Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in the USA

PCB manufacturing is a complex process that needs knowledge on PCB components, assembly process & also the design of the board. This is a one-stop solution for all circuit board services from the board design process to assembly. There are many manufacturing companies are available in the world for circuit assembly as well as PCB production for prototypes. They provide different services based on the application. PCBs play an essential role in giving mechanical support as well as electrically connect various electronic components. If a complex multi-layer PCB board is required for a particular application, then highly developed multilayer technology will allow the PCB designers to serially add extra sets of layers to make a multilayer PCB. In this article List of Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in the USA are Discussed.

Top PCB Manufacturers in the USA

The Top List of PCB manufacturers in the USA is listed below.


 ACI (Advanced Circuitry International)

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI) was established in the year June 1992 in Duluth, Georgia. They manufacture high reliability rigid, RF or microwave antenna PCBs used in the Defense, Telecommunications, Aerospace & Medical Device industries. From the past few years, they have made investments in the most recent technologies, equipment, services to support a different range of products. This company was positioned like an outstanding supplier to the open-source community of RF. They have 27 years of experience in global supply to the electronics manufacturing industries. So they have served to numerous markets by working with them around the world. Please refer to this link to visit ACI (Advanced Circuitry International)

 Optima Technology Associates, Inc

This is a US-based PCB manufacturing & assembly company located in Lewisberry, USA. They have one more branch in New Delhi, India. This company provides whole circuit board manufacturing & assembly, deal manufacturing as well as engineering services. The capabilities of optimum technology are SMT, Through-Hole, Cable Assemblies, Integration, Testing, Box Build, Special Processes & OEM Manufacturing. They can supply small size prototypes, middle or high-volume fabrication within budget. Please refer to this link to visit Optima Technology Associates, Inc

 Journey Circuits Inc

This company is located in Illinois, USA. It is one of the largest and leading PCB manufacturing companies. The products & services are PCB manufacturing, assembly & stencils. These boards are high quality, economical and reliable ones. These are used in different industries like aerospace, communications, industrial, medical equipment, computers, power, automotive, and instrumental industries. Please refer to this link to visit Journey Circuits Inc

 Techno Tronix

This company is located in California, USA. The services provided by them are manufacturing of custom PCB, fabrication, assembly, & Prototyping of PCB based on the requirement of customers. They design highly trusted, world-class PCBs. These are extensively used in different industries such as aerospace, renewable, wireless telecommunications, defense, medical & solar energy. Please refer to this link to visit Techno Tronix


 RedBoard Circuits, LLC

This company is located in Arizona, USA. They manufacture and supply different types of PCBs like LogoPCB, RedBoard Circuits for every industry. Their capabilities are Single Sided, Double Sided, Multi-layers, Rigid-Flex, Flex, HDI, Aluminum, Metal Core, RF, Microwave, Countersink, and Castellated Holes. Please refer to this link to visit RedBoard Circuits, LLC

 San Francisco Circuits, Inc

This is established in the year 2004, and they design new electronic products by design engineers. They work with design engineers across the country to design medical devices, novel military technology, etc. Based on the client’s requirements, they design the PCBs. They work closely with design engineers and specialists to ensure their PCB boards work perfectly beyond the box. Please refer to this link to visit San Francisco Circuits, Inc

 A & C Electronics

A & C Electronics Company is located in Northridge, California. This company has been designing the best quality printed circuit boards. Since 1968, they have been using in the military as well as commercial markets. They have total in-house capacities for the manufacture of multilayer, double-sided & flush circuit boards. Please refer to this link to visit A & C Electronics

 NexLogic Logo

NexLogic Company is located in California, USA. They manufacture cost-effective PCBs, fabrication, and assembly & testing. This organization provides a one-stop solution for PCB assembly services. They provide reliable & high-quality PCBs which are widely used in various industries in the field of medical, semiconductor, and military/defense, telecom, oceanographic and commercial. Please refer to this link to visit NexLogic Logo

 J.Y. Circuit, Inc

J.Y. Circuit, Inc, was established in June 1998 and is located in South Korea & Fountain Valley, California. They manufacture different kinds of PCBs and serve to different international markets with high quality, low price PCBs and also give a quick response to the customer demands. They deliver a wide range of PCBs in a quick time frame. This company has years of experienced engineers with good knowledge. This company engineer works closely with its clients by giving technical advice on the products. So this organization provides a good solution for the PCBs. Please refer to this link to visit J.Y. Circuit, Inc

 OnBoard Circuits

OnBoard Circuits Company is located in Arizona, USA. They manufacture high quality, reasonable PCBs & PCB services. This company has two decades of experience in PCB designing as they design as well as manufactures the finest PCB boards to satisfy customer’s requirements. The applications of their PCBs mainly involve in the military, home appliances, aerospace, & in research projects. Please refer to this link to visit OnBoard Circuits

 Epic Engineered Technologies

Epic Engineered Technologies Company is located in Massachusetts, US. They provide modified PCB solutions to original equipment manufacturers. They guarantee the most precise, timely, & cost-effective PCB design as well as the manufacturing process.

This company focuses on high reliable PCBs for different elect equipment in test & measurement, medical, military, aerospace, portable, consumer electronics, and industries like automotive and transportation. Please refer to this link to visit Epec Engineered Technologies

Thus, this is all about the top list of PCB manufacturers in the USA. In the above-listed manufacturing companies are top PCB leading manufacturers around the world. By using this one can search the companies based on their requirements. Here is a question for you, what are the different types of PCBs available in the market?