LED Projects for Engineering Students

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor device including two terminals. As compared with a normal diode, LED functionality is the same except it produces light once current supplies throughout it. In most electronic circuits, LEDs are used as a sign to the humans to recognize that circuit is working properly. So this article list LED projects for beginners and engineering students.

LED Projects for Engineering Students

The list of LED projects for engineering students is listed below based on Arduino, solar, raspberry pi, etc. These projects are very helpful for beginners as well as engineering students.

LED Light Projects for Beginners

The list of LED projects for beginners includes the following.

LED Projects
LED Projects

1). Eye Loupe using Illuminated LED

The proposed system like EYE loupe using an Illuminated LED is mainly used for examining tiny electronic components. In some cases, some quantity of light is necessary for checking little components. This project is very helpful for electronic beginners/

2). RGB LED Bulb

An LED is a semiconductor device that changes the energy from electrical to light. Similarly, an RGB color model is a coloring system where three colors can be united to make a different collection of colors. In this system, an RGB LED Bulb is designed, where the last bulb color is controlled by changing the LEDs’ intensities individually.

3). LED Lamp Circuit using USB

The proposed system like a USB-based LED lamp circuit is a simple DIY project for beginners. In this project, a USB is used which is known as Universal Serial Bus. This project is used to give additional lighting for your tablet or laptop.

4). Battery Level Indicator

This project is used to design a DIY circuit for indicating battery level through basic electronic components. So this indicator indicates the charging level of the battery by blinking of LEDs. For instance, if the five LEDs are blinking means 50% of the battery capacity is there. This system uses an lM3914 IC that is an LED dot or bar display driver.

5). Sensor Circuit for Reverse Parking

The proposed system is used to design a sensor circuit for parking a vehicle in the reverse direction. While parking a vehicle in the reverse direction, it is very difficult to park without knowing the distance. So, a reverse parking sensor circuit is used to know the distance using three LEDs. So this can be arranged at the backside of the vehicle to detect the distance.

6). Charger Circuit for Car Battery

This simple project is used to design a charger circuit with an indication for a car battery. The charging of the battery can be done with a 230V AC mains supply through a relay. The battery voltage can be monitored constantly through a feedback circuit. Once the battery voltage enhances beyond maximum, then the relay will be deactivated & battery charging stops.

7). Christmas Lights Circuit using LEDs

This DIY project is used to build your own Christmas lights for the Christmas festival and this is used to decorate your house at a holy place. This circuit will help you to design your pretty lights. The main benefit of this project is that we cannot worry about the ON & OFF of the lights because, in the morning time, it will off whereas in the evening it will be ON to conserve electricity.

8). Metal Detector Circuit

A metal detector is one kind of device, used to check luggage, persons at public places to make sure that that luggage is not carrying any metals or illegal things. So the proposed system is used to detect metals using simple components and it is used at homes, gardens, etc.

9). Auto Night Lamp with High Power LED

This DIY project is used to make an auto night lamp with high-power LEDs. This circuit controls the lights at day time and night time. This circuit is used to control the light intensity using high-power LEDs. An LDR is used to detect the light and the light resistance mainly depends on when the light falls on it.

10). Bipolar LED Circuit

The implementation of a bipolar LED circuit can be done using an 8051 microcontroller. As compared with normal bi-color LED, this Bipolar LED includes two leads but bi-color includes three leads. This bipolar LED circuit is used in the areas wherever light flashing is necessary like beacon flashing. So this circuit is mostly used for sign purposes.

LED Projects using Raspberry Pi

The list of Raspberry Pi projects using LED includes the following.

LED Projects with Raspberry Pi
LED Projects with Raspberry Pi

1). Graphic Design Display

The proposed system like a graphic design display is designed with a Raspberry Pi module & Adafruit LED. This project incorporates technology & innovative artwork to build their digital display & animation in real-life experience. This device can be used like traffic lights & lights generated within holiday or festival celebrations.

2). LED Animations Controlled through Web using Arduino & Raspberry Pi

An Arduino library like ALA (Arduino Light Animation) is used to control LEDs & running colorful animations with less effort. This library gives above 30 animations & several color palettes that are predefined. This project uses a Raspberry Pi 3 board to give a web page for controlling the animations, speed, colors, etc.

3). LED Blinking through Raspberry Pi & Python

The proposed system is used to make a circuit for Led blinking and it is the beginner circuits. This circuit assists one to get familiar with GPIO pins in Raspberry Pi. This project uses Python language for writing the suitable code for this project for LED blinking at 1-sec intervals.

4). Glowboard Plotter using Raspberry Pi

The Glowboard Plotter is designed with a stepper, glow-in-dark sheet with dimensions of 120cm x 60cm & 64 UV LEDs. These leads are controlled through a MAX7219IC & connected to a raspberry pi board. Here LEDs are connected to a wooden bar that moves on the sheet. A small web server is used to get images & the stepper & leads can be controlled to plot the images.

5). World Clock using LED

An LED world clock is an innovative project because this clock takes us to the next range. Along with date & time, it also displays the climate condition of the present location. This clock also includes a snake game for fun. For every few minutes, you can see the updates of the clock & the display within random words extend beyond the clock.

6). Sense Hat

A simple project like “sense hat” is used to display any data on an 8×8 based LED matrix. It can also provide the readings of temperature, pressure & humidity of a location. Additionally, the gyroscope, as well as the five-way joystick, can also be utilized for controlling as well as play games like Tetris, snakes, shooting games, floppy astronauts, etc.

7). Security System for Home using Raspberry pi

This project is used to defend your house from robbery or theft. This project detects once a door tries to unlock, if the user does not enter the correct code within a specific time, then it increases a beep sound with a notice of an e-mail sent to the house owner. In end, this system keeps you secure at a financial rate.

Arduino LED Projects

The list of Arduino LED projects includes the following. Please refer to this link to know more about the Arduino board.

Arduino LED Projects
Arduino LED Projects

1). Smart Lamp using an Arduino

This smart lamp using an Arduino board activates by itself once the surroundings get dark. So by using this lamp, we can light up our homes. So we can also simply switch ON & OFF back through an easy hand motion. This simple project is perfect for those who need an independent lighting system.

2). Arduino based Mood Lamp

A mood lamp with an Arduino is used to set the mood of your home workspace or room. The light’s colors can be changed easily to create a feeling that can improve the ambiance you desire. This lamp also features a completely customizable RGB diode that lets for more difficult effects.

3). LED Clock with Arduino Nano

A great desk accessory like an Arduino nano LED clock is designed with an Arduino nao, LED matrix, photoresistor, DS3231 & breadboard. By using the LED matrix display, clock reading from a certain distance will be simple too. For beginners of an Arduino, this project is very helpful.

4). Smoke Detection with MQ-2 Gas Sensor

The proposed system like smoke detection can be designed with an MQ2 smoke sensor. Once the level of smoke is superior as compared to a set level, then a buzzer generates sound & a red color LED will be turned ON.

5). Seven Segment Led Display using Arduino & Counter

This is a simple and economical Arduino project. For the easy counting process, the Arduino platform is used. This project can be built with an LCD screen for showing the rise once Arduino’s counting operation increases from 0 – 9. The 7-segment display will show the numbers based on the Arduino.

6). Street Lights Auto Intensity Control using Arduino

The main aim of this project is to monitor the power continuously by devices & also controlling their utilization. This intensity of light controlling system uses Led lights bunch through an Arduino board. The controlling of the LED intensity & its operation can be done through Arduino at peak & non-peak hours.

7). Intervalometer using Arduino

The intervalometer based on Arduino is mainly used to check things frequently with the help of control cameras within it. Here, the Arduino board can be used to control the camera & the IR LED. For each fixed time interval, the ice is set for taking pictures.

8). Tilt Detector using Arduino

The tilt detector using an Arduino is mainly used to notice the tilt of the objects within any path & specified with the help of four LEDs. This project uses an accelerometer & LED for detecting and indicating the movement of earthquakes. Here Arduino board process the received data from the accelerometer & activates the equivalent LED to specify the tilt direction.

9). POV LED Display using Arduino

POV or persistence of vision LED display is designed through a bunch of LEDs & Arduino. Here, the persistence of vision is the vision of blur we noticed once signaling at an object. In this DIY project, the characters and letters can be displayed on the LCD once they move through various speeds.

10). Self Timer with an Arduino

The self-timer with an Arduino board is a fundamental project that can be used as a timer circuit. Here LED display is used to display the timer & an LED light can also be used to specify the timer visually.

11). Arduino Siren through Sound Alarm

The project like sound alarm using an Arduino is especially used to give an alert through a powerful alert device through the Arduino platform. So, this circuit generates a wailing or loud sound like a warning signal where one LED gives an alert visually.

12). LED Clock with Arduino Nano

A great desk accessory like an Arduino nano LED clock is designed with an Arduino nao, LED matrix, photoresistor, DS3231 & breadboard. By using an LED matrix display, clock reading from a certain distance will be simple too. For beginners of an Arduino, this project is very helpful.

13). Domino Clock using Arduino Nano

This domino wall clock was designed by the carbon design group and it is a desktop clock with a 3D printed version. Every domino includes 14 RGB LEDs. Single domino includes two buttons that allow you to fix the time. At the base of the clock, an Arduino nano & DS3231 RTC are included. Here, the clock is power-driven through the USB port of an Arduino.

14). Arduino based Hour Glass

In the olden days, Hourglass is used by many people to calculate time. This is a simple device that includes two glass bulbs that are vertically allied through a narrow neg & that permit the sand flow or liquid from crest to base. The flow of duration is one hour so named its hourglass.

Arduino RGB LED Strip Projects

The list of RGB LED DIY projects includes the following.

1). PC Controlled RGB Lamp

The main purpose of this project is to manage the RGB lamp from a PC through an Arduino board. This lamp is connected toward the system through a module. So we can manage the RGB light by running the Arduino sketch within the system.

2). RGB LCD by Arduino

The proposed system like RGB LCD using Arduino is used to modify the LCD color. The connection of an Arduino board can be done to the LCD for controlling it through the Arduino board programming.

3). Combination of RGB LED for Door Lock

The proposed system like the combination of RGB LED for door lock is a security & home automation-based project using an Arduino board. The LEDs with RGB combination are mainly utilized to lock & unlock the door. The sketch of an Arduino is used for programming the module to function the RGB-like security lock.

4). Multicolor LED Strip Reacted through Music

This project is used to make an LED strip that reacts to music on every loud beat. These RGB LED strips are connected to Arduino board and these strips can be mounted anywhere outdoors & at home. The main function of this DIY project is to utilize parties however for the daily purpose by making your music very interesting.

5). Color Controlling of RGB LED Strip through Arduino & Bluetooth

In this project, a 12v RGB LED Strip is connected through Arduino and to control a variety of colors wirelessly using Bluetooth through Android App. For indoor and outdoor decorations of festivals, marriages, parties, an RGB LED strip is the perfect solution. So this project will change different strip colors with different speeds automatically.

6). LED Strip Scroll Bar using Arduino

The proposed system is like an LED strip scroll bar with Arduino. In this project, 10 LED strips are used which flashes in various effects. This project can be built with an LED strip, Arduino nano, and a control board. This project will create a lot of fun & the results can be extremely rewarding.

7). NeoPixel LED Strip using Arduino & TFT LCD

This project is used to control NeoPixel LED through TFT LCD & Arduino. In this project, seven touch buttons are created with various colors on TFT LCD. Once we strike a certain color button over the LCD, then NeoPixel LED strip lights up with the similar color of that specific button. So by adding more buttons LED can glow in many colors by tapping those different buttons.

8). Arduino Mood Light Controlled through Smart Phone

The proposed system is used to design a mood light that could alter different colors depending on the daytime & also be controlled through the mobile phone. Additionally, an LDR is used to switch OFF during daytime automatically & also an alternative to put an alarm for wake up which will through a bright orange color. And another alarm that locates the LED’s within doze mode through night sky color to sleep.

Solar Powered LED Light Projects

The list of solar-powered LED light projects is listed below.

Solar LED Projects
Solar LED Projects

1). Switch Powered through Solar Battery

The proposed system like a switch powered through a solar battery is one kind of solar switch that reacts to voice signals to control different AC or DC devices. Once voltage drops under fixer level at night time then an automatic battery bank using solar charging is used. Voice commands through Amazon echo are used to control window blinds, chargers, LED, other devices.

2). Solar Tracker using Arduino

The proposed system like the solar tracker using Arduino is used to create a system. This system is used to enhance the solar coverage of a PV cell using one axial through two LDR & one servo allied to an Arduino nano. Here, the programming of Arduino can be done using a finite state machine within the C language.

3). Arduino Uno Powered through Solar Battery

The proposed system creates a time-switching solar-charged circuit that is power-driven through the battery. This project is used to supply power to an Arduino Uno & other peripherals like communication modules, sensors, etc.

4). Detection of Energy for Solar Panel & Intensity of Light

This project is used to detect the energy of solar panels as well as light intensity values generated through photoresistors. We know that solar panel produces a high amount of energy in high solar radiation comparative to the intensity of light. This project is to calculate the generated energy in between 3 light intensity thresholds & informs you once the maximum threshold increases.

5). Home Lighting System using Solar Energy

This project uses the power from the battery for LED lighting, removing the requirement of DC-AC conversion through the inverter & conversion of AC to DC through the SMPS supply of LED lights. The lighting systems use AC power for their operation

Arduino LED Matrix Projects

The list of Arduino projects using LED matrix include the following.

LED Matrix Projects
LED Matrix Projects

1). Garage Parking through Arduino

This project will assist you in parking your car within the garage by showing the object’s distance opposite to the bumper of your car. A message like ‘stop’ will inform you to stop the car. This system uses an Arduino board & normal HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinders.

2). Display Module with Multiple LEDs

The proposed system develops a LED module that is used for multipurpose by using basic electronic components. This project uses a custom module that works with different components such as ULN2803 & 74HC595. By using this module, LED matrix usage is possible through LEDs with two colors within two different sizes.

3). Interactive LED Table

The proposed system like the Arduino-based interactive led table mainly uses physical controls, Bluetooth. So, this kind of table is used to display some animations, games & an audio spectrum visualize.

4). 8×8 Dot Matrix

This project is used to design a dot matrix with multiple LEDs are connected in rows & columns. So, an 8×8 dot matrix of LEDs needs 64 I/O pins, one for every LED pixel. By connecting all the anodes jointly in rows & cathodes within columns, the necessary I/O pins can be decreased to 16. Every LED is addressed through its row & column number.

5). RGB LED Shades using Arduino

The proposed system like RGB LED glasses is a very cheap & simple DIY project. The PCB of this project needs to connect to the pin-3 of an Arduino board. Here, the Ground terminal needs to be allied to the GND of the exterior power supply & the GND terminal of your Arduino. VCC is connected to the +5V of your exterior power supply.

5). Text Message Showing through Browser within a LED Matrix

Through the capabilities of the webserver for the Arduino Yún, a web page is created for sending messages toward it & stores them within a String. So the proposed system is used to create the web interface for text message storing.

6). Cuckoo with Matrix Panel & Westminster Clock

The proposed system is used to design a clock through the MX7219 matrix panel, the soundboards like Adafruit FX for chimes, bells, cuckoo sounds, etc. The clocks feature Cuckoo sounds, Westminster chimes & a simple bell through suitable ‘animation’ to go with the sound. This kind of clock also gives time, humidity, temperature, events reminders, barometric pressure, holiday, etc.

7). Arduino Dice

We know that dice are used to play many games but the proposed system is used to make electronic dice using an Arduino. This Arduino uses an atmega 328p microcontroller. For random values of dice, the random function is used within Arduino ide to acquire 1 to 6 values once we push the button.

8). Scrolling Dots using Arduino

We know about different displays like 7-segment, LCDs, etc. The proposed system designs a scrolling dots display using Arduino. By using this project, some sentences can be sending through Bluetooth toward this system, after that these sentences will be displayed on Dot Matrix.

9).PIC12F50812 based LED Candle with 5 Channel

The proposed system is mainly used to make an electronic candle with five LEDs with the help of a PIC12F508 microcontroller. This project is used to provide a power supply for every LED through 20mA max. The LED candle generates a huge effect to be used either in a pumpkin or a candle.
Thus, this is all about the list of LED Projects for beginners and engineering students.

LEDs are gaining more popularity in different fields like entertainment and decoration. The main features of LED technology are illumination is brighter, longer life, electricity utilization is less. So these are the main reasons to choose.