What is Proxy Server : List and Their Implementation

One might be in the bewilderment to know how people can track the IP addresses of yours. The website owner clearly knows your IP address without a proxy, even when your search is in incognito mode. So, here comes the concept of a “Proxy Server”. A proxy generally runs on either one or more servers and when one starts to browse the internet through a proxy, it raises the information to the corresponding server. Then sends the data to the terminal location allowing others to not know the original IP address. It reveals only the proxy server IP address and hides yours, thus providing great protection for your web search. Let’s be clear on the concepts of a proxy server, its operation, and its implementation.

What is a Proxy Server?

In the domain of computer networking, a proxy (proxy server) is stated as the dedicated software system acting as an intermediate service. In-between the terminal device and for the other server from where either client or user request services. By receiving the requested service (might be a file, web page, or a connection) from the client, the proxy server checks out the request so as to streamline and manage the complexity involved in it. Today, proxy servers are in implementation to offer extensively structured and encapsulated scenarios for the distributed systems. Also, web proxies are most common in the current day organizations to gain accessibility for the information on the World Wide Web. Web proxies are used to offer obscurity and might be implemented to get around IP address blocking methods.


Proxy Server Operation

Moreover, proxy servers provide many functionalities such as

  • Sharing of network connection
  • Data caching
  • Firewall and network information streaming

Proxy Server List

A list of proxy server describes all about the open HTTP/SOCKS/HTTPS proxy servers managed on a single website. These proxies permit accessibility for the users to go with indirect network connections to the other network services. The list of proxies consists of computers IP addresses those host free proxy servers, which means that these servers can be accessed any person on the internet. Most of the proxy lists index web proxies, where those are accessed without any change in browser settings. The below table shows the list of open HTTP IP addresses where those are freely available.

Proxy IP: Port

Response TimeServer SpeedType


00anonymous proxyFrance (Paris)

00anonymous proxy

France proxy


00anonymous proxy

Indonesia (Singaraja)

11.16440anonymous proxy

Indonesia (Jakarta)

00anonymous proxy




Russian Federation



anonymous proxy




Hong Kong


Argentina (Mendoza)




Brazil (Canoas)


Canada (Markham)


Argentina (Buenos Aires)

00anonymous proxy




00anonymous proxy

Bolivia (La Paz)

00anonymous proxy

France (Paris)

3.211583anonymous proxyFrance (Paris)

France (Roubaix)

00anonymous proxyFrance (Paris)

France (Paris)

00anonymousFrance (Paris)


Indonesia proxy


00anonymous proxyNetherlands proxy


3.31537anonymous proxySingapore


3.731355anonymous proxyThailand (Rayong)






Also, there are other HTTP IP addresses and the below tabular columns list all those:

Elite Anonymous Proxy Address List: Port List 9999

Proxy IP: Port

Response TimeServer SpeedType


00AnonymousBrazil (So Paulo) proxy

Indonesia (Depok)

Anon Anonymous IP: Port List Indonesia

Proxy IP: Port

Response TimeServer SpeedType


00Anonymous proxyIndonesia (Depok)


Brazil (So Paulo)

Alive Anonymous Proxy IP Address and Port List 808- Thailand

Proxy IP: Port

Response TimeServer SpeedType


00High-anonymous proxy


00Anonymous proxyJapan proxy


00AnonymousIndonesia (Depok)

China (Beijing)

Proxys 8080 China

Proxy IP: Port

Response TimeServer SpeedType


1.463264High-anonymousChina (Beijing)

China (Nanning)

14.4330High-anonymousBulgaria anonymous

Brazil (Sorocaba)

00anonymousPakistan proxy

India (Salem)

00Anonymous proxyGermany proxy

Canada (Edmonton)

8.9910Anonymous proxy

Belgium (Lige)

Why Makes the Most Usage of a Proxy Server?

There are many features supported by proxy servers and these all make the way to use a proxy server by many organizations and individuals. Few of the benefits those allow to use proxy server are as below:

Handling Internet Usage

Setting up a proxy server allows parents and enterprises to have control over their employees and children to use the internet. These won’t allow you to browse in other websites other than the specified ones. Through this, one can also examine and have a detailed log of the whole web requests.
For instance: An organization might restrict you to open Facebook and Twitter and in that case, the organization goes with setting up a proxy server that denies from using the specified websites.

Bandwidth Management and Augmented Speed

Maintaining a good proxy server enhances the overall performance of the network. Saving cache (copy) of the popular websites controls bandwidth and enhances the network performance. In clear, many people hit a popular website from the same proxy server at the same time and might create bandwidth congestion. But a proxy server sends a single hit request to the website thus eliminating the bandwidth traffic.

Enhanced Protection

Proxy Servers offer both confidential and security benefits for organizations. One can set up a proxy to conceal their web requests thus denying the malware sites to access your data. In addition, enterprises can go with linking their VPN with the proxy server, so that remote clients have continuous access to the internet via company proxy.

Confidentiality Benefits

As the basic use of the internet is to gain more information in a more secure way. Proxy servers have the advantage of changing their IP address and few of the other finding data that the web request includes. It means that the terminal server holds no information about the original request maintaining information to be completely private.

Gaining Accessibility for Blocked Users

Proxy servers allow clients to bypass content limitations that are enforced by either companies or authorities.
For instance: When the local football game crossed out online?

A proxy allows you to watch the game from the other country. Many administrations all around the world carefully monitor and limit internet accessibility, and proxy servers provide their nationals to gain access to the unrestricted internet.

How to use a Proxy?

Each device that makes use of an internet connection requires a unique IP address. The exclusive IP address is like the device route address and to deliver the correct information to the exact device. This functions in the same way that the post office is supposed to know the exact street address to deliver the mail.

In general, a proxy is a computer that operates on the internet through its IP address known by your computer. When a web request is received, it is initially routed to the proxy server. Then it creates a web request in the place of received one and then collects web server response and delivers the web page information which is the same displayed in the browser.

When the proxy sends web requests, it can also modify the request you send and still delivers the data as you expected. Proxy also holds the ability to modify the IP address so that a web server cannot be able to track where you are. It also conceals your information that shows unreadable information.  This is how a proxy server operates and delivers the exact and expected information.

How to Set up a Proxy Server?

By default, proxy settings are automatically detected in Windows 10. Whereas, this might not function properly in the organization’s network. The basic approach to set up a proxy is to mention the script address as mentioned by the organization’s network admin. While the other scenario is to set up through automatic configuration script, let’s move ahead with the steps to be followed for proxy set up:

Proxy Server Set up in Windows – Automatically

The proxy server setup in windows automatically includes the following steps.

  • Open system Settings
  • Click Network and Internet
  • Click Proxy – Lists out the available proxy settings
  • Head to Automatic Proxy Setup section and switch on the Use Setup Script button
  • Enter the specified script address
  • Click on Save and close the settings
Proxy in Windows

Proxy Server Set up in Windows – Manually

The proxy server setup in windows manually includes the following steps.

  • Open system Settings
  • Click Network and Internet
  • Click Proxy – Lists out the available proxy settings
  • Head to Manual Proxy Setup section and switch on the Manual Proxy Setup button
  • Enter corresponding IP address
  • Specify the port type
  • Click on Save and close the settings

Proxy Server Set up in Mac – Automatically

The proxy server setup in Mac automatically includes the following steps. Mac users can also gain the benefit of setting up a proxy in a simple way.

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click the Network icon
  • Click the Proxy tab by clicking on the Advanced button. The proxy tab lists out the available proxy settings
  • Check the Auto proxy Discovery option to configure proxy settings

Proxy Server set up in Mac – Manually

The proxy server setup in Mac manually includes the following steps.

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click the Network icon
  • Click the Proxy tab by clicking on the Advanced button. The proxy tab lists out the available proxy settings
  • Select the proxy type and enter a specific address and port numbers
  • When the proxy is password secured: Check the Proxy server requires a password and type the corresponding username and password
  • Click OK and close the System Preferences

Proxy Server Software

As the proxy server holds many benefits, there are many available proxy server software to develop your own server. Few of those are Windows supported while the others are Linux and Unix Supported. Some are freely accessible while some are paid ones. Few of the software can function as a gateway where some cannot function as a gateway. Below is the few proxy server software that is in implementation.

CCProxy Proxy Server Software

This is the most effective server software supporting the connections of the satellite, dial-up, DDN, DSL, optical fiber, ISDN and broadband. Through this, one can create their own software and gain access to the internet through WAN and LAN networks. It can also function as mail, SOCKS, telnet, HTTP and news proxy server.

WinGate Proxy Server Software

A complex and unified internet gateway server developed to deal with the features of protection, email needs and control of current-day businesses. This allows sharing extensive kinds of internet connection permitting many of the users to browse the internet, mail retrieval and to utilize other internet activities when there is a direct connection with the internet.

Few of the other server software’s are:

  • Squid Proxy Server Software
  • Nginx Proxy Server Software
  • AntiVirus
  • AllegroSurf
  • SocksChain

What is Reverse Proxy Server?

Reverse proxies act as a server where the received requests are forwarded to either one or more proxies or the result is collected as if it was from the original server. Many of the organizations also go with the implementation of reverse proxy flow to enhance protection, consistency, and performance.

Reverse Proxy Flow

So, this article shows a clear concept of the proxy server and how businesses implement this technology in their activities and operations. In many of the ways, proxy servers are more helpful and they hold the ability to augment security to the most. Manage your website in a more protected way. Learn here on more about what all the activities do proxy server provide?

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