Information Technology Projects for Engineering Students

Information technology (IT) is an area of business that emphasizes areas like computer technology support, computer network and database management, business software operations, and information security. In this current global scenario, information technology is facing new challenges and issues related to diverse aspects like the growth of the internet, additional computational capabilities, latest operating systems, web security, wireless and mobile communication protocol systems, etc. This article lists information technology projects for engineering students.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) deals with diverse fields, and each field has its own key focus areas and roles to achieve certain tasks. A few of such areas are discussed below:

Information Technology
Information Technology

Computer Hardware

Proper selection of computer hardware is very important. This involves the identification of hardware components and their relationship with computer usage, and also the management of different types of memory and storages like volatile, nonvolatile, etc.

Computer Hardware
Computer Hardware

Computer hardware represents the information stored in a computer and also includes identification, selection, connection, and configuring of various input and output peripherals to the PC.


Programming is entirely related to software aspects that are involved in developing the system software as well as the application software. Software implementation uses different languages and structures to write the code. Operating systems for several devices are also included in this field. This field deals with software solutions for personal and professional use.

Computer Programming
Computer Programming


The data communication system depends entirely on the networks. The networks include various computer networks such as WAN, LAN, PAN, VPN, etc., and also involve setting various networks’ topologies like home networks with various signals and transmission capacities.

Computer Networking
Computer Networking

Networking deals with wireless communication systems, such as GPS, GSM, RFID, etc., and also uses different types of networking media that deal with various communication protocols, and different transmission cables. In addition to this, networking also involves managing softwares, other required hardware devices, and drivers.

Interactive Media

Interactive media comprises hardware, protocols, and software that work together to create a network: the Internet. The Internet, the World Wide Web, and other media support together to form interactive media. It tells us about how a user can connect to the internet to transmit and receive data.

Apart from this, information technology also deals with system administration, cybercrime, and information security systems and their issues.

Information Technology Projects

The list of information technology projects is discussed below.

Information Technology Projects
Information Technology Projects

Door based on Face Recognition

This project implements a face recognition based door. This project is suitable for information technology engineering students. We know that there are different security systems available based on face recognition. In this project, a face recognition based door is designed when someone wants to enter the room because every time it is hard to go to the door and open physically. To overcome this problem, your face recognition system is developed to save time.

This system is used to verify and identify a person through a digital image otherwise a video frame. Generally, these systems work by evaluating the preferred facial features with the help of a given digital image by faces in a database.

Development of Android Application

In our daily life, Smartphone has become an essential thing because for most of the work we depend on a smartphone like bill payments, recharge, etc. At present, smartphones have achieved great success due to the advancement in technology. Every smartphone has its features like camera, video calls, games, alarm, chatting, etc.

Android mobiles are reasonable as compared with IOS based mobile phones. It supports so many apps that can be downloaded through Google Play. As per our requirement, we can also develop different android applications by running them on android UI. So, the application developed by an android is Android App Studio.

Ad Server

The computer server like an Ad Server is particularly a web server. This server mainly stores online advertisements as well as delivers to the website visitors.

Ad server explains the technology as well as service that situates ads on web sites. These technology-based companies offer software for web sites & advertisers to provide ads & check the development of various advertising campaigns. An ad server is the most powerful ad serving technology in online for bloggers, retailers online, etc.

Electronic Signature Implementation

This project is used to implement software for an E-signature which is known as an electronic signature. This software permits different contracts and documents to be signed digitally through a proper signature. This signature can be formed with the help of a mouse, tablet, or a touchpad. Paper forms are changed by simply followed & checked digital documents. This will helpful for future students, present students, workers in several ways also to make main efficiencies in the operations of the University.

Database Compression based on Flash

For mobile applications, faultless communication for data processing as well as accessing the information is the backbone for successful growth & operation shortly. The expansion of such infrastructure for mobile devices is a challenge. These devices demand that the storage space must be reliable and robust.

In handheld devices, flash memory is an alternative because these are opposite to disks because of several features like less power consumption, small size and I/O speed is fast. But, it stops the Flash memory usage for storing the data.

Different methods need to be developed for space usage optimization without changing the performance of the query to a high quantity. This project discusses the compression used for data storage on Flash memory without influencing the query act beyond a particular threshold.

Information System for Human Resource

The main objective of an information system for Human Resource is to combine the HR department activities of an ABC LTD. This kind of system handles different core activities as well as core processes of ABC LTD like management system for personal information, the process of recruitment, personal training, etc.

The data which is gathered from the above different activities can be stored in a centralized server. This data can be accessed via the Internet. This organization has decided to make a company intra network for uniting all organizations & to use company networks in case of execution.

Mini Projects for Information Technology Students

The list of mini-projects for IT students is discussed below.

Management System for LAB

This project develops software for the management system of the LAB. The main objective of this management system project is to maintain the data that is related to the lab details by using effective software. This proposed system is totally user friendly, menu-driven, and provides the details regarding different health checkups of patients. It generates medical test reports in various formats.

Payroll System

In an organization, payroll details maintenance, as well as the pay, slips preparation every month is a time-consuming, laborious, and time-consuming process. This process is complicated to check manually because large files have to check, large files have to be stored, etc.

To overcome this, the software is developed for a payroll system to avoid calculations, complications in less time to generate the payslip. By using this software, employees’ details can be maintained & employee payslips can be generated every month. This software is easy to operate, handle, and also flexible.

Monitoring of Bandwidth

This project implements a system to monitor the bandwidth (BW) who wishes to check their BW for their internet plan. This proposed system is mostly used by the users who contain the limit of the bandwidth. This project can be enhanced with a slight modification to use in a central server for monitoring the BW usage of associated clients.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

This CRM project is an integrated approach of E-mail and user management to acquiring, recognizing & maintaining customers. This CRM allows the companies to co-ordinate & handle customer interactions across several departments, channels, business lines so that it helps the companies in enhancing the value of each customer interaction.

Tracking System for Defects

This is a bug tracking and error system based on the web. This project is very helpful for mini teams who are working on manufacturing and software projects. In every organization, the issues may occur, so the tracking system is used to track and manage the defects that occurred in the organizations. For instance, in the development of software & hardware, the bugs or defects may occur, so tracking and managing of these are very important.

This tracking system mainly deals with the CSD (customer service departments) for customer management efficiently using an immediate reply system. This system can be utilized by all team members in the organization to manage their work & to confirm that reported bugs can be managed very efficiently.

The list of IEEE projects for information technology students includes the following. These projects are developed in different domains like cloud computing, WSN, DIP, the security of the network, software engineering, wireless communication, processing of the signal, distributed & parallel systems.

  • Offloading of Mobile Data using Overlaps & Uniform Pricing
  • Personalized Ranking Framework on Poisson Factorization
  • Compound Keyword Search based on Semantic over Encrypted Cloud Data
  • Modeling & Forecasting of Dynamic QoS Attributes with Time-aware for Cloud Services
  • Reliable Electronic Voting with Regulated Blockchain Technology.
  • Scheduling of Smart Manufacturing through Edge Computing & Multi-class Deep Q Network
  • Processing of to Chinese Sign Language
  • Two-Channel Graph Filter Banks with Critically-Sampled & Spectral Domain
  • Stock Market Instability Prediction Approach using Time Series Data
  • Identification and Detection of Spammer and Fake User in Social Media
  • Construction of Sentiment Lexicon using Hierarchical Supervision Topic Model
  • Textual Information Combining & Patterns of Sentiment Diffusion for the Analysis of Twitter Sentiment

Projects List for Professional IT Students

The following project ideas are for professional IT engineering students.

  1. XML-Based Accretion on Data Extraction
  2. Sheltered Crossing Out Scheme through Protected Data Forwarding in Cloud
  3. Online Job Portal with Exam
  4. Improving RFID System to Read the Tags Efficiently RFID Security
  5. Network Address Translator
  6. SMS Blocker Android Widget Design Document
  7. P-AODY: Extension of AODY for Partially Connected Ad hoc Networks
  8. Effective Payment Transaction and Security-Based Outsourcing Process
  9. Loan Automation System
  10. Intelligent Car Transportation System
  11. Effective Method of Reducing Network Traffic Using Social Network
  12. Train Scheduling and Simulation
  13. Railway Hospital System Using SMS Gateway Communication
  14. Online Cricket Score Website
  15. Employee Profile Management System
  16. Online Passport Registration System
  17. An Improved Company Security Reporting System Using Intrusion Detection Technique
  18. Password Recovery Tool
  19. Semantic Web-Based Application for Adaptive Learning System
  20. Pharmacy Database Management System
  21. A Gossip Protocol for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Environment
  22. Vehicle Speed Detection and Fine Amount Calculation for Controlling Over-Speed Using Data Mining
  23. Computer Telephone Integration
  24. SEO Optimizer and Suggester
  25. Citizen Interaction of Elected Person SMS-based e-Governance Services.
  26. Library Management System
  27. Resource Sharing in Decentralized Type of Wireless Network with Low Latency in Distributed Manner
  28. Inspection and Cost Management Heavy Construction Using M-Commerce System
  29. Online Clothes Shopping Tool
  30. A Proficient Adaptive Gridlock Liberated Using Routing Algorithm in Network
  31. Crash Recovery Mechanism for Distributed Network
  32. Virtual Router
  33. Fast Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Wireless Cellular Networks
  34. Image Editor
  35. Inventory Management System
  36. Remote File Search Using SMS
  37. Online Management and Monitoring System for Training Institute
  38. Advanced Restaurant Management System
  39. Personalizing Web Community Directories Based On Web Usage Data
  40. E-Waste Management
  41. Enhanced Maintenance Architecture in E-Commerce Server
  42. Sales and Invoice Tracking System
  43. Online Blood Bank System
  44. Smart Metering Initiative
  45. Information-Based Queries in Mobile Environment
  46. Creation of Exam Results Web Page
  47. Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining
  48. Online Auction System
  49. Web-Based.Net Business Application
  50. Creating a Matrimonial Site for Unmarried

Thus, this is all about an overview of what is information technology and information technology projects for engineering students. Hope you have got some basic ideas about this introduction and also the project list. Please write your suggestions, queries, and comments in the comment section given below.

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