Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

The most demanding projects in the engineering field are electronics projects because they are very common for electronics, instrumentation, biomedical, and electrical engineering students. We all know that life without electricity for a single day we cannot imagine because it has become like a part of our life. So, learning the basic concepts of electronics is very essential as well as beneficial. There are different concepts in electronics which deals with different circuits. The concepts may include resistors, capacitors, diodes, integrated circuits, microcontrollers, etc. This article list electronics projects for engineering students. These projects are very helpful for ECE/EIE/EEE students.

Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

The following electronics projects are very useful for ECE and EEE engineering students.

Electronics Projects
Electronics Projects

Voting Machine in Cellular using Microcontroller

At present in elections, EVM or electronic voting machine is used. Here the proposed system is introduced namely cellular-based voting machine using microcontroller. This system includes two units like a voting unit and a master unit. The arrangement of a voting unit can be done anywhere but the master unit can be placed within a control system.
The voting unit includes a DTMF for generating a tone. This tone can be transmitted toward the master unit using the FM transmitter. The master unit includes a DTMF decoder, FM receiver, Display Unit & Microcontroller. This tone can be received through the receiver & decodes by a microcontroller then displays on LCD.

Identification of Power Theft using Micro Controller

Every year, the rate of power theft has been increasing so to the electricity board it has become a big challenge. Because of this reason, the electricity board getting a total of 8% of revenue. To overcome this problem, here is a system namely power theft identification. This project identifies the power theft & intimates to the board via the power line.

Conversion of CD Player from Audio to Video

We know that audio CDs are used to play audio CDs only. These can also be converted to play video CDs. The CD player used for audio has a mechanism to play the CDs of video excluding a MPEG card. This card can be included in the CD player which is readily accessible in the marketplace. This card plays a key role in decomposing the data from CD player & changes into video signals in a proper way before supplying it to the TV.

Detection of Over Speed Automatically

In India, day by day increasing the number of road accidents due to over speed. To overcome this problem, a device is invented namely a speed detector. The main feature of this device is, it operates from the distance of 100m so that over speed the vehicle is simply identified. As compared with the normal speed detector, this detector doesn’t work on the Doppler Effect; however, it works on extremely consistent laser beams. Another benefit of using this device is, it can be used on any kind of road & transferable easily.

RFID Based Door Access Control

The conception of entrance control is brought about by the mean of a card, a parallel card reader, and a control board that is amalgamated with the server. This is a proximity card with a unique ID number incorporated in it. The card reader interprets the data and sends it to the control board, which is a microcontroller. This microcontroller tests the legality of the data with the incorporated server, which abides the database. The attached server is uploaded with the details of the worker for that unique ID number.

The control board confirms whether the person is permitted to enter the precise door or not. If the worker is genuine, then the person is permitted to enter the door.

The workers can be allowed in a particular doorway as per the designation. The entry control is used at this end. RFID technology employs frequencies inside the range of 50 kHz to 2.5 GHz. An RFID mechanism usually comprises the following constituents:

  • An RFID device that encloses data
  • An antenna employed to broadcast the RF signals amid the reader and the RFID machine
  • An RF transceiver that produces the RF indications

A reader that collects RF broadcasts from an RFID machine and passes the data to the host system for further action.

Automatic Solar Tracker

Automatic Solar Tracker
Automatic Solar Tracker

The automatic solar tracker begins to follow the SUN exactly from sunrise, all through the day, till sunset, and begins the work all over again from sunrise the next day. On hazy weather day, it lingers motionless and grasps the SUN yet again as it peeps out of clouds. It does all this mechanically, by employing inexpensive and economical constituents, and is extremely accurate. Let us make out how all this is done.

There are 3 Electronic sections to be elucidated. First is the parallel sensor section. It makes use of the 555 timer IC in the mono-stable approach. Pin 2 or trigger pin of 555 is hooked up with a power separator network. Pin 4 which can be reset is hooked up with an extra power separating network.

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Cell Phone Operated Land Rover

Cell Phone Operated Land Rover
Cell Phone Operated Land Rover

Traditionally, wireless controlled robots make use of RF (radio frequency) circuits, which have their disadvantages of restricted operational range, limited frequency range, and limited control. This project introduces the use of the mobile phone for robotic control.  This technology is more controller friendly as it doesn’t interfere with other controllers and can use up to twelve controls.  It also has the advantages of robust control and provides a working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider. Although the look and capabilities of these robots vary, they share mechanically movable structures under some form of control. The robots are controlled in three phases namely reception, processing, and action. Here preceptors are sensors mounted on the robot and the processing is done by an on-board microcontroller or processor. This robot works either with the help of motors or with some other actuators.

The robot is controlled by making a call on the mobile phone attached to the robot. In the course of the call if any button is pressed a ‘dual-tone multiple-frequency’ (DTMF) tone is heard at the other end of the call. The cell phone mounted on the robot perceives this tone and then the robot processes it by the ATmega16 microcontroller with the help of DTMF decoder MT8870.

Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor Counter

The main aim of this project is to create a controller-based model to calculate the number of human beings tripping any particular space and as a result, illuminate the space. At this juncture, we can make use of sensors and can make out the number of persons present in the space at the moment. In the present world, there is a constant requirement for mechanical appliances with a boost in the standard of living; there is an intellect of importance for creating circuits that would lessen the complications of life. Also if at all one desires to make out the number of individuals present in the room so as not to enclose overcrowding. This circuit is extremely helpful.

PC Based Wireless Appliance Control

The corresponding port of the personal computer is a controlling podium for executing projects transacting with the control of real-world peripherals. It can be utilized to control domestic and other electric appliances. The computer program in the course of the interface circuit manages the relays, which, in return, turn the appliances ON or OFF. Here we explain how to control wireless electric appliances from a distant position by making use of the RF (radio frequency) module.

For this personal computer (PC) based wireless appliance controlling system, you require to intend and build up the necessary hardware & software. The corresponding port of the PC is employed controlling the appliances at the broadcaster side. The RF edge is employed as a substitute for the IR to conquer all the disadvantages of the IR interface. The PC indicators are broadcasted from the RF transmitter and acknowledged by the RF recipient.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger Circuit

This small device makes use of a tiny three-volt solar cell to charge a six volt NiCad battery set which, in return, possibly is employed to charge lots of models of mobile phones and other handy gadgets. The circuit “search” power from the solar battery by keeping it loaded close to 1.5 volts (utmost energy transferable value) and trickle charges the inner battery set with current pulses. The uncomplicated circuit is not as efficient as possible but it handles a reputable 70% at 100 mA from the battery and 30% when the battery is supplying only 25 pretty excellent mA without leaving for a lot additional problem or making use of other foreign or unwanted constituents.

Note: This circuit is planned for making use of a low voltage battery to charge a high voltage battery. Don’t employ it to charge a battery at the equal or low voltage than the cells produce. The circuit desires a battery load to toil efficiently. Various cell phone models have different charging necessities and this charger possibly will not labor with all those models.

Finger Print Based Security System

Finger Print Based Secuirty System
Finger Print Based Security System

This fingerprint project is created to evade the security issues of organizations. In this project, the fingerprint sensor reads the thumbprint of the related individual and that copy will be contrasted with the image registered prior, if both the images are matching, then the fingerprint machine activates precise task such as the right to enter a protected area, detection of the member of staff, etc. The project comprises 2 approaches, the primary one is the master approach and the next is the user approach.

The master approach is employed to record the fresh user and provides the method of permission. The master approach can generate and erase the users from the system. A user approach is a normal approach employed for the verification of a member of staff. In the user approach of permission, the formation and removal of an existing user cannot be done. The key idea of this project is to grant the authentic right of entry to various divisions in a company by reading the employee’s thumbprint.

Wireless Control Of Robotic Arm

The main aim of the robotic arm project is by employing the rf-FSK method to control the robotic arm. The principles mainly employed to develop in designing the industrialized applications which are supple and simply improved to use in the near future.

There is a big issue in a number of industries where a human being cannot toil. This is because the temperature of the industrial room is more than a temperature that is suitable for human working. In order to conquer the difficulty of high-temperature wireless control, the robotic arm was designed. This robotic arm is brought into play for working in those circumstances where human beings cannot work and also the robotic arm can be controlled by bringing into play wireless method which is in trendy these days.

The wireless method employed in our assignment is rf-FSK. This robotic arm circuit is interfaced with a microcontroller (P89C51R2), keypad, and Motors. The motors are connected with each other creating a robot’s arm which is again interfaced with a panel enabled with keys to control.

Electronic Notepad

The main intention of our project is to design & put forward a handy electronic notepad. The notepad will comprise of a touch screen with a storage memory to accumulate data written. This notepad will give the facility to transfer data to a computer as and when required. This transfer is done with the help of software that interprets the data & displays on the screen. The notepad has high accuracy & fast sampling rate which will help in displaying the exact drawing which you made. A microcontroller & SD card is interfaced with the notepad’s circuit. At your command, the microcontroller transfers the data to the SD card of the computer with the help of a serial connection.

Human being Skin as Touch Screen

The mobile industry has brought many revolutionary changes in the field of mobile, from big & bulky handsets to small & portable sets, from keypad operation to touch screen facility. This project aims at using human skin arms or palm or leg as a touch screen panel. All you need to do is wear a band in your wrist, which will display all the data from your mobile to your skin & you can use it as a touch screen technology as in Iphones. To execute further actions you just need to type the command on your skin & with the aid of an acoustic sensor, this sensor reads the command from your skin & executes it. The acoustic sensor is employed to analyze the precise tissue density and extra biometric data from your skin, to decide the kind of command you have specified.

While traveling around the world you may wonder a little & appreciate the structures & other man-made creations then at this time you may thank the technologies of engineering, with the help of engineering theories several revolutionary changes have been made in human life. Regardless of what engineering field you are in–whether it be mechanical, aerospace, electric, electronics, or material handling–engineering procedures are critical as well as interesting.

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Advanced Electronics Projects List

The advanced electronics mini projects list is discussed below.

IR Sensor-based Car Parking Security

This project is used to give an alert to the car driver while parking the car or while he driving in the reverse direction if there is any wall or obstacle occurs.

Circuit Breaker using Password

The design of this project can be done with the help of an 8051 controller. This project is mainly used to deactivate the power supply by entering a secret word.

Remote Control System for Five Channel using Microcontroller

This project is used to design a simple & easy five-channel based remote control system, used to drive 5 different loads. This project uses the IR communication principle.

AT89C51 Microcontroller based Thermometer with Celsius Scale

The designing of this Thermometer can be done using AT89C51 & LM35. This circuit mainly uses the A/D conversion principle. This circuit is used at mobile places, homes for tracking the temperature.

Door Bell based on the Detection of Object

This doorbell project is used to detect the object that helps in sensing the existence of a person automatically & generates the doorbell.

Breaking Alarm through Wire Loop

This project works like a continuity tester device to test the stability of the wire. It is an essential tool to ensure broken wires as well as shorting of wires.

ICL7107 based Digital Voltmeter Circuit

This project is used to design an A/D converter that works like a digital voltmeter with less power. It uses an ICL7107 A/D converter that includes a 7-segment decoder, a CLK, a reference & display drivers.

Charger Circuit for Battery using Solar Energy

This circuit is used to charge a rechargeable Lead-acid battery with 6V, 4.5 mAh with the help of a solar panel. This charger includes the regulation of voltage, current & facility of over voltage cut off. At constant voltage, this circuit is used to charge any kind of battery at a stable voltage due to adjustable output voltage.

Robot for Detecting Human with 8051 Microcontroller

This project is used to design a robot for detecting the human with the help of a human detection sensor. This robot can be operated manually with the help of a PC. The technology used in this project is RF wireless technology. By using this technology, data transmission can be done.

Home Automation System through DTMF

The proposed system like an automation system for home using DTMF will help in controlling different appliances in the home. So DTMF plays a key role in controlling the appliances.

GSM based Electronic Notice Board Wirelessly

This project is designed with GSM technology using a microcontroller. Here microcontroller plays a key role in displaying the data on liquid crystal display, the data which we transmit through the mobile.

Audio Mixer Circuit through Multi-Channel

The circuit-like audio mixing includes two MIC inputs as well as two line inputs. If we want to enhance the input channels based on the usage then the additional circuits can be added in parallel to this circuit.

Power Generation through Footstep

The proposed system namely generating power through footstep is used to charge mobile phones.

Solar Panel based Robotic Vehicle Controlled through RF

The project Solar panel-based robotic vehicle-controlled through RF is used to monitor an area. This robot can be built with a solar panel and a camera with 350 degrees. This robot can be controlled through RF and mainly used for security purposes.

Alarm Generation Anti-Sleep Truck Drivers

This project designs an alarm system for anti-sleep drivers. This system is used to check the eye movement of the driver continuously. If this system detects that the vehicle driver in a sleepy condition, then an alarm can be generated to give an alert to the vehicle driver to the person to awake from the sleepy condition.

Electronics Mini Projects

The list of mini electronics projects for engineering students includes the following.

Street Light Project

This simple project is mainly used for designing a street light system. This street light will turn OFF in day time and turn ON at night time. This project is designed with an LDR or light-dependent sensor. In order to detect the light that is required to make a decision when to deactivate or activate the circuit. In this project, LDR uses the principle like the occurrence of light will cause the resistance of the LDR sensor to set off low. This circuit can be changed by using LEDs instead of a lamp. This project is very simple to design and not expensive.

SCR based Charger for Battery

In electronics, this is one of the simple projects. In this project, a simple circuit is designed for charging the batteries. An SCR or Silicon Controlled Rectifier is utilized for rectifying the mains voltage for charging the battery. This circuit can be designed with fundamental transistor switching techniques & different electrical and electronic components are used which are obtainable in different electronics shops.

Detector Circuit for Air Flow

This project is mainly used to make an indicator so that the airflow rate can be illustrated in a given space. The detection of airflow can be done with the help of a filament of an incandescent bulb. The changes because of the resistance change within the incandescent because of the airflow are set to the input of an LM339 op-amp.

Water Level based Alarm Circuit

This project is used to generate an alarm once the water level increases above a fixed level. This circuit is designed with a basic astable-multivibrator designed with an IC 555 timer.

A resistance probe is placed on a position where the alarm is turned ON, once the water level increase to the set level. This circuit uses fewer components & it can be simply connected on a printed circuit board.

Alarm Circuit for Fire with Low Cost

This project is used to detect fire and generates an alarm. Therefore, it gives an alert to the people where it is connected in the building. A BC177 transistor is used to detect the temperature generated because of the fire. A preset level can be set aside for the transistor. Once the temperature increases beyond the fixed level, then the leakage current from the transistor increases, therefore other transistors within the circuit can function. This circuit uses a relay for switching the bell load. The components used for the circuit can be attained simply & this circuit is very simple to design.

FM Radio Circuit with Single Chip

This is a simple project mainly applicable to engineering students. A TDA7000 IC is used in this circuit with an FLL (Frequency-Locked-Loop) system with a 70 kHz frequency. This circuit is very simple to design and low cost.

Circuit for Digital Stop Watch

This project includes a digital watch that can be designed with a 555 timer IC as well as a 4-bit digit counter IC. The IC used in this project is IC MM&4C926 & a 7-segment display. The assembling of this circuit can be done on PCB easily.

High &Low Voltage Cut-off through Delay & Alarm

This project is used as a simple project as well as a major project at a home for electrical appliances. This project is used to defend high voltage fluctuations. This circuit can be designed with simple electronic components such as diodes, LED, transistors, and a monostable multivibrator with an IC 555 timer. This circuit can also be changed to an automatic voltage stabilizer with some easy modification in the circuit.

Switch Circuit Activated through Light

This circuit is designed with a comparator LM311 & an LDR The LDR output is given to the inverting terminal of the comparator. When there is no light at LDR, the resistance will be high similarly, when the light falls on LDR, then the resistance will be dropped. So the voltage will be reduced at the input terminal of the comparator. So the comparator generates high o/p so that transistor will be turned ON to make the relay ON.

Indicator for Incoming Call in Mobile

This project is used to run away from the annoyance of mobile rings when we are at home. This project gives a visual sign when it is placed close to a mobile phone even if the ring is disabled.

Wireless Lock System through OTP

This project uses OTP (one-time password) for the locking system with Bluetooth & Arduino. Once an unauthorized person tries to open it, it will generate an OTP every time. A key-based locking system is not used because there is a chance of key robbery or loss. So to overcome this, an OTP based wireless locking system is designed. By using this, all the problems & security threats can be reduced.

Infrared Contactless Thermometer using Phone

At present, checking the human body regularly is essential without connecting the measuring device. So, an infected person is detected instantly without spreading the illness. Here, a measuring device for temperature measurement without contact like a thermometer is necessary everywhere.

At present, a contactless thermometer based on Bluetooth is developed. It has the capacity of thermal screening which is incorporated into our mobile phones. So, to change our mobiles into a contactless thermometer, initially, we need to attach our mobiles to a sensor using Bluetooth for providing us the reading of temperature within an app. By using USB also we can obtain data on our phone from the sensor.

Digital Electronics Projects

Digital electronics can be defined as the study of digital signals and the devices which use or generates digital signals. This is quite dissimilar to analog signals as well as analog devices. Generally, the designing of digital electronic circuits can be done using logic gates which are frequently enclosed in ICs. Please refer to this link to know more about Digital Electronics Projects.

Digital Electronics Projects
Digital Electronics Projects

Biomedical Electronics Projects

The concepts in the biomedical projects mainly include different design concepts of biology and medicine used for healthcare purposes like diagnostic/therapeutic. The applications of biomedical engineering mainly comprise the expansion of biocompatible prostheses, different therapeutic & diagnostic medical devices like clinical, micro-implants, and common imaging devices like EEGs & MRIs. Biomedical electronics projects are discussed below.

Health Monitoring of Patient using GSM

The proposed system is used to monitor the health condition of the patient like pulse rate, temperature, and humidity using sensors. These sensors get information from the health parameters. Once the sensors get the data, it sends it to the Microcontroller. After that, the microcontroller transmits to the user through an SMS with the help of a GSM modem. Finally, this data can be displayed over LCD. If the readings of the patient on display are abnormal then an alarm can be generated.

Baby Incubator based on SMS & GSM

The proposed system is designed with GSM technology and used in hospitals. This system uses two sensors like temperature & humidity. Once the temperature of a baby increases above the threshold level, then an SMS can be sent to the doctor/caretaker.

Arduino &IOT based Health Monitoring of Patient

The proposed system can be designed with an Arduino board & IoT. In this project, various parameters can be monitored with the help of IoT. So, the patient’s real-time parameters are transmitted to the cloud through the connection of the Internet to a remote location. So finally the user can check the patient details from anyplace in the world.

Ambulance Tracker through GPS

Ambulance tracking is very important because a min delay can lead to the life or death of a person. To overcome this problem, the proposed system is designed namely an ambulance tracker using GPS technology. At present, the GPS tracking system is applied to ambulances. So that the user can track the availability of ambulance near to the location of the patient. So that ambulance can be sent from the hospital to the location of the patient in less time.

Tracking System for Soldiers

Worldwide, the security of the nation mainly depends on the navy, army, and air force. But army soldiers play a key role. There are many worries regarding soldier security. Once any soldier enters into the enemy lines then it is very important to the army base station for knowing the health status and location of all soldiers. To overcome this problem, this project is used to track the soldier and his health condition during the war.

Router for Telephone

This router for telephone projects can be designed with a microprocessor-based system. This system is used for routing telephone calls to a variety of parties through initializing specified switches. This is a very helpful device particularly for the areas where telephone density is very poor.

Local PCO Meter

The proposed system namely the local PCO meter is used for barring Mobile, STD & ISD calls. After the required interval, this project automatically cuts the call but before cutting the call this system will generate a beep sound so that customers will alert and continue the call.

The list of some more biomedical electronics projects includes the following

  • Bio-monitoring through ECG & BP
  • Handy ECG
  • Galvanic Response of Skin
  • Dynamometer for Muscle Strength
  • ECG Signals Transmission through Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Simulator of ECG
  • Heart Rate and Temperature Monitoring of Patient
  • Function Test of Digital Pulmonary with Microcontroller.
  • Acquisition and Analysis of EMG
  • Non-invasive Glucometer
  • Monitoring System for Biomedical
  • GSM based Monitoring of Patient
  • Monitoring of Infant
  • Failure of Chronic Renal Early Detection
  • ECG Monitor
  • Alarm Messenger for Thermo
  • BP Monitor through Digitally
  • Hemocratic Analyzer through Multiparameter
  • Therapy Unit of Ultrasonic

The agriculture-based projects in electronics include the following.

  • Seed Sow Machine for Multipurpose
  • Digital weather station using GSM
  • Mini Powered Tiller & Weeder Development
  • Harvesting Machine for Wheat
  • Automation of Public Garden
  • Tracking System for Solar Panel
  • The computing of Liquid Level &Storage Device
  • Arecanut Climber Machine Development
  • Data Storage based Digital Weather Station
  • Agri Vehicle Operated through Remotely
  • Harvester of Sugarcane
  • Controlling of Device through GSM & SMS
  • Harvesting Machine for Maize
  • Data Acquisition System for 4 Channels through Microcontroller
  • Pesticide Sprayer Robotic
  • Power Transformers Condition Monitoring
  • Data Logger using Microcontroller
  • Seed Sow Machine Operated Manually
  • Monitoring & Controlling of Greenhouse Environment through GSM
  • Tracking System for Animals through GPS
  • Detection of Toxic Gas through GSM technology
  • Android-based Controlling & Monitoring of Greenhouse Environment
  • Information System for Weather Report through SMS
  • Monitoring & Controlling System of Greenhouse
  • IoT & Arduino based Reporting System for Weather

Electronics Projects using Arduino

Arduino is a very famous open-source board used for developing electronics projects as well as prototypes in a simple manner. There are different kinds of development boards in Arduino namely Arduino UNO, Nano, Mega, Pro Mini, etc. All these boards are based on AVR series microcontrollers. Here is the list of electronics projects using the Arduino board for engineering students.

  • Industrial Automation using Arduino & Joystick
  • IoT & Arduino based Noise Detector through Recording System Automatically
  • Arduino based Fan Speed Controller based on Temperature
  • Window Alarm Annunciator using Arduino Uno
  • Arduino based Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity
  • Wireless Frequency Meter using an Arduino
  • Digital IC Tester through Arduino & MATLAB
  • Arduino based GPS Tracker
  • Oscilloscope using PC & Arduino
  • Audio Meter using Arduino
  • Robot Controlled through Arduino & RF
  • Arduino & MATLAB based Light Animations
  • Arduino based LEDs Flashing
  • Arduino based Radio with Alarm Clock
  • Controlling of Fancy Lights using Arduino

Analog Electronics Projects Ideas

The study of continuously variable signal or analog signal or the devices which use or generate analog signals is known as analog electronics. The list of analog

  • Relay Circuit for Polarity Stabilizer
  • Walkie Talkie using Xbee
  • Delay Circuit through Adjustable
  • Analog Scale based Barometer
  • IC 741 based Circuit for Dark Switch
  • Potentiometer with PWM
  • Relay Switch Activated through Light
  • Arduino based Small Linear Actuator Control
  • Amplifier Circuit for Phone Ring
  • Analog Style CLK using OLED Display
  • Tester Circuit for Op-Amp
  • IC 555 based Domino Effect
  • Circuit for Mosquito Repellent
  • Transmission Circuit for Laser Sound
  • Analog Sensor Design with Microchip’s RN487x Module
  • Low-Resistance Meter Design
  • RF Inductors Selection through Key Parameters
  • Touchless MIDI Controller Design using Arduino
  • Generation of Waveform with High Speed using a DAC & an MCU
  • Class-D Power Amplifier Design
  • Analog Alarm for Holiday Season
  • Arduino based DC Motor Control
  • Camera System Activated through PIR Motion of an Arduino
  • Power Supply for Mixed-Signal Systems
  • IR Tracker Design through a Stepper Motor & a PICAXE 14M2
  • Ring Light based on LED Photography
  • Negative Voltage Generator Design
  • Robot for Transferring & Recording Audio Signals
  • High-Precision Waveform Generation through a Custom PCB & DAC
  • Programming of Custom Microcontroller & Testing Board
  • Robot Protection through Detecting Automatic Collision
  • Function Generator Design with AD9833 Analog Devices
  • Weighing Scale Design with a Microcontroller & a Load Cell

The list of electronic projects for home use includes the following. These are simple and low-cost electronics projects.

  • Indicator for Water Level
  • Door Lock System through Password
  • Home Appliances Control through Remote Password
  • Automatic Room Lights through PIR & Arduino
  • PIR & Arduino based System for Automatic Door Opener
  • Christmas Tree Lights through Arduino:
  • Visitor Counter in Bidirectional
  • DC Fan Controlled through Temperature
  • Automatic Light Switch in Washroom
  • High Power LED-based Auto Night Lamp
  • Circuit for Mobile Jammer
  • Panic Alarm
  • Alarm Circuit Operated through Remote
  • SCR based Battery Charger
  • The detector of Cell Phone
  • Portable Light Powered through Battery
  • Alarm Circuit for Rain
  • Irrigation System for Plant
  • Controller Circuit for Hot Water in Geyser
  • Mobile Charger through USB
  • Repellent Circuit for Mosquito
  • Jammer Circuit for FM Radio
  • Electronic Letter Box:
  • Opener or Closer Circuit for Curtain
  • Dimmer Circuit for LED Lamp
  • Home Appliances Control through Cell Phone

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Thus, this is all about an overview of electronics projects for engineering students which includes advanced, mini, digital electronics, projects for home use, analog electronics, Arduino based, agriculture-based, biomedical projects, etc.

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    hi i’m ece 3rd year student and i want to make project on the human being skin as a touch screen. pls give me suggestions and guide me

  22. GIRISH KUMAR D S says:

    I want a DIY for Bird (Pigeon Control) . To scare birds using light and proximity switches

  23. Hi! Im an ECE student and in need of thesis topics. Thank you!

  24. Im studying BE ROBOTICS can u suggest me some very innovative projects based on my field

  25. amol jire says:

    sir am entc student please suggest me project ideas on the bases of latest technology

  26. KEERTHI VK says:

    sir, i like to do some innovative projects which will help the society.. can you suggest some ideas based on that?

  27. sir,i want program for automatic light controller with visit counter ?

  28. Sir , I want a best and latest android project and I am from IT engineering

  29. Vivek Chavan says:

    Am a BE electronics student, I want some new and innovative project ideas which can be implemented in real time also and which are possible to do at student level, please sir reply asap

  30. Aishwarya Shende says:

    Sir I want list of projects on electronics for mega project

  31. pranav jothi m says:

    hello sir im doing 2nd year ece i would like to do a mini project based on electronics.so i want some ideas…

  32. hello sir, i am ME E& TC student I want to do project related with embedded system please guide me.

  33. Hai sir am suresh doing M.tech dairy engineering
    i wanna details about designing of a motor powered only by permanent magnets without utilizing other sources like fuel, if possible please forward.
    thanking you sir

  34. jeff kamau says:

    i am an Msc in electronics & Instrumentation and am looking for a final project either in Msc or Instrumentation. any idea please

  35. Sajor Barrie says:

    hello all..is free version of keil microvision ide software availale on the net? if yes can someone plz help in getting the site and all relevant informations. Regards, hope to hear from anyone of you asap.

    1. S.Pavithran says:

      Hello sir, im doing MSc physics, i would like to do a project ideas based in solar energy..

      1. Tarun Agarwal says:

        Hi Pavithran
        I can suggest you some projects based on solar-like irrigation, sun-tracking solar panels, measurement systems, LED street lights, etc

  36. dipak yadav says:

    i am dipak studying eee 3rd year want an new idea for project in electrical and with embedded system

  37. Vijay Pawar says:

    Sir I am M.Sc. Physics student. I want to do
    project related with embedded system which has more application .Please guide me.

  38. Hello sir, am neha s. am M TECH student. need project related to Image Processing.

  39. Hi m sneha
    I wanna do a project
    M in 3rd year engineering
    Project based on PIC microcontroller and data aquisition system
    plz suggest me some innovative ideas for electronic project

  40. I need a project ideas in PLS and SCADA or DCS

  41. sir..please help me..i need any idea or project that used PIC

  42. hello mr tarun agarwal .iam bhargavi i need a suggestion from u so plss say me about a nice project in electronics n iam a final year student of diploma so plss help me out plssss

    1. sir i need to do a M.E projects so i am doing on a embedded system can u send any titles with more advanced projects in the domain sir pls send quickly bcoz i have a review on coming monday sir

  43. kailash telamwar says:

    sir i need help for electronic notepad project. in above list no.9 this project is abstract is given. but there is not given description of ckt,how to make.
    i like this project very much

  44. Mr. Raj...!!! says:

    Hello Sir I’m E&TC BE Final yr student…!!!
    Sir I Just need only on Hardware Based (not software) Electronics Project…!!!

  45. hello sir/mam!
    i need to do the mini project, for that can u suggest me for few topics related with wireless communication

  46. sir i want a project ideas by which videos and images or any file from phone to transfer on computer same like bluetooth

  47. kavita sharma says:

    hello sir, i am ec final year student.please send me latest project list.

  48. sir/madam give me list b.tech & m.tech electrical & power electronic based project final year latest and old project,and send solar based power electronic project

  49. mahanand mishra says:

    sir I want to make a digital fuel meter for detecting the frauds at petrol stations as a my final year project …but m unable to got any data or method for implementing this pls provide me tools for above

  50. sunilhuar says:

    sir related to dis project i need some information and also send me the latest project ideas n project title for eee final year related ………

  51. Ramandeep Singh says:

    Sir I need a latest idea for a major project mobile phone based. please give me a fresh idea. Thank you.

  52. Divya lakshmi says:

    Dear sir

  53. Am a b.e student…i want to do a mini project which will b very very useful with an outstanding performance.so could u suggest such any brilliant mini projects for electronics

  54. jayanarthani says:

    sir, i am eee 3rd year student i got a gpa 8.4 i am one of the toper of my deparement . but i do no how i make a project any tips for how i am thinking logically

  55. i want full details on project topic RFID based door access control plz send as early as possible plzzzzzzz……

  56. sir
    i am a student of engineering physics. could you tell me any electronics project requiring involvement of physics concepts.
    could you also tell me about various research oriented projects in electronics..

  57. tharani.s.l says:

    i am doing M.E in power system.i need some new ideas to do project based on power system.please send me as soon as possible.
    thank you

  58. sree lakshmi says:

    can u plz suggest me the project ideas which are not yet implemented till now and its abstract and cost. awaiting ur reply

  59. Lokesh Singh says:

    hello sir
    i am b.tech final year student. i want to make a innovative project which will be used in future scope like defense, automation etc.
    give me some suggestion .
    Thank you.

  60. hi sir,
    I wanted to do my final year project, so i needed your help to guide me how to select a latest good project since confused about many projects displayed.please guide me

  61. soundiravalli says:

    Hi sir i am a second year ece student clearly i don’t know how to make mini projects.will you please give me some ideas about that and give some new projects to me,it is very helpful in my studies.thank you sir

  62. sir, please give me complete details of how to use human skin as touchscreen and the necessary circuit components and design

  63. Hello Sir,
    I want to do “Human being skin as touch screen” project, but i could not find any more information related to the said project in the contents. Please provide me the abstract along with block diagram and also the cost of Project.

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Akhilesh,

      We regret to inform you that we will not be able to fulfill your requirement.

      Thanks and Regards

      Mobile: +91 9959178000

  64. sir
    myself AKKOSH doing my M.TECH in communication systems 2nd year. i would like to do an innovative project in the circuit design concept so kindly send me any topics regarding this.
    waiting for your reply

  65. karan soni says:

    sir please send us some new concepts on embedded systems merged with communication

  66. Dear sir

    i am doing research in electronics and instrunentation.
    Please help me for research topic.

  67. yuvapriya says:

    i am 1st year EEE student. i need some easy projects

    1. please search in google my child. . . . . . . . . . .

  68. I am in last year of electronics engg. i want some new and advanced projects.
    Sir can you suggest some new ideas for our final year project.
    i would like something related to the zibee or else.
    thank you.

  69. can i have a simple project where to control the irrigation system for different type of crops using the same device

  70. Parth Patel says:

    I need project related wireless ,energy generation,image processing,satellite related projects.
    please send me some good,interesting topics related above topics

  71. nagulmeera says:

    sir i want finger print based passport project abstract pls send me

  72. sir …i am doing ME communication system … suggest me some new project ideas in any type of communication…pls send to my email

  73. sir, I am in BE E&TC searching for projects can you suggest me new technology and industrial required project idaes..
    Please sir
    thank you

  74. sir i am right now in te
    so need to do a mini project so need ideas for it
    wht i am intrested is tht the project as i do a mini project tht i would like to carry out as a final project for my be so need a project thts something new nd can be develped more for the final year i am mostly intrested in robotics solar nd something inventional tht u can suggest me

  75. Navananeetha D says:

    Respected sir,
    I am doing Final ECE.I want some innovative and best projects ideas to do for my final project and and also some new innovattive mini projects for the Esd lab purpose.So, please send me some new ideas to my mail id as soon as possible sir.

  76. Aalam pathan says:

    I am doing diploma in EC branch. for my main project I wish to do the some innovative and new project related to embedded and micro controller using sensors .I need topics, so please mail the topics and help me.

    I will thankful to you.

  77. hello,
    can you please suggest some good final year projects for EXTC branch??
    i want to make project related to RADAR and RF field. please give some suggestions.

  78. Vyas Khushbu says:

    hiiii sir,
    I M Khushbu ,peresuig EC 4th year….
    Please suggest me some latest n innovative final year projects related to embedded systems n PLC OR Wireless modules

  79. chirag prajapati says:

    give me some ideas for embedded based projects

  80. vaishnavi says:

    I m BE student of e&Tc .sir,i m interested in making project in image processing or in communication field .Plz suggest me project list for the same.

  81. hai sir iam studying ece 3rd yr i want to do some new mini projects so give a ideas to me whats is the latest trends is going on ece on now a days …. and iwant some new projects sir

  82. dear sir ,
    plz send me new project ideas on electronics

  83. dear sir,
    i want new project ideas on electronics so plz mail me as soon as possible

  84. sir i like ur all project…
    sir i m in final year in ETC…
    I nees some new projects n new ideas about projects

  85. Hello sir
    . I am the student of B.E. final yr extc…so please send me some new project topic and ideas…

  86. Please send me the latest project idea based on PIC micro controller ,embedded ,matlab based for Mtech and Btech

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Prasad,

      Please check your mail we had sent you the attachment to your mail id prj989@gmail.com check it out.

  87. Please mail me the latest project ideas based on PIC microcontroller ,matlab ,embedded and andriod for Mtech and Btech its urgent

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Prasad,

      Please check your mail we had sent you the attachment to your mail id prj989@gmail.com check it out.

  88. sir am studying Bsc electronics 3rd year
    I need some latest projects on communication technology for my major project.
    please send me some list of projects

  89. please give some new and popular projects idea and circuit diagram

    1. p. Ramgopal Varma says:

      Sir I hope u r the best tutior in devolping my knowledge towards electronics&communication sir I am poor &have interest in doing Projects how can I do Projects with low cost plz guide me..thank you sir…

  90. sir,i want wireless communication based project list..
    plz send me….

    1. suma ma’m please contact me , i want help about project

  91. sir/madam
    I am doing M.tech ECE . for my main project I wish to do the some innovative and new project related to embedded and micro controller using sensors .I need topics, so please mail the topics and help me.I will thankful to you.

  92. shanthini says:

    I am a final year electronics and instrumentation student.will you kindly send me the circuit diagram for automatic solar tracker and solar mobile phone charger cicuit.
    please kindly send me the circuit.

  93. hai..this site is so nice..and i need miniproject …especially in lic…purely using IC s and sensors…without using microcontroller..will u help me?

  94. helo sir,
    am a student of 3rd yr EIE, i want to know some innovative ideas for the projects on voice activated sensors….

  95. Nikhil Choudhary says:

    Sir/mam, i am a final year student and i want some innovative big projects.
    Also,detail description of project- wireless contol of robotic arm.
    Thank you

  96. Jaya Sree says:

    please send me full details like circuit diagram,requirements .And also suggest the order of preference(1) which will be more easy (2)less expensive. “Automatic Solar Tracker ” , “Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor Counter ” & “Solar mobile phone charger circuit”.

  97. sir im final year student . i need a innovative projects to do help me soon.

  98. sir i m doing 3rd yr ece.i m interest to do a new mini project give some idea to me sir plz

  99. hello sir, i’m student in eng. tech electronics in sixth semester… im doing my FYP but still searching on the topics, on our campus, we’re focusing on industries implement or agriculture project… i need your help and suggestion… thank you

  100. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am doing B.E/ECE Final year so i wish to do the some innovative and latest projects related to embedded and micro controller topics so please help me.

  101. more info about Finger Print Based Security System

  102. Hello Sir,
    I am doing B.E/ECE Final year so i wish to do the some innovative and latest projects related to embedded and microcontroller topics so plz help me..

  103. ashfaq ahmed says:

    i am,a student of BE 2nd year and i am interested. In doing a mini project. In my core subject i need a help from you to make something which make me perfect in my subject.

      1. place send me best project data ,

  104. sir am a eee final year student i need some topics or not implemented projects in power system

  105. sir,i am a 3rd year btech ae&i student.i want to do a miniproject based on my core branch which should be a new idea and also helpful in our dailylife.
    pls help me..

  106. kalaimahal says:

    i am pursuing BE ECE (final year).i wish to do some new innovative projects in digital image processing and embedded system….please send me some topics that could help me to do a nice project.

  107. Mr. allan says:

    dear sir, i just wanted to know whether you have any working circuit idea of LED or any other light technology, which can be designed on the shinning dress and dances according to the music beats played. I am a teacher in the international school, and designing a dress for the dance with light effects. i am indeed looking for a circuit which can control the lights on the dress as the music plays. just like an equalizer which we find music players.
    My contact No. is : 9611454680 (Bangalore)

  108. sir/madam
    i am 3 rd year student from E & TC branch,i want project which is core+software based and which is very latest.plz send me the topics for the same,
    thanking you.

  109. sir, im in my 3rd year ME BE. I have to do a project based on my core branch…..i want you to give some innovative and feasible ideas for it,which will be simple but efficient and not yet in practice.

  110. sir, im in my 3rd year ECE Btech. I have to do a project based on my core branch…..i want you to give some innovative and feasible ideas for it,which will be simple but efficient and not yet in practice.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent a mail to you with list of latest projects, please check it and let me know if you require any additional information.

    2. Ishfaq Sultan says:

      sir i am a 4th sem student of Msc electronics. I want some ideas about recent projects

  111. sir , can u send me more project ideas on microcontrollers and gsm based new projects…

  112. Hai sir. Iam brunda from Final ece. sir I want very latest electronics projects that seems to be very new. Sir please mail me or provide me link. pls help me sir. its urgent.

  113. Sir,please provide me with abstact of Automatic Room Light Controller with Bidirectional Visitor Counter,urgent

  114. anjali janardhanan says:

    please suggest me the latest and creative projects……..iam totally confused and i have litte time to think…so plz help me…………..

  115. Hii sir..can you give me details about solar mobile phone charger circuit..am also intrstd in virtual keyboard..is der anyway by wich it can be implmntd..

  116. i need the complete details of finger print based security system

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Too old a project and is now available commercially at small price.

  117. ashwani singh says:

    sir , please give me information about solar power generation using sps technology and wireless power transmission and also send full project like ckt. material required and how to make project etc.. I will thankfull to you.

  118. its really helpfull for us,and give some more based projects

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent a mail with project model number, could you please check and let me know if you require any additional information.

  119. Vinay hegde says:

    sir i am a telecommunication engg student. please suggest me innovative ideas for final year project ( it would b beter if it helps indian army)..

  120. pritam saini says:


  121. hai sir i would like to know about some projects which are not yet implemented in Indian and is something simple to be done for a college student

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent a mail to you with details, please check and let me know if you require any additional information.

  122. Nauman Latif says:

    Sir i am the student of University of Gujrat in Punjab, Pak.And i want to make the security system for this university.I want to finish the university students cards and replace it in thumbs impression.I have total idea about it.But i want to receive a little information about electronics devices, can you help me? With great regard.
    Nauman Latif s/o Muhammad Latif. University Roll# 12014854-053

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Thumb sensing modules with go / no-go logical output available in the market can be used.

  123. neenu moham says:

    sir can u plz help me in suggesting some recent projects ideas
    in electronics and instrumentation which is innovative..

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent mail to you with list of project ideas related to your requirement, kindly check and let me know if you need any additional information.

  124. Mahendra kumar says:

    Sir Plz tell me how design the ELECTRONIC NOTEPAD.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Use ARM / Cortex STM 32

  125. sir/mam.
    pls help for a novel ideas to do project in 3 yr .i am in e.c.e. it would be nice if the project idea is interesting too.

  126. sir can u plz help me in suggesting some recent projects related to robotics which is a little bit easier and innovative?????plz send me circuit diagram and requirements(specifications) of wireless control of robotic arm????

  127. ruhi borah says:

    hello sir,
    the projects given are really good. can you please suggest some more ideas on instrumentation projects??

  128. sir, pl give me detail that how to design AUTOMATIC SOLAR TRACKER for my final year i want to design this project…

  129. Uma Shanker says:

    sir,can you tell me 8051 based latest project.
    or new project topics for ece

    1. pooja pawar says:

      I am studing in final year of B.E. in electronic and telecommunication engineering. Please suggest us a final year project based on digital image processing

  130. How to make the Cell Phone Operated Land Rover and where and how to insert the program code


  132. sir ,can yo plz help me out to come out with a good project……..i would like something in image processing and microprocessor……VLSI also wil do….probably some thing that was made but fail due to some reason……or new ideas

  133. Awanti.Shende says:

    i want to prepare a mini and cheapest project which is related to electronics…..and i need your guidance for this…please help me for this.

  134. can u send me new project ideas in electronics with details….

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      HI Pooja, Please check out this latest project ideas, you can direct download abstract information. Kindly let me know if you need more information.

  135. can u send me some new project ideas in electronic trade for my final year project…

  136. hardi dave says:

    thankkkzzzz for helpppp

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Most welcome, we would like to suggest you that visit our social profiles and like us to get interesting regular updates.

  137. i am in need of some project….the problem is teacher want us to do some improvement in whatever has been done or else find new idea.
    i want electronics project which is very new
    please help me.
    i have only one day time to decide and i couldn’ t find anything

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Hi Rinku, Please check your inbox for reply. We have sent good projects information which are new. Kindly like us at facebook so that you can get regular updates about electronics projects.

      1. I want it to0oo… if u can inbox me… or send me the link here…

      2. Team ElProCus says:

        We have sent a mail to you with details, please check and let me know if you require any additional information.

  138. i need some thing advanced

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Please check your box, we have sent latest project ideas. Kindly like us at facebook to get more project ideas.

  139. thanks for sharing ur ideas with us sir….
    Sir i want to make the robot which is controled by mobile ….and also the robot must be made up off common things which we use on our day today lyf…….
    Sir plz me on this ……

  140. The only site where the admin reply to every comment. keep it up.
    I liked your ideas and i had some my own idea.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Thank you so much Ashish, your comments boosts us very much to provide more valuable information through our blog. We love your support.

  141. Thank you for sharing such interesting projects.But can you suggest me a project based on embedded system and digital image processing.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Sorry we do not deal with image processing projects.

  142. wanted basic source of this circuit…..

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Which project circuit you are talking about?

  143. cell phone operated land rover how we can made please give some idea sir….

  144. Some great ideas here 🙂 Can’t wait to see solar mobile phone charger circuit and the automatic room light controller in action 🙂 Long live innovation!

  145. Pawan Bahuguna says:

    All are the latest projects, Thanks for sharing.

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