300+ Electronics Mini Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

Nowadays many engineering students are trying to improve their knowledge and skills by creating new projects. Especially in the electronics field, there is a lot of chance to prove themselves as good electronics engineering students as they have to do a lot of hard work in completing the project. So, we are providing some list of mini electronics project ideas for final year engineering students. These electronics mini projects are useful for B.Tech students from various streams like Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) and Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE).

Electronics Mini Projects for Engineering Students

The following projects list is DIY electronic projects for beginners and these electronics mini projects may be developed by engineering students with their own knowledge. 

Electronics Mini Projects
Electronics Mini Projects

Auditorium Control System using IR

This project is used to control the auditorium from the inconvenience to the audience using IR. By using this project, cable wires, as well as operators, can be eliminated to control the fans and lights within the auditorium. In this project, IR works like a transmitter. Whenever any button is pressed in remote, then the signal will be generated and received by the IR receiver. From the receiver, the signal can be sent to the microcontroller to decode and it performs equivalent action through the pressed button within the remote.

Attendance Monitoring System for Classroom

In every organization or institutes attendance is mandatory for the students as well as employees. But it is a time-consuming concept by calling each student and record attendance. To overcome these issues, the automatic process is implemented using image processing. This project uses face detection as well as face recognition. This project is the best solution for the attendance marking system.

Automatic Mobile Recharge Station

The simple way to recharge a mobile at any time and anywhere is an automatic mobile charger. In this, if the person wants to recharge his mobile in a short time, he needs to enter the amount & his mobile need to connect using the cord then the user will get the equivalent amount of that specific amount in a minute in a text message form on his mobile display. This kind of recharge is very useful for illiterate persons because it doesn’t require any bank, ATM details.

Appliances Security Controller Using Power Line

As the name suggests, this project is very useful for controlling various loads in the home using PLC. The technology used in this project is PLC communication which uses the 120 V, 240V existing power wiring to hold information.  This kind of project can be implemented for homes with minimum installation to control several loads using a keypad like TV, motor, Refrigerator, Fan, etc.


Access Control System Using Microcontroller/Microprocessor

An access control system using a microcontroller or microprocessor project uses a simple concept. In this project, a set of RFID card data can be stored in the system. Once the person swipes his RFID tag, then the access will be granted. Similarly, when a person swipes with the wrong RFID card, then access will be denied.

Automatic Sprinkler Control System

This project is used in the agriculture field for irrigation purposes. The main function of this project is to sense the soil moisture using the moisture sensors to check whether the soil is dry or not. If the soil is dry, then DC motor activates using the motor driver to turn ON the pump. So that water can be supplied to the irrigation field. Similarly, when the soil is wet, then the pump will be turned OFF automatically. This project is very useful in the agriculture field.

Anti Sleep Alarm

Anti sleeps alarms are two types where the first type is used in the car along with the sensors, camera to determine the fatigue of a driver & solve the problem consequently, whereas the second type is connected in the ear of the driver to wake up him once the driver falls asleep. Alarm systems in the car are the most recently developed feature.

Automatic Burglar Alarm System for Single-Zone

This project is used to design an alarm system against any kind of burglary depending on the CMOS 4011 operation wherever a high o/p would simply effect when any of the input is low. A burglar alarm system plays a key role in detecting an unauthorized entry onto an office building.

When the system is activated then it sends the signal to a monitoring center to provide 24X7 services. Once a burglar alarm is installed then the burglary risk can be reduced significantly.

Automatic Speed Controller for Fans and Coolers Using Current Sensor

This device is used to control the fan speed as well as coolers automatically. In summer, the temperature is high but when time passes it will be reduced automatically. So it is necessary to decrease the speed of fan/cooler after a fixed time period.

RFID based Blind Navigation System for Indoor Environments

This project is used for blind navigation with the help of RFID in indoor environments.

Robotics for Bomb Detection through Embedded Controller

At present, automated systems use less manual operations. Here is a system namely bomb detection using a robot. The operation of this robot can be done through a person with the help of a PC through RF. This project plays a key role in war situations to reduce human losses. This robot includes motors, based on the operations of motors, this robot will work based on the program. Once the fire is noticed then automatically buzzer will activate.

Visitors Counter in Bi-Directional

This project is used to design a system namely the visitor counter in bidirectional with 8051 Microcontroller. The main function of this system is to count the no. of persons entering/leaving a room that can be tracked & exhibited on a display.

Door Locking System Using DTMF

This project is used to design a door locking system with DTMF technology to operate the door by closing and opening. This project uses a preprogrammed microcontroller to operate the door in a limited time.

Design of Manchester Encoder-Decoder in VHDL

This project is used to design a Manchester of the encoder to the decoder with the help of VHDL. Here VHDL stands for Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language.

DTMF based Device Controlling for Home

DTMF is nothing but Dual Tone Multi-Frequency. This proposed system allows the user to transmit the signals with the help of cell phones for controlling different home appliances like fan, bulb, etc.

RF-based DC Motor Speed Control

This project is used to design a system for controlling a DC motor through a remote by turning ON/OFF the switches so that its rotation direction can be changed.

Distance Measurement System with Ultrasonic Sensor

The ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the distance without contact. This system is used in several applications such as measurement of water level, distance, etc. This project uses an Ultrasonic Sensor for determining the obstacle distance from the sensor.

Digital Voltmeter using Microcontroller

This project is used to design a digital voltmeter with the help of a microcontroller. This project is used to calculate the voltage in the applications of low voltage. And also measures different physical quantities such as gas, humidity, temperature, etc. through a small modification.

RFID based Electronic Passport

This project is used to design an electronic passport using RFID. This project is mainly used for security purposes. In this project, the passport holder is allowed through an RFID tag. This tag mainly includes all the details of passport such as number, name, nationality, etc.

Design of a Color Sensing System for Textile Industries

In this project, a color detecting device is implemented with two dissimilar color sensors as well as a display. By using these sensors, nine various tissue color papers were determined. The sensor’s performance can be determined by changing the color values of red, blue, green & then evaluating these colors through the colored tissue paper.

Embedded Car Control System Using IR

This project is designed to provide security for the car through locking an engine so that vehicles can be stopped from unauthorized access. This method will help in finding the correct place of the disaster & using the server, the vehicle is sent to the correct location to decrease the loss of human life. By using this project, driver behavior can be noticed using sensors whether the driver is drunk or drowsy. So that accidents can be prevented. By using GPS, the location of the vehicle can be tracked.

Employee Time Management System Using RTC with Display

The main concept of this proposed system is to design a system namely a time management system for an employee. This project works on the RTC module to manage the time. The designing of this project can be done with an LCD, RTCDS1307, switches & microcontroller. This project is used for tracking the in time and out the time of an employee so that we can notice the late arrival of employees. This project is used in offices, colleges, etc.

GSM based Load Controller

GSM controller is the best solution for monitoring and remote controlling of loads through your mobile phone. It includes two relay outputs as well as four contact closure inputs. This project is used mainly used for controlling light, pumps and heating boilers, etc. The inputs of this system are flood detectors, thermostats & security sensors.

Face Recognition System

A facial recognition system is used to recognize as well as verify an individual through an image otherwise a video frame. There are several methods are available to work facial recognition system however generally, they work through evaluating preferred facial features using an image in a database. It is also one of the applications based on Biometric Artificial Intelligence which exclusively identifies a person through analyzing patterns depending on the shape and facial textures of a person.

Mobile Incoming Call Indicator

This project is very simple to design and the main components used to build this project are capacitor, 555 timers, inductor, transistor, etc. This project is extremely useful where heating the ringtone is difficult like noise places. Whenever a new phone call comes, then this system will give you a visual effect through blinking an LED. This project is very useful in conditions wherever you can’t keep the phone on ring mode like noise place, offices or at home while working. So this circuit gives a visual indication while coming call.

Electronic Vehicle Identification in the Intelligent City

Intelligent Cities need smart solutions, ITS or intelligent transport systems mainly provides control technologies, communications to manage the transport network operations. This proposed system uses RFID communication to avoid vehicle accidents. It gives an alert to each vehicle through a message to decrease the speed otherwise vehicle speed will be controlled through the anti-lock braking system (ABS). This message must include the specific valid code so that vehicle speed can be reduced.

Sound Activated Lights

This project is used to design a circuit to operate the lights through sound. This is a DIY project, where the lights in the circuit can be activated through sound. The lights will be turned ON for a less duration when the dog barks. This project gives an impression to the occupants.

Voltage Quality Enhancement in Isolated Power Systems

The SCs or series compensators are used to improve the quality of voltage in isolated power systems. These compensators are used to diminish the effects of momentary voltage drops to control the harmonic distortion levels within the networks.
A control strategy of the series compensator can be developed to control the flow of power. This can be obtained during the phase alteration of voltage in the load terminal.

GSM based Digital Security System for Printer

The proposed system is used to provide an ideal security system to the printers in companies where the usage of printers is high for the security of data. The printer count printing is secured and maintained & PC login can be done through GSM control. The user can turn ON the printer otherwise personal computer using remote GSM SMS control with Mobile Communication.

Intelligent Railway Station Monitoring and Alert System

This project is used to design a system for improving the railway management system. This is very useful for passengers as well as authorities. By using this system, the speed of the train can be controlled, identifies the issue on the tracks so that it gives an alert to the authorities in stations using GSM.

The essential components used in this project are the IR sensor, fire sensor, PIC microcontroller, and GSM. Here, the microcontroller is the heart of the project, an IR sensor is used to detect the crack on the track and GSM tracks the location of the crack. A fire sensor is used to detect the fire within the train.

Monitor & Control of Greenhouse Environment

The method of Greenhouse technology provides favorable environmental circumstances for plants. The proposed system namely monitoring & controlling of Greenhouse project is mainly used for measuring the different parameters such as light, humidity, pH level, temperature water content, moisture, etc and displays them on LCD.

GSM based Petrol Reader System

This project is used to design a system to read the information from the reader machine & sends it to the integrator. Here the integrator communicates with PC through RF communication. This system can be designed with integrator, reader & PC with the mobile module. Here, the reader sends the petrol quality data to an integrator IC, and then it sends from RS232 to PC. This project is mainly used to secure the quantity of petrol through an entered time.

New Generation Polling Method using RF

This project is used to design a polling system and make it easy for users by placing it in different locations so that they can go to near polling stations to pole the vote. This system uses RF technology for implementing this project in an efficient manner.

In every polling booth, an RF transmitter is used whereas the RF receiver is connected at the main polling counting center. The same type of control system is arranged at various locations to transmit the data continuously to the receiver end so that data will be illustrated on the display.

Traffic Alert System for Blind Tums

The proposed system is used to design a system namely the traffic alert system. This project is mainly used for blind people to give an alert regarding the traffic. This project is very helpful for blind peoples.

Automatic Road Reflector Light Project

This project is used to design an efficient and simple system namely road reflector light automatically. This project is very useful for leading different vehicles on the paths of highway roads in the night time. Road reflector lights are arranged on the roads to separate the roads. These are very useful at the airports, where different colors of road reflectors are arranged to fulfill different purposes.

Automatic LED Emergency Light

This project is used to design an automatic LED light used in emergency cases. This light is used to switch ON where adequate lighting is not available. This project is designed with fluorescent lights. However, the use of LEDs has confirmed to supply sufficient lighting for a longer time before exhausting the battery.

Water Level Indicator Mini Project

This project is used to design a water level indicator system. By using this project, the water level in the tank can be indicated. This system will turn ON the water pump automatically when the water level drops below the fixed level like a half tank and turn OFF the pump when the tank is full.

Advance Electronics Mini Projects List

The following list of advanced electronics mini projects mainly includes digital electronics mini projects list, electronics mini projects on a breadboard, electronics mini projects using an op-amp, electronics mini projects without microcontroller.

Electronics Mini Projects for Engineering Students
Electronics Mini Projects for Engineering Students
  1. Auto Scheduler for Multiple Machines
  2. Conversion of Audio CD player To Video CD Player Using Microcontroller
  3. Cell Phone Operated Robot
  4. Call Bell with Welcome Indication Using 555 Timers IC
  5. Component Pick and Place Scheduling Robot
  6. Dumb Signs System by Speech Communication Using Microcontroller
  7. Design of Manchester Encoder-Decoder in VHDL
  8. Device Controlling System Using DTMF
  9. Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Controller
  10. Digital Stop Watch Circuit
  11. Distance Measurement System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
  12. Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive Using Space Vector Modulation
  13. Electricity Theft Monitoring System
  14. Efficient Coding Technique for Aerospace Tele-Command System
  15. Electric Guitar Preamplifier
  16. Ethernet Controller
  17. Electronic Card- Lock System
  18. Emergency Light
  19. Electronically Lock For Door by Keypad
  20. Electrical Apparatus Control in Plant Using Mobile
  21. Fire Fighting Robot
  22. Frequency Counter Circuit Using AVR Controller
  23. Function Generator with Frequency Counter
  24. GSM Autonomous Car Parking
  25. GSM Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System for Early Warning
  26. GSM Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot
  27. GSM Real-Time Street Light Control Systems
  28. GSM Path Finding System
  29. GSM Energy Meter Debugger Systems
  30. GSM Automated and Unmanned Control System of Railway Crossing
  31. Gas Leakage Information System Using Robot
  32. Guitar Effect Pedal Power
  33. Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image
  34. Home Automation Using DTMF Decoder
  35. High And Low Voltage Cut-Off with Delay and Alarm
  36. IR Based Appliance Control System
  37. Industrial devises Operating System Using Mobile
  38. Industrial Security with Alert System Using Fire Sensor
  39. Induction Motor Speed Control Using Power Electronic Drives (TRIAC)
  40. Improvement in Dynamic Response of AC Motors with PID and Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers
  41. Improvement in Dynamic Response of DC Motor with PID and Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers
  42. Indirect Vector Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Drive by Using Hysteresis Band Controller
  43. Inverter Fed D-Q Modeling Of 3-Phase Induction Motor
  44. Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
  45. Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for Car
  46. Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System
  47. Implementation of Content Based Watermark
  48. Low-Cost Anti-Lock Braking and Traction Control
  49. Low-Cost Fire Alarm Circuit
  50. Light Activated Switch Circuit
  51. Multiplier Accumulator Component VHDL Implementation
  52. Multi-Channel IR Remote Control
  53. Mobile Incoming Call Indicator
  54. Mobile Car Stereo Player
  55. Motion Sensor for Security Light
  56. Mobile Based DC Motor Speed Control
  57. Mobile Based Advertisement System
  58. Mobile Based Involuntary Robotic Control System
  59. Mobile Control Robot with Voice Feedback
  60. Network Monitoring System Communication
  61. New Generation Polling Method Using RF
  62. Obstacle Detection by Robot
  63. Over Speed Indication and Automatic Accident Avoiding System for Four Wheeler
  64. Path Finding and Mapping System
  65. Pyroelectric Fire Alarm
  66. PC Based Home Automation
  67. PC Based Device Control System
  68. PC Based Data Logger System
  69. Power Grid Control through PC
  70. Remote Airfield Lighting System
  71. RF Based Accident Identification System
  72. Radar Data Acquisition System
  73. Remote Vehicle with Unlimited Range
  74. Reverse Power Protection of an Alternator
  75. Sensor Based Motion Control of Mobile Car Robot
  76. Sound Operated Switch with a Relay Driver
  77. Single Chip FM Radio Circuit
  78. Sound Activated Lights
  79. Servo Motor Controller
  80. Speed Controlled Temperature DC Fan
  81. Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair System
  82. Tracking and Positioning Control System
  83. Touch Screen Based Digital Devices Control System
  84. Two-Axis Solar Tracking System Using Microcontroller
  85. Two Ways Wireless Anti Theft Alarm System for Two Wheeler
  86. Tanker Robot for Vision Based Surveillance System
  87. Traffic Light Control System
  88. Telephone Triggered Switches
  89. Tester Mobile Electronic Workbench
  90. Telephone-Operated Calling System Using DTMF
  91. Transistorized Code Lock with Torch
  92. Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle
  93. Vehicle Speed Control and Smoke Detecting System
  94. Vehicle over Speed Sensing System
  95. Wireless Motor Control System
  96. Water Level Controller Using Micro Controller
  97. Wireless Sensor Network for Sewerage Monitoring Using Zigbee
  98. Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer Using IR & RF
  99. Wireless music player
  100. Wind turbine power generation system
  101. Wind mill power generation system
  102. Who’s First (Game) Indicator
  103. Weather Canvas
  104. Water turbine power generation system
  105. Water Level Controller
  106. Voice Tuner
  107. Variable Auxiliary Power Supply
  108. UNIPOLAR 4-Phase Stepper Motor Controller Board
  109. Ultra Bright LED Lamp
  110. U.S.B. Connectivity To Micro Controller
  111. Traction control system
  112. Touchpad/Infrared Music Synthesizer
  113. Touch Dimmer
  114. Tissue Impedance Digital Biopsy
  115. Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
  116. Telephone Receiver
  117. Telephone Number Display
  118. Telephone Call Counter
  119. Teach-In 2002 Lab Work Strain Gauge Weighing Machine
  120. Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller
  121. Stepper Motor Based Valve Controller
  122. Solar wheel chair for physically disabled
  123. Solar water heater
  124. Solar ups with auto tracking
  125. Solar remote controlled video analyzing pick and place vehicle
  126. Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle
  127. Solar race car
  128. Solar powered voice controlled vehicle
  129. Solar powered visitor guided with material handling vehicle
  130. Solar powered unaided guided vehicle (solar ugv)
  131. Solar powered remote operated weapon system
  132. Solar powered remote controlled bomb detecting robot
  133. Solar powered path finding robot
  134. Solar powered fire fighting with visitor guided vehicle
  135. Solar powered automatic vehicle accident information system
  136. Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
  137. Solar powered automatic rain operated wiper
  138. Solar powered automatic railway gate controller
  139. Solar powered automatic head light dim/bright controller
  140. Solar powered accident prevented for train
  141. Solar power generation with auto tracking
  142. Solar lighting with auto changeover system
  143. Solar lighting system with auto tracking
  144. Solar lighting system
  145. Solar irrigation system
  146. Solar intelligent vehicle (car model)
  147. Solar fan with lighting system
  148. Solar emergency lighting system with battery charger
  149. Solar electric two wheeler with rechargeable battery
  150. Solar electric go bed drive
  151. Solar cycle
  152. Solar car (running model)
  153. Solar Battery Charger And Shunt Regulator
  154. Solar automatic traffic and street light controller
  155. Solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system
  156. Solar automated track guided vehicle (solar atgv)
  157. Solar automated guided vehicle (solar agv)Solar air cooler with auto tracking
  158. Solar air cooler
  159. Solar air conditioner
  160. Solar agricultural water pumping system with auto tracking
  161. Solar agricultural water pumping system
  162. Snake arm Multiple PID motor controller
  163. SMS controlled solar moving vehicle for industrial application
  164. SMS Chatting Using RF
  165. SMS based solar pick and place robot
  166. Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring And Control Station
  167. Sinewave Generator
  168. Simple Function Generator 12v
  169. Simple Code LockSelf-Adjusting Window Shade
  170. Season Based Automatic Streetlights Switching
  171. Robot Plotter
  172. Robot Control Using TV Remote
  173. RF Control Of Induction Motors And Other Industrial Loads
  174. Remote controlled solar car
  175. Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
  176. Remote Control For Home Appliances
  177. Quality FM Transmitter
  178. Programmable Synthesized Guitar
  179. POV display
  180. Ph Controller
  181. PC To PC Laser Communication
  182. PC based solar car
  183. Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
  184. ODB-II Automotive data interface
  185. NES emulator
  186. Musical Touch Bell
  187. Multi sensor Data Transmission
  188. Multi functional wind mill
  189. Modern House Automation (Ac/Dc) Using IR Communication
  190. Mobile Phone Battery Charger
  191. Mobile Cell Phone Charger
  192. Microcontroller based Scrolling Message Display
  193. Microcontroller Based Intelligent Glass Break Detector
  194. Micro Controller To Ethernet Interface
  195. Micro Controller Clock
  196. Long Range Fm Transmitter
  197. Long Duration Timer
  198. Logic Analyzer
  199. Line Telephone Share
  200. Line Follower Robot
  201. Light Sensitive Inductive Load Controller
  202. Light Sensing Robot
  203. LED-Based Message Display
  204. LED Sensor Keyboard
  205. LED Panel Meter
  206. Leaf Moisture Analyzer
  207. Laser Torch Based voice Transmitter and Receiver
  208. Laser Audio Transmitter
  209. L293 H-Bridge Dc Motor Controller
  210. Knock Alarm
  211. IRDA (Infra Red Data Communication Protocol Implementation)
  212. IR Remote Switch
  213. Ionizer Mains (230v Ac)
  214. Invisible Broken Wire Detector
  215. Interfacing IBM Key Board To Micro Controller
  216. Interfacing Color Sensor With Different Wave Lengths to Microcontroller
  217. Intelligent solar emergency light
  218. Intelligent Battery Charger
  219. Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
  220. Infrared Remote Control Timer
  221. Infrared Control For PC
  222. Infrared Card less Head Phone
  223. Infrared Auto Switch
  224. Infra Red Illuminator
  225. Industrial Protection System Using Light Dependent Resistor
  226. Industrial Automation Data Acquisition System
  227. I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
  228. Hydro power plant (model)
  229. House security system
  230. Home Automation Using Television Remote Control
  231. Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Pc Interface
  232. Heliostat (MP4)
  233. GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger
  234. Gesture Recognition Based on Scratch Inputs
  235. Fluid Level Detection
  236. Fluid Flow Measurement (Liquid)
  237. Fire & Smoke Alarm System
  238. FET 4 Input Mixer (+/-9v)
  239. Fastest Finger First Indicator
  240. Fart Intensity Detector
  241. Eye Ball Control of Wheel Chair for Physical Handicapped person
  242. ESD Foam Touch Controlled Brick Blaster
  243. Electronic watchdog
  244. Electronic security system
  245. Electronic Jam
  246. Electronic Eye With Security System
  247. Electronic Card Lock System
  248. Electricity and water pumping system using wind mill
  249. Electrical power generation using thermal power plant
  250. Electrical power generation using steam power plant
  251. Electrical power generation using speed breaker
  252. Electrical power generation using foot steps
  253. Electrical power generation system using railway track
  254. Electrical Equipment Controller
  255. Electric Etch
  256. E2prom Based Data Entry Real Time Clock Control Application
  257. Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Control
  258. DTMF Telephone Remote Control
  259. DTMF Proximity Detector
  260. DTMF Development Board
  261. Ding-Dong Bell
  262. Digital Receipts System
  263. Digital Panel Meter (5v)
  264. Digital Object Counter (5v)
  265. Digital Compass/Navigation
  266. Digital Alarm Clock
  267. Designing A Digital Thermometer By Using A Selected Temperature Sensor
  268. Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance
  269. Depth Of The Medium Based On Attenuated Reflectance
  270. DC Motor Direction Control
  271. Dc Motor Control PWM Technique
  272. Data Logger
  273. Condenser Mice Audio Amplifier
  274. Colour Reflectance Measurement (Solids)
  275. Colour Intensity Measurement (Liquids)
  276. Coin Based Toll Gate System.
  277. Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House
  278. Clap Switch
  279. Cell phone controlled solar vehicle
  280. Burglar Alarm System
  281. Built Your Own Multi-Frequency Digital Signal Generator
  282. Build The Breath O-Meter
  283. Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator
  284. Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
  285. Blackout game
  286. Biopic Heartbeat Monitor
  287. Ball Picker Robot
  288. Autonomous Self-parking car
  289. Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways(Fuel Injection)
  290. Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways (Fuel Injection)
  291. The automatic solar street light controller
  292. Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm
  293. Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicles On High Ways
  294. Automatic Heat Detector
  295. Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection
  296. Automatic Control for Unmanned Railway Gate.
  297. Automated Vehicle Identification and Toll-Pass System.
  298. Automated Traffic Signal Controller
  299. Automated Car Parking System
  300. Auto turn off the battery charger
  301. Auto charging grinding machine with solar power
  302. ATmega644 JTAG Debugger
  303. Anti Theft Alarm For Bikes
  304. Altimeter — To Measure The Altitude
  305. Alarm clock with speech synthesis
  306. Air Flow Sensor
  307. Access Control System
  308. 4 Digit 7-Segment Multiplex DISPLAY
  309. 4 Channel Infrared Remote
  310. 3D ultrasonic mouse
  311. 3D scanner

10 Good Electronics Mini Projects Ideas for ECE Students

Mini projects are playing a very important role in getting good practical knowledge of the studied concepts in engineering. Electronics mini projects not just emphasize engineering theories but aid to unlock career prospects. There are many excellent electrical and electronics engineering mini projects, electronics mini projects using ic 555 for career progression, strengthen, and challenge your awareness. This can be helpful not only for you but also for others. These electronics mini projects necessitate you to concentrate on all aspects of electrical and electronics engineering.

So, we are interested in listing some of the top electronics mini projects for engineering students that a student can choose & design for his or her hobbyist needs. These mini projects are basically for electrical and electronics engineering students from a variety of streams such as EI (Electronics and Instrumentation), ECE (Electronics and Communication) and EEE (Electrical Engineering). It also includes mini projects for ECE students at a low cost.

To get a better idea over the simple electronics projects, kindly peep into the following top 10 projects with an explanation.

1). Battery Charger Circuit Bringing Into Play SCR

This is one of the most fundamental and finest mini projects for any electronics student. An SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is made use of to fix the AC mains voltage for the battery charging. The circuit comprises of crucial transistor switching techniques and the constituents used are inexpensive and are obtainable in all-electric shops.

2). Water Level Alarm Circuit

This circuit is brought into play to generate an alarm bell or light when the height of water climbs beyond a certain level. This circuit makes use of a fundamental astable multi-vibrator prepared from an IC with 555timer. A resistance checks out is located on the tip at which the alarm has to be set ON, the moment the water goes up to that level, the alarm starts to ring. The amount of constituents required for this circuit is incredibly less and can be effortlessly accumulated on a PCB.

3). Street Light Circuit

Street Light
Street Light

This small mini project is employed to intend a street light that glows up when night drops and mechanically switch OFF with the crack of dawn. To sense the amount of daylight that is desired to settle on when to discontinue the circuit and afterward stimulate it. This is done with the aid of a sensor named as LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The key theory employed at the back of the Light Dependent Resistor is that the existence of light causes the sensor’s resistance to go low & again brighten up. You can adjust the circuit by inserting LED as a substitute for the 230 volt light. This street light circuit is relatively simple to intend, and additional alterations can be done as per your choice.

4). Emergency Light Mini Project

This is a Light Dependent Resistor based Emergency Light that switches on a high watt white LED when the room is dark. It can also be brought into play as a simple emergency lamp in the kid’s room to steer clear of the panic situations in the event of unexpected current failure. It provides sufficient glow in the room. The circuit of Emergency Light is simple so that it can be created in a tiny box. A 12-volt tiny battery is made use of to give power supply to the circuit. T1 and T2 are two transistors employed as electronic keys to switch ON or OFF the white LED. To know more about it, click on Automatic Emergency LED Light.

5). Low-Cost Fire Alarm Circuit

Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm

This circuit is brought into play for spotting a fire and creating an alarm, therefore awaking the populace in the premises where it is incorporated. A sensor transistor named BC177 is brought the use of to sense the temperature formed owing to the fire. A predetermined temperature level can be held in reserve for the transistor. The moment the temperature increases over the predetermined temperature level, the escaping current of the transistor mounts, as a consequence driving other transistors in the circuit.  A relay is also making use of to turn the bell load as its output. The constituents desired for the circuit can be attained effortlessly and the circuit is simple to intend.

6). Air Flow Detector Circuit

This uncomplicated mini project is brought into use to intend an indicator to demonstrate the speed of airflow in a specified room. The airflow is sensed with the aid of a luminous bulb string. The deviations causing owing to the alteration of resistance in the bulb owing to the airflow are provided to the input of an equipped amplifier (LM339). Additional amendments can be done to the circuit and a number of them are given discussed as well.

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7). Telephone Operated Calling System

This telephone operated alarming or calling circuit is extremely useful for doctors in signaling the patients, in financial institutions, and in a variety of other circumstances where individuals have to be signaled or called. When you require calling an individual amid many resting outside your office, just raise the telephone receiver off the structure and push the respective number. The number of the individual called will be exhibited and signals will resonance to notify the individual that is called. A commonly used receiver IC named DTMF (Dual-tone multiple-frequency) is equipped in a telephone set. The electronic circuit comprises of one common Dual-tone multiple-frequency receiver named Holtek HT9170.

8). Electronic Card Lock System

Electronic Card Lock System
Electronic Card Lock System

The circuit existing here can be employed as a security device (Lock) for vital electronic or electrical machines. When the card is popped inside the machine, depending on the situation of the hole punched on the card, a precise machine would be turned ON. The card is introduced in the machine just like an ATM card inserted inside the ATM slot. This card is rectangular with just one hole punched on it.

The electronic card circuit brings into play eight photo-transistors (T1 to T8). When no card is there in the lock, illumination from luminous lantern L1 of 40- watt & 230V drops on all the phototransistor sensors. If a wrong attempt of inserting the card is made, then the card will not go inside the machine completely and thereby the system will not be unlocked.

9). Servo Motor Controller

This is an uncomplicated fundamental design of Servo pulse producer. It brings into play an IC named CMOS 7555 in the Astable mode to produce pulses to force the servo motor. The servo motor circuit can be aptly altered to get pulses of adequate length. A servo is a tiny machine that has a productivity shaft. This productivity shaft can be located to precise angular locations by propelling the servo a coded indication.

As long as the coded indication survives on the input line, the servo will uphold the angular location of the productivity shaft. The angular location of the shaft is determined by the length of a pulse that is functional to the power wire. This is also known as Pulse Coded Modulation.

10). Single Chip FM Radio Circuit

This FM Radio mini project is primarily intended for B.tech EC scholars. An IC named TDA7000 is employed for the reason. The IC is incorporated with a Frequency Locked Loop mechanism with an intermediary frequency of 70 kHz. There have been a lot of criticisms that the IC is outdated.

The intermediary frequency pick ability is attained by active RC strainers. The single function which wants alliance is the echoing circuit for the oscillator, therefore picking the reaction frequency. False reception is evaded using a silent circuit, which also eradicates too deafening input signs. Particular steps are used to assemble the radiation necessities.

Picking a theme for a mini project is extremely vital while carrying out an electronics & electrical mini project. You require picking and choosing one of the newest trends and you require making certain that the mini project has to be of good significance to someone.

There are a few key factors that are observed by the teachers while evaluating your mini-project.

  • What is the scope of your mini project?
  • What are the applications and how is it useful to the real world?
  • What is your involvement in doing that mini project?
  • What is the practicability of putting into practice the same in real-time?

Remember all the above points in mind before choosing and deciding an electronics mini project and get succeed in completing the project.

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11). Automatic Railway Gate Controller with a High-Speed Alert System

The automatic railway gate control system automatically controls the operation of railway gates by detecting the arrival and departure of trains at the gate. Detectors are placed at a faraway distance on a railway track to detect the arrival and departure of a train. Detectors are connected to a microcontroller, which activates the motor to perform the mechanical action of opening and closing the railway gate.

The main aim of this project is to operate and properly control an unmanned railway gate to avoid accidents at the unmanned railway crossing. The following project is designed to overcome the accidents that have become common in our day-to-day life, particularly at the railway crossing gates. This project consists of four IR LEDs, and the Photodiodes are placed on either side of the track.

Initially, the IR LED is the transmitter that continuously transmits IR light and allows it to fall on the receiver. When a train arrives, it blocks the light falling on the receiver. Let us consider that the train is moving from left to right and the first sensor pair acts as a counter and gets activated when the train blocks it, and then the second sensor pair stops working as a counter.

The counter values generated here are used to calculate the velocity of the train. The out of sort sensor 2 is sent to the microcontroller, which in turn makes the relays active, and then the gate gets closed. When the train blocks the last carriage of the track then the relays get deactivated and the crossing gate is opened.

This project is programmed in such a way that it is advantageous in calculating the velocity of the train. If the speed of the train exceeds its limit, then the passengers are alerted by activating a buzzer as an indication that the train is moving at over speed.

12). 8051 Microcontroller based Electronic Locker System

Nowadays security is a major problem for houses, banks, and jewelers due to an increase in cases of robberies owing to insecure systems. To overcome this problem, this article demonstrates the implementation of a microcontroller-based electronic locker system to resolve this problem. An electronic lock is a device that has an electronic control assembly attached to it and is provided with an access control system.

The project is intended to set up an electronic security system at homes by developing a locking system that involves password-based access to rooms and buildings.

The major components used in this project are 8051 microcontrollers, an LCD display, and a motor. The design of this system is such that programming is done in the microcontroller itself.

The LCD and Switches are given as input and output to the microcontroller. The LCD data pins are connected to the port1 pins of the microcontroller, and L293D is used to rotate the motor bidirectional for opening and closing the door.

A microcontroller-based door lock is an access control system that allows authorized persons to access a restricted area. The system has a keypad for entering a password. If the password entered is correct and matches the password stored in the microcontroller, then the door gets opened with the help of the motor. If the password entered comes as wrong after attempting it thrice, then the alarm gets switched on.

13). Automatic Parking Slot Indicator using Microcontroller

If we take a look at the present world scenario, there is a necessity for saving the parking place in big companies, apartments and shopping malls, etc. More and more multi-stored buildings are springing up every day causing lots of parking problems like lack of space, huge construction activities cutting down trees, and deforestation are leading to harsh and adverse effects on the environment.

This project is intended to save the ground space required for parking. By using this system, a huge number of cars can be parked according to the requirement, on floors that are one above the other. In this car parking system, there is an IR transmitter and receiver for the parking slot. IR receivers are connected to the microcontroller.

Whenever a car is parked in the parking slot, the IR rays are obstructed, and the microcontroller comes to know which slot is empty and which slot is occupied, and then displays the result on the LCD. Furthermore, Light-emitting diodes are used as an indication for showing the empty slots. LEDs are placed at the entrance of the parking slot to minimize human interference for monitoring car parking.

In this circuit, the sensors are replaced by the switches and are connected to the port 1 of the microcontroller. Whenever a car parking slot is filled, the switches turn on and the LEDs glow as an indication to show the unoccupied slots and the LEDs turn off to show the parking slots that are filled. The LCD is connected to the port 3 of the microcontroller and the parking status is sent to the microcontroller to make it being displayed on the LCD.

Thus the electronics mini project ideas are prominent for getting practical knowledge before the engineering course. By keeping in mind the importance of such project ideas, this article also provides a simple electronic mini-projects’ list helpful for the students during their academic year to gain the basic knowledge of designing and developing circuits.

Some More Projects for Electronics Engineering Students

Electronics plays a major role in our daily life. The electronics concept deals with various small and large circuits such as resistors, diodes, and batteries, etc. Many of the people are showing interest in learning things related to electronics by choosing various electronics branches of engineering.

Keeping such electronics engineering students in mind, here we have collected a list of electronics projects that are immensely helpful during their academics. These electronics mini projects for engineering students involve different technologies like IR, GSM, RF, etc., and different types of microcontrollers such as 8051, AVR, and ARM microcontroller. The following list includes IEEE mini projects for electronics.

  1. Infrared and Light Dependent Resistor based Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counters
  2. Investigation of Handover Types in Wireless Communication System
  3. AT89S52 Microcontroller Based Monitoring and Controlling of Wireless Equipments
  4. Railway Track Based Electrical Power Generation System
  5. RF/IR/Zigbee Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control
  6. Supervisory Control and Data AcquisitionSystem for Real-Time Electrical Parameter Monitoring and Control
  7. Digital devises Controlling System Using Touch Screen Graphical Liquid Crystal Display
  8. Temperature Monitoring and Controlling System by using Touchscreen with Graphical LCD
  9. Portable Battery Charger by Renewable Energy Sources
  10. Fingerprint Based Security System Using PIC Microcontroller
  11. Simple Knock Alarm System Using Piezo Sensor
  12. Seven-Segment Digital Display Based Automatic Brightness Control
  13. GSM Unmanned Arial Photography by Remote Flying Robot
  14. Hardware Authentication Dongle by Finger Print Recognition
  15. Light Dependent Frequency Variation Using Light Dependent Resistor
  16. Power Theft Identifying System using an 8051Microcontroller
  17. Motion Control of a Mobile Car Robot Using PIR Sensors
  18. Seven-Segment Display Based Water Level Indicator
  19. Distance Measurement System by Ultrasonic Sensor
  20. Electronic System Locking Module Using Microcontroller
  21. Intelligent Glass BreakingDetector Using Microcontroller
  22. Wireless Remote Weather Monitoring System Using Zigbee Communication Technology
  23. Semi-Automatic Remote Controlling Of a Diesel Generator
  24. 7806 Voltage Regulator Based Automatic Room Light Controller
  25. Dissolving Process Controller Using Microcontroller
  26. Microcontroller Based Automatic Parking Slot Indicator
  27. 8051 Microcontroller Based Security Access Control System
  28. Monitoring and Controlling Of Six Channel Petrochemical Fire
  29. Digital Over Voltage Protection System for Industrial Loads Using PIC Microcontroller
  30. LDR Based Industrial Protection System

This article is all about the electronics mini projects for engineering students and also includes mini-projects circuits. Thus, the given list covers all the latest and fast-moving projects over a wide range of applications. If you are interested in any of these project ideas and need technical help please comment below.

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