Best B.Tech Projects List for ECE and EEE Engineering Students

ECE and EEE are one of the most demanded branches in engineering. Many opportunities are in their career as who joined in these branches. Every engineering student gets their certificate after completion of his project successfully in the final year.  They have many choices in selecting projects such as sensors, Arduino, raspberry pi, microcontroller, robotics, electronics projects, and so on. For their intention, we have listed here a large number of B.Tech projects. These are specially collected for ECE and EEE students. If you are interested to download and check below project list.

B.Tech Projects for ECE and EEE Engineering Projects

Embedded projects are one of the best choices for ECE and EEE engineering students where most of the students prefer to solve embedded systems based IEEE projects. A few of the most innovative embedded system projects for engineering students are given below. So here is the list of most innovative project solutions to engineering students in different categories. The list of B.Tech projects for ECE students is discussed below.

B.Tech Projects for ECE and EEE
B.Tech Projects for ECE and EEE

Implementation of Telemetry System in Agriculture

This project implements a telemetry system in the agriculture field. This project uses an Arduino along with different sensors to calculate environmental issues like humidity, soil moisture, and temperature. In this project, two techniques were used to store the data within the database. The primary technique is limited to circumstances because it is a direct approach once a Wi-Fi connection is available. Data can be transmitted directly to the server through a Wi-Fi modem.

The second method is used once a Wi-Fi connection is not accessible because data can be transmitted to an additional android phone through SMS. This phone transmits the data to the database and the collected data can be compared through actual sensors. The identification of each plant can be easily checked because a particular code was fixed for each model. The samples of longitude, latitude, and pictures were recorded within the database using the two techniques.

Agribot Integrated System Design & Operation through Wi-Fi

This project is used to design an autonomous robot or AgriBot. This robot is used in the agriculture field for harvesting vegetables and fruits. So, these robots play a key role in horticulture.

Analysis of Accident for Automobile Black Box System

This project implements a black box system for automobiles. The functions of this box are the same as to an airplane black box. This box is mainly used for analyzing vehicle accidents & stops the loss of life.
In this project, a prototype is designed for an automatic black box system. The arrangement of this box can be done into automobiles so that accident analysis can be achieved by tacking the vehicle.


By using this system, vehicle security can be enhanced by sending an SMS to the concern person mobile number when an accident occurs. This project uses 12 sensors that record a variety of data parameters in driving.

These sensors can be controlled through Arduino and Raspberry Pi controllers. The sensors data can be stored within the SD card which is arranged on Raspberry Pi. This system uses external devices like GPS and camera to collect the data of location and video.

Smart E-Health Smart Network System

This project implements a smart e-health network system. This project is very helpful in avoiding the delays while arriving of the patient’s medical data to the hospitals especially when an accident occurs otherwise in emergencies to avoid the entering of manual data & also to enhance the capacity of beds within hospitals.

This system architecture mainly depends on the sensors used in medicine because these sensors measure the physical parameters of the patients through WSNs. The patient’s data can be transmitted through the sensors over the WSN to the cloud location. So this system supports the smart e-health system for supporting the staff for reducing manual data collection, gathering real-time data, and allows monitoring the patients.

Arduino Robot Controlling Through an Interface of Brain-Computer

This system implements a brain-computer interface to get EEG (Electroencephalogram) signals from the human brain. These signals can be utilized to control exterior devices. In this project, an application can be created to manage a robot using an Arduino & a BCI system.

This BCI pipeline processing can be developed on an open-source platform with the help of the Emotiv EEG headset. The proposed system attains approximately 96% accuracy through the feature of removal & classification methods like SVM (Support Vector Machines) & band power. We are also able to guide a robot’s movement efficiently using multiple intents.

IoT & Raspberry Pi based E-health Monitoring System for Elders

In this project, an e-health monitoring system is developed for elder people. This project uses an -Health Sensor along with Raspberry Pi & Arduino to execute different applications in medical where monitoring of the body is required through different sensors for sensing oxygen in blood, glucometer, pulse, breathing, the temperature of the body, ECG, galvanic skin response, BP, the position of the patient.

Smart Video Surveillance System Implementation

This project is used to implement a smart video-based surveillance system to click the photos with the help of an Android application through an SMS alert. At present, surveillance systems are becoming famous for crime inquiry. In public places, the number of cameras is installed in fixed areas for monitoring the complex and wide area. So, mobile robots are developed to observe wide-area at less cost.

In this project, architecture is used for enhancing the applications of surveillance depending on the service-oriented paradigm usage through android phones like user terminals which allows increasing the system flexibility & dynamic composition of system application.

Based on the outcome of the moving object detection on video series, the people’s movement can be traced through video surveillance. The identification of the moving object can be done through the subtraction technique of image. Here, the image background can be eliminated from the forefront image, so that the moving object can be derived.

Communication System of Chaos with MIMO Technique

The communication system like chaos is higher as compared with another digital communication system. This kind of communication system includes different characteristics like the wideband, nonperiodic, simple implementation; the basic condition is sensitive and non-predictability.
But, this communication system enhances the transmitted symbols through transmitting and spreading data bits based on the chaos maps’ characteristics.

Thus, the data transmission speed can be improved by research because it is essential for this communication system. Whenever several antennas are connected to this communication system, then the data capacity is comparative to the antennas. So applying MIMO (multiple-input & multiple-output) to this communication system is a better way.

In this project, CDSK (correlation delay shift keying) can be proposed with a 2*2 MIMO method for estimating the performance of BER through the fading channel like Rayleigh MIMO. Finally, BER performance can be evaluated through the boss map by using the MIMO detection algorithm like MMSE (minimum mean square error) & ZF (zero forcings).

Anesthesia Machine using Microcontroller

This project implements an anesthesia machine with a microcontroller. In the hospitals, this machine is used whenever any main operation is performed because the patient should be in a numb state. If the time taken for the surgery is long, then the dose of anesthesia cannot give in a single dose because it may cause the death of the patient. To avoid this, this microcontroller-based anesthesia machine is used.

This machine includes an infusion pump with a syringe using a microcontroller so, the anesthetist can situate the dose of anesthesia for every hour to manage anesthesia to the patient. Once the signals get from the sensors regarding the patient health parameters then the microcontroller manages the signal to the required level and transmits to the stepper motor to make the infusion pump ON in the correct way.

The anesthesia can be managed to the patient based on the rotation of the stepper motor. The proposed system is very useful for the physicians to check the anesthesia dose for the patients. Whenever the anesthesia level is reduced to the fixed level then an alarm can be generated to given an alert to the physician so that he can refill the anesthesia within the Syringe Pump.

Automatic Wheel Chair Controlled by Eye Ball Sensor

This project is used to design an eyeball controlled wheelchair for paralyzed persons because they cannot move by using hands to operate the wheelchair like the handicapped person. To overcome this problem, the proposed system is implemented. The operation of the wheelchair can be done using the eyeball sensor.

This sensor controls the chair in different directions based on the eye movement of the patient using the Eyeball sensor. This sensor is used for movement detection of the chair. Once an obstacle is detected then this wheelchair detects the obstacles ahead of it & generates a beep sound.

Brain Tumor Patterns Enhancement using Image Processing Techniques

This project is used to enhance the patterns of brain tumors using image processing methods. Analysis of tumors can be done by doctors but its ranking may give different ends which may differ from one physician to another. To overcome this, the software is developed for the easiness of doctors by using segmentation techniques and edge detection to provide the brain segmentation and edge pattern of the brain.

In this investigation, the segmentation of the medical image is an essential point because it solves difficult problems to provide the right diagnosis for brain disorders.

Three Transistor Inverter based on Low Power

CMOS logic inverter is valuable due to its small static power utilization & sometimes it is denounced due to high dynamic power utilization due to the power fluctuations in the load capacitor from the Vdd terminal to the ground terminal. So this project implements a three transistor-based NMOS inverter to reduce the power consumption as well as short-circuit current. By using this inverter, the power usage can be reduced to 35 % for the input frequency of 1 MHz. However, power usage can be increased slowly once the input frequency crosses beyond 100 MHz. This inverter is used in MHz applications for conserving power.

The list of B.Tech projects for EEE students is discussed below. These B.Tech projects are very helpful for electrical engineering students.

Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Interface

The main intention of this project is to make energy billing prepaid. It is a multipurpose system that integrates all the functions with a prepaid billing arrangement and automatic message sending feature.  This B. Tech project is very useful to the power sector industries to effectively record the units consumed for billing purposes and also monitor several other factors to reduce power thefts. This system developed using 8051 microcontrollers and a GSM modem. This is one of the best b tech final year projects for ece and eee engineering students. Please refer to this link to know more Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Interface

Wireless Power Driven Car or Train

This project is a very interesting robotics project in which the robot operated wirelessly. This project is developed based on this concept to transfer power to a robotic vehicle or electric train or electric car wirelessly. Here, develop a robotic vehicle that operates wirelessly to run it in a specified path by inductive resonance coupling from the ground level fixed coil developing a 40 kHz power from the mains AC source 230Hz. This project is one of the good B.Tech projects in final year projects for eee engineering students. Please refer to this link to know more  about Wireless Power Driven Car or Train

EVM Electronic Voting Machine using PIC Microcontroller

An electronic voting machine is an extraordinary electronic project that is used for voting at polling stations. This project provides a push-button switch for different contestants.  A powerful embedded c programming is written in assembly language. This program is burnt onto the PIC 16f series microcontroller to accept votes and to keep counting the total votes polling on it. Please refer to this link to know more  about EVM Electronic Voting Machine using PIC Microcontroller

Solar Inverter

This project is designed to convert solar energy (DC) to alternating current (AC) for operating the household applications.  The solar panel converts the sun’s energy to DC power using PV cells that is sent to the solar inverter. The solar inverter converts the direct current to alternate current for use in your home electrical loads. In this project, the solar energy stored in the batteries. This is wonderful solar projects in electronics for ece and eee engineering students. Please refer to this link to know more  about Solar Inverter

PC Mouse Operated Electrical Load Control with VB Application

This project is designed to control electrical by a personal computer. It very helps full for the industries wherein the lights are controlled by PC for better management. The proposed system integrated with electrical loads and also connected to the PC. The “DAQ” software is loaded in the  PC which presents the on/off buttons. By using on/off buttons to control electrical loads in the home based on relays. This is a very interesting project for ece and eee engineering students as you can do mini-projects or main project. Please refer to this link to know more  about  PC Mouse Operated Electrical Load Control with VB Application

Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller using Speed Control Unit

This project is designed to control the speed of a DC motor in alternative directions using a speed control unit. As the motor operates in four quadrants such as clockwise, counterclockwise, forward brake, and reverse brake. This system very helps full to the industries where the motors can operate as per the requirement. This system uses a 555 timer and speed control unit. Four switches are connected to the circuit for controlling the movement of the motor. This is one of the best ece projects for engineering students. Please refer to this link to know more  about Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller using Speed Control Unit

Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching

The project is designed to control industrial loads in three modes such as automatic, manual, and pre-set modes sequentially by using relays with a programmed Raspberry Pi development board. Sequential switching is possible by the programmable logic controllers but it is used in industrial operations and it is expensive for simple switching operations. This is one of the beautiful project topics for eee and ece engineering students. The raspberry pi is a new technology that is used to develop many latest electronic projects. Please refer to this link to know more  about Raspberry Pi based Programmable Sequential Switching

Arduino based Underground Cable Fault Detection

The underground cable system is common in many urban areas which are followed by many kilometers wherein any fault occurs for some reason, at that time the repairing process related to that particular cable is difficult to not knowing the exact location of the cable fault. The proposed system is designed to determine the distance of underground cable fault from the base station in kilometers through an Arduino development board. This is a very interesting B. Tech project for ece and eee students. Please refer to this link to know more  about Arduino based Underground Cable Fault Detection

M. Tech Project List for Electronic Communication Engineering Students

Most of the M. Tech and B. Tech engineering students are interested to prefer embedded systems based IEEE projects. A few of the most innovative embedded system projects for engineering students are given below with base paper. Here, we are providing the most innovative project solutions to engineering students in different categories. Here provided M. Tech and B. Tech projects for ECE have interested to download it.

  • Design and Implementation of Real-Time Embedded Tele-Health Monitoring System
  • Download Base Paper                 Download Abstract
  • System Design for Monitoring Infant Speech Emotion BLOCK
  • Download Base Paper                    Download Abstract
  • Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a Zigbee network Of Devices and Sensors
  • Download Base Paper                    Download Abstract
  • A Security Layer for Smartphone-to-Vehicle Communication over Bluetooth
  • Download Base Paper                    Download Abstract
  • Auto Power Supply Control from 4 Different Sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to Ensure No Break Up Of Power
  • Download Base Paper                    Download Abstract
  • Data acquisition and control using Transceivers
  • Exploiting Bluetooth on Android Mobile Devices For Home Security Application
  • Experimental Study and Design of Smart Energy Meter for the industries
  • Vehicle Theft Intimation system using GSM and GPS Technology
  • GSM based auto energy meter reading system with Instant billing

Please refer to the following links for the complete projects list based on IEEE.

Download IEEE Based Projects List

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Thus, this is all about the list of B.Tech projects. These projects improve the technical abilities of engineering students for electronic and electrical engineering students. These B.Tech projects need technical guidance to successfully design ECE and EEE projects by gaining practical experience for the convenience of students. If you are interested, please check this list of all these projects and give your suggestions, feedback, comments, and new ideas in the contact us page.

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