Know all about LM358 IC and their Applications

The IC or integrated circuit is a little black chip, it is a root of modern electronics, and also an essential component in many electronic circuits. The applications of integrated circuits involve in each and every electronic circuit board, embedded systems and various electronic projects. An integrated circuit is a set of various electrical and electronic components like resistors, capacitors, transistors. All these components are integrated onto a single chip. They are available in various forms like 555 timers, single circuit logic gates, microprocessors, microcontrollers, voltage regulators and op-amps like IC 741, LM324 IC, LM358 IC, LM339 IC and many more. Please follow the below link to know more about the op-amps: Op-Amp IC pin configuration, working and features.

LM358 IC
LM358 IC

What is LM358 IC?

The LM358 IC is a great, low power and easy to use dual channel op-amp IC. It is designed and introduced by national semiconductor. It consists of two internally frequency compensated, high gain, independent op-amps. This IC is designed for specially to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. The LM358 IC is available in a chip sized package and applications of this op amp include conventional op-amp circuits, DC gain blocks and transducer amplifiers. LM358 IC is a good, standard operational amplifier and it is suitable for your needs. It can handle 3-32V DC supply & source up to 20mA per channel. This op-amp is apt, if you want to operate two separate op-amps for a single power supply. It’s available in an 8-pin DIP package

LM358 IC Chip
LM358 IC Chip

Pin Configuration of LM358 IC

The pin diagram of LM358 IC comprises of 8 pins, where

  • Pin-1 and pin-8 are o/p of the comparator
  • Pin-2 and pin-6 are inverting i/ps
  • Pin-3 and pin-5 are non inverting i/ps
  • Pin-4 is GND terminal
  • Pin-8 is VCC+
LM358 IC Pin Configuration
LM358 IC Pin Configuration

Features of LM358 IC

The features of the LM358 IC are

  • It consists of two op-amps internally and frequency compensated for unity gain
  • The large voltage gain is 100 dB
  • Wide bandwidth is 1MHz
  • Range of wide power supplies includes single and dual power supplies
  • Range of Single power supply is from 3V to 32V
  • Range of dual power supplies is from + or -1.5V to + or -16V
  • The supply current drain is very low, i.e., 500 μA
  • 2mV low i/p offset voltage
  • Common mode i/p voltage range comprises ground
  • The power supply voltage and differential i/p voltages are similar
  • o/p voltage swing is large.

Applications of LM358 IC

LM358 IC based Dark Sensor Circuit

This dark sensor IC LM358 circuit is used to test a light dependent resistor, a photo diode and a photo transistor. But, you need to change a photo diode and the photo transistor in place of LDR. The dark sensor circuit using LDR and LM358 IC is shown below. The required components to build the following circuit is LDR, LM358 IC, 9V battery, resistors R1-330R, R2-1K, R3-10K, variable resistor VR1-10K, transistor Q1-C547.

Dark Sensor Circuit
Dark Sensor Circuit

In the following simple dark sensor circuit. If you stop light falling on the light dependent resistor, then immediately the LM358 IC turns on the LED.

When a photodiode is placed in placed of LDR, then it works immediately. Depending upon the level of the light in your room, you need to adjust the variable resistor to adjust the circuit’s sensitivity.

When a photo transistor is placed in placed of LDR, then it works immediately. Depending upon the level of the light in your room, you need to adjust the variable resistor to adjust the circuit’s sensitivity.

LM358 IC based Shock Alarm Circuit

The following circuit is a shock alarm circuit which is used from home to automobiles. The main application of this circuit is in automobiles as an anti theft alarm. In this circuit, as the shock sensor a piezoelectric sensor is used, that has to fixed on the door which you have to guard. Here, LM358 is connected as an inverting Schmitt trigger. The threshold voltage of the circuit can be set by the port1. Resistor R1 is used as a feedback resistor.

Shock Alarm Circuit
Shock Alarm Circuit

When the piezo sensor is not activated, then the o/p of the sensor will be low. When the piezo sensor is triggered, then the o/p of the sensor goes high and activates the Schmitt trigger. Then it gives the buzzer sound. The buzzer sound reminds the beeping sound for sometimes even if the vibration is detached. Because, when the inverting input increases, then it has a little effect when the LM358 IC is activated and the state can’t be easily inverted.

  • A 3 volt battery is used as a power supply in the above circuit.
  • Connect the sensor carefully to the surface,where ever you arrange it.
  • It is always best to arrange the sensor near to the hand hold of the door
  • Regulate R2 resistor to obtain the necessary sensitivity.
  • Design the circuit using the required components on a good quality common board or printed circuit board.
  • Use an IC holder for increasing the IC.

Advantages of LM358 IC

  • Two operational amplifiers are compensated internally
  • Two internally compensated op amps
  • Removes the necessity of dual supplies
  • Permits direct sensing close to GND & VOUT
  • Well-suited with all methods of logic
  • Power drains appropriate for the operation of the battery

Thus, this is all about LM358 op amp, IC LM358 working, pin configuration of IC and its applications.We hope that you have got a better concept regarding LM358 IC. Furthermore, any queries regarding this or op amp projects, please give your feedback by commenting in the comment section below.Here is a question for you, what is the function of LM358 IC?

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