Infographics: Different Types of Simple IC’s Available to Build Projects

The short term of an integrated circuit is IC, and the first IC concept was introduced in the year 1958. In the digital world, the heights of technological concept have helped in a lot of devices like mobiles, computers, laptops and many more. The digital era began with the invention of vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes based computers were expensive and rare. These tubes were then replaced by transistors, which were smaller in size and faster in use, cost effective, and would consume less power. Next an integrated circuit was invented, which then transformed the use of computers. Due to low cost, small size and reliability even a common man knows its applications in smart phones, tabs, laptops, etc.

The applications of every electronic device we use in our daily life, such as mobile phones, refrigerators, laptops, computers, TVs and all other electrical & electronic devices are manufactured with some simple or complex circuits. These circuits are realized using various electrical and electronic components connected with each other through connecting wires to ensure the flow of current through multiple components of the circuit, like resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes inductors, and so on.

In modern electronics, an integrated circuit is a keystone and also a heart and brain of circuits. An integrated circuit is a little black chip found on every circuit board. It can be defined as the number of electronic components fabricated into a single chip to achieve a common goal. There are different types of ICs involved to build electrical and electronic projects including 555 timer, 8051, 741 op-amp, voltage regulator, MAX232, LM324, L293D and so on. If you want to build any project using any one IC, here is an infographic which will give you different types of simple IC’s available to build Projects.

Different Types of Simple Integrated Circuits Available to Build Projects

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