Latest Electronics and Electrical based Projects for Engineering Students

Nowadays electronics plays a major role in our daily life, without electricity we cannot imagine our life even for a single day. If we learn some basic things about these concepts, it is beneficial to us. The importance of electronics is growing at a rapid rate. The current trend is that many students have started showing interest in electronics and electrical engineering, and therefore learning electronic concepts by joining various electronics branches of engineering, such as ECE, EEE, and EIE. This electronics concept deals with various circuits that may include resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, etc. This particular article encompasses a list of electrical and electronics projects for engineering students of EEE and ECE branches. This list includes projects from different categories such as electrical, microcontroller, robotics, GSM, solar and RFID.

Projects for engineering students
Projects for engineering students

Electronic Projects for Engineering Students

Electronic Projects
Electronic Projects
  1. Audio CD Player to Video CD Player Conversion
  2. Control and Safety Monitoring Based on RTOS
  3. Security System for Electronic Eye Control
  4. The Load Control with Video Activated Relay
  5. Digital Scrolling Message System with Pre Programmed
  6. Led Based Automatic Emergency Light Based
  7. Virtual LEDs Based Propeller Display of Message
  8. High Bandwidth and Low Noise Amplifier with Improved Stability over RF Range
  9. Vehicle Driving System based on Automatic Touch Screen
  10. Automatic College Bell Using RTC
  11. Design of a Bus Station Identification System
  12. Load Protector with Remote Switching
  13. Speed Control of a DC Motor Based on Microprocessor
  14. Automatic Road Level Detection for and Alerting System for Cars

Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

Electrical Projects
Electrical Projects
  1. Power Saver for Commercial Establishments and Industries
  2. BLDC Motor Speed Control using RPM Display
  3. Implementation of WSN based Industrial Temperature Monitoring System
  4. Advanced Temperature Control and Monitoring System with Graphical LCD based on Touch screen
  5. Electrical Oven Temperature Monitoring for Metal Industries based on Timer
  6. GSM based Integrated Energy Management System with User Programmable Number Features and Acknowledgement
  7. Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Permanent Trip and Temporary Fault Otherwise
  8. Power Factor Measurement based on Microprocessor
  9. Design and Construction of Three-Phase 1 H.P Motor
  10. Radio Frequency Control of Induction Motors and Other Industrial Loads
  11. Electrical Station variables Reader or Controller with True graph and SCADA
  12. RF based Wireless Control of Stepper/ DC Motor Speed Control
  13. Design and Construction of SCADA System for Real Time Electrical Parameter Monitoring and Control
  14. IR/RF/Zigbee Technologies Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control
  15. Speed and Direction Control of a Stepper Motor based on IR Remote
  16. Earth Fault Relay Design and Construction for Single-Phase Power System

Solar Projects for Engineering Students

Solar power projects are the most attractive projects. The following list of solar energy projects ideas works successfully and is helpful in our real life as well. Some of the best examples of solar projects include solar cooker, solar water heater, sun tracking solar panels, etc.

Solar Projects
Solar Projects
  1. Solar Street Light based on Raspberry Pi
  2. ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light
  3. Solar Street Light Based on Arduino
  4. Solar Power Charge Controller
  5. Sun Tracking Solar Panel
  6. Solar Energy Measurement System
  7. Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System
  8. Solar Insect Robot
  9. Solar Powered Path Finding Vehicle
  10. Low Power and High Efficiency Solar Based Rice Cooker with Fast Cooking Capacity for Power Saving and Renewable Energy
  11. Maximum Power Tracking System Design by Automatic Control of Solar Panel Direction According to the Sun Direction
  12. Implementation of Solar Inverter for Garden, Home, or Street Light Applications
  13. Air Compressor Pump for Car Bike Tire Inflate based on Solar

Mini Projects for Engineering Students

Here we have listed some mini electronic projects ideas and these projects are helpful for II and III year engineering students of EEE and ECE branches. The list includes the projects from different categories such as microcontroller, IR, GPS, etc.

Mini Projects
Mini Projects
  1. Water Level Controller Using AT89S51 Microcontroller
  2. Solar Power Based Auto Charging Grinding Machine
  3. Digital Thermometer Design by Using a Selected Temperature Sensor
  4. Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Loads by using Down Counter
  5. Automatic Plant Watering System
  6. Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM
  7. GPS Based Bus Station Indication with LCD Display
  8. IR Based Electrical Device Control with Triac and Optically Controlled Diac
  9. Real Time Burglar Alarm System using Passive infrared Sensor

Computer Science Projects for Engineering Students

Computer science engineering projects involves development, designing of various application based softwares, and these projects can be implemented by several tools such as .Net, Java, Oracle, etc. The list of computer science and engineering projects is given below.

Computer Science Projects
Computer Science Projects
  1. AJAX and XML Based Asynchronous Server Interaction
  2. Authentication service based Bandwidth Congestion Control for Automatic and Dynamic Reconfiguration System
  3. ATM Networks and Intelligent Packet Filtering to Avoid Traffic and Congestion
  4. AD-HOC Networks Based Network Security System in DNS
  5. Route Reconstruction Method based Support Group Concept for Mobile AD-HOC Networks
  6. Wireless Application Programming with Bluetooth and J2ME
  7. Energy Efficient Event Reliable Transport in WSNs
  8. Code Optimizations on Stanford University Intermediate Format
  9. Linear Temporal Logic based Network Protocol Verification
  10. OS Enhancements to Prevent the Misuse of System Calls
  11. SDLC Models based Collaborative Software Development
  12. Formal Verification and Specification of WiFiRe
  13. VB .Net based Employee Management System
  14. Java Productivity Aids to Track the Control Flow, Parsing and Log Reader
  15. Verification of Digital Signature using Artificial Neural Networks
  16. Network Density Reduction for Wireless AD-HOC Networks

Robotic Projects for Engineering Students

Robotics is one of the best domains of science in which there is a lot of scope for creativity and innovation. Robotics Projects are very popular among engineering students as these projects do not require in-depth and lengthy explanation because they speak for themselves. Robotic projects are applicable for various departments like EEE, ECE, and E&I. ECE projects in robotics make use of communication technologies such as Zigbee, GPS, GSM and Bluetooth. EEE projects in robotics can also be used to express the usage of various electrical machines like, hybrid stepper motors or servo motors. Here we are listing out some useful robotic projects for graduate students

Robotic Projects
Robotic Projects
  1. Automatic Two Wheeler Locking System based on SMS
  2. Path Finding Robot Operated by Sensor
  3. Braking Controlling and Yarn Detector Robot
  4. Self Navigating Robot based on GPS and Digital Compass
  5. Speed and Direction Control of a Four-Legged Walking Robot Controlled by Mobile Phone
  6. IR Light Tracing Robot Controlled by TV Remote
  7. Self Balancing Robot based on MEMS/Gyroscope

This is all about the engineering projects such as electrical, electronics, solar, robotics and mini projects. We hope that you have got a better understanding and concept of engineering projects. Please share your views on this article in the comment section below.


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