Satellite Communication System

We cannot imagine the world without communication between persons. So without interacting with each other, there is no possibility of knowledge sharing & different ideas cannot be implemented. A novella was written by an American writer namely “Edward Everett Hale” published in the Atlantic Monthly in the years of 1869 to 1870. He is the only person first talked regarding this communication system. But a Royal Air Force officer namely Arthur C. Clarke has prepared the first practical concept and published this in the paper like ‘Extra-Terrestrial Relays’.  The initial artificial satellite was initiated effectively by the Soviet Union in the year 1957 October 4 and called Sputnik 1. The diameter of this is 58 cms & was the main to the communication system. By launching Sputnik 1, the Soviet Union brought into attention with other nations. This article discusses an overview of Satellite Communication system, types and applications.

What is a Satellite Communication System?

The satellite communication definition is, it is one kind of wireless communication which uses artificial satellite to communicate. This kind of communication provides services like voice, internet, video calling, TV, radio channels, Fax, etc. By using this, the communication can be possible for long distances and it can be operated under some conditions and circumstances which are permanent for other kinds of communication. The artificial satellite can be placed within the space to make possible the communication between the different points on the globe.


The communication can be defined as, the transfer of data from one sender to a receiver who responds accordingly. The communication can be possible in layman’s language by using it as a medium among the sender & receiver. Once the receiver gets the signals from the sender, then it decodes and transmits back to the sender to make possible communication method. For instance, communication can be possible using light in an optical communication system, radio signals can be used to communicate in the radio communication system, and telecommunication is used for communication using satellite. This article discusses an overview of the satellite communication system.

Types of Satellite Communication

The satellite-communication can be classified into three types which include the following.

1). Fixed Satellite

This system aids in the data transmitting across the world throughout permanent point on the surface of the earth.


2). Mobile Satellite

This system is used in connecting aircraft, ships at remote places.

3). Research Satellite

This kind of system is mainly useful in different research methods for the researchers. They gather the required data using the research satellite system.

How does it Work?

The satellite communication system block diagram mainly include essential components of a satellite communication system like the earth or ground base & space component. This communication system works on the principles of these components.

In this type of communication, the satellite is arranged at the space to get the signals from the globe by using an antenna. These signals are improved to the best level and after that, they have transmitted again back to the globe using transponders. Then the earth station gets the signals from the satellite, changes again and assists in communication.

Therefore in this type of communication, the satellite assists in the signal transmission from the globe and subsequently back to the globe.

Applications of Satellite Communication System

This type of communication is used in ships, where mobile phones are not operated. So satellite phones are used in communication. The satellite phones, radios, TVs works on the satellite-communication principle. This kind of communication is mainly used in distant areas wherever broadband amenities fail to work.

Thus, this is all about satellite communication. The advantages of this communication mainly include flexibility, easily installed, possibilities of broadcasting, and the network can be controlled by the user. Here is a question for you, what are the drawbacks of satellite communication system?