White Paper On Wireless Communication through Zigbee Technology Pdf

Wireless communication technology usage is rapidly increasing nowadays in applications such as wireless sensor networks, industrial automation systems, home automation systems, remote control systems, medical care equipment, automation systems for agricultural use, and other applications. Among various communication technologies, Zigbee is an emerging and very promising international standards-based wireless-communication technology.

ZigBee technology is a wireless sensor network system that ensures remote monitoring and controlling of load parameters. Some of the characteristics like low cost, low power, low data rate, easy installation, low maintenance, multiple topologies, etc., make this communication more suitable for a wide variety of applications compared to other short-range communication technologies.

Motivated by this trend, EdgefxKits and solutions provide brief information on Zigbee communication protocol particularly its architecture, operating modes, topologies, and applications. This document covers an overall idea about Zigbee technology to ensure that the readers find it easy to understand. To make this document more user friendly, the basic concepts of ZigBee technology follow relevant diagrams.

EdgefxKits and solutions endeavor is to offer practical knowledge-based technical documents as the company has got a decade long experience of developing communication-based electronic projects for both students and industries. You can leave your comments below for any technical help pertaining to the routing of Zigbee communication for your application implementation.

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