Overview of Biometric Authentication System and Its Applications

Humans identify each other according to their different features like their faces, their voices. Authentication in computers has been usually based on something that one has things like a chip card, magnetic or key. But, tend to get stolen passwords are frequently forgotten. To get a more reliable identification we should employ something that distinguishes the given person. The biometric authentication system offers programmed methods of identification of the law of measurable physiological characteristics, namely a voice sample or fingerprint authentication. The characteristics are assessable and unique. These should not be duplicable, but it is regrettably frequently achievable to biometrics create a duplicate that is received by the biometric system like a true sample.

What is a Biometric Authentication System?

Biometric authentication is just the method of authenticating your individuality using your features or other exclusive characteristics of your body, then logging you in and examine, an app, a tool and so on. What’s difficult is the technology behind it, so let’s notice how it works.

Biometric Authentication
Biometric Authentication

To understand the concept of biometric authentication, just identify that biometrics is the term for any kind of body dimensions and results. Biometric authentication confirms you are based on your body capacity. This system goes one step additional and utilizes that data to contrast you against a record and enters your data in service.

Types of Biometric Authentication Systems

The different types of biometric authentication systems include the following.

Types of Biometric Authentication
Types of Biometric Authentication

Iris recognition

Iris recognition is one kind of biometric authentication system, which is used to recognize persons based on an exclusive model inside the ring-shaped area near the pupil of the eye.

Finger Scanning

Finger scanning is one kind of biometric authentication system, the digital description of the ink & the paper fingerprinting procedure works with the particulars in the outline of increased areas and divisions in a human finger icon.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is one kind of biometric authentication system which works with numeric codes termed as face prints, which recognize 80 nodal points on a human face.

Voice Identification

Voice identification is one kind of biometric authentication system that relies on characteristics formed with the outline of the speaker’s mouth & throat, rather than more changeable conditions.

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Biometric Technology Advantage and Disadvantage

The advantages and disadvantages of  biometric technology include the following

Advantages of Biometric Authentication System

The advantages of a biometric security system include the following


  • An exclusive person identification
  • Different types of biometrics ensure accuracy
  • Forge is not possible


  • Installation and set up is very simple
  • The credentials of biometric are always with you
  • Decreases paperwork

Return on Investment

  • Lowers administrative expenses
  • Stops abuse and fraud
  • Reduces the cost of the password reset

Disadvantages of Biometric Authentication System

The disadvantages of a biometric security system include the following

  • Surroundings and usage can influence measurements
  • These are not 100% precise.
  • Need combination and/or an extra hardware
  • Cannot be rearranged once compromised

Applications of Biometric Authentication System

Many traders believe that biometrics are appropriate for government use only, but they are rapidly learning that the purposes of biometrics expand far ahead of the government employ completely. In this, we will mention the top 5 applications of biometric authentication across the sphere — places where the biometric technology is used to make more security and ease for daily citizens.

Applications of Biometric Authentication
Applications of Biometric Authentication
  • Security in Airport
  • Time and Attendance
  • Enforcement of Law
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) & Access Control
  • Transaction verification in Banking

Biometric identification systems offer higher electronic security, convenience, accountability, and accurate audit trails – all attributes that motivate businesses to research and implement the technology for their use. We believe that as time moves forward, we will see the implementation of biometric technology continue to grow and be used in even more areas that touch our lives. We hope that you have got a better understanding of this type of biometric authentication system. Furthermore, any doubts regarding this concept or to implement security based projects, please give your valuable suggestions by commenting in the comment section below. Here is a question for you, what is the function of the biometric system?

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