What are Fractal Robots? Construction, Movement Methods & Applications

Fractal robot assures for transforming like each part of human technology. These robots can be built with cube-shaped bricks and that is controlled by a PC to modify the shape of a robot & to arrange it into different types of shapes. The brick is equipped with a motor for moving as well as shuffling themselves to change the form for making different objects. This technology has the potential to work like humans in every field like research, medicine, construction, etc. These robots are used in the construction field to built buildings, medical operations, and in laboratories for experiments. This technology is named as digital matter control and implementation of this can be done with a machine namely robotic cube. This technology is named as fractal robot technology. Fractal Robots includes a self-repair facility so they can continue easily without human interference. This article covers an overview of introduction and principal of fractal robots, the role and the capacity of these robots can play in determining our expectations.

What are Fractal Robots? 

The Fractal robots are a set of uniform electronic cubes which are functioned by an OS (operating system). These robots are inbuilt with hardware as well as software. The movement of these robots can be controlled by an embedded chip which is placed in the cube. The expected size of these cubes ranges from 1000 to 10000 atoms wide.

A fractal is a geometrical figure which has the similar statistical quality in the structure. Wherever you observe at any element of this, then it will be comparable to the entire thing. Fractals are used to for structures.

Fractal Robot
Fractal Robot

Apparatus of Fractal Robot

The fractal robot apparatus includes the following.

  • Construction of Fractal Robot
  • Fractal Robot Movement Mechanism
  • Computer Control Implementation
  • Fractal Operating System
  • Fractal-Bus
Apparatus of Fractal Robot
Apparatus of Fractal Robot

Construction of Fractal Robot

The construction of fractal robot is not easy, because one should take a lot of efforts in making these robots. The robot design includes the smallest amount of moving parts so that they can be mass generated. The required materials of this project made easy in the market, and the materials used to make this robot are plastic as well as metals that are obtainable in developed countries whereas clays and ceramics are environmental materials which are obtainable in expanding nations.

These robots can be constructed from faceplates that are designed as well as fixed to a cubic border. Every Faceplate in fractal robot contains an electrical connection pad that permits power as well as data signals for transmitting from one cube to another cube.

Fractal Robot Construction
Fractal Robot Construction

Fractal Robot Movement Mechanism

To monitor the inner system, the representation of the plates is the most essential thing. The motor assists the plates to drive in the slots as well as outer the slots. The motor can be used to run the petals with the help of a metal strip.

Computer Control Implementation 

The robotic cubes contain a microcontroller to do the basic operations such as the swap of information & the inner method control. The essential equipment of a fractal robot is the software.

Fractal Operating System 

The operating system of a fractal robot plays a vital role and the features of this system include the following objectives

  • The clear statement of the information
  • Data can be compared at every level
  • The built-in self-repair awareness


The fractal-bus is an important development for the fractal PC and it permits the hardware & the software to submerge into a single arrangement of data.

  • It assists in transmitting (or) receiving the information which is functioned with the fractal features.

Movement Methods

There are several designing methods are available for cubes and these come in various sizes, although the movement methods are always similar. Apart from of density, the cube moves only between numeral positions and obey instructions to move right, left, forward, backward, up, and down.

If the cube cannot execute a function, then it turns back. If it cannot perform that also, the software in the cube begins self-repair algorithms. The basic movements methods of these are classified into three namely pick & place, L-steamers, and N-steamers.

Fractal Robot Movement Methods
Fractal Robot Movement Methods

Pick & Place Method 

Pick & place is simple to know, and instructions are issued for a compilation of cubes advising every cube where to exit. An instruction of 517 cube shift 2 positions left those results in a simple single cube is moving in the whole apparatus.


  • A cube is pushed-out from the outside, & then an additional cube is shifted into the empty place. The shifted cube is connected to the end of the rising rod & pushed-out once more to the rising rod.
  • For bridge construction applications, the tentacles are developed vertically for making tall posts.


  • L-form cubes are denoted with numbers namely 4, 5 and 6 and these numbers are connected to a rod denoted with numbers namely 1, 2 and 3
  • A new cube ‘7’ is attached so that the rod develops with one cube.
  • The 6 and 7 cubes are shifted to the positions of 5, 6, and 7 to form an L-shape.

Applications of Fractal Robots

The main applications of fractal robot include the following.

  • Fire Fighting
  • Earthquake Application
  • Bridge Construction
  • Defense Technology
  • Space Applications
  • Medical Applications

Limitations of Fractal Robot 

The limitations of fractal robot include the following.

  • Nowadays, the fractal robot is very costly.
  • The development of the applied science is still in the first stage
  • The Fractal Robot needs precise software to run

Thus, this is all about the fractal robot and its applications. This Fractal Robot technology was introduced five years ago to all over the world. But once if we go through its initial steps as well as advantages then it will not take more time to utilize in our daily life. Using these robots will assist in saving time and economy. The required materials for designing this robot are economical. Here is a question for you, what is the function of a fractal robot?