NFC Sensor Working and Its Applications

The term NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”. At present it is growing very fast in various smartphones, however, it works internally within the mobile phone. But we don’t know about its working. Nowadays, it is mainly using for wireless payments by employing different services which include Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay. So that it will make everyone’s life easier and more convenient by exchanging information as & conduct money transactions. This article discusses an overview of NFC sensor, it’s working, and applications.

What is NFC Sensor?

The NFC sensor uses wireless communication with high frequency for data transferring among devices over a distance of 10 cm. This wireless communication makes our life more convenient and easier by conducting transactions & exchanging data. NFC sensor is better than Bluetooth due to its features like easy setup, needs less power, gives more security.


NFC allows smart devices like phones, laptops, tablets, to easily transmit data with other devices which are equipped with NFC. This is similar to RFID; however, it can communicate up to four inches. So we have to hold the phone near to contactless reader. By using this one can also share data like photos, videos, contacts among two wireless NFC enabled devices.

Working Principle

NFC doesn’t need any manual pairing or finding the device to share data like Bluetooth. By using this, two NFC enabled devices can be connected automatically in the four-inch specified range. The main advantage of NFC compare with Bluetooth is the shorter distance time. Because of this, the NFC sensor offers high-security compare with Bluetooth and also it is used in packed areas. It also works for the devices which are not power-driven with a battery.

The transmission data frequency across NFC can be 13.56 megahertz. We can share data at either 424 or 106, 212 kilobits for each second. To decide what kind of data will be shared among two NFC enabled devices. At present, the NFC sensor includes three distinct operation modes like peer to peer, read or write and card emulation.


The most frequently used mode in mobiles is peer to peer mode. It enables two NFC devices to share the data with each other and also these two devices will turn on once data sending and receiving.


The second mode is read/write and it transmits the data in one-way. The data of another device can be read by using a Smartphone and connects with each other. This mode can be used by NFC advert tags. The last mode is the card emulation. The NFC enabled device works like a contactless credit card to make payments.

Applications of NFC Sensor

  • The applications of NFC include the following
  • By using NFC enabled devices, one can share passwords with friends
  • Media can be shared using android beam
  • We can start our PC remotely
  • We can use it for a wakeup call
  • It can be connected to Bluetooth speakers

Thus, this is all about the NFC sensor used in smartphone for data transmitting in the distance of 10cms. Day by day NFC enabled smartphones are increasing. So for keep tracking of what kind of devices are using NFC technology, the world of NFC keeps an up to date list of phones which are enabled NFC sensor. There are many android smartphones having NFC as well as each iphone6 and other models are also using this feature. Here is a question for you, what are the advantages of NFC sensor?