Expert Opinion on Latest Technologies and Electronics – UC Patnaik

Elprocus is now bringing the Expert on board with interviews and outreach programs to keep you updated on Electrical, Electronics, Robotics, Android, etc. These expert interview questions will help you in understanding the importance of the latest technologies and the knowledge you need to gain. Today our first subject matter expert interview is inspired by UC Patnaik, who has a great background in Electronics, Electrical, and Embedded Systems.

Expert Interview
Expert Interview

1. Give a brief introduction of yourself for all of us? And also please share with us your recent research and development activities?

Graduated in B.Tech Electrical Engineering from NIT and then M Tech in Electronics & Telecommunications I worked with Philips India for more than a decade after which in an electronics manufacturing unit that I successfully managed for more than 20 years as COO to finally switch over to engineering student-level project work assistance for past 8 years. My recent research area is a real-time application in defense electronics.

2. You have been in the Electronics industry from a long time, what are the major trends shaping up till now?

From plain electronics hardware from the sixties to embedded electronics in the nineties has now given rise to the latest trend the IoT,(Internet of Things) that would be widely used in most of household gadgets.

3. What is your opinion on the importance of electronics in our daily life?


It stands now next to food and water needs in our day-to-day life.

4. What challenges should engineers focus on to build incredible Electronic devices and circuits?


5. Can you share with us some of the latest trends that you have witnessed in this field?

The embedded system forms the lifeline of any electronics product be it a mobile phone or a spacecraft today.

6. In many applications, the controller does not run continuously and maybe in Sleep Mode most of the time. How have sleep modes evolved during the years?

Least power consumption for the longest battery backup for portable gadgets gave birth to the sleep mode concept.

7. What latest electronic technology you are expecting to emerge in upcoming years?

Robotics with intelligence.

8. What tips do you suggest while doing a project on Wireless systems?

Build a wireless gadget within the free license frequency and power output.

9. What is the principle that you follow in your life?

Share the knowledge without any expectations.

10. A Word for the Edgefxkits Organization? And also please share your suggestions that would be beneficial to the organization?

Commitment to oneself and dedication to the organization that you work for.