How to Select the Final Year Projects?

Project work is completely new to some of graduates and is a clean slate to start from. It is unstructured and a blank canvas. Earlier they have been used to theory and lab courses. Theory courses came with a prescribed text books and lab works are described as term works to be carried out in the lab. Compared to them project work is a completely different, the theory courses and lab works may not helpful here. It was a common goal and a particular approach or strategy. Unexpectedly project work is a determination of common goal and group approach.

Every year, many engineering scholars need to plan themselves for their major/final year projects. The final year project plays an extraordinary role in demonstrating the effectiveness of studying results of modules that the students have taken throughout their studies.

When the time comes, thousands of queries go out:
  • What sort of project would it be a good idea for me to do?
  • What steps would it be advisable for me to take?
  • In what capacity might it be advisable for me to prepare the project report?
  • By what technique would it be advisable for me to present my project?
  • Would that project helpful for my career or not?

To overcome these questions, here we give basic ideas to select the final year projects for ECE, EIE and EEE students.

What kind of project must I do?

Always select the project that has the value addition. Don’t ever pick just any project that your advisor gave over it to you or your friend suggested it to you. As a graduate you should select a project which is either advantageous to a lot of people or enhance your technical skills and managerial both. Your project must play its role towards a positive growth/development in that specific field. So, do a need assessment of your project which will you know the need and value of the project.

Focus on your area of interest:

Many of graduates/engineers select their project without looking at their interest and select it blindly. This is not right way to selecting the project. Throughout the selection/finalizing of project, first of all know the basic things of the project, scope of the project and then select one of them which you will feel better for you.

If you are a electronics student, then there are four areas to do the project work, they are given below:

  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • VLSI
  • Communication
  • Embedded systems

One has to choose the project topic dependent upon the personal interest in subject, availability of resources and cost during the project design. An engineering project usually comprises of the design and implementation of the system.

If you choose the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as your major project, DSP based projects allows the students to know the processing of the digital and audio signals. This projects mainly consists only simulation process using the MATLAB software, there is no hardware implementation in signal processing. The DSP projects are not only for Electronics students even EEE and EIE students may also choose.

If you choose VLSI Projects as your final year project, VLSI based projects allows the students to know VLSI system design and involves design of new ICs. VLSI projects are implemented from different vendors like Altera and Xilinx. The VLSI projects are not only for ECE students even EEE students may also choose. The ECE projects in VLSI can be using in communication technologies. Similarly EEE projects in VLSI can be on machine control, electrical communication etc.

Even with the extension of digital technology and remote transmission has never been more essential. Transmitters, wireless internet and bluetooth technology are changing day by day, how people communicate and transmit information. These all technologies depend on communication only. If you choose the Communication as your major project, then there are many Communications Projects using DTMF, GSM, PC, XBEE, RF, RFID and Smart Card.

Importance of Final year/Major Project:

No matter what sort of project you select, make sure that you take time to consider all the pertinent factors. There many reasons to say final year projects are important:

  • The major project is the greatest single piece of work we will do throughout our graduation.
  • That allows us to specialize in a subject we are delight in.
  • It allows us to show off an extensive variety of the skills and knowledge studied during our graduation.
  • It empowers integration of material learned in the course.
  • In the interview point view, the employees will most likely ask questions about the project.


  1. Aniket Vichare says:

    This is a very informational blog! I loved it, I was looking for something like this because I have been handed out a project by my professor which does not interest me at all and the final year project like you mentioned should be based on your area of interest and has value addition. Great post!

    1. Tarun Agarwal says:

      Hi Aniket,
      Thank you very much for telling me how much you have enjoyed reading my column
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  2. Am studying btech 4th year(final year) i have to do minor project on VLSI or EMBEDDED.can u plz suggest what’s the best one to choose VLSI or EMBEDDED

  3. anil singh rajpoot says:

    Hi sir I want to choose vlsi based projects as our final year project…

  4. this is the most insightful website i have ever come across. i am really in need of an embedded project or an electrical like project to do. if u can assist me with such for i really need to kickstart my self into such a world of electronics. provision of the steps and the source codes would help me greatly. thank you in advance

  5. suresh kumar says:

    sir iam confused to select final year project,,,

  6. Venkat Pathi says:

    Is it possible data acquisition and analysis using standalone embedded system instead of using pc?

    1. Team ElProCus says:

      We have sent a mail to you with details, please check it once and let me know if you have any questions.

  7. sir i want new projects based on VLSI i.e.xilinx

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  8. swathistorm8 says:

    Doing a final year project of your own is not an easy one. Because i am also tried, but failed. Then i went to a project centre for doing my project. They gave me a booklet that contains a list of project titles. Then I select one from that list. They teach me everything about the project.

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