Electronics Projects for Electronics and Electrical Engineering Students in 2019

Earlier we have already listed out a huge list of electronics mini and major projects for electronics engineering students. They include various types of old and new electronics projects which are proposed by many professionals and are highly demanding projects in engineering discipline.

But, recently we have seen that many of the engineering students are searching for latest electronics project ideas as the competition is growing immensely. Students are also trying to concentrate only on easy electronics projects.To simplify their cause – here, in this article – we are providing a list of simple electronics projects that are helpful for them during their final semester to complete engineering successfully.

Project Kit From Edgefx
Simple electronic Projects from Edgefx

List of Simple Electronics Projects for Electronics Engineering Students

From this article, you can grab some easy electronic projects. The below mentioned innovative electronic project ideas are helpful for both electronics and electrical engineering students.We are trying to provide you the best project ideas that can help you to improve your knowledge and skills, which will offer you a great future.First, you can select multiple final year project ideas from the below given list, and then check your capability, study, do online research, discuss with your friends, and then converse with your faculty and try to convince them that you like these electronic projects.

  1. AT89C51 Microcontroller Based Celsius Scale Thermometer Using LM35 Temperature Sensor
  2. 8051 Microcontroller Based 5 Channel Infra Red Remote Control System
  3. Tilt Operated Wireless Phonebook Copying to Personal Computer by Using MEMS Accelerometer
  4. Design of Density Based Traffic signal  Control System Using ATMEGA8 Microcontroller
  5. Light Emitting Diode Based Automatic Emergency Source Light System
  6. IRIS Technology Based Recognition Technique for Automatic Telling Machine using ARM7 Microcontroller
  7. GPS Technology Based Universal Clock Gets the Time from Satellites and Displays on Graphical LCD
  8. Traffic Information System by Using Decentralized Smartphone
  9. Design and Implementation of Home Automation System Using CAN Protocol
  10. Zigbee Technology Based Automatic Solar Street Light Controlling System Using PIR Sensors
  11. PIC Microcontroller Based Authentication and Device Controlling by Using RFID Technology
  12. Dual Lithium Ion Battery Charger with Automated ChargeCycle and Discharge Cycles Using 8051 Microcontroller
  13. Electronic Eye Based Security System
  14. Memory Stick Based Textbook Reading System and Tilt Operated Graphical LCD Display Using MEMS Accelerometer
  15. Detect Tongue Position in a Wireless Assistive System for People with Severe Disabilities by Using Magneto-Inductive Sensors
  16. 8051 Microcontroller Based Automatic Rotor Resistance Controller
  17. An Alternative Controlled Mechanism for Wheeled Mobility Using Unconstrained Tongue Motion
  18. Industrial Disaster Intimation Control System Using GSM Technology
  19. GSM Technology Based Access Control System Using IR Sensors
  20. Wireless Automation System of Existing No-Dues Process in Engineering Colleges
  21. Infrared Music Transmitter and Receiver

Details about a Few Electronics Projects

1. Electronic Eye Based Security System

The project is proposed as a security system with a photo-sensing arrangement. This system makes use of a 14-stage ripple carry binary counter to sense the light intensity through Light Dependent Resistor. The output drives a buzzer and a relay to perform the necessary action. This conception is very convenient to detect intruders in banks, shopping malls, jewelry stores and also in homes.

Electronic Eye Based Security System
Electronic Eye Based Security System

The system is dependent on an electronic eye: known as LDR sensor.When light falls on the sensor, its resistance slightly reduces and leads to generate an alarm for alerting the user. This arrangement best suits as a friendly security system for lockers to protect valuable ornamentsusually found in shopping malls, jeweler shops, and banks, etc.

2. Pre-Programmed Digital Scrolling Message Display System

This project is designed for displaying messages in scrolling format on an alphanumeric Light Emitting Diode displays. This type of scrolling display system is seen in most common places like public areas, transport vehicles, buses, railway stations, nationalized banks, hotels, nightclubs, etc.


In this system, a Direct Current voltage of 5 Volts drawn from a power supply is fed into an 8051 microcontroller. This circuit makes use of 16-segment alphanumeric displays for displaying 16 characters at a time.

Pre-Programmed Digital Scrolling Message Display System
Pre-Programmed Digital Scrolling Message Display System

The microcontroller programming is done in such a way that it displays 16 characters in a beautiful manner. This scrolling display system displays 16 different messages to illustrate different occasions, which can be selected by the user with the help of slide switches. The usage of alphanumeric displays for the above purpose reduces the work load, and it is very cost effective.

A List of Simple Electronics Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

Electronics Projects for Electrical Engineering Students
Electronics Projects for Electrical Engineering Students
  1. High Voltage Direct Current Operation by Marx Generator Principle
  2. Controlling of Four Quadrant Direct Current Motor without Using Microcontroller
  3. 555 Timers Based Step up 6 Volt Direct Current to 10 Volt Direct Current
  4. Personal Computer Based Electrical Load Control
  5. PLC Based Load Control for Sequential As well As Programmable Switching of Loads
  6. Monitoring of Car Battery and Low Voltage Alert System
  7. Security System for Intelligent Buildings by Using Multi-Sensors
  8. GSM Based Monthly Billing System Based on 8051 Microcontroller
  9. Security Dial up with Event Logging to Personal Computer Using 8051 Microcontroller
  10. Maximum Solar Power Tracking System Based on Sun Position Using PIC Microcontroller
  11. SCADA System Implementation for Remote Operation of Electrical Loads
  12. GSM Protocol Based Integrated Energy Management System with Acknowledgement Features
  13. Hall Effect Sensor Based Speed Measurement of Electrical Motor with Noncontact Tachometer
  14. Android Based Industrial Automation Control System Design Using PIC Microcontroller
  15. Wireless Sensor Networks for Sewage Monitoring System by Using Zigbee Technology
  16. Power Factor Correction System for Reducing Penalty fromUtilities Based on AVR Microcontroller
  17. Zigbee Communication Based Monitoringand Control Of Industrial Processes over HMI Interface
  18. Solar Power Based Forest Fire Detection and Control Upon GSM Modem Using PIC Microcontroller
  19. Pole Climbing Robot for Electrical Distribution System Based on RF Communication
  20. ARM Controller Based Three Phase Fault Detection System for Protecting the Induction Motor

Details about a Few Electrical Projects

1. Personal Computer Based Electrical Load Control

The main objective of this project is to control electrical appliances by using personal computer.For example,lighting in theaters can be controlled from a personal computer to manage the stage appearance.

Personal Computer Based Electrical Load Control Project Kit From Edgefx
Personal Computer Based Electrical Load Control Project Kit From Edgefx

Currently, lightings are managed manually, which makes it problematic to manage the lighting with respect to the scene. With this Control system, one can switch the electrical machines’on’ or ‘off’ by simply sitting at one place using a Personal Computer.

2. High Voltage Direct Current Operation by Marx Generator Principle

The project is designed for generating a high-voltage Direct Current using Marx generator principle with the help of MOSFET and capacitor stacks. The Marx Principle was established by Erwin Otto Marx.

High Voltage Direct Current Operation by Marx Generator Principle
High Voltage Direct Current Operation by Marx Generator Principle

Marx principle states that “to generate a high voltage pulse using a number of capacitors in parallel to charge up during the on time, and then connected in series to develop higher voltage during the off period”.

These are a few latest and simple electronics projects for EEE as well as ECE students.We hope that now you are ready to pick the best one from the above list, and also from the introduction given for some projects. You can write to us, in the comment section below, for any other information on the above projects and also to get technical help for your idea for which you are going to implement a project.

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