in digital image processing?


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