4, 5, 6 Band Resistor Color Code Calculator by Elprocus

As we know that resistor is a basic component and we can find it in any electronic circuit. The value of the resistance of resistor depends on the type of application it is employed for. Even though advanced resistance measuring devices are available in today’s market, the color code system of resistor always makes us to know easy reading and identifying of its resistance value.

The resistors can be four, five and six band color code, but usually these are four colored bands which can read from left to right starting with the edge side closer band. Decoding of these color bands with corresponding numeric digits for four band resistor is as follows: the first two color bands indicate first two digits and the third color is a multiplier by which first two digits are multiplied and fourth color indicates the tolerance of the resistor.

Example for calculate the resistor color code:

(Band 1) (Band 2) X (Band 3) with tolerance of Band 4

Consider yellow (4), violet (7), orange (1000), gold (+/- 5%) so the value of resistor is 47K ohm with +/- 5% tolerance.

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