IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems

An Embedded system is one of the biggest solo categories of projects that are especially for electronics & electrical engineering students. IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems can vary from comparatively uncomplicated concepts to fairly intricate projects. Also with IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems, there are lots of alternatives in means of the size & characteristics of the microprocessor and microcontroller employed. In IEEE, we learn about various microcontrollers such as- ARM, AVR, PIC 16/18, Coldfire, and a number of other microcontrollers that are suitable for a particular kind of project.

Latest IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems

The latest embedded innovative projects are discussed below. The following interesting embedded projects are helpful for engineering students.

IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems
IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems
  1. Vision-Based Automated Parking lot.
  2. Earthquakes and Tsunami simulation through GSM Network
  3. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using GSM
  4. Design and Implementation of PIR sensor based Security System
  5. Robot Control with speech alert and touch screen.
  6. Solar Panel Controller and Power Optimization
  7. Airport Automation using GSM.
  8. Bi-Directional Power Converter for Electric Bike with Charging Feature
  9. Wireless Sensor Node to Detect dangerous Gas Pipeline
  10. Automated Book Picking Robot for Libraries

Now let us see the importance of the above listed IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems in detail like Introduction, Description, Hardware, and Software Components.

Vision-Based Automated Parking System

Car parking is a big issue in the present scenario, as the number of cars is increasing day by day, on the other hand, parking space is getting restricted. A great amount of time is wasted in looking for a parking space. This project portrays an approach to conquer these circumstances of checking and managing a parking space by bringing into play a vision-based automatic parking system.

The hardware and software components are

  • To formulate this car parking automated system; we are using a Web camera
  • Personal computer
  • RFID reader
  • RFID Tag
  • Stepper motor
  • Key
  • LCD Screen
  • Last but not the least a Microcontroller ARM7
  • LED
  • Flash Magic
  • Keil Compiler
  • Embedded C


The web camera used will provide the information about space availability & this data will be stored in the PC. The LCD screens will display the information with the help of a microcontroller employed. When a person comes for the car parking, he may search for space availability. Then the PC will send all the information to the microcontroller & the controller will send the information to the LCD screen, where the person can see the availability. If any space is available the door will be opened automatically or else it will remain close.

Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network

Due to earthquake & tsunami, a large amount of destruction happens & the population dies every year. These natural calamities never give an alert before occurring. To avoid this destruction & deaths we are building a project which will alert the public about earthquake, tsunami, etc. This simulation of natural calamity will be done with the help of GSM technology.

The hardware and software components are

  • Microcontroller –P89V51RD2
  • GSM(Global System Module)
  • ADC/Analog to Digital Converter
  • Accelerometer
  • Buzzer
  •  LCD Display
  • Flash Magic
  • Embedded C
  • Keil Compiler


This system keeps on monitoring the vibrations of the earth caused at each & every single second of the day, in the case where the vibration of the earth crosses the threshold this system produces a signal, thereby alerting the public. When the earthquake takes place the signal is produced and the accelerometer is stimulated and the signal is conveyed all the way through the ADC to the Microcontroller. These signals are generated as soon as possible. Owing to the quick signal there is a possibility of false alarming.

But in this stimulation project, we bring into play 2 accelerometers located two to three meters away from each other. When the microcontroller receives the same signals from both of the accelerometers then it gives a message about the Earthquake information. When an alert is sensed about the earthquake by this system, it spreads these discrete earthquake intensity values to a central location by using GSM technology. This data is then exhibited on the LCD screens. At the same alert, the buzzer starts on buzzing.

Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using GSM & Embedded System

Generally, traffic light control is required for cities with huge populations like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. At times the jams are so long that the traffic policeman is unable to hear the siren of an ambulance, as a result, the ambulance has to wait for long & due to this any mishap can be caused by the patient. So this project helps us to conquer this situation.

The hardware and software components are

  • Microcontroller (of 8051 families)  – P89V51RD2
  • Comparator LM358
  • 16X2 LCD
  • Red and Green LEDs
  • IR sensors
  • GSM
  • Flash Magic
  • Orcad Capture
  • Keil – C compiler


To keep a check over the traffic density we are employing few IR sensors on the roadsides & on the information given by the IR sensors & the density of the traffic, the traffic signal lights will change. The sensor sends all the information to a comparator to digitalize the information provided.

Traffic Light Controller Using Gsm & Embedded System
Traffic Light Controller Using Gsm & Embedded System

If the first IR sensor is blocked the traffic signal will show green light for approx 10 seconds, when the second IR sensor is blocked by traffic the signal will be green for 15 seconds & the timings are also displayed on the LCD screen attached. In case of any ambulance nearby any signal during an emergency situation, then the LCD screen has to send a default number information to the center point through GSM technology, as a result, the signal will soon be green for about 20 seconds.

Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Security System

The security of your vehicle, house, and office is very important these days. Hence this project is developed with a security system that is enabled with a feature of password & motion detection. By bringing into play a GSM technology the administrator will be updated with the movements taking place in your premises, this information is conveyed with the help of SMS. The administrator is allowed to take action from anywhere, this helps in saving time while emergencies.

The hardware and software components are

  • PIR sensor
  • Buzzer
  • DTMF decoder and encoder
  • Alphanumeric LCD display
  • Microcontroller – P89V51RD2
  • GSM Module
  • Orcad Capture
  • Keil Compiler
  • Flash Magic
  • Embedded C Language


This project is created by a low-cost security system that is enabled with a small PIR (Pyroelectric Infrared) sensor which is attached to the Microcontroller. This PIR sensor takes the benefits of poly electricity to sense the human body. As the human body is a constant source of passive infrared radiation. The mechanism of the project detects the human body’s existence by the signals produced by the PIR sensor.

In the case of detecting a suspected individual in restricted areas, the system produces an alert alarm together with a call to a specified number by making use of the GSM modem. This system is enabled with a smoke sensor that alerts in case of fire. This extremely responsive approach has a small computational constraint,  as a result, it is well-matched to scrutiny,  industrialized applications, and smart surroundings.  The Microcontroller employed in the system controls the entire mechanism of the project & thereby is considered as the heart of the project.

Touch Screen Based Robot Control with Speech Alert

In the present technological growth, the remote control is very important for the automation of user and industrialized products and in addition to SPACE or Defense applications. XBEE is an essential element that plays a fundamental role here. An automatic wireless remote control integrated into the Microcomputer outline the core structural blocks of wireless security mechanism substituting old wire technology.

The hardware and software components are

  • Voice Unit
  • DC Motors
  • Microcontroller – P89V51RD2
  • DC Motor Driver
  • Touch Screen
  • Power supply
  • Wheels
  • Keil Compiler
  • Embedded C
  • Flash Magic


This project of touch screen robot control with speech alert brings into play the P89V51RD2 microcontroller. This assignment is best in the field of medicines. This transmitter is located near the patient & the patient employs the robot to move & send information to the doctor by making use of the touch screen. In situations where the patient cannot reach the doctor, at this time the patient sends all his information with the robot.

The patient moves the robot left, right, forward & backward with the help of a touch screen pad. In the keypad a predefined voice message is entered in each key and when the patient press the key a pre-entered message is given to the doctor. The doctor now can act as per the information provided. The robot is incorporated with the receiver. Here we are communicating with the help of Xbee.

Single Axis Solar Panel Controller and Power Optimization

Generally, all ordinary solar panel is faced on one side or direction. Owing to this reason solar panel does not get adequate sun rays to work efficiently. This Single Axis Solar Panel project is intended just to conquer this inefficiency of solar panels. This project will bring into play LDR technology which will help the solar panel to get sun rays from all directions.

The hardware and software components are

  • LDR’s
  • 8051 Microcontroller P89V51RD2
  • Relay
  • LED Panel
  • Solar Panel
  • Stepper Motor
  • Flash Magic
  • Embedded C language
  • Keil Compiler


This project is designed with an aim to get automatic control over the solar panel, which will result in getting complete sun rays from all directions. This is achieved by giving movement or rotational value to the solar panel. The sun rises in the east & sets in the west hence in an ordinary solar panel the sun rays collected is either from the east end or west end, so to overcome this a rotation power s given so that rays are collected from the east & west both.

Single Axis Solar Panel
Single Axis Solar Panel

The rotational power is given to the panel by using a stepper motor. 5 LDR’s are placed at the arch and depending on the LDR’s intensity the stepper motor will rotate. LDR’s intensity will be less where the sun’s intensity is more using this principle it will work.

LDR will also optimize the power capacity. ADC will show all the readings given by the LDR and this reading will be transmitted to the microcontroller of the 8051 families. According to the reading thrown by the ADC, the microcontroller with the help of the relay glows the LED. If the power of the glow is more it means all the LED series will be turned OFF. As per the intensity of the glow LED series will be turned ON or OFF. In this project microcontroller is the heart of the complete system.

GSM Based Airport Automation

This GSM based project is employed in Airports. At the departure time of the flights, a number of things have to be kept in mind such as- Baggage collection, Runway clearance, etc. Depending on all these aspects we have planned this project for Airport.

The hardware and software components are

  • GPS module
  • DC motor
  • LED
  • IR obstacle sensor
  • IR receiver & transmitter
  • DC motor driver L293D
  • Alphanumeric LCD 16×2
  • Microcontroller AT89C52
  • Orcad Capture
  • HyperTerminal
  • Embedded C
  • Flash Magic
  • Keil Compiler


In the present situation while landing any aircraft a voice confirmation is sent from the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) to the pilot. After landing of the craft the plane is escorted to the parking where passengers are allowed to exit & collect their luggage. All the devices employed in the lounge are manually accessed & this leads to lots of wastage of energy as well as time. There are many chances of accidents as well as owing to human error.

In this project we check the runway before landing, for this, we have placed the IR receiver & IR transmitter facing each other on both sides of the runway. The pilot is asked to send the landing message to the base station. If the runway is free to base station will send a landing message to the pilot by GSM technology. In this assignment landing of the plane is shown by LED (demo purpose).

After the landing escalators are sent for this we use DC motor (demo Purpose). We are also placing an IR obstacle sensor, this sensor will lead the baggage on the belt as it comes near to the sensor for this we are (demo purpose) using DC motor. To achieve success in this project a microcontroller of 8051 families is employed.

Design and Implementation of a Bi-Directional Power Converter for Electric Bike with Charging Feature

In recent times, in order to obey the requirements of saving energy, carbon reduction, and ecological safety, all of the electronic gears and energies are demanded to gratify the green demand. On the other hand, gigantic fuel oil vehicles bring about severe air pollution and damage the environment. Thus, the creation of the EV (electric vehicles) or the HEV (hybrid electric vehicles) is developing into an important issue in many nations. Secondary batteries are the major source of energy for these Electric Vehicles. Therefore, energy management is a vital key aspect of hybrid electric vehicles or EV designings.

The hardware and software components are

  • Buck-Boost
  • Voltage divider
  • LCD
  • Charging circuit
  • Battery-12V
  • Buck-Boost
  • PIC18F458
  • PIC kit – Microchip
  • OR-CAD


In this project of the bi-directional power converter for the electric bike, we run a machine using a motor driver which is activated by the microcontroller. That machine is attached by one more motor. Owing to the combination the other motor take turns and produces back EMF. This back EMF produced is amplified and used to charge the battery.

Here a motor driver is used which is activated by the microcontroller. The attached motor moves when the primary motor moves so the production of back EMF is started whenever the machines move. The so produced back EMF is used to advance block where the boost block advances the back EMF to 12Volts and the battery is fed with the same.

To exhibit the voltages produced by the battery and back EMF, an LCD is employed. The battery voltage in addition to back EMF will be higher to provide it to the microcontroller so a voltage separator is employed which splits the voltage by 10 which will be more adequate to calculate.

Wireless Sensor Node to Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline

This project explains the functioning & performance aspects of ARM7 based wireless sensor node in observing the parameters such as CO2, humidity & temperature surrounding the pipeline. To detect any variation in these parameters this system is employed. This system uses a battery-operated wireless node sensor which is interconnected with other external sensors to evaluate the parameters.

The hardware and software components are

  • Zigbee
  • CO2 Sensor
  • LCD
  • Microcontroller
  • Temperature & humidity sensor
  • Orcad Capture
  • Hyperterminal
  • Embedded C
  • Flash Magic
  • Keil Compiler


This project works with an ARM7 microcontroller, the threshold is entered with a predefined parameter level. The sensors employed give analog volt output. This output is supplied to the ADC will convert the analog output to digital. This digital output is evaluated in Microcontroller.

If the humidity, temperature & other parameters do not match or goes beyond the predefined levels, it will send information to the monitoring place with the help of Zigbee technology. All the parameter levels detected like humidity, temperature, etc will be displayed on the LCD used.

Automated Book Picking Robot for Libraries

To make the system of library automated this project is planned. To employ this process of finding books in the library we bring into play Robot Arm with some freedom, which will aid in finding out the exact book needed.

The hardware and software components are

  • LCD
  • Microcontroller
  • Zigbee
  • Power supply
  • Motor drivers
  • RFID tags & reader
  • IR sensor
  • Flash magic
  • Keil


In this project all books will be tagged by RFID tags & a tag reader is enabled in the robot. The robot will carry out a beast force way to search & in case the book is located the robot arm will be lowered till the IR obstacle sensor located in the Arm find the book.

Book picking robot
Book Picking Robot

Later the robot arm will grip the book with its jaws & then the robot moves in the opposite direction to place the book where it initiated.  Similar technology can be applied in supermarkets.

The list of some more IEEE projects on embedded systems for ECE students is discussed below.

Self Balancing Robot with Autonomous Dual Wheel using Microcontroller

The main function of this self-balancing robot with two wheels is to balance its position in the region of a fixed position. Originally, this system was unstable & nonlinear. Once the physical structure of this system is changed using a PID controller then it becomes stable and its dynamic behavior can be analyzed through its mathematical modeling. The simulation results of this system can be observed through MATLAB, PROTEUS & VM Lab. This project is very useful in defense systems, hospitals, gardening & shopping malls, etc.

Vehicle Information Communication Safety

This project implements a system to provide information on the vehicle as well as security with the help of GSM & RFID technologies. In this project, a vehicle tracking system is developed to provide the information to travelers within vehicles using wireless technology so that it helps in recognizing whether the traveler is alive or dead. To overcome this, this system is developed to prevent accidents of drivers and passengers.

Self Driving or Autonomous Car

This project designs a self-driving car to reduce traffic accidents. This project overcomes the hectic issue faced by the people in urban areas like the parking system by changing the usage of land. These self-driving cars can develop parking issues due to some reasons. This vehicle can drop travelers off at approximately any place in urban areas. This self-driving car can park within a tighter parking area without damaging the vehicle.

Monitoring System of Garbage with IoT

At present, there are several methods are available to clean and improve the surroundings in our area. The government also initiated various movements to improve cleanliness. This project implements a system to inform the municipal corporations to clean the dust bin in time.

To overcome this problem, garbage monitoring is developed. In this project, a sensor is located at the top of the trash bin to notice the garbage filling to the owl size of the bin. Once the garbage is filled to the highest level, then immediately a notice will be sent to the municipality office, so that further action can be taken to clear the bin. So this project is very useful to clean the city in a better way in urban areas. By using this project, manual operation can be reduced because they will get a notification once the trash bin is filled.

Wireless Monitoring System for Mine Safety

This project is used to implement a system to overcome the drawbacks of the radio system by using wireless technology to track the mine. For this, each person is equipped with an RF Tx module while entering a mine. Every transceiver which is located within the mine looks after the miner’s location.
The transceivers in this system use a wireless module to interact with base stations.

This system uses different sensors like humidity, temperature to intimate the miners and base station when the change within the atmosphere occurs. The real-time positions of each minor can be monitored through the mine operators in an emergency. These systems are versatile, high reliable, less cost, and uses less power.

Battery Management System using UPS & GSM

This project is used to give the backup power to companies, industries once the main supply is turned OFF or not working. By providing the backup supply to the organizations, the services provided by the corporate cannot be stopped. This system uses two transformers one is for the main power supply whereas the other one is UPS. If a person wants to use the UPS supply then he has to send an SMS to the GSM modem.

Once the modem gets SMS from the person to change the connection of the power supply then it gives an alert to the microcontroller to connect the UPS and detach the main power supply with the help of the control circuit using a relay.

By using this project, the power interrupts occurred by the main supply can be avoided. If the main supply is not available then we can use the secondary supply by intimating to the microcontroller.

Look at the following some more IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems

  • AC Lamp Dimmer controlling via Mobile Phone.
  • Wireless Monitoring Circuit for Photovoltaic Panels in Grid-connected Systems.
  • RF-based SCADA implementation.
  •  Power Quality measurement and development of Monitor Device.
  • Temperature Data Logger.
  • Energy meter monitoring and control system.
  • Zigbee based Street Light.
  • An On-line temperature monitoring system
  • An On-line deicing Monitoring System of Transmission Line Conductor

Thus, this is all about the list of IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems. Embedded Systems is an extremely broad field of learning which needs intense knowledge of real-time projects to help aspirants comprehend the prominence of the domain in the electronics field. Embedded Systems are today functional on a number of electronic appliances. There are only a few projects which get the IEEE acceptance and these acknowledged IEEE Projects on Embedded Systems go like hot cakes concerning their demand.

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