Latest 200+ ECE Projects Ideas in Various Electronics Technologies

The selection process for various ECE projects is very important for the engineering students because it influences his/her career as most of the recruiters to prefer knowing the project details of the candidates. Not only has that but implementing a project also enhances your practical knowledge.

Here a complete list of the embedded projects by various technologies is provided.


The biometric fingerprint identification system projects are among the advanced Electronics projects. It is an advanced security system and it is applicable for banks, offices, homes, and other important places.

  • Biometric fingerprint identification based security system.
  • Biometric fingerprint identification based access control system.
  • Biometric fingerprint identification based time recorder with Wigand output system.
  • Biometric fingerprint identification based bank locker security system.
  • Monitoring of time and attendance with fingerprint biometric solution.
  • Fingerprint identification based security system for bank locker.
  • High-level authentication for a power plant using voice recognition
  • IVRS based home automation with immediate voice feedback
  • An electronic voting system with an automatic image comparing system
  • Home automation for disable persons using his voice tag
  •  Prepaid coffee dispenser with biometric recharge using fingerprint module
  • The fingerprint-based electrical load control system
  • Fingerprint-based driving license management system

Bluetooth based Projects

Bluetooth technology is an advanced wireless technology that is designed to connect phones or other portable equipment. It is a specification for the use of low power radio communications to link phones, computers, and other network devices over a short distance without wires. Now a day so many ECE projects are developed based on this technology.

Bluetooth module
Bluetooth module

Here I am giving some advanced Bluetooth based projects for engineering students

  • Wireless code modulation for secure Communication using encryption & Decryption
  • Bluetooth enabled wireless network synchronization
  • Wireless heartbeat rate monitoring & A Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation – Mobile Messenger
  • Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent ) Based Intelligent- Robot for Materials Handling
  • Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent) Based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operation
  • Wireless Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detection System
  • Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent) Based Mobile Robot For Multi-Specialty Operations
  • Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Access Control System
  • Smart / Proximity Based Employee Id Cards & Access Control System
  • Smart Card / Proximity Based BioMedical Health Card Design
  • Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources Management System
  • Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management System
  • Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System For Public Transport System
  • Microcontroller Communication System with LCD Display
  • Wireless Temperature Monitor & Controller Based On Vhf Transmission
  • Wireless Motor Speed Controller Using RF Module
  • Electrical Parameters In Industries
  • Monitoring Through PC Using Wireless Data Transfer.

Global Positioning System(GPS)


GPS is a satellite-based communication system used to attain information about the location. The GPS navigation system and tracking system are used in many ECE projects and here is a list of GPS embedded projects.


  • GPS based active fleet management – automated vehicle tracking
  • GPS based highway monitoring & control
  • GPS based intelligent guided vehicle with collision mitigation
  • GPS enabled PC based geographic information system (GIS) and routing/scheduling system
  • GPS based vehicle parameter monitoring with intelligent data analysis
  • Global positioning system with AI
  • Advanced real-time vehicle tracking system using GPS modem
  • Automatic vehicle accident detection and messaging system using GSM and GPS
  • Design and development of an SMS based car engine control system to prevent car theft
  • Mobile phone signal jammer for GSM, CDMA and 3g networks with user-selectable pre-scheduled time duration (mobile jammer)
  • Blind person navigation system using GPS & voice announcement

Solar Based Projects

If you are aware of solar energy facts, then the below mentioned project ideas will be best suitable for your final year projects.

  • Implementation of Solar inverter for home garden/street light applications
  • Design and implementation of a maximum power tracking system by automatic control of solar panel direction according to the sun direction
  • Solar based high efficient vacuum cleaner capable of capturing even 40 microns small dust
  • the solar-based energy measurement system
  • Design and implementation of a maximum power tracking system by automatic control of solar panel direction according to the sun direction
  • Solar based air compressor pump for car bike tire inflate.

Robotics based Projects

The robot is an automated machine that has the capability of performing some of the functions carried out by human beings. Here is a list of robotics projects for engineering students.

  •  Artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, neural networks
  • Wireless AI-based mobile robot for multi-specialty operations
  • Wireless AI-based fire fighting robot for relief operations
  • Wireless AI-based intelligent-robot for materials handling
  • Integrated rule-based control of the robot using fuzzy system & Neural Networks
  • Ai based fire fighting robot for relief operations
  • Ai based intelligent-robot for materials handling
  • Fire fighting robotic vehicle
  • Ai based mobile robot for multi-specialty operations
  • Industrial security robot with the motion detection system
  • Microcontroller controlled robot arm for paint spraying
  • Production monitoring robot
  • Two-axis robot with artificial intelligence
  • Three-axis robot with artificial intelligence
  • Four-axis robot with artificial intelligence
  • Five-axis robot with artificial intelligence
  • Wireless industrial security robot
  • Alive human detector robot with counter using wireless pc interfacing
  • Microcontroller based surveillance robot for a military application
  • Pc controlled wireless robot using RF module with a feedback sensor to detect fire.
  • Pole climbing robot

Security and Access Control System

Here is a list of security and access control based systems, mostly using smart cards.

  • Intelligent industrial security surveillance system with auto dialer
  • Smart networked home – connected devices with auto design
  • Methodology for modeling a microcontroller with the TELE-load switch application
  • Code modulation based encryption & decryption for secured WIRELESS Communication
  • Automatic railway gate signaling simulator & controller
  • Smart/proximity based college campus card & access control system
  • Smart card/proximity based membership management system
  • Smart/proximity based punctuality monitoring system for the public transport system
  • Smart card technology-based employee id cards & access control
  • Smart card/proximity based human resources management system
  • Smart networked home – connected devices with auto dallier
  • Wireless BLUETOOTH enabled network to synchronize
  • Wireless code modulation for secure communication using encryption & decryption
  • Wireless heartbeat rate monitoring & a cardiac pacemaker simulation – mobile messenger
  • Smart card/proximity based vehicle identification & access control system

Networking Projects Ideas

Here are a couple of network-based projects


Communication-based Projects

Communication based projects
Communication-based projects
  • RF-based wireless Encryption & Decryption method
  • RF-based power meter reading system for locked house
  • RF-based wireless remote for advanced steward calling system in airlines/flights
  • RF communication based remote wireless remote control of devices in-home/ offices using AVR microcontroller
  • Wireless multipurpose 4 channel RF remote for controlling the devices using AVR microcontroller
  • Microcontroller based fire monitoring system in petro and chemical industries using RF communication
  • RF-based wireless weather station
  • Wireless electronic notice board with multipoint receivers using RF
  • Wireless DC motor speed and direction control using RF communication
  • Wireless stepper motor control using RF communication

Zigbee Communication Projects

Zigbee communication projects are listed below.

  • Mobile embedded system for home care applications using Zigbee and RF communication
  • An automation system for energy saving and accident detector (fire and gas) using integrated Zigbee and sensors
  • PC to PC communication by high-speed secure data transmission using Zigbee technology
  • Compact Zigbee wireless communication-based handheld unit for controlling the robot within 1km
  • The high-speed secure data transmission and reception from hackers using Zigbee
  • Development of pollution monitoring system for detecting waste gas using gas sensor and Zigbee
  • Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners
  • Zigbee based wireless sensor network for sewerage monitoring
  • Zigbee based vehicle access control system
  • Zigbee based wireless remote weather monitoring system
  • Digital control for a home lighting system with Zigbee communication

PC Communication Projects

  • PC based Appliances control in a plant using PCs parallel port (C-Language)
  • Communicating to 89S52 Microcontroller through windows hyper terminal using RS-232
  • PC Based stepper motor control for robotic applications
  • PC Based DC Motor Speed and direction control using PWM and H-Bridge
  • PC Based Hi-Tech industrial automation with auto / manual modes of operation
  • PC to Microcontroller Secured Data Communication using Fiber Optic cable
  • PS2 Controlled mouse for controlling Robot using RF transmitter and receiver.
  • PS2 keyboard-based text message transmission using GSM.
  • PS2 keyboard-based wireless data transmission between two microcontrollers.
  • Robotic Arm manipulator using PS2 protocol.
  • PS2 + Zigbee based high-speed data transmission.

Fuzzy Logic/AI based Projects

  • Speed control of dc/induction motor using
  • PID / fuzzy controller
  • Fuzzy logic control of stepper motor
  • Fuzzy logic controller design speed control system
  • Elevator control system using fuzzy logic
  • Integrated rule-based control of the robot using fuzzy system & Neural Networks
  • Intelligent fuzzy control guided vehicle for collision intelligent
  • Application of fuzzy logic in automated train speed control system
  • Ai based fire fighting robot for relief operations
  • Ai based intelligent-robot for materials handling
  • Ai based mobile robot for multi-specialty operations
  • Instrumentation with artificial intelligence
  • Frequency jammer for remote-controlled bomb blasting system
  • Fuzzy logic based collision prevention for vehicle
  • Microcontroller based speed control of a vehicle

Power Electronics Based Projects

Power Electronics based Projects by
Power Electronics based Projects by
  • Intelligent power factor correction with multiple capacitors banks
  • Intellectual power analyzer & phase changer
  • Handheld intelligent multi-parameter monitoring system – das with LCD
  • Smart multifunctional power meter with LCD
  • Digital energy meter & voice annunciation with proximity card – contactless
  • Intelligent power-sharing of transformers with auto-protection
  • Prepaid digital energy meter billing & cost indicator with voice annunciation
  • Multiple starters with overload & high, low voltage protection
  • Prepaid electricity billing automation & cost indicator
  • Industrial power management system
  • Smart power monitoring for efficient energy management
  • Distribution & substation automation with SCADA
  • Automatic phase changer cum change over & load breaker
  • Microcontroller based SCADA for substation by WAP
  • Microcontroller controlled power supply for testing application
  • Power line monitoring system

Electrical Based Projects

  • Noiseless speed control of dc motor using PWM converter
  • Remote control of ac / dc motor with parameter monitoring
  • Remote on / off of an ac / dc motor
  • Remote on/off controller for ac motors with parameter monitoring
  • Remote speed control of ac / dc motor
  • Remote switching system for home appliances
  • Dual control of electrical devices through computer keyboard and Hardware
  • Substation monitoring system – electrical transmission and distribution Process
  • Electrical network automation & communication systems
  • Remote data monitoring & data analysis for power station
  • Postpaid electricity billing automation
  • Power-sharing of the transformer with overload protection
  • EB theft monitoring and control system
  • An artificial intelligent solar tracking system with a true graph & pc interface
  • Petrol level indicator

Mechanical, Model-based and Mechatronics Embedded Projects

  • Smart Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation
  • GPS Based Intelligent Guided Vehicle With Collision Mitigation
  • Automatic Electrolyte Battery Filling Using Conveyor System

SCADA & PLC based Embedded Projects

  • Electrical station variables reader/controller with true graph and SCADA
  • Microcontroller based SCADA for substation by WAP
  • Multi-channel voltage scanner – SCADA
  • Multi-parameter measurement system – SCADA
  • Plc based bottle filling station with conveyors
  • Automatic anesthesia controller using infusion pump with heartbeat rate
  • Automatic ANESTHESIA controller using infusion pump with respiratory.


  • Smart MEDICARE system – ICU caretaker & life support system
  • Wireless heartbeat rate monitoring & a cardiac pacemaker simulation – mobile messenger
  • Automatic ANESTHESIA controller using infusion pump with heartbeat rate
  • Automatic ANESTHESIA controller with respiratory using infusion pump
  • The smart card-based biomedical health care system
  • Bedside patient monitoring system with remote alert
  • Unique system for remote monitoring patients with data mining
  • Heartbeat monitoring system with wireless pc interfacing including body & respiratory temperature
  • RF-based heartbeat monitoring system with the pacemaker
  • Detection of cardiac disorder using bio-medical sensor
  • Automatic ANESTHESIA feeder based on medical analysis

ARM-based Projects

Cortex-M3 based projects

  • Design of Integrated Mine Safety Monitor System
  • The Design of the Scene of the Accident Alarm System Based On Arm and GPS
  • A Parking Guidance and Information System Based On Wireless Sensor Network
  • A Parking Guidance And Information System Based On Wireless Sensor Network using with ARM cortex
  • A Wireless Surveillance and Safety System for Mine Workers based on Zigbee.

ARM-9 based projects

  • Design of arm based power meter having Wi-Fi
  • Wireless communication module
  • The Wireless Remote Control Car System Based on ARM9
  • An Application of Wireless Standards for Remote monitoring of Electric Drive Systems
  • Remote Control of Electrical Appliances Using GSM Networks
  • Design and Development of Embedded Intelligent Public Transport Vehicular Terminal Using GPRS.
ARM based projects
ARM-based projects

ARM-7 based projects

  • H-Bridge based DC Motor speed & Direction control using PWM using ARM 7 LPC2148
  • GSM based Remote Industrial control system using ARM 7 TDMI LPC2148
  • Biometric fingerprint based electronic voting system for rigging free governance using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
  • Implementation of Solar Fridge with fast chilling Applications with temperature monitoring using ARM7
  • An industrial Temperature Monitoring and controlling using ARM 7 TDMI LPC2148

We hope all the projects listed above sound interesting and worth to be implemented. So why wait, pick up an area and choose the project which best suits you. But before that, don’t forget to mention your choice of the area among the 15 described above.

Do give your choice in the comment section below.

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