Latest Robotics Projects using Microcontroller for Engineering Students

The term Robot was first introduced by a Czech playwright Karel Capek in the year 1920.The word robot is also used to describe an intelligent mechanical device. Robotics is one of the branches of technology and deals with designing, creation, operations and applications of robots. The robotics word was derived from the word robot.

There are mainly four types of robots available in the market today: serial type, mobile type, parallel type and walking type. The elements of robots are manipulators, end effectors, grippers, power supply and controllers. When we think of a robot, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is a machine that imitates a human. But in real terms, there is no standard definition for a robot.

Robotics projects using microcontroller
Robotics projects using microcontroller

However, there are some fundamental characteristics that a robot must have – for instance: sensing, movement, energy and intelligence. Some robots can do work by themselves and perform certain tasks, whereas other robots need intervention and help from human beings. Robots are used in many applications like medial, space communication and military applications.

The expenditure on machine tools has been growing by leaps and bounds in electronic and automobile sectors. According to an industry research, India has spent nearly thousands of crores on machine tools. To carry forward the demand of the cost-effective robotic systems, Bangalore based robots are active and a firm released two of its cost-effective robotics: Artrimus and G4. Artrimus is a cost-effective robotic arm, and G4 is a high-speed Gantry Robot.

Industrial Robots

Industrial Robots
Industrial Robots

Industrial robots as defined by the International organization (ISO) for standardization are repeatedly controlled, reprogrammable and multiuse manipulator, and programmable in many axes. These robots are designed to move parts, materials and tools and to perform a variety of tasks in manufacturing and production. The modern industrial robots are true sensations of engineering. These robots can carry a load around hundred pounds and move it very quickly with repeatability. These robots are programmable in many applications and are used in auto industries for assembly, arc welding, and material handling applications.

The following list provides cost-effective robotics projects using microcontroller, which is helpful for students as well as hobbyists.


List of Cost-effective Robotics Projects Using Microcontroller

  1. Pick-N- Place Robotic Arm and the Movement Controlled by Android Wirelessly
  2. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with a Long Distance Speech Recognition
  3. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera by Android Applications
  4. Manchester Code Decoding Controls the Robots Direction by TV Remote
  5. Fire Sensing and Control Robotics
  6. Robotic Arm Control Through Internet LAN for Patient Operation
  7. Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications
  8. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera
  9. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
  10. Pick-N-Place with a Soft Catching Gripper
  11. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  12. Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  13. Line following Robotic Vehicle Using Microcontroller
  14. IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  15. Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management
  16. Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
  17. Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
  18. RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Laser Beam Management

Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

Robotics Projects for Engineering Students
Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

In recent years, many engineering students have started showing a lot of interest in robotic projects as compare to other projects. Robots such as pick-n-place, line following, wall tracking and robotics projects using microcontroller are popular projects in academic level. The following list of robotic projects for engineering students is quite helpful for the students. Apart from this, there are some electronics engineering projects on robotic applications.

  1. Live Human Alerting and Detection Robot
  2. Wireless PC Controlled Robot
  3. RF Based Remote Controlled Robot with Wireless Video Camera Mounted on it
  4. Autonomous Robot with Artificial Vision for Obstacle Detection
  5. Wireless Room freshener Spraying Robot with Video Vision
  6. Simple Pick and Place Robot
  7. Touch Screen Controlled Intelligent Robot
  8. Human Robot Interface Using Robust Speech Recognition
  9. LPG Gas and Smoke Detection Robot with Wireless Control
  10. PC Controlled Wireless Multipurpose Robot
  11. Voice Recognizing Robot with a Fire Sensor Indication
  12. Remote Controlling Robot with a Fire Sensor
  13. Robotic Arm Interfaced with MCU/RF/IR/PC
  14. Speed Sprayer Robot
  15. Solar Panel Tracking Robot

Simple Robotics Projects for Beginners

Simple Robotics Projects
Simple Robotics Projects

For the beginners, it is better to go for simple robotic projects for learning basic concepts and techniques which will challenge them to face large and complex robotics as they become used to practicing them.

  1. Mobile Controlled Robot using GSM
  2. Edge Avoider Robot
  3. Light Following Robot
  4. A Simple Line Following Robot
  5. Wall Follower Robot
  6. Bomb Detection Robot
  7. Solar Powered Robot from TRASH
  8. Pocket Drunken Robot
  9. Solar Cockroach Virbobot
  10. Blinky the LED Pet
  11. Intractable Robot-Paper Model

Arduino Robot Projects

Arduino Robot Projects
Arduino Robot Projects

Arduino is a single-board microcontroller, and its hardware consists of an open-source hardware board. This hardware board is designed by using an 8-bit Atmel AVR microcontroller, or a 32- bit Atmel ARM. Arduino is designed to give an easy way to program interactive objects. Here we have mentioned a list of robotic projects that are designed by using Arduino.

  1. Control an OWI Robotic Arm with Arduino
  2. DFRobotshop Rover or Arduino on Tracks
  3. Speech Controlled Arduino Robot
  4. Arduino Nano based Microbot
  5. Reverse Engineered RC Car to Make an Arduino Rover
  6. 2WD Extend Platform Arduino Robot Chassis Smart Car Chassis
  7. Arduino Robot 4WD Smart Car Chassis Kits with a Speed Encoder
  8. The Hexbug Spider Hack
  9. Stompy the Walking Robot
  10. Arduino Bot Proto
  11. Arduino Robot for Testing Whiley
  12. 2-Wheel Self-balancing Robot by Using Arduino and MPU6050

Electronics Engineering Projects

In our daily life, electronics plays a major role. So, if we learn some basic things about electronics, it is favorable to us. These electronic projects deals with various circuits that may include concepts like capacitors, diodes, ICs, etc. Many people are now showing interest in various electronics’ branches of engineering. After doing some projects in the electronics branch of engineering, we can gain hands-on knowledge in electronics. For those who are interested in electronics projects, the following list of electronics engineering projects & ideas would serve handy.

  1. Arduino Based Home Automation
  2. Wireless Power Transfer in 3D Space
  3. Industrial Liquid Pump Controller with User Defined Time Slots based on Timer
  4. Arduino Based Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
  5. High Voltage DC by Marx Generator Principles
  6. Electronic Eye Controlled Security System
  7. Long Range FM Transmitter with Audio Modulation
  8. Time Delay Based Relay Operated Load
  9. Step up 6V DC to 10V DC Using 555 Timer
  10. Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supply
  11. Fire or Smoke Detector with Automatic Water Sprinkler System
  12. GSM/GPRS based Pump On and Off system
  13. Mobile Phone Controlled IVRS System
  14. Automatic Street Light Control System using High Sensitivity LDR
  15. Automatic Speed Regulation Depending on Incoming vehicle on High Ways
  16. Applications of Robots
  17. Robot applications can be classified into two types: Current applications and future applications.
  18. Current applications include:
  19. Material Transfer, Machine loading and unloading
  20. Processing operations
  21. Assembly and inspection
  22. Future applications include:
  23. Medical
  24. Military -artillery, loading, surveillance
  25. Home applications
  26. Electronic industry
  27. Fully automated machine shop

This is all about the list of projects on robotics like cost-effective robotic projects using microcontroller, simple robotic projects, Arduino robotic projects and robotic projects for engineering students. We hope that you have got a better understanding and concept of robotic projects. Please share your views on this article in the comment section below, and for further help to implement these projects, you can contact us.

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