White Paper on Single Phase Induction Motor

The most typically used electrical machines are electric motors which are used for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are various types of electrical motors amongst single phase induction motor is being used frequently in domestic, industrial, and agricultural applications. In general, in our day-to-day life we use several mechanical devices or equipments such as fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, washing machines, grinders, electric clocks, hair dryers, and so on are frequently used applications of various types of single phase induction motors.

Thus, as an electrical and electronics engineer or hobbyist we must know a few basic concepts about these types of machines we use regularly in our life. So, this document provides information about single phase induction motor, construction-stator, rotor, working principle, types of single phase induction motors, starting methods of single phase induction motors, and applications of single phase induction motors.

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  1. I would like to design a single-phase Stator coil to work with Permanent Magnets (i.e, I will be using Permanent Magnets in the Rotor).

    Would you be able to provide me with or direct me to relevant sources of the necessary information on how to design the Stator Coil?

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