Know About Electronic Digital Data Magnifier for TVs and PCs

Electronic Magnifier contains a camera system and the image is captured through this camera which later can be projected on a television screen. A cable or USB adapter is connected to the device like monitor of PC or to a TV screen where the magnified images can be displayed. This device has the capacity of displaying magnifying text on any surface which will be 16X to 28X. With the touch screen button, the text or image is viewed which are at some distance.

Electronic Digital Data Magnifier
Electronic Digital Data Magnifier

The system has been designed in such a way that it is flexible for the user to utilize the device effectively. This helps to view white letters on black background or black letters on white background. There are different electronic digital data magnifiers which are helpful to view images or text. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)  is a desktop magnifier and it contains three sizes of monitor.

The other type of digital data magnifier is MAX. It is designed from EVS which offers multiple number of options to view images or pictures and this had been developed by Smart Visions. Vivid color is available with Max color model. Max is one of the powerful electronic data magnifier with low vision that is used for self-viewing. This is a hand-held digital magnifier which is available at reasonable price. More than thirty thousand people have been utilizing this device and it offers high image quality. The users can use this easily due to its good image quality. This Max has revolutionized the low vision industry.

A MAX Portable Digital Magnifier
A MAX Portable Digital Magnifier

Max is portable magnifier that shows magnification capacity up to 30 times. This is easy to magnify on any surface and is connected to any television to magnify words, text documents and pictures. It contains pictures with soft contrast option and is used at different locations like at work, in school and can be connected to television at home. We can carry it on vacation as the device is portable. The pictures and text can be enlarged with this digital magnifying glass.

The device provides perfect reading solution and is one of the fantastic tool for self-grooming. It lights up immediately and you’ll see whatever is underneath the camera. For example any small object under the digital camera of electronic data magnifier for low vision is appeared on the Television or monitor or projector screen.

An Example of EZ Read TV Low Vision Magnifier

This ADR-200 ezRead Low Vision Magnifier converts a television into a low vision magnifier device. By placing the EZ Read low vision magnifier directly on top of the material to be read, it displays the magnified image on your television screen with color. LED illumination which is internal ensures that the image on screen in bright and easy to read. EZ Read low vision magnifier is operated with supplied A/C power adaptor or three AAA batteries which are not included. Using the supplied 10 foot video cable, the data magnifier is connected to television within seconds. The actual magnification of the device is determined by the size of your television monitor. The capacity of magnification depends on the size of the monitor. It is easy to use Low Vision Magnifier. The larger the monitor the more will be the magnification.

Low Vision Data Magnifier
Low Vision Data Magnifier

Electronic Digital Data Magnifier for Television – Technical Information

  • Video connector
  • Four display modes: full color, black type on white, white type on black, high contrast
  • Eight adjustable magnification levels from 1x-32x (based on a 21″ screen).  Zoom in/out digitally
  • Image system: NTSC
  • Bright long lasting LED lights illuminate the reading material for a clearer image
  • Screen Lock: freeze a text image on screen for easier reading
  • Mouse for comfortable use, even for those people suffering with arthritis
  • Four roller wheels for easy and smooth moving on reading material
  • Simple to use with single clicks for all features and functions
  • Green ‘ON’ button lets you know the mouse is switched on 80-in. (Nearly 7-ft. long)
  • Video Output Cable
  • Compatible with any TV/monitor with RCA input

Dimensions and Product Information:

The weight of the device will be 166g (5.7 Oz)  and its Size is 132 (L) x 70 (W) x 62 (D)mm (5.2 x 2.8 x 2.4”). Magnifier, AC adapter, Velvet Carrying Case, User’s Manual is included in the Package.

Applications of a Digital Data Magnifier

  • Used at locations like School, office work, at home.
  • To read and write mails and text documents.
  • For reading Newspapers, books, magazines, etc.
  • Hobbies, crosswords and puzzles
  • It is Portable and flexible
  • To read the names on Medicines
  • To fill forms, signing cheques and documents
  • Looking at family photographs
  • Art Painting and drawing
  • Phone books
  • Analyzing bills and contents
Applications of a Digital Magnifier
Applications of a Digital Magnifier

Description of the Electronic Digital Magnifier:

The Electronic Digital Data Magnifier which is used for Visual Reading permits to magnify and view reading material from 1x to 32x on a 21” TV screen/monitor/display. By rolling the mouse over the book or newspaper or mail, you want to read as it projected on the screen. The mouse offers multiple display modes like color, black and white, negative image, and high contrast images as per the user requirements and a Screen Lock (Freeze Frame) to provide the easiest reading experience. Set up is simple and no batteries are required. Plug it into a standard AC outlet, connect to the Video Input Jack on your TV and we can read the text easily. This product is ideal for those with low vision or macular degeneration to read newspapers and books.

Electronic Digital Magnifier fot Text Projection
Electronic Digital Magnifier fot Text Projection

Product Benefits

  • It is inexpensive for this type of video magnifier
  • Freeze frame
  • Variable magnification (20 – 70x on a 20 inch monitor)
  • Variable viewing modes
  • It is portable and Compact as it weighs less than 1 pound
  • It can be adjusted automatically to different light levels
  • Ability to increase magnification by adjusting the camera height
  • It is a perfect handheld aid when you are reading restaurant menus, newspaper, labels and medical instructions, etc.
  • Wireless tech: 2.4GHz Compatible with any TV/monitor using video input .
  • Unique guiding wheel mechanism
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 5-6 hours
  • Wireless, light, convenient, ergonomic and easy to use
Electronic Digital Magnifier
Electronic Digital Magnifier

Magnifying Device Buttons

  • Mode button contains three different settings, color, negative and positive.
  • Color to give color to the images.
  • Positive – This makes the text appear black with a white background.
  • Negative – This makes the text appear white with a black background.
  • Freeze – Freeze and D-freeze the present picture.
  • Wheels: The unit has 4 roller wheels to help guide the unit from left to right in a straight line. Useful features and is not same with other similar products.
  • Power switches: On the side of the magnifying unit is the on and off switch and the switch moves backwards and forwards.

Thus this electronic data magnifier consists of a camera system and the captured picture or image or text with the camera is projected on a PC or monitor board or on a television screen and the magnified images can be viewed. To know about more information on this Electronic digital data magnifier, visit our website or comment us below for any queries.

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