Artificial Intelligence Projects for Engineering Students

Artificial intelligence projects or AI mainly refer to the imitation of human intelligence within preprogrammed machines. These machines act like humans & imitate their actions. The supreme characteristic of AI is its aptitude to diminish & get actions that have the finest chance of attaining an exact goal. A separation of AI is machine learning that refers to the idea that computer programs learn automatically for adapting new data without being supported through humans. This article list out artificial intelligence projects for engineering students.

Artificial Intelligence Projects for Engineering Students

The list of artificial intelligence projects for engineering students includes the following. There are several advantages to doing these projects because the topic of AI is diverse and extensive. In addition, it needs a lot of technical knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence Projects
Artificial Intelligence Projects

1). Investigation of Enron

The largest energy organization is Enron at a time in the United States, however, it is ended in the year 2000 due to a scam. But the database of this company has not gone because it is an email database, which contains 500k emails between its previous executives & employees. This database can be used for the analysis of social network/anomaly detection.

2). Recommendation of Customer

From Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce has gained so many benefits, for example, Amazon & its advice system for customers. This kind of system helped the platform while improving its income extremely. For an E-commerce platform, you can design this system, and also you can utilize the customer’s browsing history.

3). Plagiarism Checker to Check Assignment

The plagiarism checker is one of the AI projects and this is a very serious problem that requires be monitoring & controlling. This tool is used to check the content whether is unique or copied from other sites. A plagiarism detector is developed in this project for detecting the matches within text copies & notices the plagiarism percentage.

4). CV Analysis based Prediction System of Personality

The most interesting AI project is CV analysis. This project is used to shortlist deserving candidates through CVs. Through this system, the candidates will register by filling in all the required details by uploading their CVs. Based on the online test and details entered, the system will shortlist the candidates for a particular job so that HR department tasks will be simplified.


5). Banking Bot

An android application like a banking bot is similar to a chatbot because it is skilled for processing the requests & queries of the user & to know what information or services they are searching for. The banking bot will converse with customers like a human being. To give answers based on the questions raised by customers.

6). AI in Detection of Pneumonia

Generally, Pneumonia is detected through Chest X- rays by Doctors. But here we can design an AI project that is capable of recognizing the disease within X-ray images of patients. For that we use, Convolution Neural networks (CNNs) to design the AI system.

7). Chess Game

The chess game is a very famous indoor game & to get a good experience in this game, a good AI system needs to be implement that can provide competition between two competitors to make the chess game a challenging task.

8). A Surveillance Camera-based Detection of Fire & Localization

In computer-based tasks & classification of the image, a CNN turns into the state of the art. A surveillance camera is used to enhance the detection system of fire by designing a model to detect the location and fire to give efficient detection & reporting system for the people’s safety.

9). Evaluation of Website through Opinion Mining

A system for website evaluation is used where users give feedback by commenting on a specific website regarding the authenticity, time is taken for products delivery, etc. This project analyzes the comments for providing ratings to the website based on all these factors.

10). T-rex Dino Bot

This Dino Bot is a very popular game in Google chrome to play once the internet connection is not available. It is a good game project to execute reinforcement learning & understand how it functions. An algorithm is implemented for the Bot to learn itself through making errors.

11). Next Word Predictor

In the next word predictor project, once we enter a letter in the phone then automatically the next word which you want to enter will be predicted. We can design an AI model to predict the next word to come. So this project needs good knowledge on the processing of natural language & deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners

The AI projects for beginners are listed below.

Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners
Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners

1). Recognition of Handwritten Digits

The writing style is very different for everyone’s and digits written by us change a lot within sizes & curves because they are drawn by hand. An AI is used to design a recognition system for handwritten digits that can recognize the drawn digit through humans.

2). Extension of Spoiler Blocker

We know that while watching a good movie or shoes, people mess up the fun of others frequently by destroying it. A browser extension can be created to block out all the favorite memories of your favorite movie that you don’t desire to get spoiled.

3). AI-based Lane Line Detection

The technique for Lane line detection is mainly used within several autonomous vehicles & line-following robots. So, a computer vision method is used like color thresholding for detecting the lanes.

4). Spam Classifier AI

In our daily life, we can get several e-mail notifications & most of them in that may include spam. So, a tool is used to categorize the e-mails into nonspam and spam based so that we can delete all the spam mails.

5). Optimal Path

One of the main challenging tasks of Artificial intelligence is to locate the best lane from one position to the target place. This AI project is used to discover the optimal lane for a car to travel so that time & cost can be reduced.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects

The list of advanced AI projects includes the following.

1). Monitoring System for Fake Product Reviews

On the internet, writing fake reviews on the company’s website is a very big problem for the company owners because these reviews may affect the company’s reputation. But the review is genuine or fake we cannot find out easily. So we can design a system to track the IP address of the review came from & utilize opinion mining to discover the false reviews.

2). Reinforcement Learning for Car Driving

This project is used to build a pathway for cars through obstacles over the race-course. The main objective of this system is to learn how to drive a car by keeping away from obstacles. The reinforcement learning concept is used within this project.

3). Recommendation of Book through Online with Collaborative Filtering PHP

The online websites for selling the books will assist us to purchase using a recommendation system. So this is the best tool for increasing profit by recommending the book based on the interest of buyers. This system mainly uses collaborative filtering for generating the most effective recommendations.

4). Answer Checker Application

This answer checker application is used to check the answers like a human being. So this application checks answers through an online examination mode & assigns the marks openly to the user once the answers are verified. The admin may insert questions & related answers within the system so that the system verifies the answers with the provided data once the student enters his answers.

5). Automatic Attendance System

Taking attendance in schools & colleges is a manual operation, so it takes much time in taking the student’s attendance. To overcome this issue, an automatic attendance system is implemented with the help of a camera. Here the camera identifies the student faces automatically & marks the student’s attendance in less time.

6). Chatbot System for Negotiating Price

A chatbot system is designed to negotiate the product’s price. This project is very helpful for many E-commerce companies because it has a lot of possibilities within the business. The chatbot system must be capable of communicating through users & manage the bargaining of consumers

7). AI Bot for Playing Snake Game

Many games require executing an artificial bot that can fight with humans. The proposed system is used to design an AI bot that can be trained to play the snake game. This simple project is vast to dive into genetic algorithms & recognize how a machine can change by understanding with generations.

8). Self-Driving Car

A self-driving car project uses several sensors & cameras for getting data from the surroundings. After that, the data requires to be developed & efficient decisions must be made.

9). App for Music Recommendation

An app like Spotify is an enormous music streaming stage that identifies accurately what kind of music they like. Here is an app designed for music lovers to analyze the operators & recommends different music to them depending on their interests.

10). Prediction System of Cancer with Naive Bayes

The proposed system is used to obtain direct guidance on their Cancer virus using an online intelligent system. This web application is an online consultation application that is fed through different details. This application allows the patient to share their issues which are related to Cancer disease, after that it processes with specific details of the user.

Artificial Intelligence Projects for ECE/EEE Engineering Students

The list of AI projects for electrical engineering students includes the following.

Artificial Intelligence Projects for ECE & EEE Students
Artificial Intelligence Projects for ECE & EEE Students

1). Examination Evaluation through Machine Vision

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition is an automatic process for data capturing in the tick marks form, bubbles form, squares form, etc. This kind of method is mainly used in different applications such as evaluation exams, marking attendance, surveys like voting & community. This method uses OMR sheets however it has some drawbacks, so this project is used to automate the same through machine vision mainly for the evaluation of exams.

2). Techniques for Monitoring of Occupancy

The proposed system is used to monitor the occupancy within energy-efficient based smart buildings using IoT. This project helps in surveying the accessible efforts for monitoring occupancy within smart buildings. Particularly, we first recognized the types of trouble that are connected to people occupancy through IoT

3). Induction Machines Sensorless Control within Railway Applications

The proposed system is used to develop a sensorless system for an induction machine within railway applications. In this project, simulation can be done using two setups like MATLAB & Alstom for testing & validating its hardware & software control. Using these tests, it is necessary to control, estimate through the motor parameters.

4). IoT in Medical & Health Care

The proposed system uses IoT for m-Health & e-Health by using different sensors like smartphones and the body to get, transmit and process data related to patient health for storing within the cloud. This data could get back through patients & other stakeholders in the future.

5). Stress Diagnosis through Sensor Signals of Skin Conductance

In the proposed system, sensor technology is used to develop a system for determining physical symptoms which reflect the stress level of people. But, the detection of the stressful event with the SC (skin conductance) & FT (finger temperature) data is a challenging duty because of different patterns within the data. So, every person handles pressure in a dissimilar method.

6). Partially Shaded Analytical Modeling for PV Systems

The proposed system is used to design a partially shaded analytical modeling for PV systems. This is a dependable and consistent method for examining the most appropriate MPPT technique in various conditions. In this project, a MATLAB modeling & simulation of PV systems are used by targeting the partial shading effects on the PV systems output.

7). Machine Learning-based Obstacle Recognition for LiDAR Sensors

In higher driver-assistance systems, avoidance of collision is a significant feature and it provides accurate, reliable & timely warnings before a coming up collision. The library of obstacle recognition is mainly designed to deal with the design & obstacle detection evaluation within a cyber-physical system of transportation.

8). Testbed based on MATLAB for Evaluation of Stereo Matching Algorithms

In different programming languages, stereo matching is the much-researched region through a wide spectrum of algorithms accessible. This project provides a testbed using Matlab that targets to standardize & centralize the prospective stereo matching approaches. This testbed aims to make possible stereo-based techniques in real situations.

IEEE based Artificial Intelligence Projects

The list of artificial intelligence projects based on IEEE includes the following.

1). Detection of Social Distancing with AI Vision

This project uses the detection model of YOLO objects for segregating human beings from the surroundings & to track the recognized people through bounding boxes. The violation index is projected to quantize the nonacceptance of protocol for social distancing. In real-time from this analysis, we can monitor the social distancing.

2). Prediction of Age & Gender using Deep Convolution NNs

The proposed system is used to guess the age and gender with deep CNN & important results and improvements can be attained and observed within different tasks like face recognition. In this project, a convolutional n/w architecture is used to make a clear improvement within this field with existing techniques.

3). Detection of Parkinson Disease with Deep Neural Networks

A neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease is accountable for the worsening of motor function because of the loss of dopamine-generating brain cells like. Tremors, .neurons, stiffness within movements, impaired balance & shaking are some of the main symptoms. This project uses two NN-based models like VGFR Voice Impairment Classifier & Spectrogram Detector to assist the doctors in diagnosing infection at the beginning stage.

4). Fruit detection & Estimation of Calorie with Raspberry Pi

The proposed system is used to estimate and detect the fruit calories using Raspberry pi and CNN. In this project, a system based on CNN is proposed that can recognize the image of fruit, predicts its calories.

5). Generation of Image Caption with Deep Learning

The image contents are produced within Artificial Intelligence automatically which uses NLP natural language processing & computer vision. This model is mainly used for generating natural sentences to describe the image. This model includes a CNN & RNN where the CNN is used for extraction of feature from image & RNN is mainly used for generation of the sentence.

6). Prediction of Plant Disease with Deep Learning Methods

In a classification of the image, the CNNs (convolutional neural networks) latest generation has obtained exciting results. This project implements a system for recognizing plant disease depending on the classification of leaf images through convolutional networks. The diseases type for green leaf can be recognized through KNN & CNN algorithms.

7). Detection System of Intrusion with a Filter

In the classification of network traffic, features like irrelevant & redundant within data can cause a problem. These features will reduce the classification process but also stop a classifier to make precise decisions, particularly once copying through huge data. In this project, an algorithm based on mutual information is implemented that selects optimal features analytically for classification.

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Thus, this is all about the list of artificial intelligence projects for beginners, engineering students. These projects are suitable for computer science, ECE, EEE students. Here is a question for you, what are the different types of artificial intelligence or AI?