Infographics : A Brief about 8051 Microcontroller

In the year 1981, an 8-bit Microcontroller was introduced by Intel Corporation; it was known as 8051. This Microcontroller includes RAM-128 bytes, ROM-4K bytes, timers-2, serial port-1 and 4-ports that are located on a single chip, and are referred to as a SOC (system on a chip). The 8051 Microcontroller is an 8-bit processor – which means, the CPU can function with 8-bits of data at a time. The 8051 Microcontroller includes four I/O ports that are 8 bits wide. Although this can have an utmost of 64K bytes of on-chip ROM, many designers have set only 4 kilobytes on the chip.

The 8051 Microcontroller became extensively popular after Intel allowed other makers to build and promote any versions of the Microcontroller. This has led to several versions of the 8051 with dissimilar speeds and quantities of on-chip ROM promoted by manufacturers. It is significant to note that even though there are various versions of the 8051 Microcontroller in terms of the amount and speed of on-chip ROM – they all are well-suited to the original 8051 as far as the commands are concerned. This means that if you write your code for one, it will work on any of them irrespective of the manufacturer. Please refer the below link: 8051 Microcontroller pin diagram and its working procedure

8051 Microcontroller Programming

The programming of 8051 microcontrollers is definitely very fascinating and to make it even stimulating here we will give you some tools which will assist you to know the programming of an 8051 Microcontrollerin a better way.

Have a Look at the Tools

  • Code editor -Syntax highlighting Notepad
  • RIDE software – simulation
  • A51-Assembler
  • Proteus – Fully embedded simulation software
  • Simulator-windows based Smart n Small Simulator
  • Keil uVision – 8051/ARM simulation
  • Baud -Timer value calculators for various baud rates

Now we will compose the program as per the Keil Uvison4 simulation software and the program is

  • Install 8051 software on your PC
  • Click Project -> New vision Project
  • Save your project
  • Select Target Device (8051 – AT89s51)
  • File -> New
  • New text- editor will be opened. Here you need to write your code

What is an 8051 Microcontroller?


An 8051 microcontroller is a whole computer manufactured on a single chip.

Pin Configuration of 8051 Microcontroller

8051 microcontroller comprises 40 pins. Wherein, 32 pins are set away in 4-ports such as P0, P1, P2, and P3. Where each port comprises 8 pins.

8051 Microcontroller’s Architecture

The architecture of the 8051 microcontroller includes CPU, interrupts, memory, BUS, oscillator and timers/counters.

Different families of 8051 Microcontroller

Different families of 8051 Microcontroller include 8051, 8031, 8052, 8751, 89C51, 8751, DS89C4xO, 89C52, 8032 and 8752.

Memory Organization of an 8051 Microcontroller

8051 microcontroller has two memories: program memory and data memory.

Applications of 8051 Microcontroller

8051 Microcontrollers are used in different electronic equipment like mobiles, robots, automobiles, CD/DVD Players, washing machines, cameras, security alarms, electronic measurement instruments, microwave oven, etc.

A Brief about 8051 Microcontroller - Infographics


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