Cybersecurity Projects for Engineering Students

Cybersecurity, IT security, computer security is the protection of computer systems. At present, this field is becoming more significant because of the increased dependence on computer systems, wireless network standards used in mobile phones like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. So Cybersecurity projects provide an exact solution for the security of applications, information & communication in the disaster area. The primary goal of cybersecurity projects is to protect computer data, protection of networks, programs, etc.

Cybersecurity Projects for Engineering Students

The list of cybersecurity projects for students is listed below.

Cyber Security Projects
Cyber Security Projects

1). Keylogging

Keylogger is one kind of software that identifies the keystrokes which are made within a specific system. This project has an observation of all the entered data through a keyboard. Keylogger software is easy to design for obtaining the data regarding each keyboard stroke that occurs. So this is an ideal project for learners.

2). Bounties of Bug

Debugger or Bug Bounties is one of the software tools that assist you in discovering bugs within software code. There are various debuggers available on the internet, so your approach must be the one that reduces the complexities of space & time.

3). Caesar Cipher Breaking

One of the famous encryption methods known by us is a Caesar Cipher. This method was mainly utilized by Julius Caesar to converse with his trustworthy members without others knowing the message. We can make a web application for decrypting the Caesar Cipher. For beginners, this is a good project.

4). SQL Injection

SQL Injection is one type of Cyberattack, wherever website hackers perform SQL commands on the victim’s site which have extremely little Cybersecurity. Remember that it is not authorized, therefore before checking on any website, you need to take former consent from the website owners. Most of the website owners will not permit it; therefore you might have to create a new website, to test its susceptibility within SQL.


5). Files Removing & Retrieving

This security project is very helpful when you delete a file by mistake & there is no chance to recover it back, then it is used to retrieve the file. By using this project, you can create a report on the deleted file report time & also for all the available tools for data recovery on the internet.

6). Strength of Password

In cybersecurity, the strength of a password is one of the essential elements for a strong password. This password must include alphabets, digits & different symbols. For that, you can create a tool to check the password strength and informs you if it is secure to utilize or not. This project can be done by using Python.

7). RFID Blocking

RFID tags which are present on debit or credit cards are unsafe from software that can examine them from a fixed distance & leads to prohibited access to your debit cards. This is one of the Cybersecurity projects. So the software is created to avoid RFID readers by covering the tags.

8). Security Questions

Security questions are a survey project that expects you to gather data & examine accordingly if a security question of a website is secure. Gather information from different people if they utilize dissimilar passwords for various accounts. Now go and search online, if the hackers can obtain the answers to all the questions from victims.

9). Offline Device Hacking

Data collection can be done through several techniques that a burglar can access a device illegally that is not linked to the internet. The information can include the techniques to protect their devices such as tablets, mobile phones, desktops & laptops.

10). Antivirus

Antivirus project is a complex project for creating an antivirus by using extraordinary programming skills. First, this project can be started by defining the protection techniques & choose platforms to support your software.

11). Image Encryption

Similar to encryption on text, it can also be used for images by using different algorithms like AES, DES & RSA. All these algorithms are used for encrypting the images to defend them from a cyber hacker. This project is not very advanced but it is very helpful for beginners in cybersecurity.

12). SQL Injection

An SQL Injection cybersecurity project is an attack that is targeted on sensitive data of a group, an individual otherwise organization to manipulate it. It is one of the very dangerous attacks on information within the industry of cybersecurity & there are some practices are executed on the companies to protect the databases from this assault.

13). Fund Transfers through Online with DES Encryption

Fund transfer can be done with the access of Internet banking services by customers to complete all their transactions at few button clicks. But a very powerful DES (cryptographic) algorithm is used. By using this algorithm & the feasible hash function, you can offer exclusive OTPs for the customer to approve their transactions.

Arduino Cybersecurity Projects

The list of cybersecurity projects using Arduino is listed below.

Cyber Security Projects using Arduino
Cyber Security Projects using Arduino

1). Communication through Morse Code using Arduino

Generally, the communication between each other can be done by using different natural sensors like gestures, tongue, etc but when we want to share something secretly, we need a secret code. So by using a morse code, we can transmit the data through secret code which is not understandable to the third person.

2). Detect Someone Stealing Your Stuff & Send a Mail

This project is very helpful for beginners. This project is used to notice someone stealing your expensive objects. If the stuff is detected, the Arduino sends a notice through Gmail & gives an alert through light & sound. Here, the object is placed on the force sensor to detect whether the object is present or not.

3). Firewalla Blue

An all-in-one firewall is a powerful & simple device that attaches to your router. This device gives protection from cyber-attacks & provides insights regarding your network. So it assists to protect your private data, control & monitor your kids, usage of internet & blocks spam ads through the built-in VPN server. So the Blue is capable of checking the traffic of the network at Gigabit speed.

4). Cyber-Physical Systems using Arduino

This project includes the detection of power theft & a management system for the automatic bill. This project uses an Arduino board, voltage sensor & current sensor to discover the power theft & automatic billing system. If the user is connected to overload means, the amount of bill was considered however the lamp should not turn on. So they need to call the electrical department person compulsory so that they control the load.

5). ICSCCC (Secure Cyber Computing &Communication)

This ICSCCC robot project works through a voice control app by using a mobile phone. So controlling of this robot can be done through voice commands and this robot was linked to the mobile using Bluetooth.

Raspberry Pi Cybersecurity Projects

The list of cybersecurity projects using Raspberry Pi includes the following.

Cyber Security Projects using Raspberry Pi
Cyber Security Projects using Raspberry Pi

1). USB key Sanitizer

In Luxembourg, the CIRC (Computer Incident Response Center) has developed a USB tool that allows you to securely scan questionable drives for viruses & malware. This project uses a Raspberry Pi and it is an outstanding entry-level project including real-world applications.

2). Raspberry Pi based Slow Scan TV Camera

The main objective of this project is to utilize the RPi through a wireless camera like the PiCam. This cam transmits different captured images above long distances, generally tenths of km. Here, images can be sent through amateur radio with SSTV (slow-scan television) on the two-meter band. Since the Raspberry Pi can produce the signal like HF FM by itself.

3). Email Alert System for Home Security using RPi

The project like email alert system using RPi for home security is designed to take the intruder pictures who try to enter your home. Once the pictures are captured then it sends through email to the concerned person. This project uses a USB camera, USB WiFi module, PIR sensor & power adapter.

4). Pi-Hole using Raspberry Pi

A free tool like Pi-Hole is mainly designed to block unnecessary advertisements from your home n/w completely. These advertisements can be injected into scams & malicious software by hackers and scammers to begin phone scams. This Pi-Hole could help you from above just annoyance. Pi-hole installation is a very simple method to block the ads for the protection of data.

5). Network Monitoring by Nagios

Nagios is used to monitoring the network for business & its normal utilize cases are not safety focused. In a security management system, having a separate monitoring tool is an important element, so Nagios provides for Pi. This is used to protect yourself from website damage.

6). Kali Linux

At present, Kali Linux is well-suited with the Raspberry Pi 4 and it is a large technique to run this Linux without using a virtual machine through 4GB RAM. For beginners, learning Kali Linux tools is very essential like fundamental cracking, MiTM tools, poisoning, etc. So, a portable hacking machine making the setup with touch screen, RPi & battery is very simple.

7). NextCloudPi

NextCloudPi is a customized personal cloud that works through your home network & can be accessed from the outer surface of the home network. The Nextcloud main features are Contacts, Managing Backups, Files hosting, Calendar, Notes, Pictures, Mail, encryption from server-side, HTTPS, etc.

Cybersecurity Projects using Python

The list of cybersecurity projects using Python includes the following.

1). Hash Function

Hashing is one kind of encryption algorithm, used to encrypt the standard text into gibberish. A hash function is an arithmetical function, used to change the value of an arithmetical input into another condensed arithmetical value. So, in this function, the arbitrary length is used as an input frequently however the o/p is a fixed length.

2). Sniffing of Packet

One of the most exciting computer security projects is sniffing packets. By using this project, internet traffic can be analyzed to keep observation of all the inward & outgoing data packets on a specific network. This project detects packet sniffing within your network.

3). Internet Border Patrol

An outstanding scalability outcome of an Internet within continuous internet congestion control is internet border patrol. It is an approach to manage any kind of congestion. This project will observe you while working on a computer system to detach unwanted website traffic. So the computer system searches for unresponsive packets within the network to remove them.

4). Hostintel

A cybersecurity project using Python namely ‘Hostintel’ is a modular-based Python application. This kind of application is used to gather intelligence and used for malicious hosts.

5). Malsub

A Malsub is a Python RESTful-based application programming interface framework used to analyze different services like online malware & threat intelligence.

6). Chepy

A python-based cybersecurity project like Chepy is a python lib/cli that is equal to an amazing CyberChef tool.

Thus, this is all about an overview of Cybersecurity projects for students, beginners using Arduino, python & Raspberry Pi. These projects are essential to get practical experience for enhancing a candidate’s credibility to get a job opportunity because cybersecurity is an enormous field. The expertise & efforts necessary for these cybersecurity projects mainly depend on the capacity of work & also on the objective of your project.