Infographic: 8 Steps to Make a Remote Control Robotic Vehicle

It is a very interesting thing to operate a robot using remote control technology – whether the robot is used for fun game oriented applications or for technical operations home automation and industrial applications (pick and place robot, line following robot, metal detector robotic vehicle, IR controlled robotic vehicle, fire fighting robotic vehicle, cell phone controlled robotic vehicle, war field spying robot with night vision wireless camera, voice controlled robotic vehicle) and so on].

The steps to make a robotic body and the remote control mechanical system are very interesting for electrical and electronics hobbyists and students. But, in this article we are giving detailed and easy-to-understand, step-wise description to make a remote control robot. In general, robot body is designed using wheels, metal strips, metallic or plastic board, DC motors, discrete components, connecting wires, nuts, and bolts.

The step-by-step procedures given here will help you to make a remote control robot on your own in a professional way. You can learn both how to make a robot body as well as its remote control mechanism with the given info graphic. This article certainly provides the technical skills necessary for making a remote control robot.

Note: This remote control robot info graphic is purely for engineering students and electronic hobbyists and not meant for commercial purpose. (Terms and conditions apply – Do not try to implement the steps given in this article by your own if you don’t know how to handle electrical and electronic circuits)

Steps to Make a Remote Control Robot

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