White Paper on Different Types of Relays

The relay is an automatic protective and switching device which is capable of sensing abnormal conditions in electrical circuits. These are operated to open or close the load contacts in response to one or more electrical quantities like voltage and current. Relays are used in a wide variety of applications like electric power systems, home appliances, automobiles, industrial equipments, digital computers, etc.

Relays are classified into several types based on their functionality and application they are implemented for. These classifications include electromagnetic, solid state, high voltage, thermal relays, and so on. Therefore, this document is intended to describe about a few basic types of relays that are popularly used in typical load-control applications.

This document explains each and every relay and its working principle with appropriate figures. Only some of the relays are explained in this document for making it simple and understandable.  Hope that you will get a good idea on this topic once you start reading this information. Furthermore, for any help or information on this topic or implementing these relays practically in electrical circuits you can comment below.

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