Latest Robotics Project Ideas for Engineering Students

The robot is an intelligent mechanical device and the first robots are made-up by “Czech Playwright Carel Capek” in the year 1920. Robotics is a branch of engineering which deals with designing, creating, and operations. The word robotics was derived from the term robot. At present, there are few varieties of robots are available like serial type, parallel type, walking type, and mobile type robots. The parts of the robotics mainly comprise a power supply, controllers, grippers, manipulators, and end effectors. When we think about a robot, the primary factor that strikes our mind is that imitates somebody. However, in real terms, there’s no actual definition of a robot. But, there are some basic characteristics that a robot ought to have like intelligence, sensing, energy, and movement, etc. Some robots do work by themselves to perform particular tasks. But, alternative robots need help fro human beings. As a result, these robots are dependent. Robotics Project Ideas are used completely in different applications like medical, space communication, and military applications

Latest Robotics Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Nowadays, several engineering students are showing a lot of interest in robotic projects. They create a lot of interest as compared to other electronics projects. In education level, these projects on robotics are very popular, they are are line following robot, pick and place robot, fire fighting, wall track, humanoid, and Hexapod, etc. These Robotics Project Ideas for engineering students will helpful while doing the practice. So, we tend to advise engineering students to select from these robotics kits as these are capable of operating for them.

Robotics based project ideas
Robotics based project ideas

War Field Spying Robot using Night Vision Wireless Camera

The main intention of this project to design a robotic vehicle using RF technology and wireless camera, where RF technology is used for remote operation and the wireless camera is used for monitoring purposes. The robot along with a camera can transmit video with night vision capabilities. This type of robot is helpful in the war fields for the purpose of spying. An 8051 microcontroller is used for the desired operations.

War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera
War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera

This project uses a night vision camera to capture images even in dark places and transmits wirelessly to a TV receiver unit. These robots are used in military applications like sending the information to the control unit and spy on enemy lands. This robot is controlled by using RF communication with a set of pushbuttons.

Furthermore,  this project can be designed using DTMF technology. Using this technology we can control the robotic vehicle by using a cell phone. Compare to RF technology, this technology has an advantage over a long communication range.

Auto Metro Train that Shuttles between Two Stations

The main goal of this project is to demonstrate the technology, which used in a metro train movement. This project is used in many developed countries. The metro train is equipped with a controller, which allows the automatic running of the train from one station to another.

Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations

This auto metro train project is designed with an automatic start and stop mechanism. So that the metro train stops at a particular time and starts after a particular time. It comprises an automatic mechanism to open and close the door and it counts the number of persons while entering into the train.

Track Sensing Robotic Vehicle Movement

The main aim of this project is to design a robot, that tracks a particular path. The path can be a black lane on a white floor. Track sensing robotic vehicle is being used in a variety of applications from being a guide at public places for automatic vehicles. Here, this robotic vehicle is designed by a pair of sensors which is made to move on a curved black lane sensed for both motors.

Track Sensing Robotic Vehicle Movement
Track Sensing Robotic Vehicle Movement

This track sensing robotic vehicle comprises two motors, DC supply. These two motors are controlled by a transistor, which acts as a switch. The two sensors, each sensor including an IR LED and a photodiode is placed under the circuit. When the two sensors sense the white floor, then the motors give the rotation accordingly.

At the turning, on encountering the black path, one of the motors stop rotating with the input of the sensor. The working principle of the sensor is, when IR LED produces light on the white floor, then it gets reflected. When the reflected light drops on the photodiode, it decreases its resistance to control the conduction of the motor switch.

Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

The main object of this project is to design a robotic vehicle to detect metals and land mines. Land mines are unstable devices that are located under the ground and it is hazardous to detect those manually using metal detectors. In this project, a metal detector is embedded in the robot and that is controlled by using RF communication.

Metal Detector Robotics Project Ideas
Metal Detector Robotics Project Ideas

At the transmitter end, the number of pushbuttons is interfaced to the microcontroller to run the robot in a particular motion. When the button is pressed, then the signal is sent to the microcontroller which sends the binary data to the button. The encoder is used to convert parallel data to serial data and this command is transmitted using an RF module.

At the receiver end, this signal is decoded by the decoder. Based on the signal, the microcontroller gives related signals to the motor driver to drive the motors. So that the robot moves in the desired motion. A metal detector is embedded in the robot circuit that detects the metal and gives an indication by using a buzzer.

RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with a Laser Beam Arrangement

This project is designed to control a robotic vehicle by using RF technology. A low power laser light is interfaced for demonstrating the possibilities of ending a distant object by its beam. An 8051 microcontroller is used for the desired operation.

RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with a Laser Beam Arrangement
RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with a Laser Beam Arrangement

At the transmitting end, pushbuttons are used to send instructions to the receiver to control the movement of the robot either to move right, left forward, or backward. At the receiving end, two motors are interfaced to the microcontroller where they are used for the movement of the vehicle.

The RF transmitter acts as an RF remote control that has the advantage of an adequate range (up to 200 meters) with proper antenna, while the receiver decodes before feeding it to another microcontroller to drive DC motors via motor driver IC for necessary work.

A laser pen is mounted on the robot body and its operation is carried out from the microcontroller output through the appropriate signal from the transmitting end. The laser light used is just for demonstration purposes and not a powerful one.

Further, this project can be enhanced using DTMF technology. Using this technology we can control the robotic vehicle by using a cell phone. This technology has an advantage over long communication range as compared to RF technology.

Line Following Robotic Vehicle

A-Line Following Robot is a robot that follows a certain path on which it moves. The path can be a black path on a white floor or a magnetic field. These robots are being used in a variety of applications from being a guide at public places to automatic vehicles. Here a Line Following robotic vehicle is developed which is made to move on a curved black path sensed by a pair of sensors for each motor. Here the robotic vehicle consists of two motors and the DC supply to each motor is controlled using a transistor which acts as a switch.

Line Following Robotics Project Ideas
Line Following Robotics Project Ideas

A pair of sensors each comprising of an IR LED and a photodiode is placed beneath the circuit. The white floor is sensed by the sensors and the motors are given the rotation accordingly. At the turning, on encountering the black path, one of the motors stop rotating with the sensor input. The sensor works on the principle that when light from the IR LED falls on the white surface it gets reflected and this reflected light when falls on the photodiode, reduces its resistance so as to control the conduction of the motor switch.

Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle

A robot can be controlled either by detecting the environment on its own or manually using a remote or any other means. Here a fully automatic robot is developed which senses the area around it and accordingly moves. A sensor arrangement is embedded which senses any objects ahead of it and accordingly the robot changes its direction to avoid any collision. Such robotic vehicles can be used at places like sanctuaries etc.

Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle

The ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the presence of any obstacle. These sensors work on the principle of reflection of ultrasonic waves by the objects which are received by the sensors and converted to electrical signals. On receiving any interruption signal, the microcontroller thus gives the proper command to the motor driver such that one of the motors is stopped and another motor rotates, giving a change in direction to the robot.

Pick N Place Robotic Vehicle with Soft Catching Gripper

A robotic vehicle can be used to pick up objects and place them accordingly. For this purpose, the robots consist of end effectors whose moment is controlled accordingly using motors. The robotic vehicle is controlled remotely by a set of buttons using RF communication.

Pick and Place Robot
Pick and Place Robot

At the transmitter side, a keypad is interfaced with the microcontroller and when a relevant key is pressed, the microcontroller generates a binary code for that key, and this binary code is converted to serial form and sends through an RF module and an RF antenna.

At the receiver, two motors are used to give relevant motion to the robotic vehicle and another two motors are used to control the movement of the gripper to hold any object and place it on the desired place. The commands sent from the transmitter are decoded and used by the microcontroller to give proper signals to the motor driver ICs.

Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle

Robots can be used in many hazardous situations like when a fire accident occurs. Here such a prototype is a demonstration that consists of a water pipe with a nozzle and a pump.  The movement of the robot, as well as the spraying of water by the nozzle, is controlled remotely using a set of pushbuttons and the commands are transmitted the robot through RF communication.

RF Based Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle Project
RF Based Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle Project

Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management

Here a pick and place robot is developed which is controlled using RF communication. A touch screen panel is used to give commands which are transmitted and received by the robot to give proper motion to the robot in the desired direction and control the pick and place operation.

Colour Sensing Robot with MATLAB

This project implements a robotic vehicle to detect the color of captured images using MATLAB. This project is very helpful in reducing the efforts of humans while detecting the colors within the images. This project can be implemented by using an image processing technique based on MATLAB. This robot has some features using MATLAB like detecting colors, human effort can be reduced, efficient, and saves time.

Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car

This project is used to build an Arduino based smartphone-controlled robot car. This android phone controlled robot controls the robot using Bluetooth technology. The main components used in this project are a robot car, Arduino Uno, an Android Phone, and Bluetooth Module. For that, the user of android mobile has to download and install the app on their mobile phone, and then the mobile user has to turn off the Bluetooth option on the mobile.

Here Bluetooth is a wireless communication technique that plays a key role in controlling the robot. Here, the android phone generates commands to the Bluetooth which is connected with the robot. The commands are move right, left, forward & reverse. This Bluetooth receiver gets the commands and transmits them to the microcontroller to manage the motor. After that, this microcontroller sends the signal to the motor driver IC to activate the motor.

Robotics Projects using Arduino

The list of Arduino based Robotics Project Ideas are discussed below.

Arduino Robotics Project Ideas
Arduino Robotics Project Ideas

Robotic Lawnmower Operated through an Arduino

This project designs a robot that is used to cut the grass in a specified area of a garden through avoiding the obstacles. This robot can be operated through solar energy using the Arduino controller like the central control device.

Smart Boat Robot using Arduino Board

This simple robotic project is designed with the Arduino board to make a boar for detecting obstacles, light control, etc.

Robot for Light Seeking using Arduino

This project is used to design a light following robot. The control of this project can be done using light without the interference of the robot. So this kind of project is also termed as light following robot. This project can be designed with an Arduino board including the capability of obstacle detection.

Snow Plow Robot

This project is used to design a snowplow robot with Arduino Uno. This robot works by using the commands which are transmitted from the radiofrequency device. This device is used to control the movements of a robot & plow in a required way.

Self Balancing Robot

The main objective of this project is to design the balancing robot including two wheels. This project can be built with an Arduino for separate digital control to obtain stability.

Quadruped Robot

This project is used to design a quadruped robot. It is a simple as well as cost-effective quadruped robot including two servos which are controlled through an Arduino Uno controller.

Robotic Manipulator using Arduino

The project implements a robotic arm which has similar functions as a human arm. These functions can be achieved by the program inbuilt in the arm. The designing of the robotic manipulator can be done using an Arduino controller.

Omni Wheels Robot

This project implements an Omni wheel robot. This robot is very easy to design and assemble. This kind of robot allows the new type of actions. The implementation of this robot can be done using an Arduino board through a motor driver circuit.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner using Arduino

This project designs an autonomous vacuum cleaner robot. This robot is used to clean the home without human interference through sensors, Arduino controller & motor driver circuit.

Robot Ideas for the Future

In our daily life, robots are used for several purposes in different branches. Among them, the robots used in daily life are listed below. The list of robotics project ideas in everyday life science projects are

  • Self-driving Robot
  • Robots for Crime Fighting
  • Robots in Defense, Security & Surveillance
  • Robots in Education Field
  • Robots like a Servant
  • Cooking Robots
  • Robots in Medical Field
  • Robots for Doing Dangerous Jobs
  • Robots for Home Maintenance

Robotic Arm Project Ideas

The following Robotics Project Ideas are based on robotic arm projects using Arduino for engineering students.

Robotics Project Ideas based on Arm
Robotics Project Ideas based on Arm

Robotic Arm Controlled through Wireless Glove

This project implements a system to control a robot’s hand using a wireless glove. This project can be designed with Arduino Nano, batteries, transceiver module, servo motor & related sensor.

Robotic Arm Controlled through Nunchuck

This project tells you how to program as well as mount a robotic arm with the help of an Arduino Mega. This project is a different one as compared with other arm-based projects because it employs a Nintendo Nunchuk to control a robotic arm. It is very simple to find, cheap & includes a group of sensors.

Robotic Arm Controlled through Gesture

This project designs a robot which can be controlled through hand gesture. Here, a kinetic sensor is used to capture the gestures. The development of a robotic arm can be done through servo motors that imitate the shoulder of the right arm & movements of the hand.

Computer Mouse Controlled Robotic Arm

This project is used to design a robotic arm and this arm can be controlled through a mouse of the computer. This project is also used for image processing by making its own decision by using MATLAB.

Android App Controlled Robotic Arm

This project is mainly implemented for controlling a robot arm with the help of an Arduino & a Bluetooth module using the android app. The required components of this project are DC motor, Arduino mega, and Bluetooth module (HC-05).

The following are the few interesting Robotics Project Ideas with Abstracts for final year engineering students. You may get the block diagram details of the following Robotics Project Ideas along with the abstract by clicking on the “abstract” links.

  1. RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Laser Beam Arrangement – Abstract.
  2. Line Following Robotic Vehicle – Abstract.
  3. Pick & Place With Soft Catching Gripper – Abstract.
  4. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle using Microcontroller– Abstract.
  5. RF controlled robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera for Spying in War Field – Abstract.
  6. Microcontroller Based Line Following Robotic Vehicle– Abstract.
  7. Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle using Ultrasonic Sensor – Abstract.
  8. Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations – Abstract.
  9. IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle – Abstract.
  10. Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle – Abstract.
  11. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle – Abstract.
  12. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Long Distance Speech Recognition –Abstract
  13. Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android – Abstract
  14. IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle –Abstract

Mini Projects on Robotics

The mini robotics project ideas include the following. These Robotics Project Ideas are very helpful for beginners as well as diploma students in engineering.

Simple Robotics Project Ideas

Robot for Bomb Detection

This robot is used to detect the bomb in a respective place. This robot can be operated by the person through wireless RF using a PC. Once the robot detects the bomb then it generates a buzzer sound and there will be a change for destructive materials in the bomb which may cause severe damage in the surroundings. For that, a metal detector circuit is included in the proposed system.

Robotic Arm Controlled through Remote

This project implements a robotic arm that controls through the remote. This robot reduces the efforts of humans in different industries by reducing time. These robots are used for a specific task which is controlled through a remote. Here, this robot is preprogrammed for a particular task. This project uses the remote to control a robotic arm. The infrared signal which is received from the transmitter can be detected through an IR receiver using a fundamental photo-diode.

GSM Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot

This project is used to capture the human image & sends it to the personal computer through audio and video wirelessly for defense. This system designs a lightweight and suitable system for the operation of surveillance using a sensor.

The sensor must stay on high for at least two minutes at 30 meter minimum height for imaging of a balanced area below.

The recognizable video information must be sent to the receiver point at the ground which is correctly situated in the observation region. The sensor used must be able to notice the objects in the conditions mentioned in the above. The configuration of this system includes a sensor, observation, data link, mechanism of data processing & support system.

Navigation of Robot with Optical Odometry

This project designs a robot for navigation using Optical Odometry. The main issues faced by autonomous mobile robots is their capability to find the way safely & consistently in their surroundings.

Wireless Unmanned Tanker Robot

This project designs a control system used for a robotic vehicle so that it can be controlled through RF and PC. In this proposed system, the controlling of the robot can be done based on the provided feedback from the infrared sensor. This sensor is an essential part of the circuit of object detection.

Swarm Robots

These robots work with Artificial Swarm Intelligence which uses several robots. These robots coordinate with each other to complete a task. The communication of these robots can be done wirelessly & they go accordingly. In this project, two robots are designed like one os master and another one is a slave but the communication between these two robots can be done wirelessly with each other. Here, the master robot is used to control the slave robot while doing its mission whereas the salve robot works depending on the received signal from the master robot.

Cleaning Robot

This project designs a robot namely a cleaning robot to maintain the house clean and shine. By using this robot, floor, and walls cleaning in the home can be done very easily using a Smartphone by pressing the buttons.

Robotics Project Ideas for Diploma and Engineering Students

In the area of robotics, it is important to deal with the design, operation, construction, structural disposition, manufacture, and application of robots. Using computer technology one can work on their control, sensory feedback, and information processing using appropriate hardware and sensors. Many motors are used in robotics which is controlled through dedicated micro-controllers with the appropriate program. Therefore, language knowledge in assembly and ‘C’ is a must to design robotic applications.

Nowadays many engineering students showing a lot of interest in robotics projects and they create a lot of interest as compared to others. Robots such as line following, pick n place, firefighting, wall track, hexapod, humanoid, etc are few popular projects at the academic level.

The latest Robotics project ideas for final year engineering students have been listed here.

  1. Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensed Robotic Vehicle
  2. Robotic Vehicle Movement By Cell Phone
  3. Robotic Vehicle Operated by a TV Remote
  4. Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot
  5. Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled Wireless Robot
  6. Voice operated robot with speaker identification technology
  7. Computer-controlled Pic and Place Robot (wired or wireless)
  8. Zigbee controlled Boat with wireless video and voice transmission with night vision capability
  9. Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection
  10. Smoke and LPG Gas detection robot with wireless control
  11. Visible light follower Robot
  12. Android mobile phone controlled Bluetooth robot
  13. Wireless operated War field spying robot with night vision wireless camera
  14. Construction of flying Quad Rotor Chopper with Video camera surveillance system
  15. Digital Compass and GPS based self-navigating Robot
  16. Bomb detection Robot
  17. DTMF based humanless Robotic boat control for ocean research application
  18. Wifi robot controlled from Android smart mobile phone
  19. Wireless room freshener spraying robot with video vision
  20. DTMF based Mobile phone controlled Robot
  21. flying Quad robot chopper with a wireless video camera
  22. GPS and Digital Compassed based self-navigating robot
  23. Bomb displacing robot with wireless video camera controlled form PC/Laptop
  24. GSM (SMS) Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  25. Wireless Voice and image transmission robot for surveillance system
  26. Infrared Light tracing Robot (TV Remote controlled)
  27. Live Human detection and alerting Robot
  28. Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer/Gyroscope based self-balancing robot
  29. Mobile phone Bluetooth operated robot
  30. Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control
  31. Obstacle detection robot with mechanical sensing switches
  32. Obstacle detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors
  33. PC Controlled Wired Robot
  34. Wireless operated war field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines
  35. Human-robot interface using robust speech recognition
  36. PC controlled wireless Multipurpose robot
  37. Wireless operated Fire extinguisher Robot with water jet spray
  38. Remote Controlled Land Rover
  39. Robot Controlled Wireless Audio-Video Streaming Camera
  40. Servo motor controlled wireless video camera control system
  41. Wall Follower Robot
  42. speech controlled wireless elevator system
  43. Speech recognition robot with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system
  44. Touch Screen Controlled intelligent robot
  45. Voice operated Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicle

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Thus, this is all about the list of Robotics Project Ideas for diploma and engineering students in different fields like Arduino, Mini, Arm project ideas, ideas for the future, etc. These are the interesting latest Robotics Project Ideas intended for final year engineering students. In the academic level of robotics projects using a microcontroller or robotic kits are very famous. Thus, these robot projects will be quite helpful for students. Apart from this, any queries regarding these projects or simple robotics projects for beginners you can give your valuable suggestions by commenting in the comment section below.

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