Free Electronics Mini Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

Now-a-days many engineering students are trying to improve their knowledge and skills by creating new projects. Especially in electronics field, there is lot of chance to prove themselves as good electronics engineering student as they have to do lot of hard work in completing the project.

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Simple Mini Projects

So, we are providing some list of mini electronics project ideas for final year engineering students. These mini projects are useful for B.Tech students from various streams like Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) and Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE).

Mini Electronics Project Ideas List for Engineering Students

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Following is the list of some more mini electronics projects ideas which may be developed by engineering students with their own knowledge:

  1. Auditorium Control System Using IR
  2. Attendance Monitoring System for Classroom
  3. Automatic Mobile Recharge Station
  4. Appliances Security Controller Using Power Line
  5. Access Control System Using Microcontroller/Microprocessor
  6. Automatic Sprinkler Control System
  7. Anti Sleep Alarm
  8. Automatic Burglar Alarm System for Single-Zone
  9. Automatic Speed Controller for Fans and Coolers Using Current Sensor
  10. Auto Scheduler for Multiple Machines
  11. Blind Navigation System Using RFID for Indoor Environments
  12. Bomb Detection Robotics Using Embedded Controller
  13. Bi-Directional Visitors Counter
  14. Conversion of Audio CD player To Video CD Player Using Microcontroller
  15. Cell Phone Operated Robot
  16. Card Based Security System
  17. Call Bell with Welcome Indication Using 555 Timers IC
  18. Component Pick and Place Scheduling Robot
  19. Dumb Signs System by Speech Communication Using Microcontroller
  20. Design of Manchester Encoder-Decoder in VHDL
  21. Door Locking System Using DTMF
  22. Device Controlling System Using DTMF
  23. DC Motor Control Using RF
  24. Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Controller
  25. Digital Stop Watch Circuit
  26. Distance Measurement System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
  27. Design of a Color Sensing System for Textile Industries
  28. Digital Voltmeter Using Microcontroller
  29. Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive Using Space Vector Modulation
  30. Electronic Vehicle Identification in the Intelligent City
  31. Electronic Passport Using RFID
  32. Electronic Number Lock
  33. Electricity Theft Monitoring System
  34. Efficient Coding Technique for Aerospace Tele-Command System
  35. Electric Guitar Preamplifier
  36. Ethernet Controller
  37. Electronic Card- Lock System
  38. Emergency Light
  39. Electronically Lock For Door by Keypad
  40. Embedded Car Control System Using IR
  41. Electrical Apparatus Control in Plant Using Mobile
  42. Employee Time Management System Using RTC with Display
  43. Enhancement of Voltage Quality in Isolated Power Systems
  44. Fire Fighting Robot
  45. Frequency Counter Circuit Using AVR Controller
  46. Face Recognition System
  47. Function Generator with Frequency Counter
  48. GSM Digital Security Systems for Printer
  49. GSM Autonomous Car Parking
  50. GSM Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System for Early Warning
  51. GSM Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot
  52. GSM Real Time Street Light Control Systems
  53. GSM Petrol Reader Systems
  54. GSM Path Planning For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic
  55. GSM Path Finding System
  56. GSM Based Wireless Load Controller
  57. GSM Energy Meter Debugger Systems
  58. GSM Automated and Unmanned Control System of Railway Crossing
  59. Gas Leakage Information System Using Robot
  60. Guitar Effect Pedal Power
  61. Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image
  62. Home Automation Using DTMF Decoder
  63. High And Low Voltage Cut-Off with Delay and Alarm
  64. IR Based Appliance Control System
  65. Intelligent Railway Station Monitoring and Alert System
  66. Industrial Devices Operating System Using Mobile
  67. Industrial Security with Alert System Using Fire Sensor
  68. Induction Motor Speed Control Using Power Electronic Drives (TRIAC)
  69. Improvement in Dynamic Response of AC Motors with PID and Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers
  70. Improvement in Dynamic Response of DC Motor with PID and Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers
  71. Indirect Vector Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Drive by Using Hysteresis Band Controller
  72. Inverter Fed D-Q Modeling Of 3-Phase Induction Motor
  73. Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
  74. Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for Car
  75. Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System
  76. Implementation of Content Based Watermark
  77. Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking and Traction Control
  78. Low Cost Fire Alarm Circuit
  79. Light Activated Switch Circuit
  80. Multiplier Accumulator Component VHDL Implementation
  81. Multi-Channel IR Remote Control
  82. Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment
  83. Mobile Incoming Call Indicator
  84. Mobile Car Stereo Player
  85. Motion Sensor for Security Light
  86. Mobile Based DC Motor Speed Control
  87. Mobile Based Advertisement System
  88. Mobile Based Involuntary Robotic Control System
  89. Mobile Control Robot with Voice Feedback
  90. Network Monitoring System Communication
  91. New Generation Polling Method Using RF
  92. Obstacle Detection by Robot
  93. Over Speed Indication and Automatic Accident Avoiding System for Four Wheeler
  94. Path Finding and Mapping System
  95. Pyroelectric Fire Alarm
  96. PC Based Home Automation
  97. PC Based Device Control System
  98. PC Based Data Logger System
  99. Power Grid Control through PC
  100. Remote Airfield Lighting System
  101. RF Based Accident Identification System
  102. Radar Data Acquisition System
  103. Remote Vehicle with Unlimited Range
  104. Reverse Power Protection of an Alternator
  105. Sensor Based Motion Control of Mobile Car Robot
  106. Sound Operated Switch with a Relay Driver
  107. Single Chip FM Radio Circuit
  108. Sound Activated Lights
  109. Servo Motor Controller
  110. Speed Controlled Temperature DC Fan
  111. Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair System
  112. Tracking and Positioning Control System
  113. Touch Screen Based Digital Devices Control System
  114. Two-Axis Solar Tracking System Using Microcontroller
  115. Two Ways Wireless Anti Theft Alarm System for Two Wheeler
  116. Tanker Robot for Vision Based Surveillance System
  117. Traffic Light Control System
  118. Telephone Triggered Switches
  119. Tester Mobile Electronic Workbench
  120. Telephone-Operated Calling System Using DTMF
  121. Transistorized Code Lock with Torch
  122. Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle
  123. Vehicle Speed Control and Smoke Detecting System
  124. Vehicle over Speed Sensing System
  125. Wireless Motor Control System
  126. Water Level Controller Using Micro Controller
  127. Wireless Sensor Network for Sewerage Monitoring Using Zigbee
  128. Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer Using IR & RF
  129. Wireless music player
  130. Wind turbine power generation system
  131. Wind mill power generation system
  132. Who’s First (Game) Indicator
  133. Weather Canvas
  134. Water turbine power generation system
  135. Water Level Controller
  136. Voice Tuner
  137. Variable Auxiliary Power Supply
  138. UNIPOLAR 4-Phase Stepper Motor Controller Board
  139. Ultra Bright LED Lamp
  140. U.S.B. Connectivity To Micro Controller
  141. Traction control system
  142. Touchpad/Infrared Music Synthesizer
  143. Touch Dimmer
  144. Tissue Impedance Digital Biopsy
  145. Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
  146. Telephone Receiver
  147. Telephone Number Display
  148. Telephone Call Counter
  149. Teach-In 2002 Lab Work Strain Gauge Weighing Machine
  150. Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller
  151. Stepper Motor Based Valve Controller
  152. Solar wheel chair for physically disabled
  153. Solar water heater
  154. Solar ups with auto tracking
  155. Solar remote controlled video analyzing pick and place vehicle
  156. Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle
  157. Solar race car
  158. Solar powered voice controlled vehicle
  159. Solar powered visitor guided with material handling vehicle
  160. Solar powered unaided guided vehicle (solar ugv)
  161. Solar powered remote operated weapon system
  162. Solar powered remote controlled bomb detecting robot
  163. Solar powered path finding robot
  164. Solar powered fire fighting with visitor guided vehicle
  165. Solar powered automatic vehicle accident information system
  166. Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
  167. Solar powered automatic rain operated wiper
  168. Solar powered automatic railway gate controller
  169. Solar powered automatic head light dim/bright controller
  170. Solar powered accident prevented for train
  171. Solar power generation with auto tracking
  172. Solar lighting with auto changeover system
  173. Solar lighting system with auto tracking
  174. Solar lighting system
  175. Solar irrigation system
  176. Solar intelligent vehicle (car model)
  177. Solar fan with lighting system
  178. Solar emergency lighting system with battery charger
  179. Solar electric two wheeler with rechargeable battery
  180. Solar electric go bed drive
  181. Solar cycle
  182. Solar car (running model)
  183. Solar Battery Charger And Shunt Regulator
  184. Solar automatic traffic and street light controller
  185. Solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system
  186. Solar automated track guided vehicle (solar atgv)
  187. Solar automated guided vehicle (solar agv)Solar air cooler with auto tracking
  188. Solar air cooler
  189. Solar air conditioner
  190. Solar agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking
  191. Solar agricultural water pumping system
  192. Snake arm Multiple PID motor controller
  193. SMS controlled solar moving vehicle for industrial application
  194. SMS Chatting Using RF
  195. SMS based solar pick and place robot
  196. Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring And Control Station
  197. Sinewave Generator
  198. Simple Function Generator 12v
  199. Simple Code LockSelf-Adjusting Window Shade
  200. Season Based Automatic Streetlights Switching
  201. Robot Plotter
  202. Robot Control Using TV Remote
  203. RF Control Of Induction Motors And Other Industrial Loads
  204. Remote controlled solar car
  205. Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
  206. Remote Control For Home Appliances
  207. Quality FM Transmitter
  208. Programmable Synthesized Guitar
  209. POV display
  210. Ph Controller
  211. PC To PC Laser Communication
  212. PC based solar car
  213. Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
  214. ODB-II Automotive data interface
  215. NES emulator
  216. Musical Touch Bell
  217. Multi sensor Data Transmission
  218. Multi functional wind mill
  219. Modern House Automation (Ac/Dc) Using IR Communication
  220. Mobile Phone Battery Charger
  221. Mobile Cell Phone Charger
  222. Microcontroller based Scrolling Message Display
  223. Microcontroller Based Intelligent Glass Break Detector
  224. Micro Controller To Ethernet Interface
  225. Micro Controller Clock
  226. Long Range Fm Transmitter
  227. Long Duration Timer
  228. Logic Analyzer
  229. Line Telephone Share
  230. Line Follower Robot
  231. Light Sensitive Inductive Load Controller
  232. Light Sensing Robot
  233. LED-Based Message Display
  234. LED Sensor Keyboard
  235. LED Panel Meter
  236. Leaf Moisture Analyzer
  237. Laser Torch Based voice Transmitter and Receiver
  238. Laser Audio Transmitter
  239. L293 H-Bridge Dc Motor Controller
  240. Knock Alarm
  241. IRDA (Infra Red Data Communication Protocol Implementation)
  242. IR Remote Switch
  243. Ionizer Mains (230v Ac)
  244. Invisible Broken Wire Detector
  245. Interfacing IBM Key Board To Micro Controller
  246. Interfacing Color Sensor With Different Wave Lengths to Microcontroller
  247. Intelligent solar emergency light
  248. Intelligent Battery Charger
  249. Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
  250. Infrared Remote Control Timer
  251. Infrared Control For PC
  252. Infrared Card less Head Phone
  253. Infrared Auto Switch
  254. Infra Red Illuminator
  255. Industrial Protection System Using Light Dependent Resistor
  256. Industrial Automation Data Acquisition System
  257. I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
  258. Hydro power plant (model)
  259. House security system
  260. Home Automation Using Television Remote Control
  261. Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Pc Interface
  262. Heliostat (MP4)
  263. GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger
  264. Gesture Recognition Based on Scratch Inputs
  265. Fluid Level Detection
  266. Fluid Flow Measurement (Liquid)
  267. Fire & Smoke Alarm System
  268. FET 4 Input Mixer (+/-9v)
  269. Fastest Finger First Indicator
  270. Fart Intensity Detector
  271. Eye Ball Control of Wheel Chair for Physical Handicapped person
  272. ESD Foam Touch Controlled Brick Blaster
  273. Electronic watchdog
  274. Electronic security system
  275. Electronic Jam
  276. Electronic Eye With Security System
  277. Electronic Card Lock System
  278. Electricity and water pumping system using wind mill
  279. Electrical power generation using thermal power plant
  280. Electrical power generation using steam power plant
  281. Electrical power generation using speed breaker
  282. Electrical power generation using foot steps
  283. Electrical power generation system using railway track
  284. Electrical Equipment Controller
  285. Electric Etch
  286. E2prom Based Data Entry Real Time Clock Control Application
  287. Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Control
  288. DTMF Telephone Remote Control
  289. DTMF Proximity Detector
  290. DTMF Development Board
  291. Ding-Dong Bell
  292. Digital Receipts System
  293. Digital Panel Meter (5v)
  294. Digital Object Counter (5v)
  295. Digital Compass/Navigation
  296. Digital Alarm Clock
  297. Designing A Digital Thermometer By Using A Selected Temperature Sensor
  298. Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance
  299. Depth Of The Medium Based On Attenuated Reflectance
  300. DC Motor Direction Control
  301. Dc Motor Control PWM Technique
  302. Data Logger
  303. Condenser Mice Audio Amplifier
  304. Colour Reflectance Measurement (Solids)
  305. Colour Intensity Measurement (Liquids)
  306. Coin Based Toll Gate System.
  307. Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House
  308. Clap Switch
  309. Cell phone controlled solar vehicle
  310. Burglar Alarm System
  311. Built Your Own Multi-Frequency Digital Signal Generator
  312. Build The Breath O-Meter
  313. Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator
  314. Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
  315. Blackout game
  316. Biopic Heartbeat Monitor
  317. Ball Picker Robot
  318. Autonomous Self-parking car
  319. Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways(Fuel Injection)
  320. Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways (Fuel Injection)
  321. Automatic solar street light controller
  322. Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm
  323. Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicles On High Ways
  324. Automatic Heat Detector
  325. Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection
  326. Automatic Control for Unmanned Railway Gate.
  327. Automated Vehicle Identification and Toll-Pass System.
  328. Automated Traffic Signal Controller
  329. Automated Car Parking System
  330. Auto turn off battery charger
  331. Auto charging grinding machine with solar power
  332. ATmega644 JTAG Debugger
  333. Anti Theft Alarm For Bikes
  334. Altimeter — To Measure The Altitude
  335. Alarm clock with speech synthesis
  336. Air Flow Sensor
  337. Access Control System
  338. 4 Digit 7-Segment Multiplex DISPLAY
  339. 4 Channel Infrared Remote
  340. 3D ultrasonic mouse
  341. 3D scanner

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    hello!! can i know about UPS and 3 point starter its abstract and how to make this is as mini project to me

    1. 3 point starter is used for DC motors because of back emf , which plays a critical role in governing the operation of the motor. The back emf, develops as the motor armature rotates in available magnetic field, by generating action and counters the supply voltage. The back emf at the starting is zero, and develops gradually as the motor gains speed. For AC motors it is soft start—Refer to

      UPS Uninterrupted power supply

      UPS are available in many different forms depending on how the power conversion is achieved and how the change over from external to internal supply takes place. Typical configurations include:

      An on-line UPS converts AC line power to DC to keep a battery charged and inverts DC battery power to produce AC. The load is continuously fed from the constant battery power, regardless of supply conditions. Because the whole of the supply is converted twice, this type of UPS is relatively inefficient and is used only for small units.

      An off-line UPS feeds the load from the mains supply when it is available. The inverter/converter is normally inactive until a disruption occurs, when the battery delivers power to the inverter, which converts the DC power back to AC power for the load. The drawback is that the time needed to transfer from AC to battery can present a problem for some sensitive equipment such as computers and servers.

      A line-interactive design combines the characteristics of on-line and off-line designs. The inverter in this design performs a dual function. Under normal operation, it keeps the battery fully charged. When a power supply failure is detected, the inverter is disconnected from the supply and power is provided from the battery through the inverter to the load. Similar to an off-line UPS, line-interactive technology is efficient because power is normally supplied directly from the line. Heat and stresses are minimized because the line-interactive UPS delivers only incremental power, compensating for line voltage sags via the output transformer. Like the on-line UPS, it also provides continuous power. However, the line interactive UPS does not provide the complete isolation between the line and load that is offered by the on-line UPS.

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