AIS2DW12 Automotive Accelerometer Launched by STMicroelectronics

AIS2DW12 is an automotive accelerometer launched by STMicroelectronics. It is a 3-axis linear and ultra-low-power accelerometer, which will make PKE radio fobs (Passive Keyless Entry) to stay alive from the scratches in a life span of use. The AIS2DW12 Automotive Accelerometer is used in non-safety automotive applications.

The STMelectronics has announced its features like power consumption are very low, and it includes practicality to the ease and better burglary resistance that approaches by the consciousness of motion. A normal PKE radio fobs get an ‘unlock’ request continuously from the automobile once it is stroked, then immediately sends a signal to open the vehicle.

When the car fob is enhanced by an accelerometer, then it ignores malicious transmissions by reducing the power of the receiver while it is not moving. When the vehicle owner approaches the range, then the movement can be detected and the radio will wake up. Additionally, the battery life can be extended by disabling the receiver throughout inactive times.


There are many benefits by using this AIS2DW12 Automotive Accelerometer when compared with other accelerometers like the owner of the vehicle can enjoy from the improved security of a fragile fob & its battery life can be improved.

The AIS2DW12 automotive accelerometer includes 4-different low-power modes and 2-full scales which can be selected by the user like ±2g or ±4g. These are very useful in calculating accelerations with output data rates which ranges from 1.6 Hz-to-100 Hz.

This AIS2DW12 Automotive Accelerometer includes 32-level FIFO buffer to allow the consumer to store the information in order to stop interference from the host processor. The internal engine used an accelerometer can be useful for processing the motion & detection of acceleration like free-fall, wake up, motion, no-motion, 4D or 6D orientation.


These accelerometers are accessible in a little thin plastic LGA (land grid array) package & the range of its temperature can be extended from -40 °C to +85 °C.