Image Processing Projects for Engineering Students

Nowadays, “Image processing” is normally used by a wide range of applications and in different types of electronics like computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. The image properties can be changed with the least investment such as contrast enhancement, borders detection, intensity measurement & apply different mathematical functions to enhance the imagery. Even though these methods can be very influential, the consumer frequently controls images with the dump, but understanding the fundamental values behind the effortless image processing routine is rare. Though this may be suitable for some persons, it frequently leads to a picture that is extensively corrupted. In this article, we will discuss the basics of image processing and digital image processing projects using MATLAB, Python, etc.

What is Image Processing?

The method of image processing is used to do some processes on a picture like an image enhancement or to remove some functional data from the image. Image processing is one kind of signal processing, where the input is a picture, as well as the output, are features or characteristics allied with the image.


At the present time, the image processing technique is highly used across different industries, which is used to form core investigate regions in engineering as well as in different disciplines too. Basically, the step by step image processing steps is discussed below.

  • Click the image using digital cameras;
  • Studying and operating the image;
  • The output of the image can be changed based on the analysis of the image.

Image processing can be done by using two methods namely analog image processing as well as digital-image-processing. The primary image processing (analog) technique is employed for photographs, printouts. Etc. Image analyst uses different basics of understanding while using some of the image techniques. The secondary image processing (Digital) technique will assist in digital image analysis by using a PC.

Image Processing Projects

The following image processing projects list is discussed below.

Image Processing Projects
Image Processing Projects

1). Raspberry Pi based Ball Tracing Robot

This project is used to build a Robot for ball tracing using Raspberry Pi. Here this robot utilizes a camera for capturing the images, as well as to perform image processing for tracking the ball. This project uses a raspberry pi camera module as a microcontroller for tracing the ball and allows the Python code for image analysis.

2). Surveillance Checking with Android Phone

This project is very useful for monitoring public places like offices, homes, using an Android app. By using this one can capture the images, monitor and record the live streaming videos.

The proposed system requires a power supply, a Raspberry Pi, Pi camera, and an android phone. And also an operating system based on the Linux for Raspberry Pi & configuring of camera files. The video can be recorded with the help of motion software where the motion is present in the room.

3). Forgery Detection of Medical Image

This project is used in the healthcare system for fake image recognition to confirm that the image is associated with the medical image or not.

The working principle of this project is on a noise chart of an image, uses a multi-resolution failure filter, and gives the output to the classifiers like extreme learning and support vector.

The noise-map is formed in a boundary computing source, as the while the classification and filtering are completed in a core cloud-computing source. Similarly, this project works effortlessly. The requirement of bandwidth is also very reasonable for this project.

4). Identification of Human Act by Image Processing

This project is used to identify the human act by image processing in real-time, and the main intention is to communicate the identified gestures using the camera system.

This system starts on recognizing the human act given in the database as it transmits the activate signs to the camera arrangement for recording & storing the video stream in the system.

The process of pattern matching is utilized to now actions from the recorded video outline straight. The image from the video is intern evaluates by the database and finally, the o/p will get.

IEEE Digital Image Processing Projects

The technique of digital image processing is used to enhance the quality of an image by applying arithmetical operations. The projects based on image processing mainly involves image modification & two-dimensional signal identification & improving it by contrasting with a normal signal. The lists of IEEE digital image processing projects for engineering students include the following.

  • Moving Vehicles Fast & Strong Detection in Aerial Videos with Sliding Windows
  • Removal of Haze for Underwater Images based on Contrast & Improvement of Color using the Fusion Method.
  • Face Recognition based Image Set with Simultaneous Feature & Dictionary Learning
  • Analytics of Video for Monitoring of Traffic
  • Analysis & Detection of Infant Cry
  • WSNs based Palms Efficient Protection from RPW Larvae
  • Recognition of Gait through Active Energy Image & Gabor wavelet
  • Recognition of Human Activity through Neural Networks
  • Detection of Lung Cancer with Digital Image Processing Over CT Scan Images
  • Polynomial Interpolation based Compression of Fractal Image
  • Hybrid Clustering Technique based Segmentation of Brain Tumor
  • The fusion of Image in Medical Field through SVD Combining & Transform of Shearlet
  • Pixel-Level &Feature Level Comparison using Image Fusion Techniques
  • Classification of Flower through Neural Network based Image Processing
  • The fusion of Image in Medical Field using Joint Sparse Technique
  • A fusion of Satellite Image with Quick Discrete Curvelet Transforms
  • Lossless Compression Method for Image with Combination Techniques
  • Screening of Retinal Disease using Local Binary Patterns
  • Rice Grains Grading through Image Processing
  • Rice Grains Quality Evaluation through Morphological Techniques

Image Processing Projects using MATLAB

MATLAB or matrix laboratory is a high-level programming language that allows you to execute computationally demanding tasks quicker than with other programming languages like C, CPP, etc. But MATLAB is very to understand and useful for quick numerical matrix calculations.  The following image processing projects are based on the concept of MATLAB.

MATLAB Projects
MATLAB Projects

1). Currency Identification System

The identification of different countries’ currency is very difficult. The main intention of this project is to help citizens to resolve this problem. But, currency identification systems are based on image analysis and are completely not enough.

The process of this project makes automatic as well as strong, and this system uses as an example of the Chinese renminbi (RMB) and Sweden SEK to demonstrate the techniques.

2). Intelligent Traffic Light Control using Image Processing

Day by day the traffic issue has become a major problem in India due to the rising number of motor vehicles. For this reason, one has to utilize the traffic signals which can do the real-time checking of compactness of traffic. This project employs an arrangement of image processing for controlling the traffic in an easy way by capturing images of traffic at crossroads. A step-by-step procedure for changing the duration of the traffic light depends on the traffic density of crossroads at a traffic signal.

3). Image Slider using MATLAB

The image slider project is used to control the wallpapers with the hand’s motion using MATLAB. This task can be completed by combining a number of functions.

This project uses a webcam to capture the image, and if the image has a consistent background then the result will be false. So we have to maintain the background consistently. The applications of this project mainly include home appliance control, home appliances, etc.

4). Automatic Vehicle Parking System

Nowadays, there are many cities worldwide facing a lot of problems with vehicle parking due to less availability of parking places, high land prices, etc. To overcome this issue here is a solution namely an automatic car parking system.

The proposed system is used in public places like hotels, offices, theatres, homes, hospitals, stadiums, airports, etc. There are several advantages by using this system such as it occupies less space, takes less time for taking as well as delivering the car, safety, and security for the vehicle from thefts.

MATLAB based Image Processing Projects

The term MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory and it is the 4th generation programming language. This programming language permits functions, matrix manipulations, data plotting, creation of user interface, implementation of algorithms, etc. This language is used in the applications of image processing, research institutes, etc The list of MATLAB based image processing projects is listed below.

  • Recognition of License Plate through Image Processing & MATLAB
  • Recognition of Face Emotion in Real-Time using MATLAB
  • Detection of Drowsy Driver in Real-Time with MATLAB
  • Recognition of Handwriting with MATLAB & Image Processing
  • MATLAB based Detection of Kidney Stone
  • MATLAB based Verification of Signature
  • Compression of Color Image using MATLAB
  • MATLAB based Classification of Image Category
  • MATLAB based Detection of Skin Cancer
  • Marking System of Attendance using Image Processing & MATLAB
  • Detection of Liver Tumor using MATLAB
  • IRIS Segmentation using MATLAB Code
  • Detection of Skin Disease using MATLAB
  • Low-Cost Platform Design & Implementation for Diagnostic Imaging in Real-Time with MATLAB
  • Biometric Sensing System with Unimodal & Multimodal with MATLAB
  • MATLAB based Fix‐point Aspect Analysis for Infrastructure Systems Wirelessly with MATLAB
  • Mobile Phone Camera-based Light Communications with MATLAB
  • Modeling of Perspective Distortion within Face Images & Library for Object Tracking with MATLAB
  • Controlling of Intelligent Traffic Light with MATLAB & Image Processing
  • Controlling of Pests in Agriculture Field with Image Processing & MATLAB

Image Processing Projects using Python

Python is a high-level programming language and its typical library is huge as well as comprehensive. The following digital image processing projects are based on the concept of Python.

Image processing Projects with Python
Image Processing Projects with Python

1). Text Recognition in Images by Python

Text recognition of an image is a very useful step to get the recovery of multimedia content. The proposed system is used to detect the text in images automatically and remove horizontally associated text with difficult backgrounds.

This project is based on applications like a color decrease technique, a technique for edge recognition, as well as the localization of text areas and geometrical belongings. The text on the image contains very useful information for different types of documents.

The removal of text from an image is a difficult job. The text is detected and is extracted for the readers without any trouble. This project uses a quick text localization technique for all the achievable edges in the image.

2). Driver Sleepiness Detection using Python

A new approach towards automobile safety and security in an autonomous area is primarily expected on the automotive system. Nowadays, an automobile drowsy driving accident has been increased. To overcome this problem, here is a project solution namely the driver alert system, which gives an alert by watching each driver’s eyes while driving a vehicle.

3). Face Detection using Python

The main objective of this project is to detect the face in real-time and also for tracking the face continuously. This is an easy example for detecting the face using python, and instead of face detection, we can also use any other object of our choice.

4). Erosion & Dilation of Images

There are several types of morphological operations are available for image processing. But, the image processing can be done using the most common types of morphological operations based on the image shape such as Erosion & Dilation. Here, Erosion is used to reduce the feature of an image whereas dilation is used to increase the area and emphasize features of an object.

5). Cartooning of an Image using Python

In the past few years, image cartomizer-software has been used for converting the normal image into a cartoon image. In this process, edge detection and bilateral filter are required. The bilateral filter is used to reduce the color palette of an image. Afterward, we can apply edge detection to this image for generating a dark shaped image. Therefore, finally, some tricks can apply for this image to get a cartoon image.

IoT based Image Processing Projects

The list of image processing projects based on IoT is discussed below.

Home Security using IoT & Digital Image Processing

This project is used to design a system using IoT & digital image processing for securing home. This system includes a digital camera, sensor, mobile, and fog with the database. Sensors are located in the door frame that gives an alert to the camera to click an image of a person who enters the house, after that it sends the person image to the datasheet within the fog.

The analysis of images can be performed for detecting as well as comparing the image with the stored one. If both the captured image and stored image doesn’t match, then it gives an alert to the house owner.

IoT & Convolutional Network Model based Bridge Crack Detection

Internet of things has been developing along with information technology due to strong permeability characteristics, many benefits, and several applications. In structural engineering, IoT plays a key role in the development of network structures. The most frequent threat is crack for bridge safety. Because of these cracks, 90% of the bridge disasters have occurred. So, identifying the bridge cracks is very important to reduce the structural disaster in time. To overcome this, this IoT based bridge crack detection system is established to enhance the bridge safety, as well as a risk factor can be reduced.

IoT & Fourier Descriptor based Detection Area of Vehicle for Separation

Day by day, traffic accidents have seriously increased. So to overcome these problems like speeding as well as congestion, technology is required. The vehicle detection & tracking using computer vision & IoT is very essential elements in the intelligent traffic monitoring system.

During image segmentation, the angle between the vehicle & camera will have a connection to move the vehicle. This project enhances the detection accuracy of vehicles using camera images. The areas which are moving will be extracted through inter-frame differences. If one or more vehicles are overlapped like one area, then need to divide the area. This technique will extract an area to be divided from the area outline. But, it is not possible to divide vehicles through the extracted outline. So, a new technique is implemented to separate the place using the Fourier descriptor. By using this technique area can be detected.

Smart Health Care Kit using IoT & Image Processing

The main concept of this project is to give efficient and better health services to the patients using an IoT. So the doctors could use this information & gives an efficient result. This project includes some features to observe the patient by the doctor from anyplace & anytime. In an emergency situation, an e-mail or message can be sent to the doctor regarding the situation of the patient.

Smart Farming System using IoT

The proposed system namely smart farming system is designed with IoT and this system is very helpful for farmers. For climate situations, threshold values can be fixed like temperature, humidity depending on the weather conditions of that specific area. The proposed system will generate the schedule of irrigation depending on the real-time data detection from the field & the weather repository.

Embedded System based Image Processing Projects

The list of an embedded system based image processing projects are discussed below.

ANPR based Toll Automation using Image Processing

This project is used to design a toll payment system automatically using ANPR or automatic number plate recognition. In this project, an image processing technique is used to click the image of the number plate and convert this image into text.

This system is designed with a microcontroller to analyze the number plate text and automatically deducts the amount because the data will be already stored in the database. Once the amount is deducted, the vehicle owner will get a message.

Matlab based Recognition of Tumor

Image processing is used in different medical applications. The proposed system is used to design a system to detect the tumor position based on the image process and MATLAB.

Protection of Multimedia through Content & Fingerprints

At present, multimedia protection has been increasing to protect the distribution of multimedia & intellectual property. This project uses content as well as fingerprints to detect multimedia. By using content fingerprints, copyright violations can be detected once published on websites. A content fingerprint captures the multimedia content properties, which can be used for uniquely identifying the multimedia object. In this project, a modular structure is designed for modeling & analysis of fingerprint techniques for content.

Monitoring of Volcano using Embedded ARM in Remote Areas

This project develops a system namely MVMS (Monitoring Volcanic Multi-parameter System) through remote access & different modules connected within a network. This system is very simple to set up for both investigate & monitoring network. This system works by using an embedded system along with a sensor and communication system. The MVMS system mainly includes a remote modules network (RMN) that receives the data through a cable/wireless links using sensors and stores them on huge capacity support.

By using this project, a multi-parameter system can be developed for monitoring the activity of volcanic. The system allows access to remote & different modules connected in a network. In this project, an ARMTM processor is used to provide huge flexibility in hardware design. Linux is used as an operating system for the easy development of the application for controlling communications as well as sensors.

Embedded Control Systems Design & Implementation using Scilab

In this project, an embedded platform is developed for designing embedded control systems. These systems are developed in a rapid & cost-effective manner. This system can be built with open-source software namely Scilab & Linux to reduce the development cost. When this platform gives a combined environment, then the user can perform all the phases of the development cycle within control systems. So when the performance is improved potentially then the time taken for the development can be reduced.

This system is used in the areas of industrial, education, instrument, optimization & image processing. Furthermore, this system can be developed where sensors & actuators are used

Image Processing Projects in Biomedical Engineering

Image processing projects in biomedical and LabVIEW image processing projects are discussed below.

Detection of Forgery Medical Image

The proposed system namely the detection of forgery images in the medical field is used in the healthcare system. By using this system, the detection of the image can be done whether the image is changed or not. This project is very helpful especially in the healthcare department because there are many cases that are registered about the change of the reports to hide some offenses. So by using this project, this can be detected.

Hadoop Framework based Retrieval System for Medical Image used in Grid

The proposed system can be implemented using the Apache Hadoop framework. This is a grid architecture with an open-source, that compiles a variety of image formats & established between different hospitals for storing, sharing & retrieving images.

There are different performance metrics like accuracy, reliability, confidentiality, interoperability & security are enhanced. By using this, patient privacy and user authentication can be achieved.

In this project, the CBIR (Content-Based Image Retrieval) algorithm based on texture is used for retrieval of an efficient image. This system performance can be checked with the help of Hadoop through three current operative nodes. The proposed system retrieval time can be achieved through experimental results.

A Blood Typing Prototype using Image Processing

The process of blood type determination is necessary before managing a blood transfusion; however in some situations, because of the risk of a person’s life, it is essential to rapidly manage blood. In these crisis circumstances, find out the type of blood is critical due to less time.

To overcome this problem, the proposed system is developed by using image processing. This system is used to determine the blood type based on the plate test & image processing method. The entire analysis procedure can be automated with the help of this system used for blood phenotyping & ABO-Rh blood typing.

LabVIEW based Designing of Controller for Quadcopter

The project namely LabVIEW & image processing based controller design for the quadcopter is used to design an autonomous quadcopter. This is a vertically landing vehicle with four rotors. This quadcopter can be controlled precisely through LabVIEW programming and image processing.

Autonomous Fruit Picking Robot using LabVIEW

The main goal of this project is to design an autonomous robot for picking fruits. This project can be designed with image processing & LabVIEW for controlling the robot arm. Based on the captured image, this project controls the robotic arms grip for picking up the fruits.

Cancer Detection through Human Blood Sample using Microscopic Images

This project is used to detect the type of leukemia through the sample image of microscopic blood.  The project includes some features of microscopic images like examining changes of texture, colors, geometry, etc. This system must be consistent, efficient, the processing time is less, lesser error, accuracy is high, less cost and strong to different individuals while collecting samples, etc.

By extracting the information from blood sample images, there are many benefits to people like predicting, treating & solving blood diseases without delay for a patient.

Some more image processing projects in the medical field are

  • CNN based Classification of Blood Cell
  • Raspberry Pi based Endoscopy with Low Cost
  • Detection of Skin Cancer
  • Retinopathy of Diabetic with Deep Learning
  • FPGA based Segmentation of Brain Tumor
  • Image Fusion in Medical Field through FPGA
  • Compression of Medical Image without Loss
  • Detection of Glaucoma using Opencv & MATLAB
  • Detection of Kidney Stones through Ultrasound
  • Detection of Tuberculosis in X-Rays
  • Detection of Breast Cancer through Deep Learning
  • Matlab based Detection of Lung Nodule

The list of image processing mini projects includes the following.

  • Images Erosion & Dilation
  • Mouse Project based on Computer Vision
  • Parking System of Vehicle Automatically using Image Processing
  • Text Scanner based on Computer Vision
  • Human Act Identification through Image Processing
  • Smart Selfie using Computer Vision
  • Image Cartooning with Python
  • Robot for Ball Tracking using Raspberry Pi
  • Python-based Detection of Driver Sleepiness
  • Image Processing based Controlling of Intelligent Traffic Light

IEEE Image Processing Projects based on Python

The list of IEEE image processing projects based on Python includes the following.

  • Mixed Convolution & Residual Network-based Recognition of Eye
  • IRIS Recognition Conceptual View through Image Processing Techniques
  • Prediction of Hidden Fingerprint Value
  • Neural Networks with Deep Convolution for Recognition of Human Action with Depth Maps & Postures
  • LSB Method Development in Colored Images with Mask
  • MSB Prediction based Technique for Reversible Data Hiding with High-Capacity for Encrypted Images
  • Hiding the Information of an Efficient Quantum used for Medical Image Sharing Remotely
  • Malaria Parasites Detection through Digital Image Processing
  • Identification of Human from Freestyle Walks with Gait Feature based on Posture
  • Reduction of Non-Linear Dimensionality for Image Classification based on Manifold Learning
  • Classification of Animal through Facial Images with score-level fusion
  • Sharing of Visual Secret Schemes by Encrypting Numerous Images
  • Biometric Recognition System Design Software through Image Processing
  • Detection of Smile in the Wild through Transfer Learning
  • Palm Print Images Segmentation Aided by Computer for Biometric Research
  • Identification System of Plant Leaf Disease
  • Young Children Finger Print Identification
  • Digital Dermatology
  • Evaluating of Deep Convolution Neural Networks for Classification of Material
  • Recognition of Facial Expression with 2D Gabor Filter

Android-based Image Processing Projects

The list of android based image processing projects includes the following.

  • Face Recognition based on Android & Image Processing
  • Telemedicine System using a Mobile Cardiac
  • Comparison of Performances in Data Reduction Methods
  • Safety Video Sending over WiMAX within Vehicle Communications
  • Controlling of Robot for Localization using Android Smartphone
  • Designing of Low-Power System for Sensing of Human-Borne
  • Evaluation of Empirical for Digit Recognition Approaches using Android
  • Smart Farming System using IoT & Android

-Thus, this is all about digital image processing project topics, image processing using Matlab, and Python. There are several IEEE papers on image processing that are available in the market, and the applications of image processing involved in medical, enhancement and restoration, image transmission, processing of image color, the vision of a robot, etc. Here is a question for you, what are the steps involved in digital image processing?

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