PC Based Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

Nowadays many engineering students are showing lot of interest to come with new thoughts and ideas while doing the projects in final year. Especially, many ECE and EEE students like to do the projects on PC based projects along with embedded, robotics and electrical projects. So, here we are listing out some of interesting PC Based Projects Ideas.

 PC Based Projects Ideas:

  • PC Based Electrical Load Control
  • Unique Office Communication System Using RF
  • PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
  • Wireless message Communication between Two Computers
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) for Remote Industrial Plant
  • Automatic Surveillance Camera Panning System from PC
  • Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer
  • Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer Using PIC Microcontroller

Following are Few more interesting PC Based Projects Ideas which may be useful for engineering students.

  • PC based cordless pick and place Robot
  • PC Based Room Cooling System
  • PC Based Stepper Motor Speed Control System
  • PC Based Electrical Appliances Control System
  • PC to PC Data Transmission through Infrared Rays
  • PC Based 4-Axis Stepper Motor Tracking System
  • PC Based Auto Feed Bottle Washing Machine
  • PC Based Automatic Mono Rail System
  • PC Based Wireless Welding Robot
  • PC Based Remote Controlled Material Handling Vehicle
  • PC Based Wireless Code Locking System for Machines
  • PC Based Wireless Robot
  • PC Based Solar Car
  • PC Based Material Handling Equipment
  • PC Based Temperature, Voltage and Speed (T-V-S) Measuring System
  • RS 232 Communication Based Voltage Monitoring System
  • PC-PC Communication Using Infrared Rays
  • PC Based On-Load Monitoring of Distribution Transformer Tap Changer Using RF Communication
  • Multi Device Control System Using PC
  • PC Based Home Automation
  • PC Based Multi Motor Control System
  • RS 232 Communication Based Touch Screen Monitoring
  • Fuzzy Logic Based PC-PC Communication through Laser Beam
  • Add on Cards for PCs to extend the Output Ports Using 8255 for ISA Slot
  • PC Based Moving Message Display
  • PC Based Motor Speed Monitoring System
  • RS 232 Communication Based Length Measurement System
  • PC Based Different Industrial Parameter Measuring Using ADC Control
  • PC Based Wireless Multi-Machine Control System
  • RS 232 Communication Based Automatic Moisture & Light Control System
  • PC Based Auto Dialing Home Security System
  • PC Based Packing Control Machine for Industrial Application
  • PC Based DC Motor Speed Controller Using PWM Techniques
  • RS 232 Communication Based Stepper Motor Position & Angle Controller
  • PC Based Auto Dialing Industrial Security System
  • PC Based Metro Train Auto Ticketing System
  • PC Based Function Generator
  • PC Based Digital Clock
  • PC Based Relay Switching to Operate Motor
  • PC Based Multimeter
  • PC Based Bio-telemetry for Medical Aided Information
  • PC Based Light, Fan Control
  • PC Based Relay Switching
  • PC Based Mobile Phone Activation for PC File
  • PC Based 4-Axis Stepper Motor Control
  • PC Based Frequency Measurement
  • PC Based Seismograph
  • PC Based Visitor Counter
  • PC Based Bank Token Number Display
  • PC Based 3D XYZ Axis Motor (Matrix) Control
  • PC Based Data Acquisition Card for PC
  • PC Based Simple Analogue Interface for PC
  • PC Based Speed Monitoring System (Tachometer)
  • PC Based Computerized Morse code Generator/Transmitter
  • PC Based 7-Segment Rolling Display
  • PC Based Heart Beat/Pulse Monitor
  • PC Based Satellite Antenna (Dish) Tapping
  • PC Based Voltage Transducer
  • PC Based DC motor Control
  • PC Based Audio Playback Device
  • PC to PC Communication
  • PC Based Robotic Arm
  • PC Based Robotic Car
  • PC Based IR Based Unmanned Railway Crossing
  • PC Based Lift/Elevator Controller
  • PC Based Touch Screen Sensing System
  • PC Based Digital AM/FM Tuner
  • PC Based Temperature Indicator cum Controller
  • PC Based IR Remote Dimmer with Status Indicator
  • PC Based Light Dimmer Control
  • PC Based Electronic Voting Machine
  • PC Based Metal Detector with Speed Indication
  • PC Based Process Automation
  • PC Based Time Operated Device Control
  • PC Based Smart Traffic Light Control System
  • PC Based Speech/Voice Recognition System
  • PC Based Boiler Cum Indicator
  • PC Based Sun Seeker
  • PC Based Telephone Call Recorder Cum Time Keeper
  • PC Based Multimode Light Chaser
  • PC Based Liquid Level Monitor/Controller
  • PC Based Combustion Engine Control
  • PC Based Over Speed Indicator & Detection
  • PC Based Phone Banking System for Account Statement
  • PC Based Smart Card
  • PC Based School Bell
  • PC Based Dial Clock with Timer
  • PC Based Bus Route Detector with Hazard/Bus Full Indication
  • PC Based Wireless LAN Bluetooth Technology
  • PC Based Mouse Control Using Eye Blink
  • PC Based Radar Console Simulator
  • PC Based AC/DC Motor Speed Control with IGBT Drives
  • PC Based 5 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • PC Based Angle Measurement Tool
  • PC Based Distance Measurement Robot
  • PC Based Smart Card for Music Shop
  • PC Based Wireless Object Counter for Industry
  • PC Based Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID)
  • PC Based Security Alarm Transmission
  • PC Based ‘music on demand’ at Your Mobile Phone
  • PC Based Eye Detection for Message Reading
  • PC Based Tongue Operated Mouse
  • PC Based Remote Voting System through mobile
  • PC Based 7-Segment Display
  • PC Based Proportionate TRIAC and Control Using PC
  • PC Based Power Control
  • PC Based Fibre Communication
  • PC Based Wind Direction Indicator cum Speed Measurement
  • PC Based Car Parking Monitor
  • PC Based Global Positioning System: GPS
  • PC Based Finger Operated Mouse
  • PC Based Programmable Logic Controller
  • PC Based Joystick Controller
  • PC Based Temperature Controller
  • PC Based Light Finder
  • PC Based Club Entry Smart Card
  • PC Based Analog Reader
  • PC Based Scale for Measurement
  • PC Based Telephone Exchange
  • PC Based Telephone Dialer
  • PC Based Simulation of NPN Transistor Busing Visual C#.
  • PC Based Smart Home-Control
  • PC Based Auto Braking System
  • PC Based object Rejection and Counting Machine
  • PC Based Paper Cutting Machine
  • PC Based Multiple Device Switching Control
  • PC Based PNR Numbered – Auto Ticket Vending Machine
  • PC Based College Premises Position Detector
  • PC Based Time Schedule Operated Robotic Sweeper
  • PC Based 4-Bit PC to PC Parallel Port Communication
  • PC Based Wireless Electronic Meter Billing System
  • PC Based Automation for China Made Robot
  • PC Based ATM Machine
  • PC Based Antenna Position Control
  • PC Based Unmanned Petrol Pump Controller
  • PC Based Depth Sensor
  • PC Based Wireless Remote Car
  • PC Based Earth Fossil Locator
  • PC Based Voice to Text with Simultaneous LCD Display at Port
  • PC Based Earthquake Proof Building
  • PC Based Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
  • PC Based Shooting Game (Laser Based)
  • PC Based Voice Operated Car
  • PC Based Overload Controller
  • PC Based Solenoid Valve Operated Liquid Stirrer
  • PC Based Lath Machine Control
  • PC Based Over Head Water Level Indication & Control
  • PC Based Fuzzy Logic System
  • PC Based Screw/Drill System
  • PC Based Virtual Trainer Kit for 8085 Microprocessor Programming
  • PC Based Simulation of NPN Transistor Biasing Using Visual C#.
  • PC Based Wireless Industrial Fault Finder
  • PC Based “SCADA” Control for Distribution Line Automation
  • PC Based Mobile Robot for Navigation


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