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by Tarun Agarwal 1 month ago

IoT Sensor Working and Its Applications

The term IoT stands for Internet of Things and it is the most significant as well as promising technology nowadays. Some of the researchers in the market estimated that there are a billion devices are connected with sensors like wearables,...

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

BH1750 – Specifications and Applications

Light is necessary for the sense of sight. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. It carries energy in the form of small energy packets called Photons. The energy in the photon is transferred to the objects when they come in its...

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

Arduino Sensor – Types and Applications

When an electronic hobbyists start designing any project, the main concern factor would be the compatibility issue between hardware and the available software IDEs. Invented around the 2000s, Arduino came as an answer for such issues. Arduino...

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

Photoresistor – Working, Types And Applications

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into many bands from which Light usually refers to the Visible Spectrum. But in physics gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves and radio waves are also considered...

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

Different Types of Sensors used in Automobiles

At present, the modern automobile designing can be done using different types of sensors. These are arranged into the car engine to recognize & solve possible problems like repairs, servicing, etc. The sensors used in automobiles will...

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

Compass Sensor – Working and Applications

From years unknown, navigation has helped in the growth of civilizations. New places were discovered, trades have begun and all of this was possible when people began to navigate from one place to another. New methods were also invented...

by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

ACS712 Current Sensor Working and Applications

The invention of electricity has led to a revolutionary change in the life of humans. We invented many innovative applications of electricity to make our daily life easier. Today almost all of our equipment runs on electricity. The flow...

Gyroscope Sensor
by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

Gyroscope Sensor Working and Its Applications

Microelectromechanical systems, popularly known as MEMS, is the technology of very small electromechanical and mechanical devices. Advance in MEMS technology has helped us to develop versatile products. Many of the mechanical devices such...

Water Flow Sensor
by Tarun Agarwal 2 months ago

Water Flow Sensor Working and Its Applications

Sensors play a very crucial role in today’s automatic systems. Being a small, low cost and reliable device, sensors are easy to embed with larger electronics. Today we can find various types of sensors in the market. With the advance...