LabVIEW Projects for Engineering Students

Currently, the LabVIEW based hardware units are commonly used in various industries due to their features like rugged design and exact control. The communication of these can be done using different protocols namely RS232, TCP/IP, RS485, etc. The abbreviation of term LabVIEW is “Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench”. It is a software expansion environment used to make custom applications to check & control the real-time information in the application fields like science and engineering. As the name specifies, it is a virtual instrument and it has the characteristics to execute data analyzing, measurements to the user. So this is the main reason to use this in various industries as well as an extensive range of applications. This article provides a list of LabVIEW projects based on different categories.

What is LabVIEW?

The LabVIEW is one kind of platform from National Instruments used to design the system & also an expansion environment for a visual programming language. This is mainly used for controlling the instruments, automation of industries, and DAQ (data acquisition), etc. The programming representation used in LabVIEW is named as G, which depends on the accessibility of data.

LabVIEW provides a huge elasticity to make an application with the help of G-language. This is an influential graphical language when contrasted with normal computer programming languages. It mainly includes two essential elements like the front panel & block diagram.


LabVIEW provides a huge elasticity to make an application with the help of G-language. This is an influential graphical language when contrasted with normal computer programming languages. It mainly includes two essential elements like the front panel & block diagram. The front panel assists a user interface wherever we can situate indicators and controls. The coding part is located in a block diagram wherever we can write the code using functions as well as structures for applications.

LabView Projects for Engineering Students

LabVIEW programming is used in all the branches of engineering projects like electrical, electronics, IEEE, robotics, Arduino, etc. LabVIEW based electrical projects mainly include real-time projects, industrial automation, controlling, drive, LabVIEW industrial projects etc. These LabVIEW based final year projects are very helpful for engineering students. The list of LabView projects for engineering students are also discussed below.

Motor Speed Controlling through Voice & LabVIEW

This project uses voice commands to control the operation of the DC motor to reduce the manual operation. This project is mainly used by the disability people like blinds, etc. The main feature of this motor is, it can be controlled through voice or voice. The process of voice recognition can be done with the help of LabVIEW programming language.


This project mainly uses Microsoft SDK as well as voice recognition to control the motor. So the implementation of DC motor control can be done with the help of the PWM technique. This project is used for a DC motor with 0.5HP 220V 3A.

Speech Recognition Project using LabVIEW

The main intension of this project is to design a system to control the objects by using human speech as well as LabVIEW. Human communication is the natural speech and this process is used in computers to follow the voice commands of the human to understand the human languages. In this project, a system is designed to control objects like Toggle switch, LED, etc using human speech & LabVIEW. This project uses a microphone to get the voice signals from Human and it is interfaced through LabVIEW code. So this LabVIEW programming generates a suitable signal for controlling the objects.

Measurement & Controlling of Temperature through LabVIEW

The main intention of this project is to design a system using a LabVIEW program to control the hardware by measuring temperature with temperature sensor

Speech Synthesis based on the Recognition of Optical Character using LabVIEW

This project is used to synthesis the speech depending on the optical character recognition using LabVIEW programming.

Arduino & LabVIEW based Controlling of Water Level

This project is mainly designed with an ultrasonic sensor, Arduino & LabVIEW programming to estimate the water level without contact. Once the water level is reduced then the water pump will automatically turn ON. Similarly, the pump will turn OFF once the water level reaches the fixed level.

LabVIEW & DAQ based Data Monitoring in Real-Time for PV Solar Cell

The main concept of this project is to design a system to monitor the data of PV solar cells using LabVIEW programming as well as the DAQ board.

Monitoring & Controlling of Soil Humidity with LabVIEW

This project is used to check the humidity of the soil so that it can be monitored and controlled through LabVIEW programming.

Automatic Biometric using Brain Waves to Recognize the User

This is project is designed with Brainwave sensor, Data Processing, Bluetooth & LabVIEW programming. The BCI (Brain-computer interfaces) is used to convert brain signals to control signals without using peripheral nerves or muscles. By using these signals, authentication can be done. This project is applicable in the navy, army, safety system of industries, and high-security applications.

LabView based Soft Switching Technique for Regulation of Smart Fan

The conservation of energy in homes is a major consideration. Similarly in industries, energy usage inefficient way is also the main consideration. The proposed system is used to decrease the power utilization of the fans by changing the speed in a smart way so that the overall power usage can be reduced. This regulation method can be connected in series/parallel based on the levels of humidity in homes. This project uses humidity as well as temperature sensors for detecting the temperature in rooms.

Home Automation with Energy Gentrification

This system is designed to give highly reliable automation in industries, homes so that the energy shortage problem can be solved. This project is used to control the home appliances with the help of an automation system.

This system uses LabVIEW software & data acquisition board along with various sensors. Home appliances can be connected through a relay over a DAQ board. The different sources of energy generations are associated with the control mechanism to different loads.

LabVIEW based Security System of Railway Track & Gate

At present, railway safety is the main aspect of railways because many accidents have occurred while crossing the railway gate. So, this project is used to design a controller for railway-crossing-gate to avoid accidents at the railway gate with the help of sensors.

This system uses the LabVIEW software, DAQ system as well as different sensors IR & proximity. The arrangement of these sensors can be done at both sides of the railway crossing in a fixed distance. An infrared sensor is arranged in front of the railway gate for detecting the obstacles over the track. This project provides security for both the track & railway gate.

Traffic Light System using WSN with Override for Emergency

The project is designed to provide a traffic light control system using an override capacity used for emergency automobiles.

This project uses the DAQ module at each junction where IR sensors are allied. The programming of LabVIEW can be done in such a way that the traffic light system operates in dissimilar modes such as automatic time period for each junction; a system based on density & manual operation for controlling.

The list of LabView projects for engineering students is listed below.

  • Induction Generator Optimized Operation for Small-scale Wind Power
  • LabVIEW based Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled People
  • Detection of Fire in Forest with Solar-Power Zigbee Network
  • Monitoring of Water Quality & Control System
  • Recognition of Optical Character based on LabVIEW & Speech Synthesis System
  • Monitoring System of Human Body using Web-Server & LabVIEW
  • Foot Ulceration Screening in Diabetic Patients with Flexi Force Sensor
  • BLDC Motor Torque Control with Fuzzy Logic
  • LabVIEW & DAQ based PV Solar Cell Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • LabVIEW based Home Automation System
  • Fitness Analyzer & Human Power Generator using LabVIEW
  • Implementation of Stepper Motor Controller on FPGA using GUI in LabVIEW
  • Encryption of Text File with FFT Method in LabVIEW
  • Controlling of Walking Simulator in Omnidirectional
  • Power Analyzer using A LabVIEW
  • Dangerous Gas Checking with VI Server
  • Automation of Driving License Test with LabVIEW
  • Humidity Monitoring of Soil with LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW based Automotive Safety & Security
  • GSM & LabView based Pollution Monitoring in Industries
  • LabVIEW & DAQ based Monitoring and Parameter Calculation of 3-Phase AC Motor
  • LabVIEW based Medical Aid System
  • Railroad Track Visual Detection/Inspection
  • LabVIEW based Fault Locating & Monitoring within Distribution Lines
  • LabVIEW & RFID based Traffic System Control using Ambulance
  • Energy Monitoring System based on Zigbee & GSM for E-Billing
  • Accident Avoidance System using LabVIEW in Underground Collieries
  • LabVIEW based Mobility Wheelchair
  • LabVIEW based Multi-Level Automobile Parking
  • Rescue Operation using Automate Machine for Child
  • LabVIEW & RFID Automatic Identification & Database Management System
  • Voice Control and Wireless EMG System Development
  • LabVIEW based Inverter Fed Motor Simulation
  • MEMS Digital Accelerometer for Monitoring of Vibration
  • Attendance System based on Fingerprint using LabVIEW
  • Designing of Quadcopter Controller using LabVIEW & Image Processing

The list of some LabView projects for beginners is listed below. All these are associated with real-time applications that are previously executed by others.

  • RFID based Identification & Data Management System
  • Image Processing based Design of Controller for Quadcopter
  • MEMS Digital Accelerometer-based Vibration Monitoring with ATmega and MEMS
  • Implementation of Controllers like PID & Fuzzy PD for DC Servo Motor
  • Temperature Control & Measurement System using LabVIEW
  • LabView based Controlling of Smart Fan with Switching Technique
  • Home Automation using Energy Gentrification
  • Security System for Railway Gate & Track using LabVIEW
  • Traffic Light System based on Wireless Sensors
  • Industrial Control System using SCADA
  • 900 Light Emitting Display
  • Aware System for Anti Creeper
  • Focus Space
  • LabView based Thermistor

LabVIEW based IEEE Projects

The list of LabVIEW based IEEE projects includes the following.

Smart Home Controlling using BCI

This project is used to design a virtual reality system with the help of EEG (electroencephalogram) & BCI (brain-computer interface) for controlling a smart home. This project uses Bluetooth, Brainwave Sensor, Zigbee & LabVIEW programming. The applications of this project mainly include controlling home appliances, BMS control, etc.

Attention Tracking while Distracted Driving

While driving a vehicle, the driver requires full attention to control the vehicle. So this project is designed to maintain the attention of the driver while driving on the road. This project can be designed with Brainwave sensor, GSM, LabVIEW, and Bluetooth. This project is mainly used in automotive applications, Safety of the Driver & Alerting system.

Health Monitoring System of Animals using Zigbee

This project is used to monitor the physiological parameters of the animal-like temperature of the body, rumination, pulse rate, etc. The designing of this system can be done using WSN, Zigbee & LabVIEW. This system also analyzes the level of stress equivalent to THI (thermal humidity index). This project is used in Farms, Zoological parks, Animals care, etc.

Intelligent Management System through Motion Sensing for Surveillance

This project can be designed with PIR, Microcontrollers, Image Processing, Zigbee & LabVIEW. The parameters of the machine system provide huge information regarding the condition of the machine, maintenance, output, etc. So the parameters of the machine can be estimated with motion technology. This project is applicable to security applications.

Animals Food Feeding System based on Time Scheduling

This project is used to design a system for feeding the food for animals based on the scheduling of time. This project is designed with RTC, LabVIEW, Zigbee, and microcontrollers. This project is used in Zoo parks, safe feeding systems.

GSM & Labview based Tracking of Eyeball

This project is used to design a system for tracking the eyeball, position of the eye, movement of the eye. This project uses a smart camera, vision software tool & LabVIEW programming to generate tracking and detection of eye algorithms. This project is used in the biomedical field for Coma Patients.

LabVIEW based Fire Rescue System in Railways

The most comfortable as well as feasible modes of transport for passengers is railways. This project is the best solution for developing a fire rescue system to reduce the no. of victims in case of fire accidents in train. This system can be developed with the help of microcontroller technology as well as smart sensors. This project uses GPS, GSM, LabVIEW & Zigbee.

Power Management System for Institutions using Labview

This project is used to design a system for a smart classroom for reducing energy consumption as well as wastage with the help of LabVIEW. There is one kind of automation process where the environment of the institution can be monitored through ambient intelligence for providing context-aware services & make it possible for remote power control. This project uses Xbee protocols & LabVIEW Data Processing. The applications of this project include Automatic Power controls & Energy management systems.

The list of LabVIEW Projects for biomedical engineering students are discussed below.

Monitoring of Human Body using Web Server & LabVIEW

This project is used to monitor the parameters of the human body such as temperature, pulse rate, etc using LabVIEW programming. The procurement of this data can be performed using the Arduino controller, LabVIEW & web server.

Temperature Monitoring of Premature Newborn Baby

This project is designed with GSM, Webpage HTML, and Zigbee. Patient safety is very important but for premature newborn infants, there is no proper way to monitor the temperature. With the development of technology in the medical industry, the death rates of newborn babies have been controlled. This project is used in Neonatal nursing stations & Biomedicals.

Automated Blood Bank Design using LabVIEW & Embedded System

This project is used to design an automated blood bank system using LabVIEW & embedded systems. This project is designed with GSM, microcontroller, web page, and LabVIEW. This system updates the information about the voluntary blood donors as well as those in require of blood on this platform. This system fulfills each and every blood request in the country through an android application. This project is applicable to Bio-medicals, etc.

Robotics Projects

The list of LabVIEW robotics projects includes the following.

Robot Controlling through Neuro Waves using LabVIEW

This project is designed with Bluetooth, Robotics, Brainwave sensor & LabVIEW. A BCI or brain-computer interface can be defined as a control system or communication system which works on ECG signals or brain waves to control a device. The communication between the human brain and a computer can be done by using this system. This project is mainly used to control robots, wheelchairs, etc.

LabVIEW based Book Picking Robot in Libraries

This project is used to design a robot for picking up library books using LabVIEW programming. This project is designed with RFID, ZigBee & Webpage based on HTML. This project is used in Document Saftey, Large Libraries & Institutional book management.

Omni-Directional Robot Controlling with Android Phone & Accelerometer Sensor

This project is used to design a robot that travels in omnidirectional. This project is used to control this robot using android mobile as well as an accelerometer sensor. This project is designed with Microcontrollers, Android mobile, Zigbee, and LabVIEW. This project is used in controlling robotic applications.

LabVIEW & Smart Surveillance based Mobile Robot

This project is used to design a mobile robot including a camera that is placed on the robot for investigation purposes. The outline of this robot can be controlled using GUI based LabVIEW programming.

The list of some more robot projects includes the following.

  • Climbing Robot Controlled by LabVIEW
  • Racing Robots using LabView & Leap Motion Controller
  • LabVIEW based Fruit Picking Robot
  • LabVIEW & EEG based Robots for Controlling Mind
  • LabVIEW based Smart Surveillance of Mobile Robot
  • A Piano Player Robot
  • myRIO based Autonomous Robot
  • Robotic Arm Custom design

The list of LabView projects using Arduino are listed below.

  • LabVIEW and Arduino based Non-contact Level of Water Controlling
  • LabVIEW and Arduino based Light Control System Automatically
  • LabVIEW and Arduino based Pediatric Gait Instructor
  • Fire Detection alarm system using LabVIEW and Arduino
  • The Rescue System for Wearable Electronics using Arduino & LabVIEW
  • Arduino Programming using Labview
  • Remote monitoring system using Arduino & LabVIEW
  • Serial Communication based Getting Arduino Data
  • Controlling the Speed of a DC Motor using LabView & Arduino
  • LabView & Arduino based Weather station
  • Ball & Beam System
  • Monitoring System for Heart Rate
  •  Arduino & Linux based 24volts LED Dimmer
  • Interface od LabVIEW UDP for Arduino
  • Arduino and Linx based Light Show
  • Controlling of Temperature based on Arduino & LINX
  • Controlling of Water Level based on Arduino & LINX

LabView Projects using myRIO

The LabView projects using myRIO are listed below.

  • myRIO Powered Full Scale R2D2
  • myRIO based Diligent Motor Adapter designed for Stepper Motor
  • Guitar Effects Pedal Enabled by the Internet
  • myRIO based Music Box
  • myRIO based RGB LED (32×32) Display
  • myRIO based Measurement of Current
  • Illumination based Visualization
  • Lag-lead Approach based myRio Control system
  • Information Age Medical Monitor
  • Trouble using Semaphore through my-RIO & X-CAN Stratum Adapter
  • A Device for Wireless Surveillance
  • 3D Images Making within Thin Air
  • Strings of light based on Music
  • Control System based on Machine Vision
  • myRIO & the Classy State Machine based USB LiDAR Controlling
  • SmartHome Motion Sensor using myRIO
  • NI myRIO based  Reliable, Traceable, and Recordable Flight Data

Thus, this is all about LabView Projects which includes LabVIEW based mini projects,  present, hardware units based on LabVIEW are commonly used in various industries because of their controlling capability & rugged design. The communication of this can be done using some protocols such as RS232, TCP/IP, RS485, etc. Here is a question for you, please list out some LabView projects using DAQ.