HSPPAD143A Waterproof Digital Sensor Launched by Alps Alpine

A high-quality manufacturer of electronic devices like Alps Alpine has launched an HSPPAD143A waterproof digital sensor. This sensor can be used in IoT and wearable equipment which include flow meters and in necessary utilities. This is a newly launched device and the range of expanded pressure dimension ranges from 300hPa to 2100hPa when we compare to existing products dimension range like 300hPa to 1100hPa. Here hPa is the hectopascal, which is an SI unit of pressure and is equal to 102 pascals.

This kind of sensor works in both environments like low-pressure as well as high-pressure. In low pressure, the measurement is equal to 9,000 meters whereas, in high-pressure conditions, it is down to 10 meters below water. So this single sensor will allow the measurement in both water and open.


The HSPPAD143A waterproof digital sensor is fully customized ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit). This sensor includes a fixed memory like First in First out (FIFO), which can be utilized by combining with a readymade O-ring to recognize excellent water resistance through an easy mechanical plan to shorten outcome design. Consequently, this sensor is used in a broad range of applications which are not limited to wearable devices otherwise measurement of pressure within gas meters.

This sensor is available in the type of package like surface mount and in-built with completely modified and dedicated ASIC designs. This IC will help the sensor in reducing the consumption of power to 1.8μA, and also further it helps the devices to work for long periods.

Features of HSPPAD143A Waterproof Digital Sensor

The features of this waterproof sensor include the following.

  • The dimensions of this sensor are 3.1×3.1×2.6mm
  • It is a waterproof pressure sensor
  • The range of output ranges from 300 hPa – 2100hPa (9,000 meters altitude and 10meters depth)
  • The interface of this sensor is I2C
  • Output for pressure: 17-bit, and for temperature:16-bit
  • The operating temperature ranges from -40℃ to +85℃
  • Voltage supply ranges from 1.7 to 3.6V
  • Accuracy of pressure is ±2hPa
  • Noise is 0.026hPa
  • Current utilization is 1.8μA
  • Type of measured pressure is Absolute pressure

This HSPPAD143A waterproof digital sensor and its working are used to measure water pressure and air.