Electronics Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

Electronics Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the effects and behavior of electrons to build systems, innovative device, small or big components or equipment for integrated circuits, transistors that brings into play electricity as their driving force.

While engaged in electronics & electrical engineering course, emphases is laid down on all round development of the student, instead of just making them a book worm. To make studies more interesting, students are required to submit projects. Hence it is extremely vital to get hold over a project idea that is innovative, fresh & socially useful. Edgefx offers you the most excellent ideas over engineering projects with complete, specific reference bits and pieces. With an objective to give power to the students and teachers, we are providing here wide-ranging engineering project ideas.

One can easily download the abstract of projects that too absolutely free from our website. We have laid down all the project ideas keeping in mind students of ECE and EEE. The list of project ideas laid below is a complete mixture of many branches & sub-branches of engineering such as embedded, electrical, robotics, communication, solar, sensor based, etc. we also have categorized the projects under these divisions like 8051 microcontroller, PIC, DTMF, GSM based, PC supported, etc.

If you need more detailed information about any of the below given electronics projects, just mail back to us with all your concerns & queries at tarun@edgefxkits.in. Our experts are always glad to help scholars to achieve their desired goal. You can also mail us with any new project idea or any suggestion that can help us improve.


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  1. I want the best projects can you suggest me plzzz

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Tharun
      The best projects are IOT based projects

  2. I am Msc electronic student i need a new topic for my final year project

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Aiswarya
      Please refer to our blog once for electronic projects topics.

  3. Jaya bharathi.R says:

    Sir I am final year student for ece dept….I have one dout….wiresless electronic LCD notice board using GSM technology …..IEEE base paper pls send sir

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Jaya Bharati
      We are very sorry to inform you that we cannot provide you with the base paper.

  4. Shyam Taur says:

    Hi sur I have need a project for collage competition please suggest any big electronic and telecommunication based project for that

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Shyam Taur
      Please refer our blog once for IOT based projects.

  5. Sir , I’m a final year student.. I’m confused in choosing the topic of the project.

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hello Madhu,
      Thanks for the response.
      As per your query please read our articles based on Latest project Ideas.
      Hope these articles will help you.

    2. Karthik D says:

      Yes sir I’m confused and I don’t know what to do in my final year project , can you get me some ideas ?
      Here I’m on electronics and instrumentation engineering , final year at (some private college)

      1. Tarun Agarwal says:

        Hi Karthik
        There are many projects for you like embedded, internet of things, etc.

  6. Rani Parmar says:

    Hello sir I want some project names of ENTC please tell me

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Rani Parmar
      ENTC is nothing but electronics and telecommunication. Please refer our blog once for electrical, electronic project topics.

  7. nida jamil says:

    i want new ideas for circuit designing project like projects on pcb or circuit which is working

  8. Mayuri parab says:

    I want to make foot step power generation project can you please send me the project description with abstract please

  9. Mumin Majeed says:

    Sir , please give me idea about any smart major project on which research can be made.

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      HI Mumin
      Please refer our blog once for technical information

  10. Hlo sir dis s rashika, I need some innovative ideas to do my major project on communication or embedded. I’m studying 4rth year Ece.

  11. Can you give List of Labview and Matlab based EEE projects.

  12. agent0698 says:

    Any new electrical projects to work with??

  13. vishnupriya says:

    Hi, this is VISHNUPRIYA , I am doing my final year ECE ,can i know about some new ideas in embedded technology based on agricultural projects.

  14. Aishwarya B says:

    Hi, I need all the necessary doc.related to bomb dection using Robot

  15. sir,
    i am pursuing 3rd b.tech belongs to ece we have an competition to produce mini projects so kindly can u pls send some latest projects.

  16. devisaradha says:

    Hiii sir/mam we want ECE based real time application projects particularly for farmers.
    And any project details to link my mail.
    Thank you sir/mam in advance

  17. Hi.! I am a fourth year student specializing in the branch on Electronics and Instrumentation..I would be grateful if you can share some innovative project ideas based on my core and is used in real time applications..Thank you in advance..

  18. Hi.! I am a fourth year student specializing in the branch of Electronics and Instrumentation..I would be grateful if you can suggest some innovative project topics based on my core and is used in real time applications..Thank you in advance..

  19. Christian B. says:

    We are 5th year ECE students can you recommend a RESEARCH STUDY/PROJECT STUDY/THESIS for our group.

  20. I’m a third year college of electronics..can you give me a project that is useful in school..tnx in advance sir

  21. Thank you for the ideas . Will i get some imformation on detecting objects using dielectric properties?

  22. i want project like measurement of temperature or pressure any parameters by a device

  23. HASNAHASSAN says:

    please give project btech ideas in ece in ieee paper.which should be useful for public

  24. HASNAHASSAN says:

    please help us .btech ECE student need A PROJECT TOPIC BASED ON IEEE PAPER

  25. Sir. I’m be e&tc student. I’m find the agricultural production type project. Plzzzz. Help me. To find The projects. Plz send The best project list.

  26. Aishwarya says:


    Pls help me new advancements in eee based projects .

  27. Rohit Navelkar says:

    Can you suggest me some harware projects based using PLC?

  28. hai can I have the circuit or layout diagram for TV remote as a mouse.

  29. manish santosh jadhav says:

    sir i want information about arduino based motion detector drone

  30. plz snd ur dealershp details

    1. Team Elprocus says:

      Dear Akhil,

      Please call Mr. Mahesh Ph: 9949518885 for further details or also can mail us on info@edgefxkits.in

  31. Sivakrishna says:

    Sir,can you plese give me some information about the ckt diagram and details of home alarm

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      The circuit diagram, code, component list, documentation and other information could be shared with you when you purchase the project.

  32. vijayasree says:

    Sir,I want detail working & operation of optical based music transmission and reception……..plz help me.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent a mail, please check it.

      1. RAMA LINGA SWAMY says:


      2. Team ElProCus says:

        Thank you for your appreciation.

  33. thamilarasan says:

    Nice work, thanks for sharing.

  34. Sourav Jyoti Hazarika says:

    Sir can u please give me some information about Laser beam security system… here i want to use a alarm and want to use optics…

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Laser light falling on a LDR while interrupted generates a signal.

  35. sir i nee atm theft control….by using sensors…the idea is about when a atm us made theft by damage..the cloroform is to place in a/c when the atm block is damaged the sensor gets activate and open the chloroform circuit

  36. muthu ram says:

    iwant some useful projects for day to day life.pls send my id sir.
    with regards ,

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent mail to you as per your requirement, please check it and reply if you have any questions. Kindly subscribe into our blog newsletter to get regular electronics updates.

  37. send me a innovative projects list …

  38. Powell Mollah says:

    Hi guys, could you please upload circuit diagrams for most of the projects, am almost completing my course and I need a project that I would present.

  39. help me the BE projects of embedded or robotics…

  40. help me the innovative projects on embedded or robotics

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Dear Lavanya, Please visit this page to get list of project ideas, if you require any additional details please let me know.

  41. venkata ramana says:

    i want to know about arduino, arduino board, arduino software.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Please subscribe to our blog so you can read the article, we are going to publish shortly.

  42. venkata ramana says:

    sir i want some information about ATmega8,ATmega32,8051

    Note:- i want full information sir.

    thank you sir.

  43. i am in the final year of my course electrical engineering. I am about to make a thesis. hope you can suggest some knowledge and ideas for my questions.. hope i can get an answer. a thesis that we can use in everyday routine o something that is useful to our modern life.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent a mail to you with list of project ideas along with complete source, i hope this will helps a lot to you, if you have any questions please write a mail to us.


  45. Chauhan Jay says:

    i want to know which sensor is used in tempering unit of my project “electric meter using gsm”?

  46. Sir,
    I wen through d project lists…really interesting n also ur warm replies r motivating…plz send me some Projects dealin wit solar energy…send as much as possible.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Dear Geethu, Thanks for your feedback about our updates and comments :), this comment boosts us to provide more information for you.

      And coming to the your requirement, please check below list of project ideas in solar energy. Hope this information will helps you, still if you need more details visit this page for solar live projects (here you can check all information like abstract, output video, block diagram etc). Let us know if any.

      – Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
      – Sun Tracking Solar Panel
      – Solar Power Charge Controller
      – Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System
      – Solar Energy Measurement System

  47. Pramod Sanghai says:

    Nice project list …..
    sir now iam doing ME Electrinics.thats way I want high level Electronics based project. plz help me & send all informaion to my email.

  48. bindutesh says:

    sir ,
    any project based on distributed control system u have……….
    or any related idea …
    so tht i cn finish my BE project………..please mail me….hope fr gud feedback frm ur side thnk u

  49. pawar mahesh says:

    Please to send the circuit & information of remote jamming device.your student pawar mahesh

  50. anita shelke says:

    Sir,I want in detail working & operation of RFID Based Paid Car Parking System .

  51. deepika yadav says:

    sir, i wanna description of RIFD based library manegment system….plz help me.

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Hi Deepika, Thanks for your comment, please check you inbox for reply. Kindly let me know if you need more info, also like us at facebook.

  52. thank you sir
    can we have some matlab projects

  53. Sir,i want some new project ideas in robotics…
    like swarm robotics
    plz help me

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Please check your inbox for reply. Also please check our robotics projects ideas.

      – RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle With Laser Beam Arrangement
      – Line Following Robotic Vehicle
      – Pick N Place With Soft Catching Gripper
      – Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
      – War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless Camera
      – Line Following Robotic Vehicle Using Microcontroller
      – Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
      – Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations
      – IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle
      – Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
      – Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

  54. please send me more projects…

  55. Great forum… thank you for helping…

  56. nice help form u heartly thanks to you

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      hi yogi, you are most welcome, also please like us at facebook.com/edgefx for project solutions, keep following us at twitter.com/edgefxtech for more latest project ideas updates.

  57. ramakrishna says:

    power electronics using mc projects

  58. sir,
    this is so usefull thank u
    bt i want some environmental oriented and new way to produce electricity pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guide me

  59. sir,i want new projects….

  60. Raj kumar says:

    Great list you made here…. thanks for giving abstract for free download.

  61. will u mail me all eee based projects abstracts to my mail

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      You can download abstract information directly from this page, click on “Download Abstract” option. Let me know if you require more info.

    2. sandesh gosavi says:

      PlZ inform me electronics project ideas or electronics project

  62. nice help for new thinkers

  63. peri deepthi says:

    rf based home security system i need this project description along with the abstract

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      Thanks for your comment. We already given reply to your email id, please check once.

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