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by Tarun Agarwal 2 years ago

BSS138 MOSFET : Working & Its Applications

From many years we know various 3.3Volts devices such as ESP8266, ESP32, HC-05 Bluetooth module, Nokia 5110 LCD, BMP180 barometric pressure sensor, etc. To connect a 3.3V SPI or I2C 3.3 Volts to a 5 Volts device like Arduino which supports...

NRF24L01 Module
by Tarun Agarwal 2 years ago

What is NRF24L01 : Pin Configuration & Its Working

In modern communication, wireless transmission of received serial data is provided by the RF transmitter at the rate of 1Kbps to 10Kbps. While the transmitted data is received by the RF receiver. The operating frequency range of the RF...