New Electronics and Electrical Project Ideas for Engineering Students in 2019

An Engineer must have the skills like developing, designing, testing and maintaining the electrical and electronic equipment. In order to gain these skills students must equip themselves with sufficient knowledge of practical as well as theoretical topics. During the four academic years engineering students gain more theoretical knowledge and concepts, but very less practical knowledge in spite of actively participating in practical labs. Therefore an engineering student must acquire more practical knowledge and practice through a pragmatic learning approach by means of PROJECT WORKs such as MINI PROJECT and MAIN PROJECT. These are usually included as a part of their curriculum. Thus, this article discusses some new mini projects for engineering students in 2014- 2015.

Electronics Mini Projects for Engineering Students

ECE Mini Projects for Engineering Students
ECE Mini Projects for Engineering Students

The following list includes some ece mini projects for engineering students that use different types of advanced technologies like Android, GSM, GPS, Touch Screen, and other technologies. This list will be useful for both the third and final year students to gain some academic credentials based on the major and minor projects. The list given below has some low- cost- mini projects for the ECE engineering students of all semesters.

Anti Theft Control System Circuit by
Anti Theft Control System Circuit by
  1. A Digital Slate for the Next Generation Primary School Children that uses Touchscreen Technology.
  2. GSM Technology based Industrial Monitoring and Controlling system with Auto Fencing Alerts.
  3. A Border Alert Method for Fisherman with a boat Speedometer that Uses GPS Technology.
  4. Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Based Manless Boat Control for Ocean Research Applications.
  5. Implementation of SCADA System for Industrial Applications with Fence Security System Using GSM Technology.
  6. SmartPhone based Speed and Direction Controller of Electric DC Motor.
  7. Water Pump Controller Using a Timer and Level Sensor
  8. Implementation of Automatic Gate Controller and Vehicles Counter in Corporate Companies
  9. An Electrical Equipment Access Control System that Uses Integrated Chip
  10. Zigbee WirelessTechnology based Monitoring and Alarm System
  11. Designing of Anti-Theft Control System by Using Embedded System
  12. Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based Design and Implementation of Security System Using Microcontroller
  13. IR Sensor based Car Parking Guard Circuit
  14. Automatic Vending System for Milk Booths Based on FPRS.
  15. Designing and Implementation of 8051 Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock System with Alarm
  16. Designing and Implementation of a Sigma-Delta Based ADC for a GSM Receiver
  17. Universal Computing for Smart Classrooms Embedded with Nanotechnology Services
  18. Voice Communication System Based on Laser LED
  19. Designing and Implementation of Haptic Interface System for the Disabled Individuals
  20. Wireless Communication Using Log Periodic Dipole Antenna.
  21. PC based Moving Message Display Using AT89C52 Microcontroller.

    Moving Message Display Unit By
    Moving Message Display Unit By
  22. Efficient Algorithms based Multilevel Power Estimation of VLSI Circuits
  23. ADC Microcontroller Based Voice Recorder
  24. Implementation of Rotating Electromagnetic Fields for Crack Detection in Railway Tracks
  25. Designing of Analog-to-Digital Converter for Non-Unifrom Quantization
  26. RFID and GSM Technology Based Acoustic Camera Positioning with Pan Zoom
  27. Microcontroller Based Speed Factory Automated Checkpoint Log System for Bike Races
  28. PWM and Single Phase Controlled Rectifier based Harmonic Analysis of Separately Excited DC Motor Drives
  29. Designing and Fabrication Process of 8- Element Micro Strip Patch Antenna
  30. AT89S52 Microcontroller Based Advanced User Controlled Roof Top Antenna Signal Tracking System
  31. Zigbee Communication based Advanced Railway Track Fault Detection System by Using Remote Station Messaging System.
  32. Energy Generation System for Emergency Headlamp Applications for Mining Workers and Engineers who Work Underground and in Dark Conditions
  33. 8051 Microcontroller Based Turbidity Meter
  34. RF Technology Based Automatic Speed Regulation Vehicles by Using Speed Zones
  35. Implementation of Real-Time Universal Digital Clock Using GPS Technology
  36. RF Technology based Design of User-Friendly Paper Presentation Control System by Using a Laser Light Pointer
  37. Wireless Technology Based Innovative Hidden Things Locator System
  38. Touch Screen based Designing of Electric Shock Proof System for Controlling Electrical Appliances
  39. Real-Time Clock and I2C Protocol Based Electronic Calendar by using 8051 Microcontroller
  40. Smart Card based Advanced Train Ticketing System

Electrical Mini Projects For Engineering Students

EEE Mini Projects
EEE Mini Projects

Here the list provided consists of a few advanced electrical mini projects for engineering students, which includes different advanced topics like AFPC, SVM and other power devices like IGBT, STATCOM, and Silicon Controlled Rectifiers, etc. So it is important for the students to concentrate on some mini projects and complete their academics in Engineering Discipline.

  1. Full Wave Converter based Designing of Controlled Voltage Regulator
  2. Microcontroller based Single Phase Sine Wave PWM H-bridge Inverter
  3. Implementation of Three Phase Load Safety with Phase fault Detection by using 8051 Microcontroller
  4. GSM Technology based Power Theft Indicator with Load Shedding capability of a Transformer
  5. Static Synchronous Series Comparator based Power System Stability Enhancement
  6. Artificial Neural Networks based Facts Controllers for Balance Distributed Systems
  7. Zigbee and SCADA Based Intelligent Control of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor with Microcontroller

    Automatic Power Factor Correction Circuit by
    Automatic Power Factor Correction Circuit by
  8. Direct Torque Control based on SVM with Adaptive Stator Flux Observer for Induction Motors
  9. Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers by Using Single-Phase to Three-Phase Drive Systems
  10. SVM Based Control Strategy for Three-Phase Voltage Source Pulse Width Modulation Rectifier
  11. Nine IGBTs Based Novel Three-Phase Three Lag AC/AC Converter.
  12. Designing and Implementation of a Current Source Converter for Industrial Applications of D-STATCOM
  13. Automatic Power Factor for Harmonic Voltage Resonance Suppression in Distributed Systems
  14. D-STATCOM based Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution System.
  15. Designing of a Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  16. Improving Power System Stability Using Energy Storage with a Fuzzy Logic Controller
  17. Designing and Control of DC-Bus for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Renewable Converter with a Small Energy Storage Component
  18. An Improved Buck Power-Factor-Correction Converter with a High-Power-Factor
  19. A Mode Switching Control Designing for Fast Positioning of Servo Systems by Using PMSM
  20. Designing and Implementation of a Solar- PVFed-FPGA-Based Closed-Loop-Control Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter
  21. Implementation of Three-Phase Power-Factor Monitoring System by Using a DSPIC
  22. Peak Current Mode Control with Digital Slope Compensation by Using Microcontroller
  23. Motor Protection System by Using a Programmable Logic Controller
  24. Intelligent Controller Based Mathematical Modeling and Speed Control of a Sensored Brushless DC Motor
  25. GSM Technology Based Speed Control of Thread Roller’s AC Motor in Spinning Mills by SMS
  26. BLDC Motor Control Using Four Switch Three-Phase Converter without Sensor
  27. Wireless Power Theft Monitoring and Indication at Local Substations with an Automatic Circuit Breaker System
  28. SMS Alerts Based Industrial Security System Using Smoke, LPG Gas, and Fire Sensors
  29. Designing and Construction of SCADA Systems for Real-Time Electrical Parameter Controlling and Monitoring
  30. Three-phase Automatic Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates by Using Dual GSM Modems.
  31. Designing of High Efficiency Inverter for Hybrid Power Generation Using Hydel,Solar and Wind
  32. A Direct Drive Grid Connected Wind Energy System with Super-Capacitor Energy Storage and STATCOM
  33. Transmission Line Cut Identifier by Using Wireless Microcontroller
  34. Wireless PC Based Load Control of Active Current Device
  35. Sprinkler Control and Moisture Sensor Based Construction of Self Activated Irrigation Water Control System
  36. Touch screen Based Advanced Steel Industry Oven Temperature Monitoring and Control System
  37. Monitoring and Controlling of Power Distribution System Using Radio Frequency Technology
  38. RF Based Industrial Automation
  39. 8051 Microcontroller based Intelligent Lighting System at Metro Railway Stations
  40. Touch Screen Based Industrial Electrical Devices Control System

This article has provided us a combined list of the latest both ECE mini projects and EEE projects that are based on advanced technologies. This list of ECE mini projects used in different applications and electrical projects by the engineering students will be mostly applicable in industrial applications. Furthermore, for any help regarding these mini project lists, please contact us by commenting in the comment section given below.


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