What is 4047 IC : Pin Configuration & Its Applications

The CD 4047 IC is one kind of multivibrator including a high voltage. The operating of this IC can be done in two modes like Monostable &Astable. This IC requires an exterior resistor & capacitor to decide the output pulse width within the monostable mode & the o/p frequency within the astable mode. This IC operates at 5Volts, 10Volts, 15Volts & 20Volts.

What is 4047 IC?

The 4047 IC is a CMOS multivibrator that works in two modes like monostable & astable. The 4047 IC applications include a wide range like generation of the pulse wave, sine wave, and DC signal to AC signal conversion, etc.

4047 IC
4047 IC

This IC is arranged very easily in both modes & they use few exterior components to function. The voltage range of this IC is 3V to 15V however works most excellent at 5V. The o/p of this IC comes always in TTL so that it is very simple to work through other microcontrollers & TTL devices.

4047 IC Pin Configuration

The monostable or astable multivibrator IC like 4047 includes 14-pins, the mounting type used is through-hole, and the package used is PDIP-14. For all the packages, the pin configuration is the same. This pin includes three output pins that provide pulse width modulation outputs like Q, ~Q, and Oscout. We can describe each pin working in the below section.

4047 IC Pin Configuration
4047 IC Pin Configuration
  • Pin1 (Cap timing): This pin is used to connect exterior capacitors in between Rcc & Res
  • Pin2 (Res timing): This pin is used to connect the exterior resistor in between Rcc & cap timing (C).
  • Pin3 (RC common or RCC): This pin acts as a common terminal point among C & Rc
  • Pin4 (~Astable): This is low once used in Astable mode
  • Pin5 ( Astable): This is high once used in Astable mode
  • Pin6 (-Trigger): When this used in Monostable mode then we provide High to Low change to this trigger pin
  • Pin7 (Vss): This is a GND pin of the IC
  • Pin8 (+Trigger): Once the signal is activated at this input by low to high then the monostable operation is allowed
  • Pin 9 (External Reset): Once the input of RST connects through the HIGH level, then it resets the o/p from Q to 0 & the non-inverting o/p (Q) to 1.
  • Pin10 (Q): This pin is a Non-inverting output
  • Pin11 (~Q): This pin is an inverting output
  • Pin12 (Retrigger): This pin is mainly used to activate both pins 7 & 8 concurrently within a monostable mode
  • Pin13 (OSC Output): This pin provides oscillated o/p within the astable mode.
  • Pin14 (Vdd): This is a +ve power supply pin

4047 IC Specifications

The specifications of 4047 IC include the following.

  • Input supply is a wide range from 3v – 18v
  • Range of storage temperature ranges from -65℃ to +150℃
  • The temperature of soldering lead is 260°C
  • Operating range of temperature ranges from -55℃ to +125℃
  • For any single input, the DC input Current is ±10mA


The features of 4047 IC include the following.

  • Less power utilization
  • It operates in monostable & astable modes
  • Noise immunity is high
  • It requires a single capacitor & resistor externally
  • Consistent & symmetrical o/p characteristics
  • Buffered Outputs are true & complemented
  • Inputs are buffered
  • It is tested 100% for quiescent current on 20V
  • Parametric ratings are 5Volts, 10Volts & 15Volts

Monostable features include the following.

  • Positive & negative edge trigger
  • Reset circuit with Inside power-on
  • For the expansion of pulse width, the re-triggerable choice is there
  • O/p pulse width independent for duration of the trigger pulse
  • Extensive pulse widths are possible through small RC components
  • Recovery time is fast basically independent for pulse width
  • Accuracy of pulse width is maintained on duty cycles to approach 100%

Astable features include the following.

  • The duty cycle is 50%
  • Operating modes run freely
  • Available oscillator output
  • Stability of Astable frequency is good

Where to use 4047 IC?

An astable and monostable IC like 4047 can be used in two modes to make different circuits. The main intention of this integrated circuit is to produce clock signals like sine, square & many more. This IC is used in various applications like frequency multiplier, timing delay circuits, frequency divider. This IC is very helpful in generating an envelope wave from the original wave.

How to use 4047 IC?

The 4047 IC works in two modes like astable and monostable. In monostable mode, the o/p pulse width can be determined through an external resistor that is connected in between two pins of IC like pin-1 & pin-3. Similarly, in astable mode, the o/p frequency can be determined through the external capacitor that is connected in between two pins like Pin2 & Pin3.

Astable Mode

When the IC is used in Astable mode then the pin5 must be HIGH & the PIN must be LOW. Consequently, you will get output which is fluctuating constantly in between LOW & HIGH. Here, the circuit is given below for Multivibrator in Astable mode: The circuit for 4047 IC in astable mode is shown below.

4047 IC in Astable Mode
4047 IC in Astable Mode

Mathematically, the oscillated o/p frequency from pin-13 can be calculated through the following formula

The o/p frequency of oscillator = 1 / 4.4RC

The pulse duration can be found by using the following formula

t = 2.48RC

Monostable Mode

When the same IC is used in monostable mode then you have to utilize the +trigger & –trigger pins. At +trigger pin, by providing a transition from Low to High & at –trigger pin, High to Low transition, you can obtain a Monostable o/p. The circuit for 4047 IC in monostable mode is shown below.

Monostable Mode
Monostable Mode

Mathematically, the formula to find the frequency value at pin10 & pin 11 is:

F = 1 / 8.8RC


The applications of 4047 IC include the following.

  • To convert the signal from DC to AC
  • Detection of Envelope
  • Applications of Time Delay
  • Multiplication of Frequency
  • Timing Circuits
  • Division of Frequency
  • Discriminators of Frequency
  • Time delay applications
    4047 IC is used to make different project circuits like the following.
  • 60W to 100W inverter circuit
  • 12VDC – 220VAC inverter circuit
  • IC-4047 & IRF540 based 100W inverter circuit
  • 100W Inverter with Square wave Inverter through LM358, CD4047, 2N3055 & 2SC106
  • 60W DC-AC converters circuit through IC4047.

Thus, this is all about an overview of 4047 IC, pin configuration, working & its applications. From the above 4047 IC datasheet, finally, we can conclude that this IC works in two modes to make different circuits. This kind of IC is used to generate different signals like sine, clock, square wave, etc. Here is a question for you, what is a multivibrator?